2023 Words to Say Thank You and Appreciation

There will always be a reason to say thank you, of course! Maybe for the beautiful flowers, or for the friends who have been there, our parents, siblings and spouses who love us.

The reasons are endless but, I got you covered anyway.

Below are 100 words to say thank you! With any of these, be sure to have their kindness once again. Pls, make your choice!

Words of Application

It is good to appreciate people’s efforts. Choose from these amazing Words of Appreciation to say Thank You to loved ones ho have been of assistance.

1. If I don’t thank you, then, I’m a fool. If I don’t thank you, then, it shouldn’t have been me you chose. Thank you for been there. You’re such a rare gem.

2. Thank you for keeping my heart safe with you. Thank you for treating me like your whole world. Thank you for sharing a heart with me.

3. Shouldn’t I be indebted to you for life? You’re an ageless angel who came to turn my world around. Thank you for been there when I needed you the most.

4. Words of encouragement can’t be forced nor bought. Thank you so much for gifting me words of encouragement though, worth more than precious emerald yet you served it cheaply.

5. Thank you, sweety. Our days have been nothing less than a blissful journey. Each blissful moment we share together, last longer than a mere euphoria. Thank you for being the reason behind the smile.

6. Thank you for being the best family one could crave for. Your shoulders are ever available for my head to lean on. Your food is served with love and your words are unmatchable. It feels good to be bonded with blood.

7. I thank you because I’m indeed grateful and appreciative. This is a token of my utmost gratitude. You’re a rare benefactor.

8. Thank you for not keeping me lonely when I needed a friend. Thank you for offering me your couch when I found nowhere to lay than your bed. Thank you is my way of saying I love you.

9. If after all has been said and done and I failed to show my gratitude then, it’s all worth nothing. Therefore, I’m here to tell you I appreciate each and every of your effort, they are so much more to me than I can be grateful for. Thank you.

10. Thank you for the hope I see in your eyes when every other thing reeks despair. Thank you for unburdening my heart, when I needed someone to talk to. I feel like I’m in the company of an angel as I walk through the hurdles of this life with you. Thank you for being there.

11. Is it too late to say I’m grateful? Nah! It’s never too late to be grateful and never too small to be thankful. Thank you for your love and assistance.

12. Thank you for being my confidante when my heart couldn’t bear my thoughts alone. Thank you for providing answers when the questions lingered in my heart and lips. I can’t thank you enough for encouraging me to keep going and fighting it through.

13. I can’t remember it all, but I can recall that you were there most of the times. Life is beautiful with you, life is more hopeful with your presence. You’re so much to me.

14. Thank you for everything, my love. “A friend in need is a friend indeed,” they say. You gave me more than your presence, you gave me love and a helping hand when I couldn’t get them elsewhere.

15. Thank you, my sister. You’ve shown me what sisterly love is all about. Blood isn’t the reason for our bond, your humanity, heart and sacrificial help have made us so much stronger than the blood we share.

16. Your kind heart can cover a multitude of sins. Thank you for being so kind to me, giving me a rare opportunity to fulfil my dreams. Thank you for letting me be me. You are appreciated.

17. Thank you for shielding me from the cruelty that abides by the world. You never left me alone though I was grown. Indeed, you’re my guardian angels cause, angel never leaves one side no matter the age nor time. Thank you, mum and dad.

18. If I could wish for one thing, I’ll ask the angels to reward you for being my benefactor. I can’t thank you enough nonetheless, I wouldn’t overlook your deed. For all you’ve been to me, thank you.

19. Thank you can only mean much if it comes from the heart. My gratitude is not an empty one, it’s coming from the core of my being and the depth of my heart. I lay it in your hands, I hope you can accept it. Thank you.

20. I wish the hair on my head can thank you on my behalf, I wish every word I say henceforth, would only speak of your kindness. All I wanna say is thank you. Please, accept my profound gratitude.

21. Thank you, sweetheart. If it weren’t for you, my heart would have been an empty place worse than a dessert but, with you in it, it rains with love and more beautiful than an aquarium. Thank you for being a lovely soul.

