Sweet Good Morning Messages for a Friend in 2023

Keeping in touch with our friends and loved ones is important no matter how close or far they are. It is a way of showing that we care and keep them in our minds always.

Nothing beats the feeling of waking up to words of encouragement from someone dear to us as it might just be the motivational force that we need to get through the day.

Give your friends the pleasure of waking up to beautiful good morning messages from this list of 2023 sweet good morning messages for a friend that would no doubt, make them smile and show them how thoughtful you are.

Also included are messages for your special person as nothing is more romantic than waking up to a sweet good morning text from your lover. It is definitely a love booster.

Sweetest Good Morning Text Messages for a Special Friend

With these sweetest good morning text messages for a special friend, be sure to usher that special friend of yours into a bright and awesome day. The best good morning wishes and quotes to make your friend feel loved and cared for.

1. With a friend like you in my world, I have all the inspiration I need to meander through life. Good morning.

2. When I think of friends like you, I am reminded of the blessings of God. Good morning.

3. You restored my faith in humanity. I didn’t think there were any good people left in this world. Good morning friend, thanks for being the awesome person that you are.

4. You are one of the few good people left, I am really grateful I get to be your friend. Good morning.

5. There is no better remedy to a bad day than hanging out with people that make you happy. You are one of such. Good morning.

6. This is a reminder that you are an awesome person and I am delighted to call you friend. Good morning.

7. The purpose of this message is to make you smile. Good morning to the loveliest person on the planet.

8. If you are reading this message, it means I consider you a best friend. Good morning bestie.

9. You are a great person and I am going to remind you of this as often as I can because it’s the truth. Good morning.

10. One thing I can guarantee is that I will always be here for you. Good morning.

11. I will give you a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on whenever you need one. This is a promise. Good morning dear.

12. I take our friendship seriously, it means a lot to me. Thanks for being a wonderful person, good morning.

13. Know this; nothing can stop you once you do not give up on yourself. Good morning.

14. Forget about the stress of yesterday, today is a new day, start it with optimism. Good morning.

15. Whatever happens today, stay positive. Don’t let anything steal your joy, good morning.

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16. Having the right people around is important, thanks for being one of my right people. Good morning.

17. Good morning dear, I hope your night was pleasant. Enjoy your day, be spontaneous and have fun.

18. May your day be nice and bright, may it bring for you good fortune. Good morning

19. Another day to pursue our goals, another opportunity to live our dreams. Good morning, get ready for a super day.

20. You are more a sister than a friend, you have become family. Good morning sis

21. I am sending you a virtual hug, now get up and hug me right back. Good morning.

22. It’s a lovely day to send lovely messages to lovely people. Good morning.

23. It’s time to create more beautiful memories. Get up and get started. Good morning.

24. Here is a good morning wish from me to you, I hope your day is as bright as the sun.

25. Good morning, it is time to leave Dreamland and face reality. Get up!

26. You make me look forward to each new day, I can’t wait to spend today with you. Good morning

27. Laughter, fun and support; These are what you represent for me. Good morning

28. I know you might not believe this but I keep learning from you. You have taught me a lot about life and I am grateful. Good morning

29. I can’t imagine life without you guys. It would be so boring. Good morning and thanks for being so awesome.

30. Don’t let anything dampen your mood, don’t let anything unsettle you. Keep your optimism alive today, good morning.

31. People like you make the world better, they make it nicer. I appreciate all you do, good morning.

32. I told the sun to shine a little brighter for you, so when you step out today, smile at the sun as it’s on a mission to make your day brighter.

33. Beautiful morning to you, have a wonderful day ahead. Can’t wait to meet up later in the day.

34. The night has passed, the day is waiting. Get up and conquer the day. Good morning.

35. My prayers for you this day is that you would be blessed in all you do. Good morning.

36. Have a happy, great and beautiful day today. Stay positive too.

37. My wish is that this morning text would make your mood better and your day brighter. Good morning.

38. May your life be sweet as honey, may each hour of your day be filled with beautiful moments.

39. Every morning is a new opportunity to start life with renewed vigour. Good morning, have a blast today.

40. You deserve the best because you work so hard for it. So, I am wishing you the very best as you start your day today.

