Birthday Prayer for Baby Girl

1st Birthday Prayer for Baby Girl (2023)

Prayers are important ingredients in our everyday lives. They are particularly important on days such as birthdays and especially on special birthdays of special people just like your baby girl’s first birthday.

So, it’s your baby girl’s first birthday and you sure would want her to have a very big one! Yeah?

There is no better way to mark your baby girl’s first birthday than with heartfelt prayers and wishes from loved ones and that’s what you have here. So, enjoy as you bless your beautiful baby girl with these powerful 1st birthday prayers for baby girl.

1st Birthday Prayers and Blessings for Your Baby Girl

How amazing it is to come into the reality that your cute little princess is a year old already. As beautiful as that feeling might be, It would be of no relevance if not accompanied by heartfelt birthday prayers, wishes, quotes and blessings. So, do well to use these powerful 1st birthday prayers and blessings for your baby girl or daughter.

1. I am most blessed of all to have this precious gift of you.
As you mark your first year birthday, I pray that you enjoy an increase in all that you do. You shall not be limited in life.
Happy first birthday, dear daughter.
So much love from dad.

2. Daddy’s Princess,
I’ve watched you grow from a tiny little baby and look how big you’ve grown now? You are a year old already!
I bless God every day of my life for gifting our family with you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to us.
God has blessed you, my darling.
Happy birthday to you, baby girl. Daddy loves you big.

3. Everything happened so fast. From the first day I got to know I was carrying you inside me, till the very day you made me a mom, and up till now, all I can do is thank God!
Thank you for being a bundle of joy and happiness to our family. You brought so much sweetness into our lives and we can never trade you for anything. Keep being our little princess. God bless you, darling. Happy first year birthday!

4. It’s your first birthday, my baby girl! It gladdens my heart to celebrate this day with you. You are a product of God’s goodness and faithfulness. I’m really blessed to have you. I pray that as you mark your first year today, you live long in good health and sound mind to celebrate many more years. You are unstoppable, my baby girl. Have a blast!

5. It’s my queen’s birthday!
You have not only brought joy to your parents, but you have also brought so much happiness to everyone around you, one of which I am. I pray that you never lose your wonder and that you grow to be all that God intends for you to be. Happy birthday, beautiful. Welcome to your great 1!

6. Yaay! It’s one year of God’s faithfulness. This past one year has been the best yet because it has you in it. Ever since you came around, our lives have never been the same. You just brought in this immeasurable and overflowing joy. That joy is still as abundant and overflowing as always.
Happy birthday, dear daughter. Daddy and Mummy love you more than life itself. May you live long and prosper. Amen.

7. Dear little one,
Let me say you are a big girl already. Smiles. Jokes apart, being one is a big deal. I’m so happy you are marking your first birthday today. I wish you everything good and everything beautiful your pretty little mind wishes and hopes for. Your big uncle is rooting for you big time! Cheers to more years. Can’t wait for when you’ll be able to read birthday wishes and prayers. Smiles.
Love from your big uncle.

8. Happy birthday dear baby girl. One year is just the starting point for you. I pray that you experience quantum increase henceforth. Your family is blessed because of you. I wish you speed and ease in all that you do. Cheers to more years on earth. Happy first birthday, darling. Love from mum.

9. My Joy,
Happy birthday to you. I pray that you grow in the knowledge and grace of God and that you become a force to reckon with in your world. You shall never be limited. All that you need is made available for you even before those needs arise. Amen. Happy birthday once again, dear daughter. Mom loves you big.

10. Baby,
I haven’t stopped staring at you ever since I birthed you. And with every glance comes a bountiful river of joy flowing inside of me. You are the best thing that has ever happened to our family. I pray that this joy you have brought into our lives knows no bounds. Keep growing and glowing, dear daughter. God bless you real good.
With love from dad and mom.

11. Happy birthday dear baby. It is one year of everything good and beautiful. Amen. Aunty loves you.

12. Happy One, darling. I’m glad you are growing and glowing. God bless and keep you. Big sis loves you.

13. You shall grow to fulfil your purpose on earth. You shall not be cut off. Amen. Happy first birthday, darling.

14. May your light never go dim dear baby. Keep shining because you are made for excellence. Happy first birthday!

15. Congratulations to you on your first birthday. Of course, you cannot read this yet but I am so glad you are part of our lives. Grow! Love from Aunty.

