Long Love Messages

2023 Best Long Love Messages for Lover from the Heart

Do you know how it feels when you tell someone you love them? Not that they didn’t know already, but there’s a way affirming your love from time to time makes the bond stronger. And you should do this more often.

Here are a hundred long love messages you can send to your lover. Your husband, wife, fiance, fiancee, boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s specially written for them. You can be sure they would appreciate it a lot and love you more.

Enjoy the read and your lover, too.

Romantic Long Love Messages

1. Sweetheart, You have been a great source of support and encouragement for me. I couldn’t have wished for a better boyfriend than you. I love you more than I can say and I promise to stand and remain by you as long as I live. You are my best. I cherish you.

2. I’m in love with you over again, just like the very first day. Your beauty captures my heart and your love is overwhelming. Your words are graceful and your touch captures my soul. You have simply consumed my heart with your love. Baby, I love and adore you.

3. My Queen, our kingdom has just you and me in it. That’s because you are all I have, want and will ever need. I would always be your King and lover. Can’t wait for our beautiful princess and princesses to arrive and make our kingdom perfect. I love you, my beautiful queen.

4. Heroes are known to be brave and extraordinary. You are more than these as you’ve always been a model for me. Your sacrifices and support are unparalleled and I can’t trade you for anything on earth. I love you always and forever my superhero.

5. You are my best friend, lover, encourager, adviser. I can go on and on but let me put everything together; you are my everything. I’m empty and void without you, you are my better half because you complete me and make me perfect. Thank you for bringing out the best in me and making my experience what love truly is. I love you more and more every day.

6. I want to be the reason for your smile and happiness always. I never want to lose you, baby. I pray that our love continues to wax stronger than ever before. I love you so much and I will always do

7. You are always in my heart and mind. You occupy all the space there. That’s how special you are to me. You are the first and best person to me. No one or nothing else is more important. You are my dream come true. And I love you really big.

8. I wish that was are always together because that way, I would be able to behold your beauty. But even when we are apart, you are still always with me because I have you in my heart and head. You are all over me. I love you so much, my beautiful wife.

9. The biggest thing you did for me was saying “Yes” when I didn’t even make much sense to me! Thanks for loving and trusting me enough to be your husband. It is a really great privilege you have bestowed on and I’m really grateful for it. I love you unconditionally.

10. Every day, I think about your love for me and how it has made me a stronger and happier man. Without you in my life, I don’t want to imagine how it would have turned. Thanks so much for coming, and coming to stay. I love you to the moon and back.

11. I need you now and always. You are my source of strength and peace. I find reasons to be happy always because you game me those reasons. You are the best my Prince and lover. You know I love you deeply. Right?

12. My best friend and confidant, when I look into your eyes, I see light and hope. I see a reason to push through life without fear. I see why I can and should give my best into everything I do. You are a great source of inspiration to me. And I’m really grateful for who you are! Thank you, my love.

13. I can do anything and go any length just for you. You complete and perfect me. You make me want to be and do the impossible. Because you are in my life, I find more than enough reasons to be the best in all I do. I’ll always be in love with you!

14. The kids are not here right now so I feel it’s the best time to do this. Your love glows brightly like a diamond. I see love when I look at you. When I’m just on the verge of losing myself or giving up, you are always there to put me together and make me stronger. I love you and I’m so proud of you.

15. If there is one thing I would keep doing all my life, it is loving you. No one or nothing can stop that. Always and forever, I will be by your side to guard and keep you, to love and cherish you, and to keep doing these. Nothing, not even death, will do us part!

16. Before I met you, I only used to hear and think about love. It was all in my head because all I could do was imagine it. Now that you are in my life, I have love in my heart and soul. Your love consumes every part of me. In you, I have found and experience what love really is.

17. My love. You may not be the smartest, richest, most handsome or charming guy. Yeah, you are not. But what you are to me is more than those and that’s what matters. To me, you are everything! And I can’t trade you for anything. I love you always.

18. If I confess my love for you every single day, I can’t do it enough because not even words are capable of expressing how much I love and care for you. But believe me you, I really do adore and cherish you. You are the best among other bests. Love you too much.

19. Hey babe, I want you to wake up and see this. It is specially written for you and from the depth of my heart. You know I’m a man of few words, but not too stingy with words that talk about my love for you. When it comes to you, I can do just anything. Love you loads.

20. Sweetheart, you are the harmony of my heartbeat, the joy and love of my life. You make me want to go “crazy” with your love. I can’t quantify my love for you with anything. I’m so much crazily in love with you. You are always here in my heart. I can’t love you less. It can only be more.

