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Sweet Best Friend Text Messages (2023)

2023 should not have to start on a rocky note. Having that good person as a friend is a beautiful thing to glory about, and I guarantee that the year can even be more beautiful when your best friend feels good all the way.

Regardless of the good previous years you have had with that best friend of yours, there is nothing that says you can not have a better, more promising and inspiring year and moment now.

One of the ways to enjoy beautiful moments with your best friend is to show how much you care, miss and value him/her. This will not only give you reasons to be happy together, but It would also strengthen the friendship.

With these well put together sweet best friend text messages, I put it to you that your best friend would have no other choice than to swoon and feel the love to the marrow. Go ahead and put a smile on your best friend’s face with these beautiful messages.

Sweet Best Friend Paragraphs for Him or Her

You and I know your friend deserves the best of words from you to him or her. So I thought writing these would help make them feel especially awesome through you today. Who are you sending these sweet best Friend text messages and paragraphs to?

1. I can’t wait to hold your hands again and pat your back in support of a decision. Because you are even more awesome when I can see you. See you soon, best man.

2. I wish you great joy because you give me so much with your essence, daily, constantly and persistently, I feel that you deserve to have a great life and wonderful morning. Good morning.

3. There is no dodging from the fact that we will soon have to part ways. what assures me of a continuous relationship in spite of proximity is how you manage everything with grace. it is safe to say that I never made a mistake to pick you as a best friend. Thanks for being.

4. Let’s continue to waddle this ship with grace and in a love so unwavering that people are left with no choice but to gravitate. let’s be best friends for life.

5. We had a blast last night. didn’t we? I hope your morning is as clear as mine and your heart as open to receiving more goodness as mine. Be good today and remember that you remain my best yet.

6. I just woke from a dream about how we attended the most talked-about concert. I woke up with the hope that this dream comes to fruition soon. I woke up to a hopeful morning. I woke up with my best friend in mind.

7. I am discerning and so I gravitate towards the best people. You are the best one to be riding within a world like this.

8. I actually pity people who never get to flow through life with a ride or die. I feel lucky that you are mine come what may.

9. I hope you continuously get all the doses of peace and joy that you dish out. Have a great day, best girl.

10. To have you as a best friend is to have a wonderful life. you have redefined friendship for me, beautifully too.

11. I am on a rampage today. so, you may be receiving a lot of heart pouring from me. all is well though, it just feels right to be doing these times with my best friend.

12. More than my imagination, you have held me. with boldness, you have proclaimed your love for me. The least I can do is to show gratitude as long as you will have me as your best friend.

13. The way I have owned my story and shared bravely this year has shown me that, with the right-hand man, I am unstoppable. Thanks for being the best one.

14. Keep dimpling, grinding, hopping on projects that make your heart swell and soul stretch. I am yours, and you are mine in this best friend zone.

15. I am not letting go anytime soon. I will forever be holding on to you as you take me to places that make my mind wild and my vision clearer. Cheers to more years as best friends.

16. You’re my favourite place in the world. You’re my home to heal and my corner to be me. You are the best friend I never thought I would come by.

17. Many times this year, you have made me feel on top of the world and the year isn’t even fast spent yet. Thanks best man.

18. I guess saying thank you for inspiring me is enough to give you insights about just how much you impact me. But, with you, I love to go a bit overboard. You are not only the inspiration, You are by far the most substantial strength I draw from. Thanks for besting me rightly.

19. I do not know what it feels like to breathe in an environment that is clogged – with you as my right-hand girl, all I do is win and all I see is clear.

20. The ensemble that is me and you equals perfection. the best yet!

21. As long as I live, I shall be writing and telling of your graciousness. Have a happy day, best friend.

22. You have shown me directions to greatness and perceptions that are sound. Wisdom, they say is profitable to direct. A best friend like you is profitable to reflect.

23. I am just here to say that I care and to wish you a great day today. Be good!

24. You have taught me so much, so far. You have shown me malleability and values I never thought I would hold dear. Thanks. you are the best!

25. Sweetness, Let’s go out and have some fun. you earned the bragging right all year, all night long. Have a blast today and remember – You are the best!

26. My Darling, Your deeps calls to mine. you’re soulful and kind and it feels exceptionally beautiful to find a kindred spirit like you.

27. I never in a million years would have imagined that you would be my best friend. I guess there is nothing impossible. Thanks for being.