16. May you continue to flourish and shine. May you never lose your wonder. Amen. Happy first birthday, most beautiful!

17. Baby, you are so sweet and charming. God bless the day you were born. It’s year one of your many wonderful years on earth. Happy happy birthday!

18. Happy birthday, girlie. I pray that as you launch into your first year on earth, you shall launch into all-round greatness and bliss. With love from your brother.

19. Grow! Glow! Shine! Thrive! Live! These and more are my heartfelt prayers and wishes for you. Happy first birthday, dear daughter.

20. You are blessed, my baby. I pray that heaven’s blessings are showered on you as you begin your first year on earth. Amen. Daddy.

21. I pray that you shall know no shame or bitterness all the days of your life. Amen. Live long and prosper baby. Happy One.

22. Dear daughter, I pray that no evil however small shall come upon you all the days of your life. Happy first birthday! Cheers.

23. You experience and enjoy ease in all that you do. You do not struggle in life, and your future is secured in God. Amen. Happy first birthday dear daughter.

24. I pray that you grow and become strong, and increase in favour with God and man. Amen. Happy first birthday darling. Much love from big daddy.

25. Today is your day and I’ve come to say happy birthday to you with lots of love and wishes for you. I pray that you grow to become all that God has in store for you. Amen. Happy One, little Princess.

26. Like the sun, you keep shining bright and lightening up everywhere you go. Darkness will never overcome you. Amen. God bless you, little one. Happy birthday.

27. Happy first birthday, Princess! This shall be the beginning of everything good for you and your family. Amen.

28. For your sake, nations shall rise and fight. You will never lack nor want. Amen. Enjoy abundance all the days of your life. Happy birthday.

29. Happy birthday, darling. I pray that all your needs are met even before they arise. Men will rise to help you. Amen. Happy One, little princess.

30. You shall always be a source of joy and comfort to all who come in contact with you. Amen. Happy first birthday, little woman. Smiles.

31. I really cannot wait for you to grow up. Please be a big girl already. I have so many plans for us. Smiles. I pray that you keep shining like the star that you are. Love from your big brother.

32. Happy new year, girlie. It’s your year of increase and plenty. I pray that you and yours are blessed abundantly. Amen. Welcome to your big One!

33. The Queen is One! I am more than excited to celebrate this day with you cos you are a proof that God answers prayers. Thank you for bringing smiles on our faces. So much love from your sister.

34. Beautiful one, Happy first birthday to you! You shall be greater than our thoughts and imaginations. Amen. Love from dad and mom.

35. You shall be great and excellent in all your endeavours. Amen. Happy first birthday, girl.

36. You shall be blessed. So blessed that everyone shall call you blessed. Amen! Happy birthday dear daughter. It’s your first!

37. Happy first birthday, little niece. May your path shine brighter and brighter all the days of your life. Amen. Happy birthday with so much love.

38. Happy One! Stay gorgeous and beautiful, girl. Your life shall never be cut short. Amen.

39. Happy birthday, baby. I pray that light shines on your path; so great a light that no darkness will ever be able to overcome. Amen. Welcome to One!

40. Keep being that sweet little girl that you are to us all. We love you big and pray that you grow in the knowledge and grace of God. Amen. Happy first birthday. We love big.

41. Happy first birthday baby. There is no stopping you cos God is with you! I pray that God’s presence always be with you all the days of your life. Amen. I love you.

42. May you grow to be the great woman God has destined you to be. You are going places, dear daughter. Happy first birthday to you. Love from your big brother.

43. Dear baby! You are such a graceful soul and you make us happy always. May your joy never know any bounds. Amen. Happy birthday, darling. Welcome to One!

44. Yaay. The big one is finally here. I pray for peace and joy unending for you and your family. Grow and be great, girl. Happy first birthday.

45. Congratulations on your first birthday, girlie. You shall never have any cause to weep all the days of your life. Amen. God bless you real good.

46. I pray that you enjoy God’s grace and favour as you grow older in life. You shall never be limited. Amen. Happy first birthday, baby girl.

47. May your light never go dim. May you always have cause to smile and be joyful all your days. Amen. Happy One!

48. This day, I pray that you grow in wisdom and all understanding. You experience all-round increase and greatness. Amen. Happy first birthday.

49. Today and always, you shall always be a force to reckon with. No ill comes near you and yours. Amen. Happy first birthday, my darling baby.

50. May God’s grace never depart from you all the days of your life. You shall always be a source of blessing and joy to everyone you come in contact with. Amen. Happy One, my girl.

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