Best of Short Love Notes for Boyfriend from the Heart

2023 Best of Short Love Notes for Boyfriend from the Heart

When a man loves a woman, Micheal Bolton said, “he
can’t keep his mind on nothin’ else,” what if it’s a girl loving a boy? I know, she’d search the most sacred and secret place on earth to find the Best of Short Love Notes for her Boyfriend in order to caress the man who makes a clear sky looks more like a starry night.

She’ll go all the way to describe her surreal emotion with few, but loving words.

Since yours is like the girl in love with the man of her dream, then it is only wise that you seize the day by sending a couple of these Short Love Notes to the man playing the legendary role of Romeo in your life.

Don’t let 2023 look stale like the yesteryears, step things up romantically with these Best of Short Love Notes for Boyfriend from the Heart.

Sweet Short Love Notes for Him – Boyfriend

Sweet Romantic Short Love Notes for Your Boyfriend – Him.

1. Slowly, I learnt how to love you, but surely, I’ll love you till the end. There’s no turning back from here, cause it’s my dream to love you, till there’s no room for more. Sweetly and lovingly, we’ll hold each other’s arm, overlooking each other’s flaws, whilst accentuating our innate beauties. With you, love seems so easy and irreplaceable. I’ll dance with you under the rain, I’ll burn with you in the inferno of life and I’ll swim with you in abundance. You and I are nothing, but magic stars shining brightly at the face of love.

2. The sweet thought of you slowly drifted through the open doors of my heart and entered into the core of my being, until it was beyond me to stop your love from consuming my soul. Every day of my life, the thought of you accompanies each of my breath. I live no day without loving you more. I sleep at night like a happy angel, cause all I do is guide you jealously in my heart whilst you sleep. I wake up thinking about you, seeing your masculine figure in my head. Trying to hear your sweet voice in my heart, for it has become the alarm that kick starts my day. I telegraph my emotions to you through the look in my eyes. I’m glad you see my needs even with just a glance at me and understand my thoughts even without saying a word. Our love is meant to be just like the sun is meant to shine in the day and the moon to grace the night. Together, we’ll become the hottest flame of love, ever burning, but never quenching.

3. You gave me emotional stability and soon became my anchor. I loved you even before I realized it and when it dawned on me that I was in love with you, my heart was already stolen away by you; the most beautiful accident that ever happened to me – for It didn’t rupture my heart, but mended its former brokenness. The power of your love is awe inspiring. So, loving you less is a thing I’m incapable of, my darling.

4. Your love traveled through my eyes and deep down into my soul. It enlarged my heart and made it twice as large as the size of heaven. Your kisses gave me the best warmth I’ve ever received – it’s like been immersed in glory and passion at the same time. Besides your hand, there’s no other that makes me quiver as though I was touched with magic fingers. This is true love and that’s what I feel for you.

5. You’re the antidote to my worries, heartaches and fears. You swept away my concerns and draped your love over my heart. Hence, I became adorned with your virtues which makes my life a lot beautiful. You’re as graceful as a knight exuding confidence and class at the same time. I’m in love with you and I’m not ashamed to cry it out.

6. Everything that matters to me is within the radius of my heart; and you are what constitute the whole of it. You took my soul unaware and made me your soulmate. You’re the portrait of love and virtue to me. You’ll do no wrong in my eyes, cause I’ll forever see through the lenses of love. Thank you for saving my heart from brokenness and ties of loneliness. Truly, there’s no me without you. For you’re my all in all.

7. You’re my star love. For you bring me good luck and lovely tidings. Hugging you makes life fairer than the sun, cause I feel your warmth securing my heart from life’s worries and pain. All I do is bask in your love when all you do is make me feel good. Your place is beside me and my destination is within your heart. Now, I’ll hold unto you like you were my only hope of happiness, cause truly, gaiety lies proudly in your bosom. I love you, my darling, than I could ever love the starry night and sunny day.

8. I was sunk in love when you surrounded me like a flame of fire. Just before you arrived, love started barking somewhere in the distance. Then, I knew it was a matter of time before I fall into your bosom without gaining my balance, again. No doubt, you’ll always be the one my heart is sure of, the one with the power to weaken my limb when he calls my name. Love is so sweet, once I look into your eyes, I know that to be true. It makes me want to create a paradise with you. Afterlife, your love will live on with me – this is my promise to you, my darling.