28. My life would be haphazard without you in it. you hold a position in my life that makes chaos flee. thank you for everything best friend.

29. With you as the best friend in my life, there is a guarantee that love and joy will continually abound.

30. Finally! I get to make the pronouncement that you are indeed my best friend. have a wonderful celebration.

31. The universe showed me ultimate kindness the day I met you, and it has invariably capitalised on this kindness by keeping you in my life and heart. thank you best friend.

32. I am of the opinion that we all need someone to lean on to have a great life – this opinion stems from having experienced the best form of support from my best girl. Good morning

33. Here is wishing the most beautiful human a Wonderful day. have a blast dearest friend.

34. You take your time to teach me daily and always all the things I need for virtual growth and development and I couldn’t be more blessed to have a teacher as a friend. Good morning, best man.

35. A lot of things become clearer from a perspective – I am glad that you have taught me to view things from objective angles and that you have geared me towards the path of wisdom. Have a great day!

36. You are the saviour I was not looking for. but, I found by default. and for this, I can’t help but believe that the universe is built in my favour. you’re my one and only best friend.

37. I wish you a day as beautiful as your heart and a morning as bright as your smile because you deserve to have the best things in life.

38. May the rest of the day bring you good tidings and nothing less.

39. There is a joy that overwhelms Me whenever you surface or come around. I hope to never let you down. Because I could use your type of energy around me always.

40. You are one of to most interesting personalities I have had the privilege to share a space with and I couldn’t trade you for anyone else if I had the Chance.

41. Your love has me resting in the ambience of the peace that it gives. I’m one Lucky child of God to have you in my corner.

42. Your love was so intense that it put an abrupt stop to all forms of howling, and your friendship – that has to be the biggest deal, because, in it, I feel like I am able to conquer the world.

43. I am now more aware than ever that friendship, just like love has the capacity to help a person transform and be better. I am eternally grateful for you.

44. It is yet another opportunity to be your truest, most beautiful self – do all that you have to do. but, I beseech you to never let go of your self. Good morning.

45. Everyday mirrors a wild celebration simply because you make me so happy and help me connect so much with my own soul. Thanks and Happy friendship day.

46. I relish our first meeting like the taste of my favourite meal. you have always been appealing, and it gives me joy that time does not seem to have anything on your appeal.

47. I opine that we continuously make each other better in all ramifications because that’s what best friends do!

48. every other day this month, you have shown resilience in the face of foes and gross conducts. I am fervently in awe of your graciousness and more than happy to be closely acquainted with your kind.

49. There are a few ways to make my heart melt – it is almost unbelievable that you are the only one sort from me who has mastered these ways. what gives me even greater joy is that you engage these ways and make me feel on top of the world.

50. Friends like you are actually rare in this generation. I believe I got lucky with you.

51. I most have done something great in my last life to deserve a great heart like you as a best friend.

52. Anything that will make me regret my yesterday, you always manage to advise me out of it. what better beat friend to ask from the universe than a wise one?

53. Always and unmistakably forever, you’ll be the one I run to for help and gist.

54. You are my favourite person in the whole wide world and that is just putting things mildly.

55. The day I met you will go down in the history of my life as one of the most remarkable days of my life.

56. It is a new day to do great things and be each other’s backbone. may we not miss it.

57. May the day end well. may every day continuously bring joy and happiness to your doorstep. you deserve that much.

58. You have so much that I can not possibly put into words. you’re a gem and the one I have decided to be best friends with until aeons.

59. No feeling comes close to having your best friend support and stand by you all day, every day. you do this and more and that is how you make me stay happy always.

60. I am so glad that you, who is wise, kind and soulful is the one I get to do life with. cheers to more years of best friendship.

61. You have taught me so much. especially that friendship, just as love when it is with the right person, makes the heart glad.

62. As long as you are right by my side as the best friend you have always been, my worries are but a few.

63. life has been good to me. of the greatest good of life that I have experienced is you as my best friend.

64. You, my dear, have the heart of gold and the soul that pants after righteousness. I couldn’t have been luckier with a friend.

65. You have made days beautiful, months superb and years adventurous for me. let’s do more years!

66. There is something about the way you carry us and the way you nonchalantly show your awesomeness – I am forever in awe of your ways, best girl.

67. Today is quite significant for you and I’m glad to be celebrating it and you in grand style.

68. cheers to more days of fruitfulness and more moments of unedited joys.