41. I hope this message is a morning booster for you. I hope it makes you smile. Good morning

42. I need you to know there is someone here who would always care for you. That person is me, never forget that. Good morning.

43. Good morning dear, I can’t wait to see at the end of today, have a lovely day.

44. Keep a smile glued to your face always, stay happy and have a great day today.

45. You are a brilliant and wonderful person, keep your head up and never forget that as you go about your day. Good morning.

46. This is to let you know I appreciate you every day and our friendship matters a lot to me. Good morning.

47. Think happy thoughts only, that should get you through today. Good morning.

48. You need to take a vacation. You work too hard. If I was your boss, I will give you the whole day off. Good morning.

49. You inspire me in ways you cannot imagine. I admire your strength and doggedness and I am grateful I get to call you friend. Good morning.

50. Get up confidently and go about your day. Have an awesome day dearie.

51. You don’t need to have it figured out every time, just stay hopeful and go about your day with positivity. Good morning.

52. Yes, I can be a little annoying but you know you can’t do without me. Have a fabulous day buddy.

53. I am glad I have a friend like you, it feels good to have someone to count on. Good morning friend.

54. Sometimes you need to be your own motivation to get through the day. Keep your head up dear, good morning.

55. I hope we stay friends forever because this friendship has been a blessing to me. Good morning.

56. You have got bills to pay, bills! I hope that is enough inspiration for you this morning. Sorry, buddy but you have got to get up.

57. Whatever you do, make sure my spot is never taken. You are free to have a girlfriend but that best friend position remains mine forever.

58. I can’t guarantee you would have a day without hitches but I promise I will be there at the end of the day when you need to talk. Good morning.

59. If your day turns out great, then know it’s because I have been praying for you. Good morning.

60. I wish you all the happiness there is, have a very productive day, good morning.

61. You are a great person, you are doing enough and you are more than enough. Good morning.

62. Every new day is a gift, one that should be greatly treasured. Good morning and cheers to a beautiful new day.

63. Every new day should be thoroughly harnessed, don’t forget to share it with those that matter. Good morning.

64. Put the past behind and focus on the possibilities of today. We can’t alter the events of yesterday but we can make better decisions today. Good morning

65. Have a lovely day and don’t forget to create unforgettable memories today.

66. Good friends stick with you through the good and bad times, I ain’t planning on ever leaving you. You can bank on that. Good morning.

67. I know you ain’t much of a morning person but you need to get up and get going. Good morning.

68. I hope it warms your heart to know I will always be here for you every day and every time you need me. Good morning.

69. Good morning buddy, I hope you had a great night. Get up and get ready for an amazing day.

70. Rise and shine, grab a cup of coffee and get started. Good morning.

71. I woke up quite early and decided to wake up all my friends with a beautiful text. Good morning.

72. Truth is, no one knows me half as much as you do. You can completely write my story. Good morning dear friend, have a great day.

73. I appreciate you a lot and I am always proud of you. Live today to the fullest and never forget I am always here for you. Good morning.

74. Despite our minor disagreements, I love you. You have been an amazing friend and I appreciate you.

75. I hope my text gives you a great start to your day. Have a delightful day and don’t forget to dazzle the world with your smile.

76. When I remember I have someone like you, my heart is glad. Good morning, have a wonderful day.

77. Cheers to the smiles and laughter awaiting us today. Good morning.

78. Hi sleepy head, your hype man is reporting for duty today. It’s time to get up. Good morning.

79. Just a note to say good morning and I care about you.

80. I hope today brings you closer to the fulfilment of your goals. Have a great day full of candour and delight.

81. I am going to let you in on a little secret to having to a great day; It is remaining friends with me! Good morning.

82. I know today is a big day for you so I am texting to wish you a good morning and I wish you the best of luck.

83. You have all it takes to be successful, you have all it takes to be whatever you want to be. Don’t forget this as you go about your day, good morning.

