Best of Sweet Love Messages for Him

2023 Best of Sweet Love Messages for Him

Men may not show how romantic they are, but they are definitely softie at heart. Little things matter to them, like sending them sweet romantic love messages, telling them how much you miss them, even though he left for work minutes ago. Words of encouragement and love are meats to them for as long as blood flows through their veins.

It is the most romantic gesture that you can show as the girl he loves and that can give you the kind of response and reaction you want. His eyes will be filled with love when he reads your sweet love messages!

Make him smile at your delightful messages, letting it count that you care and are thinking of him.

Sweet Love Text Messages for Him

Sweetest Love Text Messages for Him. Romantic Love SMS for your Boyfriend or Husband.

1. You are the reason I smile even in the dark because you are an illumination to me. You make me feel loved and also love. I love you, darling.

2. The moment I remember I have you as my lover, I break out in smiles and grins. You are one in a million darling and I can’t imagine a day without you. I miss you so much, sweetie.

3. A sweet love message with beautiful words cannot accurately describe how your love has acquired such a firm foundation within my heart.

4. The indescribable feeling I have for you is one I’ve never felt before. It feels strange and at the same time beautiful. I love you dearly.

5. I guess this is what it’s like to be with a real man, I feel like a real lady with responsibility. You have always had this great and lovely influence on me, thanks for being a role model.

6. I can’t imagine going through life and not knowing what real love is, it feels like empty pursuit. But this thing we share is like heaven on earth and I pray it’s not ending soon. I love you dear!

7. Living through life thinking without falling in love is a negative externality. But for you and I, every time we’re apart I feel incomplete. You are my better half and I love you.

8. They said I am in a fairy tale, that it ain’t real but I told them you are real, our relationship is real. They felt it is too good to be true but I know you are true and good. I love you, sweetheart.

9. You are my friend, my heartbeat, my own person, my home, my lover. You revolve around my world and I can’t do without you. I love you.

10. Independence is a great phenomenon because that’s what we share in our relationship. You rely on me and I also rely on you, you are my superman. Baby, I miss you so much.

11. In a world full of deceit and lies, I met a faithful guy who will move mountains for me. As I look forward to meeting you tonight, I feel my heart beat faster and it’s humming a sonorous melody. At the end of the day, I’ll see you again.

12. I am rest assured that you are my rest, my fantasy come true, I wanna love you till eternity. I wish you a great bubbling day.

13. I’ve always wanted to be with you, to hold you in my small arms, to show you how much I love you. Your kiss, your hug, and your wonderful smile are what I crave for!

14. When you left this morning, you took my heart with you, it feels like you’ve gone for a year. please come back soon so I can breathe fine again.

15. I hope you miss me as much as I do you; a day without you is like a day without water. Please come back here soon, so I can feel normal.

16. Distance is not enough to quench the fire burning in my heart for you. I look forward to the time we will be together again, I love you so much.

17. You are the air I breathe, I’m holding my breath till I have the opportunity to hold you in my arms again and kiss you all over, I miss you so bad baby.

18. Nothing can stop the way I feel about and around you. I burn with passion for you, not even distance can stop my feelings. I’m lucky you’re mine and if it means waiting a lifetime to be with you, I’d do just that.

19. Though you’re not here physically with me, I carry you everywhere with me, in my heart everywhere I go. I miss you, darling!

20. Distance is not enough to quench the fire of love burning in my heart. I look forward every time we have to meet again, I love you so much.

21. Nothing can stop the hold I have on you. I’m lucky you’re mine and if it means waiting for minutes,hours, days, months and years to be with you, I’d do just that. I miss you so much.

22. Loving you is the most beautiful feeling I’ve ever gotten in my life. Missing you, on the other hand, is a feeling I don’t even want to deal with. I know you miss me too.

23. Your absence leaves a space in my heart that no one else can fill, please can you come home already cos only you can fill.

24. Your absence leaves me vulnerable and all I want is for you to give more closure. I miss you so much!

25. I didn’t realize you had become so important to me, but a moment without you makes me miss you like I’m missing a part of me. I miss you so much and I’ll be counting the days until you’re back.

26. I’m feeling cold all over me because you are not by my side. I’ve tried hugging the pillows for warmth but it’s not working. I miss you so much, baby.

27. The days are slow because you’re not here with me, I’m bored without your presence. I miss you so much, please come back as soon as you can.

28. It feels like you’ve been away for so long but it’s just a day I’ve not seen you. My heart feels stranded without you. I miss you so much.

29. I long for you every time, to savour your smile and to gaze into your eyes. I really do miss you and I love you so much.