9. My heart will never grow cold for as long as I am with you, cause loving you makes me feel the warm sun glowing inside of me. Even as bright as a dandelion flower, you sweat due to the warmth of love. There’s no match when it comes to you, for you’re one in a billion and in the zillions to come. I’ll take your love with me anywhere I go, cause it’s the wings upon which I fly. Let’s glide like a plane through the sky, moving effortlessly in the direction of everlasting love. Giving up on what we have is never happening, cause love never quits, but fights till the unseen end.

10. As I play with my hair, all I get to think about is you – your biggest smile, infectious and unfeigned laughter, and your naughtiest jokes. Life looks like a paradise when you’re here with me; thank you for replicating the beauty of heaven in my heart. Love is the sweetest thing I know and you’re the greatest blessing I ever got. I’ll describe you when I’m asked to describe love. I’ll tell our love story to the angels that ignite sweet inexplicable emotions between mankind. I’ll let the whole world know that you’ve captured my heart since the very start. Our love is as strong as a violent windstorm, yet peaceful as a gentle breeze.

11. Each one of your smiles gives me a sense of desire to love you more than ever before.

12. Your love as I envisioned is full of compassion, humility and honesty. Hence, making you my dream come true.

13. The flame of love inside of you is what I desire to keep lit with each kiss I plant on your lips and forehead.

14. I experienced the first and only sweet love of my life with you. You gave me the privilege of been loved.

15. As you gaze at me in my beautiful dress, each look of yours makes me feel like the belle of the night catching every eye that is awake.

16. I’ll spend a lifetime loving you nonstop. I’ll turn my passion into strength so as to love you in hard times, as well.

17. Every love note I send to you is an emblem of my love for you. My sweet emotions go beyond the length and breadth of a weightless paper dripping with sweet love.

18. You may be my man, but I’m your superhero saving you in the face of danger and delivering you into a safe spot within the confines of love.

19. When my world was tormented by loneliness and grief, you became my comforter and peace giver. You soothed my heart like a chilled old wine.

20. Your face makes it hard for me not to think about you. Nonetheless, I love it that way, for the more I think of you, the more my heart basks in joy and my face glows with pride.

21. A taste of your love is like a taste of heaven. At the sight of you, my fear vanishes into thin air making way for courage to engulf my heart.

22. You make me feel appreciated more than anyone ever did. Your show of gratitude overwhelms me with a sense of importance. You’re both my earthly and heavenly pride. I love you, boyfriend.

23. That I call you the love of my heart doesn’t mean you only represent the shape of love to me – you’re equally my confidant, comforter and best friend. I love you more than the beauty of my face.

24. The covering of my head isn’t my hair, but the crown of your love. I’m so in love with you.

25. Your humility drives me crazy. I’m so fascinated by your composure in the face of disappointment. I love everything about you, ranging from your cutest smile to the sound of your manly laughter.

26. Once you drape your arm around my tiny waist, I feel absolutely precious and loved. I’m so in love with you.

27. Your heart is so rich with love and happiness. Thank you for sharing it with me.

28. Each night I spend loving you would go on to become the best nights of my life.

29. As veins pass across my body, so is your love in my veins.

30. You touched my bleeding side with your love and I became well again. Honey, nothing heals me faster than your loving hands.

31. I cannot go far away from you, else I’ll be far away from my happiness. Loving you is so sweet.

32. Your way is my only way in life, cause our destiny is entwined. Wherever you are is where I’ll make my home, baby.

33. My only mistake in life is not loving you soon enough. I’m glad each day gives me the time to make up for my shortcoming.

34. My heart is drawn by your lovely eyes. And it keeps beating loudly due to the exuberant blasting of love like the sound of jazz.

35. I’m here to love you. The face of my heart is like the face of the earth filled with precious gemstone. I love you truly.

36. Your love acts as a magnet to my heart, my body and the whole of me.

37. My heart was mistrustful of every man until it found solace in you and surrendered without resistance. You can be sure, that it will love you till the end.

38. I see you pouring your strength into creating a large space for me in your heart, so I can be loved by you without holding back.