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84. If I have half your skills, I would consider myself a superhuman. You are unique and exceptional, always keep that in mind. Good morning

85. Good morning, thanks for all the beautiful moments we have had.

86. Since we started hanging out, I have been laughing harder and playing more. You are an angel. Good morning

87. We might be separated by distance but we would always be connected at heart. Good morning.

88. Friends like you are unforgettable and difficult to replace. You will always be my best friend, forever lodged in my heart.

89. Don’t let the stress and pressure get to you, you are winning! Good morning

90. My daily wish for you is that your days would always be filled with joy and happiness. Good morning

91. I woke up with you in my thought. I hope you are doing very well, have a pleasant morning.

92. You have the skills and the strength to fulfil your dreams, my only job is to supply the motivation and I take my job seriously. So, get up and get going, you have got goals to achieve.

93. Wake up, you are missing out on your nicest day ever. Good morning

94. Welcome the new day with enthusiasm because it’s going to be a great one. Good morning.

95. Shake off the drowsiness and embrace the new day. Have a beautiful morning.

96. I never knew friendship could feel so wonderful and peaceful. With you, I know how a healthy friendship should be. Good morning friend.

97. I am happy you are alive and well to see this new day. Good morning, have a fantastic day today.

98. Today would be a beautiful day, now smile and get your lazy ass up. Good morning.

99. We have a lot of catching up to do, it feels like ages since I saw you. Good morning buddy and don’t you dare forget our appointment.

100. A lovely morning to you, I hope you are ready to live today to the fullest. It is going to be a wonderful day.

Sweet Good Morning Text Messages for Him or Her

Here are our collection of sweet good morning messages for a lover either a boyfriend or a girlfriend to make them smile as they start their day.

1. I couldn’t stop thinking about you all night. Good morning beautiful, I hope you had a great night.

2. How is my prince charming this morning, I hope your night was great, have a beautiful morning.

3. I missed you all through the night, nothing beats the feeling of sleeping beside you. Good morning baby.

4. I can’t wait to see you today, I have so much to tell you already. Good morning love.

5. I am grateful for the gift of life, grateful because I get to spend it with you. Good morning love

6. If I was the sunlight, I will lighten your path even at night just so I could gaze at your beauty. Good morning my love.

7. You have filled my life completely with happiness, you have made my life fun. Good morning love

8. Here is a special good morning delivery for the best man in the world. I can’t wait to see you.

9. I know your night was great because I stayed up praying for you. Good morning sugar.

10. I will never stop trying to please you because you make it easy and effortless. Good morning.

11. I sleep with thoughts of you and wake up with the same. You have captured my world. Good morning dear.

12. No single pet name does justice to your awesomeness. You are sweet, wonderful and kind, I have decided to stick with calling you an angel. Good morning

13. Wake up baby, I am missing you.

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14. Thoughts of you keep me going daily, it makes me work hard. Good morning baby, I am always thinking about you.

15. I am grateful for all you have done for me, I might not be saying it often but I am always grateful. Good morning

16. I love you. I will say this as many times as I can daily because it’s true. Good morning love.

17. I think I am intoxicated by your charm, it makes me feel like a girl in love. Good morning dear

18. Whatever happens today, remember you’ve got me. I will always have your back baby, good morning.

19. Good morning to the person responsible for my smile. Thanks for showing me what true happiness is.

20. I can’t start my day without first saying good morning to my special one. Have a great day today.

21. The world needs more people with your type of heart, it would make it a better place. Good morning dearie.

22. Good morning my love, I can’t wait to see your beautiful face again.

23. Every time I see you, I want to scream out so the entire universe would know you are mine. Good morning.

24. I am yet to find someone more fascinating than you are, you are one of a kind you know, good morning.

25. You make Earth a better place just by existing. You are special. Good morning.

Using one or several of these sweet good morning messages for a friend in 2023 is a thoughtful way to show you care and of course, spice up your relationship. Have a great day and don’t forget to drop your comments.

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