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Cute Love Messages for Her from the Heart (2023)

It isn’t strange when you hear things like, ‘men are moved by what they see, while women are moved by what they hear’. Some women may dispute this, claiming that they are moved by both what they see and hear. The point is, women love to hear the right words. You should know!

Knowing the right words to use at every point in time has not only helped a lot of people buy their way out of trouble but has also helped to prevent the not-so-good situations from escalating.

If the right words can do these, how much more when they are used in telling your girlfriend how much you care, appreciate and cherish the gift of her?

Because I have prepared the most beautiful love messages that are both expressive and emotional, I am certain that you’d find this article useful.

And I also have to add that there’s absolutely nothing wrong when you search for love messages for your loved one. It actually goes to show how much you’re willing to put in work to see things go smoothly. so, get started below.

Sweet Romantic Love Messages for Girlfriend to Make Her Feel Loved

It is awesome to see your beautiful girlfriend with a bright smile always, and it is more awesome when you are the source of the smile. Therefore, you need these cute love messages for her to make her feel loved, and to put a smile on her face.

1. Thank you for giving me a slice of happiness, a side of heaven. You’re still the best thing before pizza. I love you!

2. Never met a girl that made me as open as you, made me laugh as much as you do. This is the part where you flip your hair. I love you so much, my slice of happiness.

3. I swear, you looked at me and I caught fire. You’re my soul mate, baby.

4. Would you believe me when I say that your smile makes my world all right? That there is this glow inside me when you laugh? Oh, I love you!

5. You love me with an intensity that stuns me! You’re the queen of my heart, my first lady. I love you, babe.

6. I’m a lucky guy, you know. I have the most beautiful woman in the world in my life. I love you, girlfriend.

7. This is love. I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me. I’m just very grateful that you allow me love you.

8. You’re my family, babe. And I’ll always do everything in my power to keep you safe and happy.

9. I’ll never meet another woman as wonderful as you. I promise to treat you right, love you right, and to cherish you as you deserve.

10. I know things don’t make sense now. You can’t seem to get a grasp of what life has been throwing at you. But I want you to know that I’ll always be here whenever you need someone. I love you always.

11. Can we eat new foods again and fart for the whole day? I miss you, sweetheart.

12. There’s a picture of you on the table near my bed. And my day literally starts when I wake up to it. I love you.

13. Thank you for the interesting things we do together, including the embarrassing ones too. I wouldn’t have us another way.

14. You’ve made my house a home, filled my life with warmth and happiness. You just wait, I’m putting a ring on that finger soon!

15. You have the most beautiful soul. Your heart is pure gold. I love you with all my heart, babe.

16. I know what I’d rather do every morning. Kiss you till neither of us can breathe. Good morning, gorgeous woman.

17. I always want to see you smiling, and I won’t stop fighting for your happiness. You’re my life, honey.

18. The way you look at me, the way you love and care for me, leaves me grateful to God always. I love you, woman. I love you!

19. You’re my queen, you hear me? You’re my queen, and I love you so much!

20. There’s no explanation for how I came to love you this much. But I know that I don’t want you out of my head or heart.

21. You’ve shown me sides of me that I never thought existed. You’ve opened me up to new experiences. I still ask how I got this lucky to have you in my life. I love you.

22. When you look at me, smile at me, my worries fade away. It’s been a long, but the feelings are still the same. I love you.

23. No other woman gets me as much as you do, and I’m so sure no other woman will. I love you, girlfriend.

24. You’ve ignited feelings in me that I never thought possible, stretched me in ways that are too beautiful to describe. I don’t want to live my life without you, babe.

25. Before you, I was scared of being vulnerable to any woman. The last time I tried, my heart was ripped in two. But I’m finally at the point where I can say that I trust you with my heart. I love you so much.

26. If I ever held back from you in any way, I ‘m telling you now that you have all of me. Nothing is worth losing us over. I love you too much.

27. If there’s anything I know, it is that the part of me that is you will never die. I love you so much, babe.

28. When I’m choked up and overwhelmed with what life throws at me, you know the right words for me. Thank you for being all shades of sweet, kind and patient with me.

29. I still know that you’re the woman I want to be with. Even with the years, we’ve spent with each other. I love you.

30. When no one else is there, when it seems it’s just you against the world, I’ll be there holding your hands. I love you.

31. The way you look at me still makes me feel hot. I really got lucky with you, babe. I really did.

32. You’re my own happily ever after. My own joy and happiness. I feel ten feet tall that I get to call you mine.

33. When you smile, it’s like watching a thousand butterflies pick up at the same time. You’re amazing, babe.

34. Now and forever, I know that I will be wanting only you. I love you, angel.

35. I want to marry you; I want you to have our children. At this point, having gone through everything I have gone through, I’m convinced of this.