30. The sun doesn’t really shine so well on my side when you’re not here. I miss you so much, I hope you know that!

31. Though time and space is a barrier to us, but our hearts are fused together, we are inseparable! I’m missing you, darling!

32. Your goodbye has always being a dream I never want to become real, it has always shattered my heart. Please come back and piece this heart together.

33. Sweet memories of what we share are what kept me on the move. I long to have you to myself.

34. Once you’re back here in my arms, I won’t dream of letting you go. Living a day without you is meaningless. I love you so much.

35. Nothing feels right without you, it’s like you are my right mark. You add sauce to my life and missing you is a terrible feeling.

36. I long to have the sound of your heartbeat to my ears. I really do miss you.

37. This house is not the same without you honey and it’s missing you, the factor of importance. Come back home, sweetheart.

38. I miss your loving touch on my body, I miss your gentle caress and kisses. I miss the sound of your heart beating next to mine.

39. When you said goodbye, a part of me went off like it was shut down. Now I’m only living because of the memories we share, waiting for your return is no fun at all.

40. My love, your brilliance and intelligence with sincerity has been helping you to overcome difficulties. Remember that I am always here and there with you.

41. When I’m with you, all the problems should disappear cos your laughter brings joy to my heart. Do not be sad, my dear we’ve got another day to fix everything.

42. In my thoughts, I am with you today and every time. Remember that you can do anything you desire with time because you are my man, my superhero. Love you.

43. My love, do not get upset because of these little things crowing at the sight of your success, trust me everything will be fine. I’m with you.

44. You deserve happiness like never before! Just be patient, all will be well soon. I will be there to soothe your pain. Everything will be okay dear. Kiss you.

45. For every problem, there will always be a solution, after any sorrow, joy follows. Do not worry, we will overcome everything together.

46. I pray that a lot of wonderful things will happen to you today and forever. The first one is the breakfast I have prepared for you. I love you.

47. I know that today, you had a rough edge at work, that is why I have a pleasant surprise for you this evening! All I wanna do, is to always make you smile, kisses.

48. My man, I love you more than the best gift I’ve received, all I want for you is to be healthy and happy for me. You have my full support.

49. You are the best person I’ve met. Darling, I want you to know that all problems are temporal and always remember that.

50. Look around, the world has so much to offer but it’s hidden cos they are treasures, just live every second of your life and don’t think about the bad things that has happened but good things that are about to come your way!

51. It doesn’t matter what troubles you’ll have in your life, how bad you will feel, remember that I will always be next to you, I will protect you and soothe. I love you.

52. This morning, I urge you to wake up with positive thoughts to drive your reasoning. Never forget that you are loved, needed and respected by me.

53. Everyone learns from their mistakes, we become wiser and more experienced, cos such won’t happen again. Rise on your feet and shake it off. I love you, darling.

54. Darling, each time when your life choose to treat you somehow, always remember that there is someone in this world, who loves you more than anything and will always wish you well! It is me!

55. Change is constant darling, so don’t think of the slight difference now. It’s going to be better!

56. Darling, start your day with the feeling that you are one of the best in the world, no one can do what you do, like you do it! You are young, intelligent and handsome, come on, go and conquer the world!

57. You are an exceptional personality, the light you shine is bright. No problems can break you, you are my superhero.

58. Do not worry about tomorrow because it will take care of itself. Just perceive the achievements in this day.

59. Life weaves different roads, different things, different people. Wherever you are, whatever you do, remember that I am always praying for you over any road that you will choose. I love you.

60. Beloved husband, have faith in yourself because I believe in you and your dream. I will love and always adore you!

61. Always think about the wonderful future that awaits you! I celebrate you, darling.

62. The only thing you are entitled to open the door of your mind to is the future and the greatness in it. I love you dear!

63. Baby, let past takes its leave and the present move in its own way and opens the door for the future. Be energized today!

64. My love, do not frown or sad! Let not wrinkles show on your face because of anxiety or sadness. Move forward, darling!

65. Do not try to change what life is because it cannot be changed. After all, we do not change the weather but dress for the weather.

66. Sweetheart, a bright future that’s around the corner of today won’t come, if all you do is, grieve for the past. Everything will be fine, so stand to your feet and look forward to the future.

67. My beloved hubby, let the rays of life shine only with bright colors for you from now and always.

68. Since inception, life has been full of ups and downs, and it depends only on you how you handle life itself.

69. Always smile because happiness is free but sadness is costly. Just give life your gorgeous smile and sadness will be nowhere.

70. Life might bring different challenges but it won’t be hard any longer because the most important thing is that we are together.

71. If God be for us who can be against us! Even if the universe is against you, remember one with God is a majority. I will always be by your side! I love you.