22. Thank you, dear brother. You showed me the true meaning of brotherly love. You’ve become my protector. I deem it fit to accord you every respect and I can’t love you less.

23. It’s a cold world out there when you’re alone. However, the presence of you all has shielded me from the coldness in this world. I feel protected and loved. Thanks, for being the family of angels.

24. Thank you for giving me more than I deserve. The more I ran away, the more you chased me. You didn’t give up on me when I showed no sign of interest. Thank you for your belief in me.

25. Thank you, dear. I wish you could see my heart and see the difference you’ve made with just this single act of kindness. It has saved my soul. Thank you for touching my life.

26. You’ve made me indebted to you through your act of kindness. For if I was to pay back, I couldn’t have been able to clear this debt. Thank you for going out of your way. You’re a rare angel amongst the angels.

27. Now, it dawned on me the reason behind your glow and the agelessness that shows through your smile. Your kindness has been an antidote to my sadness and in return, they make your heart young and your skin glow. I can’t thank you enough but, I’ll say thank you.

28. Thank you, son. You’ve shown to me that indeed you’re responsible and worthy to be had as a child. I thank you for letting me reap from you. I pray you reap happiness from life, kindness from man and peace and favour from God. Thank you, son.

29. Pretty daughter, I want to tell you how much I love you. You’ve not only put a smile on my face but as well, you’ve made my heart merry. Thank you for making me a proud mom.

30. Thank you, dearie. Over the years, you’ve kept your vow to me. You’ve been the best hubby amongst the men who bear the title. Your role and responsibility have you carried out with grace. Your distinction is in your availability. You’re a different gem. I want to thank you for making it to my world.

31. In a twinkle of an eye, you turned my world around. If I had known, I would have welcomed you earlier into my life. Nevertheless, your presence has made up for all the time lost. Thank you for being there.

32. Thank you for your time. Merely talking to you, relieves my heart than medication. I can’t stop pondering over your sincere advice.

33. Thank you, dear. Over the years you’ve been there like a family and we’ve bonded than mere friends. Thank you for not killing this beautiful thing we share.

34. We built friendship together but I can say that your character has played a major role in sustaining this bond we share. Thank you for being the mature one. Thank you for your sense of responsibility even though you owe me nothing.

35. If I could thank you from now till eternity, I would. My sincere appreciation will forever go to you. Thank you for your show of humility and kindness when I needed it the most. I can’t take you for granted.

36. Thank you, dear. If I were to choose my siblings, I would have included you on the list. You came as a friend but lived as a sister to me. I refuse to take you for granted. So, therefore, I won’t stop until you get tired of my gratitude. Thank you!

37. I want to thank you, my love, therefore, I’m sending all my love to you. I’ll blow you kisses till you blush. I love the way you make my heart feel.

38. I am grateful and for this reason, I wish you prosperity. I wish that you receive happiness from everything you do in life. I wish the universe will never be against you and I pray that your prayers rise up to God on a daily basis. May the angels bring in your miracle. Thank you so much.

39. I am grateful for being there for me. When I couldn’t summon the courage to seek help, you came to my rescue without my beckon call. You’re indeed an angel and your reward goes beyond the earth. Your treasures lie in heaven.

40. I can’t pay you back but my gratitude will always show in my love and respect for you. Thank you so much. You’re a diamond, you’re priceless.

41. Thank you, sis. You’ve grown to be so much more to me than a sister, you’ve beaten that role and now occupy the place of a mother. Thank you for your rare concern.

42. Bro, thank you for the love. Thank you for not depriving me the love of a brother. If I didn’t have a father, I have confidence in you to play that role gracefully and too well. You’re indeed my keeper.

43. You’re a friend that can’t be found everywhere. I thank providence for letting us cross path. Your presence is heaven to me.

44. If I have you by my side then, I have it all. I can say for a fact that, you’re irreplaceable. You make my world better, you give me ease and lend me a helping hand when it’s the hardest time. Thank you for being available.

45. I want you to know that you’re appreciated. I appreciate each of the efforts you make to see me happy. You render me help on a plater of gold and yet you ask for nothing in return. Thank you so much.