36. I never knew the depth of my love for you until you had the accident. I knew that I loved you, but when the call came through that I’d almost lost you, the pain was indescribable. Just so you know, I’ll spend the rest of my life showing you how much you mean to me.

37. Do you know how proud I am that I’m the only man in your life. You make me feel fly. I love you, angel.

38. There’s nothing imperfect about you. And I would change absolutely nothing about you.

39. I have all these words inside me to tell you, but try as much as I can I just can’t get them out. But I want you to know that you’re truly loved.

40. You can do no wrong in my eyes, angel. No wrong, because you’re just perfect.

41. You’re flawless. Even with your mistakes, you’re just flawless. And you’re just enough for me.

42. I just want to travel the world with you, looking at the world through your eyes. You make everything beautiful. You make me feel beautiful.

43. You’re the perfect match for me. I don’t doubt this. Even with our fights and all. I love you, girl.

44. I love how you love me unconditionally. How you look at me like no one ever has. You make me feel beautiful, appreciated and loved.

45. They said marriage isn’t to be rushed. But with the way my heart is bursting with so much love for you, I want nothing else than to make you my wife as soon as possible.

46. Our memories get me going on tough days. The smell of your skin, the taste of your lips, the warmth of your embrace. I love everything about you.

47. I always wanted a lady that looked at me like I was magic. Like I am the only guy in a room full of other guys. Thank you for being this lady and more.

48. When others lift one hand in support, you lift up two. You even lift your whole body. Thank you for being super protective, and for being the best girl ever.

49. The way you love me humbles me and brings tears to my eyes. I really got lucky when you came into my life.

50. You’re my safe haven, babe. My sunshine, my angel, my everything. I will love you for the rest of my life.

51. I’ll do everything possible to safeguard what we have between us. I won’t set out to deliberately hurt you. I’ll love you with every breath in my body.

52. Your sacrificial nature leaves me breathless all the time. I still know that I did the right thing, falling in love with you.

53. You wanted to know if I was all at this time. I am. And I’m sorry if I gave you any course to doubt this before. I love you so much, angel.

54. You’ll never be rid of me. You’ll never get to look for me when you need me. I love you, babe.

55. You’ve got my heart totally. Nothing held back. You have all of me.

56. This love has no logic. The intensity leaves me breathless. And I’m so sure that I want it to remain that way.

57. I’m staring at a picture of us. The one with your hair wet and your dress clinging to your body. You’re definitely the one I want to be with, always.

58. Even on the days, I can’t find the words, I want you to remember that you got all of my heart. I love you.

59. I know I have texted twice already, but I just wanted to say that I love you. Again.

60. You don’t know how grateful I am that I can call you mine. You honour me in so many ways. I love you so much.

61. I used to think that I didn’t deserve any good happening in my life. You’ve me shown me how worthy I am of good and beautiful things. I love you so much.

62. You’ve taken up all the space in my heart, and I’m certain that there’ll never be another woman I’d love as much as I love you.

63. Don’t stop looking at me, touching me, kissing me, making love with me. You’re definitely all that matters to me.

64. I love you so much. But it doesn’t hurt. It only makes me want to leap with joy every time.

65. I am one lucky man. Scratch that! I am one lucky and blessed man because you’re in my life.

66. See the joy and laughter you’ve brought to my life. I’m never trading what we have for anything. I love you.

67. I like that we can tell each other embarrassing stuff about ourselves. I love how free and happy I am with you.

68. I’ll never be tired of seeing you naked, of making love to you. You’re the absolute love of my life, and I love all of you.

69. Your heart is pure gold. Everything you touch becomes gold. I love you, sweetie.

70. The top five things I want are you, you, you, you and you. You’re my favourite, my hobby, my obsession.

71. You’re definitely my priority. I won’t lose sight of this again. I love you so much.

72. These days, I don’t have to wonder why I remember all my dreams. It is because it has you in it. I love you, angel.

73. I love how you love me, how you take care of me, how you fuss over me. You’re my best girl ever!

74. I’m glad for all the experiences I’ve had. Because meeting you was definitely worth the ride. I love you with all my heart.

75. When I remember that you’re carrying my child, there’s this happiness inside. You give the best gifts ever, baby.

76. Your opinion will always be primary for me. So even when it hurts to hear the truth from you, never stop telling them to me.

77. I’ve said it before, that you make my life all better, that you make me a better man. I love you, darling.

78. Your love was enough to transform my boring life into a fairy tale. Your touch was enough to heal my broken heart. I’m never letting you go. I love you with all my heart.