69. I am so blessed to have you. I could say it every day and it wouldn’t still be enough to quantify how much of a blessing you are to me.

70. Wow! isn’t this the fourth year in a row that we have been doing this friendship thing. it feels like home, truly.

71. I feel like we have both done greatly to set a course for our lives and I will be eternally grateful because you gave me the push.

72. You are not a friend that gives me anxiety. time and time again, you have proved just how loyal you are and I couldn’t be more trusting of a friend.

73. Every time I am privileged to see a new day, I make a mental note to count my blessings and you, my dear always come top on the list.

74. There is nothing that can separate this friendship. of this I am sure. good evening.

75. I had a rather busy day, so I didn’t get the chance to tell you just how awesome you are. I’m doing it just before I go to sleep.

76. I hope that in the next few years is good for us. at least, we deserve that much for the kind of years we have been dealing with lately.

77. anybody can claim to be friends with you. some actually forget to lay the claim while being the best friend of your life. you are the latter.

78. There is nothing I love more than having a friend you can have important conversations with. in a world where most people close their minds to things like this, having someone who would readily have open conversations is a blessing. You are my blessing.

79. I am not going to pretend that all is same and well now that you have moved to another town. I miss you daily and hope that we see soon.

80. You’re such a spirited, kindhearted and soulful person – someone anyone would be proud to call a best friend.

81. Nothing could have prepared me for the joy that coursed through my veins the first time you called me your best friend, and ever since, you have lived up to your proclamation.

82. I am of the opinion that anyone who will live a good life would need shoulders to lean on and ears that would readily listen. I am so glad that I found you.

83. There are some certain things I am quite convinced I want to be as long as I live – being your best friend is one.

84. Many have come and gone for one reason or another. But, you have stayed through thick and thin and I believe you deserve to have the best of me.

85. You are the one friend that keeps me grounded and in tune with who I am and what I aspire to become. I am grateful to have a best friend in you.

86. I feel so blessed and overwhelmed with love and care. You are by far the most beautiful person I have ever met in my life and it gives me the joy to know that you are my best friend

87. There is a longing in my heart that only your company can fill – it has been over two months since we saw and I think it is about time we caught up on best friends stuff.

88. I wish you a beautiful day, I hope that at the end of the day you are able to sigh in contentment that you have had a productive day.

89. Today is already fast spent and it just occurred to me that we have not had a substantial conversation today – when you are up for it, let me know. In the meantime, have fun.

90. You are my best friend in the whole wide world and I am never ashamed to identify with all that you are in public and private.

91. I could never explain coherently how we became best friends – all I am aware of is that you have been the utmost blessing of my life and for that, I will be eternally grateful

92. I should be greatly indebted now if you were not the generous soul that you are – you have enriched me in all ramifications and it gives me the joy to have you as a best friend.

93. This brightness outside my window reminds me of your smile just as every positive aura I feel reminds me of your energy. I hope you are having a great day as I am.

94. I hope that we continue to respect each other’s differences and embrace similarities. I am convinced this is the way we have been able to remain best friends all this time.

95. You have done great for yourself and I could not be more proud of a friend. May the beginning of your business give you hope and strength to move forward

96. You feel like home because you effortlessly fill a room with warmth and grace – so, I am never wary around you or weary of your presence. You are the best friend.

97. I would be ungrateful if I said that you were not the most trusting, most accommodating and committed friend I have ever met and know. Thank you for being.

98. Everything I have encountered today has constantly reminded me of the utmost blessings in my life and because you are one of the top things, I am here sending you a message of gratitude.

99. It is another day to be your very best – I do not doubt that you have it in you to be just that. I just hope that you re courageous enough to utilize your potentials.

100. Thank you for being the friend I can be comfortable being myself with. It has overtime earned you the best friend position.

Friends are very important people. But, you my friend have proven that you are more than something that can be placed on the radar of importance. You are gold and you just make life really easy.

I am just here to wish you a great evening and hope that you wake up tomorrow with a fresh start.
It is your birthday today and it gives me joy to be one of the people you will hear from and read from today. I hope my messages make you smile.

You have been more than I bargained for – transcending the box of friendship to becoming a soul brother. I am really grateful for you.

Everything about you inspires. Your ways. Your smile. Your courage. I hope you never charm.

Friends are very important people, especially best friends.
You can start every morning, finish every day by sending your best friend these sweet best friend text messages.

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