46. My heart will always be with you. My loyalty will always be for you. Thank you for loving me the way you do. It is indeed one less loveless girl in the world.

47. Thank you for your financial assistance, they came just in time. Thank you for not leaving me stranded.

48. Thank you for the date. I had a fabulous dinner because of you. Tonight, was beautiful and I owe that to you.

49. Thank you for not letting me go. Thank you for seeing to it that this relationship works. I don’t say this all the time but, you’re appreciated.

50. Your presence has signified a new day and knowing you are akin to knowing an angel. You’re the best and I can’t wish for more. Thank you!

51. Thank you for your kind words and prayers to me. I’m truly grateful for and humbled by your kindness.

52. Certain people make life a lot easier to live in. You are one of the special ones. I’m so thankful for the kind wishes and gift you sent me. God bless you!

53. The family they say is everything. Thanks a lot, fam, for your support. It means the world to me. I love you all.

54. Even if I hadn’t anything. So far I got you, I know I’m truly loved and secured. Thanks for being by my side through the stormy weather. I love you, darling.

55. Words fail me too, adequately express my deep appreciation to you for coming through for me. I truly pray that you have the people whom you love, surround you on the day of your celebration. God bless!

56. I must confess that you wowed me with the generosity of your heart and the basket of gifts you sent me. You are one in a million, my love. God bless you.

57. You got me teary eyed by your exceptional love and show of support. Thanks a lot, Mum. I love you. I promise to be there for you too.

58. But for you Dad, I wouldn’t know what to do. Thanks a lot for being such a great pillar of support to me. I love you.

59. Thanks a lot, a sweet sister for your assistance towards my upkeep. No matter how much you think I love you, I love you even more.

60. Darling, brother, you remain the best brother in the entire world. I hope to deeply express my gratitude to you someday. I love you.

61. They say friends like you are few and far between. I’m truly blessed to have you as one. You are deeply appreciated. Thank you for standing by me, through the dark hours of my life. I love you.

62. How forceful are the right words, indeed? Thank you for giving me hope when I felt hopeless. Your words were the wings that flew me to the height I dreamt to reach. Thanks a lot, best friend. I love you.

63. Amongst all that I possess and will ever have, you remain a priceless jewel I hold in high esteem. Thanks a lot, Mum for giving life to me continually.

64. I just want to say thank you. In fact, a lot. When Mum and Dad are down, you remain a faithful support to our family. Thanks a lot, Uncle.

65. No aunt in the world does it better than you. You are so kind and sweet. Thank you for being the best aunt in the world. I love you!

66. I could never ask for a better friend especially, at a time like this. You have proven to be a friend indeed. I love you, sweetheart. Thank you!

67. You have always been there for me, you remain selfless and loyal to a friend like me, who has done nothing but shown you my deepest fears and has hurt you quite a number of time. Thanks for being my light in the dark, a giver of hope and my everything. I love you.

68. I could never thank you enough even for eternity. You made sure I was fine when I felt low and lonely. You remain the greatest miracle that has ever happened to me. Thanks a lot, darling. I love you.

69. You are not just a husband but an angel of love sent from above to guide and protect me. You have proven to be selfless throughout the years of our marriage. Thank you for being my backbone. I know I can always count on you. Thank you for choosing me over and over again. I love you plenty.

70. The way you care for me and our children, plus the way you seem to find the answers to the most puzzling situations in our lives, remain a great mystery to me, of which I’m deeply thankful for. Thanks a lot, dear wifey. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. A testimony I am willing to share with the rest of my life.

71. You taught me how to be strong in the face of adversity. You stood by me and let me shine. I’m deeply grateful for such great friendship which you’ve given to me on a platter of gold. Thanks a lot, for being the greatest friend in the world. I love you.

72. Heavens have blessed me with a rare one. You remain ever outstanding in my world. It’s amazing how you’ve made my wishes come true. Thanks a lot, my love for your support. I love you endlessly.

73. I’m truly humbled by your show of kindness. Thank you for the cash gift. You are one in a million, sweet sister. I pray the heavens smile on you. I love you to the moon and back.