79. You make me feel so special, so handsome, and thoroughly loved. I love you right back!

80. Thank you for being my dream come through. You will always be my hot-stuff!

81. The change you’ve brought to my life is tremendous. And I want to thank you for being everything I ever needed. I love you.

82. Just in case I don’t tell you this enough, “You’re enough for me, and I love you so much.”

83. There’s nothing I want more than to love you for the rest of our lives. You’re loved, darling.

84. I so cannot wait for us to get married. If life is fun with you at this point, I can’t wait for the ride to forever with you.

85. This is me promising to love as you deserve, cherish you like no other, and to fight for you for the rest of our lives. I’m still finicky about you.

86. Never have I met a lady that could get my racing with just one look. You have me hot all over, every time!

87. You step into the room, and I just know that you’re there. That is how much you’re ingrained in my heart. I love you plenty.

88. You’re actually the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever met. And I’m so certain that no other lady would ever light a torch to you.

89. I know it’s been three weeks since we said yes to a relationship. But I just wanted to tell you that my heart still races at the thought of you. I love you.

90. There’s nothing in the world that is as delightful as spending time with you. The thought alone makes me giddy with joy.

91. When the chips are down, when it seems it is you against the world, I’ll be by your side. I’ll fight for you. As I know that you would for me.

92. You make me vulnerable. I thought it wouldn’t be a good thing, but I definitely love how I can count on someone else to be there for me. I love you.

93. Have I told you how you’re definitely going to be the most gorgeous woman at work today? Have a swell day, babe. I love you.

94. Honestly, I can’t wait for us to have kids. I so can’t wait. I love you, angel.

95. Your heart is the most beautiful I’ve ever known. And I’ll do all within my power to ensure that I cherish and protect it. I love you.

96. You’ve thought me what love in the truest sense means. And I’ll always be grateful for that. I love you, babe.

97. How do I know that our love will last forever? I know that because I have never, and will never love another woman with as much intensity as I have for you.

98. When you’re done with work, I will be downstairs waiting to chauffeur you home, and to cook for you. Anything for the best girlfriend in the world.

99. Your heart is beautiful. This is to thank you for all you’ve been to me, and how you put in the work to make us work. I love you plenty, babe.

100. You’ve been more than a blessing to me. And I’m thankful to God always for bringing you to me.

101. God is kind, God is good, and God is love. I know this because He gave me you even when I wasn’t deserving of someone like you.

102. How you spoil me silly leaves me giddy with happiness. I love you so much; I can feel my heart almost bursting.

103. You don’t have all the answers when I rant to you about my problems. But I’m most grateful that I have you to share these problems with. I love you.

104. You may not know this, but the warmness in your eyes, the softness in your kisses, they make me feel better when the chips are down.

105. You’re my better half, my super-woman. And I love you so much.

106. I live for the moments shared with you. You’re life to me, the very essence of life. I love you so much.

107. I still know that I want to be with you now and forever. I love you, even though we’ve been on each other’s necks lately!

108. Is it normal to miss you this much, to crave your presence this much? I love you, baby.

109. You are the queen of all queens, the only woman in my head, heart and life. And I’ll be loving you for as long as life allows.

110. I wish I could bare my heart for you to see. You’d know that there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you. I love you so much.
I’m gladly taken by you. Please don’t ever relinquish the reins.

111. Love of my life, the woman of my dreams. I love you. Hope you know?

112. I still can’t get over our time together the last weekend. Here’s to many days of happiness with you.

113. Your smile calms me as nothing else does. I love you, beautiful.

114. This period hasn’t been the best with us. But my commitment to you isn’t waning. You’re still the woman my heart wants.

115. When we have a little girl, I’d want her to have your eyes. They are the most beautiful in the entire world.

116. You make me the best version of myself. I hope I make you the best version of yourself too. I love you.

117. I’m a fortunate man. A really fortunate man to have you in my life. I love you plenty, babe.

118. Now that I think of it, I still want to take you out tonight, even though I did so last night and the night before that. I love you, babe.

119. Your heart is the best gift I ever received. I promise to guard it with everything I’ve got.

120. When I tell you that you’re the best thing that’s happened to me, I mean it with all my heart. Baby, you’re the best thing that’s happened to me; and I love you so much.

Confused about which one to send to her? I know! Because I had you in mind while writing these.

Good news/solution? She’ll love anyone you pick. Better still, who says you can’t send more than one message to her? LOL

Don’t forget to leave me a comment and share. You encourage me that way. Have a swell day!

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