72. Darling, life is full of happiness and grief, sun and rain, cold and heat. Choose to maneuver your way around negativity. Let’s enjoy this moment!

73. The life you have is given to you is to make the impossible possible, don’t waste it on sadness, my dear

74. As Cicero said: “While there’s life, there’s hope”, think about that, winners never quit.

75. I will never voice out the negativity “Give up” in my life, I will always be near to whisper “Move on”. I love you.

76. There is a good phrase that says “Happiness is free but sadness is costly”, don’t forget about it at all, all your problems are only in our mind.

77. My love, be positive in your conversation, a perfect life is not for quitters. Always remember, problems do not last forever.

78. Today you might not have a job, but you have the most important things which include love, respect and support of your loved ones is with you. I love you.

79. Welcome to another wonderful day that has been filled with great positivity, which is a promise made to me. Enjoy your day and fulfill purpose!

80. I love you madly, you taught my eyes to see the beauty of nature everywhere, and always feel my presence with you because whatever happens, I will be always next to you.

81. My sweetheart, hope for the best in your daily activities. Life promises to give you the best. cheer up!

82. Darling, a new day has come for us, to make amend on yesterday’s mistakes and make sure it doesn’t happen again today. Arise, a new hope is here!

83. I will love you with all I have within and outside me, I will stand with you, in sorrow and in joy, in wealth, and poverty. Don’t be sad because everything is yet to be okay, we are together and we will overcome everything.

84. My love, remember that failure is not a sign of your weakness, not rising is the evidence of weakness.

85. You have captured my heart with our best interest and I have come to know that you have the best personality. I’m sure everything will be even better for you.

86. Rising is a sign of your strength because you will continue to make efforts to win. I believe in you!

87. God is good and faithful, turn to him and he will do you good. He will always suggest you the decision.

88. Today will become an important day for you, where you have all that you desire. I believe in you, your dreams, your efforts. You’ll achieve success. I love you.

89. Have it in mind that, it is up to you whether your life is filled with dull events or exciting moments. Make good of the time and moments you have!

90. Do not worry if something does not work, everything always happens, when it should occur. Always hope for the best.

91. My love for you is without boundary and it is ready for all way with you. I love you.

92. Whatever happens in life, remember that a smile helps lift your spirit and helps the soul find rest. So, always try to smile because it is well with you.

93. Do not regret what happened in the past, it will never return, rejoice now and hope for the future. I will always be with you with a face full of love.

94. You are my hero, you never lose faith even after failure and you are always optimistic about what will happen in the future. I am blessed to have such a boyfriend like you.

95. Today I asked the sun rays to send you a good feeling and to pass to you my warmth. I love you very much, you are the best and you can do everything.

96. Now the moon is going off, and the sun will appear very soon. Problems do not last forever, it appears only for a moment everything will be fine!

97. Failures and disappointment undo weak people’s strength and it shapes potent people’s strength. You are strong, so do not worry and move on.

98. Do not worry, let this challenge serves as only a stepping stone to success and not an obstacle to success. I am with you and I love you with all my heart.

99. Do not worry, let this challenge serves as only a stepping stone to success and not an obstacle to success. I am with you and I love you with all my heart.

100. Darling, start this day with a wonderful smile on your face and with faith in your heart! I believe you can do the impossible.

101. When you are with me, I feel like a queen to the whole world, your faith in me is incredible! You are the most excellent man I know and I am sure that we’ll fulfill all our dreams together.

102. Sweetheart, don’t be tired of dealing with problems. Trust me, I am here to help, we can solve all issues together. I love you, darling!

103. Do not worry about anything and have a rest. We are in this together, I love you.

104. Dear, don’t be sad, forgive and forget everything because there’s no point holding onto hurt and hatred. I am here to make you happy.

105. Honey, whatever happens now or later, we create our own fortune, we hold the pen of our lives. Do not give up and you will achieve everything you want.

106. My desire is for my love to give you, support, strength, and for my smile to inspire you to be a better man. Stop the regret before it starts working out hatred for the future. A bright future is ahead of us.

107. Your love gives me strength that I need, so I have come to give you strong faith, which serves as wings for you to fly. Happy day to you love.

108. I’m very sure that you are strong and you can smash all obstacles on the way to your goal. Challenges can’t stop you!

109. Beloved, the life that we have is given to us to enjoy and make use of it to the fullest! Cheer up, it is well!

110. Baby, you are stronger than what you are facing no. So, believe in yourself because you can do everything you lay your hands upon.

111. Every time you feel upset or grieved, always remember that God is a father and has our interest in mind. Don’t be sad darling!

112. We are all created for a purpose and we all have dreams. We must be driven by our mission to fulfill the vision. So tighten your belt.