74. May your pockets never go empty. May your fountain of joy never run dry. Thank you for being the light of my world and the reason for the smile on my face. Thank you for sending me such amount of money when I least expected it. You are the best brother in the world. I love you so much.

75. Dear, mother! I owe you my life. Thank you for holding my feeble hands when I was down on the sick bed. I’m glad I’m strong and healthy now for you. I love you so much. I could never pay you back. May you ever remain healthy and strong.

76. Thank you for the flowers, my love. They are colourful as your heart, beautiful as your smile. No wonder I love them cause, I love you.

77. Thanks a lot, sweet son, thank you for the pair of shoes you sent me. God bless you more abundantly. Sons like you are a blessing to their fathers. May you remain a blessing to your generation, even. I love you.

78. To the sweetest daughter in the world. Thank you for being the best gift the heavens ever gave to us. You are such a bright ray of hope in our lives. Mummy and Daddy love you.

79. So many men and women have spoken of their love, none has ever been so demonstrative of it as you have been to me. I love you, my darling. You changed my world completely.

80. Even if I had asked the heavens for a friend, I couldn’t have imagined her to be as wonderful as you. You are everything a good friend can ever be and even more. Thanks a lot for being my friend. I love you.

81. Sometimes, I fail to see you as a human but an angel sent to light up the world. Thank you, my sweet angel, for choosing me. I’m truly proud to have you as my daughter.

82. I’m glad to call you my own. I knew the heavens had blessed me when I had you. You gave me a seat amongst the high and mighty. Thank you for making mama proud.

83. If not for you, I wouldn’t have had a taste of what true love can be. Thank you for being the man of my dreams, thank you for the butterflies in my tummy. Sometimes, I wonder how you do it cause, you never fail to put a smile on my face.

84. I feel so special cause, I’m blessed with the most supportive family in the world. You all prioritized my happiness on my big day. I’m so thankful to you, for throwing me such a remarkable birthday party. I love you guys so much.

85. I need not be told that true brotherhood is everything cause, I am a witness to that. I’m happy to have you as my brother. You make life such a bed of roses. Yes, you do! I love you!

86. I’m thankful for the lovely cake you made me for my birthday. Without you, my day wouldn’t have been as bright as it was. God bless you and support you. I love you.

87. Oh, sweet sister! You have been like a mother to me, an inspiration, a support and a provider. You’ve never made me feel inadequate about anything. Thanks for being you, thanks for being a mum and a sister all wrapped in one.

88. Thank you for sending me your prayers. You couldn’t have loved me more than to have me in your kind heart and thoughts. You are a giver of hope. Thank you, dear friend.

89. Friends like you are the reason why the world is still as populated as it is. You were there for me in the most trying times. Thanks for keeping me alive and for being there for me, I love you.

90. 10,000 of my words couldn’t say a proper thank you to you. Thanks a lot for supporting my dream. I love you, sister.

91. Thank you for putting food on our table, thank you for clothing our nudes. Thank you for being great children to us, your parents. We love you.

92. I’m so humbled by your kind gestures. Within a moment of notification, you helped pay my tuition fee. Thank you for making me glad, thank you for being a giver of hope. I love you, sister.

93. I wonder why you always look out for me with so much care and love. You mean the world to me, bestie. I love you. Know that I got your back too.

94. Thanks for calling me. You made me feel so special. I love you, dear friend.

95. Thanks a lot, Mum, for buying me such a beautiful dress. I couldn’t have asked for better. May your days be beautiful till eternity. I love you, dearest.

96. A Dad like you makes daughters feel like beautiful princesses. Thanks a lot, Dad for the lovely pair of shoes you got me. May you always be happy. I love you!

97. I want you to know that I cherish you more than my words can say. I found you a friend and a lover. You make my world so beautiful! I love you, dear fiancé.

98. Thanks a lot, grandma for the cookies and for the money. You are one in a million. I love you so much. I hope to do better for you someday.

99. I couldn’t have imagined being lucky enough to have found love in a beautiful place such as your heart. I love you, my darling. Thanks for loving me just the way I am.

100. I pray the heavens forever supply your needs as you did mine. I’m in great awe of your kindness. Thanks a lot, Mum and Dad. You are the best parents in the world.

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