39. When I bury my face in your chest, the hair on it feels like a soft fur caressing me to love you the more.

40. Slowly, you’ve landed me safely on the wings of love. I’ll never fly without you, again.

41. Your love has come to warm my heart and has made me as bright as the beautiful sun.

42. You hold my life together with love and trust. Hence, I remain unbroken by the cruel world.

43. If I travel to your heart, I’ll never leave for anywhere else, but if I go to heaven, I’ll leave for your heart.

44. I’m so beautiful because I’m loved in the most beautiful way by you.

45. Your love energizes me, hence making you the right one for me.

46. You taught me how to love, cause you made sacrifices a big part of your love.

47. You have my love and faithfulness. You need not be worried about where my heart belongs.

48. My heart is yours now and I don’t mind loving you for a lifetime.

49. My seemingly natural resistance to love was crushed the very first time I gazed at you by chance.

50. You’re the sun that lives above the earth and makes my world as bright as a perfect diamond.

51. I listen to the sound of your footsteps appreciatively as you walk to me, for they make me feel loved by you.

52. Your charming and alluring demeanor make my heart skip anytime I read your body language.

53. Your love was etched in fine gold at the kernel of my longing heart.

54. Your lovely laughter rings so easily in my heart and in no time, I’m caught up in you.

55. My love for you would bear me witness in times of travails and in the days of triumphs, alike.

56. Your thought buzzes around my head like fireflies. I find it pretty hard to concentrate on another.

57. I’m so fascinated by the stars glimmering in your lovely eyes as you speak to me about the future.

58. My feminine qualities and the pulse of my heart are at full display when I see you glance at me even for the shortest of time.

59. Your love has become a safe spot for me which I step into and feel untouchable by the world.

60. My eyes glitter more on days when I do not stay far away from you, my love.

61. You’re always at the light side of the moon in my heart.

62. What you have within your heart is a mesmerizing size of love exuding compassion, strength and vulnerability at the same time.

63. I’m connected to you by the power of love in my heart for you, my darling.

64. As the sun darkens, and the moon fades away and the stars reduce in their numbers, I’ll become the light of your world.

65. I fit into your heart because it was created for me. I’ll never leave for another.

66. Hearing your voice makes me think about the good things I can do for you.

67. You’re always on my mind because you’re always in my heart.

68. The day may become shorter, but my love would still walk a thousand mile to where you are.

69. My love is to honour you and not to make you feel smaller than you are. You’re my crown.

70. I will marry you without having a second thought, cause you’re my only one.

71. I was shot with the bullet of love and ever since, I rolled in the pool of passion and desire for you.

72. My only heart desire is to drink from your cup of love, until my dying day.

73. I love how you chasten me when I’m wrong, for the only thing I see as you do so is love.

74. I want you just as much as my heart does. Stay here with me forever.

75. I promise to be true to you in loving you till the end and never compromising what we have.

76. There is a home in my heart for you. You’ll only find out if you’re willing to come in.

77. I feel loved and safe when I’m around you than in the company of angels.

78. The shades of grey clouds in my sky vanished away when you washed away the pain of the love I used to feel.

79. My heart keeps beating because you give it life each time you look at me.

80. Stay here with me and I’ll never leave you for as long as I live.

81. The days I lived on earth will be known by the days I loved you with the whole of my heart.

82. If I have you, I have no reason to worry, cause you give me peace than the angels do.

83. I’ll keep living and smiling for as long as I can love you.

84. What I feel for you wasn’t made on earth but in the most secret place of heaven.

85. Your heart is so pure. Little wonder, you give me unconditional love.

86. Each morning, my heart says a prayer for you, before thinking about the kisses I can melt on your cute face.

87. I put you first in my life because love is the greatest.

88. The only one that would love me the way that you do is none, but you. And I’ll be the only one to reciprocate such love to you.

89. My daily meal is served once your smile touches my heart gently.

90. My world has become a garden of love because you ornamented my heart with the flowers of passion and urges to be yours.

91. I now cry a river of joy, because you’ve planted a tree of love in my heart.

92. Where you stand in my heart surpasses the place of the angels in heaven.

93. I’ll listen to you, cause the voice of an everlasting love comes from you.

94. I found love from the most genuine heart that I know. My heart is yours, till forever.

95. This wind of love keeps fanning the ember of my being when you hold my hand the way you do.

96. My desire is to love you to the envy of the rainbow, but to the admiration of the sun.

97. I’m so in love with everything that you do. Hence, you can do no wrong in my heart.

98. I’m so satisfied by looking at you and watching you do what you love best.

99. With you, there’s no reason to cry, unless it’s the tears of love.

100. My soul was afflicted with pain because I waited for true love hopelessly. And then you arrived with a graceful aura that swallowed my pain away.

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