113. Don’t give chance for anything to stop you. Always believe you are unstoppable!

114. In everything you do or will do, make your living count. You are not here to just exist like flies but to live and impart.

115. What do you have in mind to birth the purpose or to fulfill the purpose, you were made for? I’m challenging you to look forward and be on the move.

116. Think about your life and live your life so everyone will see your impact, use and they can know that you were here and you made a difference.

117. Until we know the reason we are here, we are only existing and not living, when we die, it ends as a waste because there’s no impact. Live a purposeful life!

118. That challenge is not an obstacle neither is it an excuse but for you to have a story to tell.

119. You have so much capabilities that amaze me. I believe you will surely become what you are meant to be.

120. Living a day without you is an impossibility, you have become as important as the air I breathe. Every time we’re apart I feel incomplete, my other half. I love you.

121. True love brought us closer, intimacy makes us miss each other. Your smile and happiness mean the world to me. I hope you keep on smiling and feel my love!

122. I know you are probably asleep now since it’s late but I can’t cos I’m missing you. Can I come slowly into your dreams and hug you tight?

123. I used to feel empty, cos I was trying to find a reason to live but when You came into my life, you gave me something to fight for, a reason to live!

124. Because of you, my reality became better than my numerous dreams. Thanks for being a strong man for us.

125. Don’t ever plan the future without me in there and don’t think I’m planning that I may eventually plan a future without you. Because my future features you!

126. Money can’t qualify or quantify my love for you, don’t believe that you have to spend money to retain or sustain my love for you. One love keeps us together darling.

127. I think I’m now addicted to you, because I think of you all the time, which means whenever you’re not with me, I’m missing you like. Baby, I miss you!

128. You encourage me and always convinced me to believe in myself, you support me, saying you won’t let go. Your support and love has changed my life completely.

129. Every woman is always scared of having wrinkles, afraid of growing old. However, you’ve always said as long as you get the opportunity to grow old with me, I’ll be just fine.

130. Every time I close my eyes, I see your sweet face every time. You have filled my mind with crazy love! I know I’m in Love!

131. The night went by with me dreaming of you, now, in real life, I want to be in your arms, looking into your eyes, whispering how much I love you all day! I love you man.

132. Every man needs a shoulder to lean on and every woman needs a guide to the destination. I want you to guide me through life as I will give you a.shoulder to lean on throughout our lives.

133. I never knew I was this romantic until I fell in love with you. I never knew I could do all these until you supported my actions. I can say you’re such a great husband!

134. I know I’m in love with you right and that I also love you. You are an embodiment of tenderness, affection, beauty, strength and resilience. Missing you, dear.

135. I love that, I’m beginning to think the way you think, to see the way you see. It’s inspiring and I love you the way you love me!

136. Your love is like a blanket that gives warmth in this cold world, thanks for always protecting me from the coldness of this world. My knight, my protector, my provider, I love you.

137. You’re the chocolate candy that spreads all the sweetness from within, that I can’t get enough of and I can’t purge out! Love you darling!

138. We’ve always been together in times, both good and bad! I cherish this bond we share. Thanks for always looking out for me. I love you!

139. You don’t have to flatter me with things that expire and have no lasting end. All I need is your love because your love won’t fade away. It’s forever embedded within my heart and mine within your heart.

140. I’m sorry, that these challenges are weighing you down, I’m sorry for the tears I see in your eyes. Let’s share this pain, that’s why we are together. Please, allow me share your burden!

141. I’m sorry, please don’t leave me out of anything you are going through. I’ll do anything you want me to do. I love you so much!

142. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to hear the words “I love you” from you. I’m truly missing you, dear.

143. Can we put this issue causing you so much pain behind us and learn to live again? I am always with you dear husband.

144. Your hardworking body deserves rest of the highest order. Do ensure you have a good night rest tonight. Don’t miss me too much!

145. You’ve always been cool, calm,and collected. You walk as one who’s got it all in control. Thanks, superhero.

146. You have always been awesome, you ooze happiness day and night. I know there is more where that came from. I love you so much. Have a good night rest.

147. Being able to call you mine is an achievement, almost all ladies want. But thank God, I’m the chosen lady. I love you and I can’t do without you.

148. May your years on earth be filled with wonderful blessings from above. May today be better than yesterday, may you get results that you want. Good morning and enjoy your day!

149. I look forward to each day I have to spend with you, I just don’t wanna lose hope of loving you tomorrow. You are the best man the world has produced. I love you!

150. Some of the good things about this time of the day is that I get to dream about you all night long, I get to enjoy the serenity with you. I love you so much, Superman.

Relationship is a real deal, pick any of these 150 sweet messages to convey how important they are. You can share with other friends, cos it works like magic!

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