21. My Dearest,
They say love is blind but with you my I became insight. Your love became the eyes through which I see things. First time I set my eyes on you, I felt my stomach tighten and clutched together. I thought it was weird because I wasn’t even hungry. Then I realized it was the butterflies of love in my belly calling out for attention because they had seen an affectionate soul. You are such a beautiful damsel. Since I set my eyes on you, you’ve been all I’ve been able to think about, you’re in my thoughts, in my dreams and always on my mind. The radiance that lights your face is still unexplainable. In all, I just want to say I love you. You are the love of my life and I simply can’t do without you, not now, not in another lifetime.
Simply yours,

22. Meeting you has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Your smile fills my heart with warmth, your laughter fills my soul with joy. Your beauty is indescribable, you make my life turn around. You are my whole world, your voice brightens my day. Without you, sadness is just at bay, thanks for coming into my life, I love you.

23. Loving you is more than a gift to me, thanks for giving me the opportunity to come into your life. Your eyes light up my day, I could stare all day into those blue eyes and never get tired, they’re just beautiful beyond imagination. I never thought I would meet someone like you, keep being beautiful, I love you.

24. Every day I wake up, I fall in love over again. Hearing your voice fills me with sooth. The beauty in your eyes, the radiance in your face, the gracefulness of your walk, the gentleness of your touch and the sweetness of your soul is why I can never take a step backwards from you. You are mine and I am yours, I love you my heartbeat.

25. I think over and over again and ask myself how I ever ended up with you. Each time I think and think and think, I can’t seem to give a reasonable answer but one thing I’m certain of is my love for you, it’s what has kept us together these years. You’re not entirely flawless but ‘love covers a multitude of offences’ so each time you take a wrong turn or make a mistake, I remind myself of that. Loving you has been a blessing to me, it gives me hope in every circumstance. Thanks for being there for me, I love you.

26. A few years back, I was just a lonely sad girl lurking around dark corners, not because I couldn’t come out but because I was afraid of getting attached to anyone. Then out of the blues came the most jovial person I’ve ever met in my life, calm in tense situations and firm in making decisions, the loving way you always spoke with concern and care and then suddenly I started caring, I didn’t feel like being lonely anymore, I enjoyed your company even more. And slowly before I could even notice it, I stopped lurking around corners, sadness totally left me cause I was always happy around you. I’m glad you came into my life. I’m filled so much with your love that I feel like I’m gonna explode, lol. I love you, honey.

27. The tenderness of your touch, the firmness of your skin, the softness of your palm, the melody of your tone, the high-spiritedness of your voice each time you speak… I could go on and on, the list would be endless. My invaluable jewel, I love you.

28. The apple of my eyes, the joy of my life, the most precious of all jewels, the most beautiful flower of the field. Your smile is brighter than the morning sun. You brighten my world, I couldn’t have wished for someone better. I may have nothing today but I know with you I have everything. Sweetheart, I love you so so very much.

29. The love of my life, the sweetness in my smile, the reason I’m high. You give me the creeps just to calm me again, I love the way you do that. Thanks for being a part of my life, I love you my morning sweetness.

30. You ask if I will ever forget you, I wonder why you even ever thought of that question because if you knew the space you occupy in my heart, you wouldn’t even bother to ask. I want you to know this; as long as my heart beats, you’ll always be mine. I love you in space and time, and I’ll love you over and over again until the end of time.

31. Loving you is the only thing that keeps me together. Take your love away from me and I’ll become empty again. You came into my life and made things anew and different in a good way. I love you, my sweet baby.

32. The way I feel about you, the way my heart beats faster and louder when I’m around you, it’s simply unexplainable. I love you more than the stars of the sky. If I had my way, I’ll sit in the bathroom all day just to scent the fragrance of your shampoo. Lol. I love you so very much.

33. Meeting and knowing you sparked an exorbitant amount of extraordinary affection that surpassed all levels of feelings my senses could have ever felt. My entire world has seemed to revolve around you since then. It has also been a great privilege to be a recipient of this same feeling reciprocated from you. “I love you” is not enough to express my love for you.

34. Ever since I set my eyes on you, I’ve not been the same. Whoever said there’s nothing like perfection lied because you are the perfect definition of perfection. I’m glad to have met you cos if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have been the same person I am now. I love desperately.

35. In the world, you’re somebody but for me, you mean the world. Your heartbeat is my favourite sound, I can’t sleep without it. My smile is on your face alone. My secrets for your ear alone. I love you, baby!

36. You’re the best creature ever seen in life. Your pulchritude turns me on. You make me linger each time I look at the window. I love you so much I can’t do without you. Thanks for being in my life.

37. Thoughts of you flourish my memory. Why should I go star-gazing with anyone when right in front of me is a star. Your beauty radiates the atmosphere, loving you is my only desire. My precious jewel, the brightest of all stars, thanks for coming into my life, I love you.

38. I can’t sleep without the sound of your voice, fear grips me at night whenever I’m not in your arms. Those muscular hands that you tease me a lot about saying that it only has the strength to carry one lady. I’m glad that I’m the one your strength is strong enough for. Loving you to me is more than a memory, I simply can’t take you off my mind, I love you.

39. I can’t do without you, I can’t say how or where I would have been without you. You and I are just perfect together. You light up my world, you’re amazing in every way possible. You are more than a friend to me, you are more than a sister to me, in fact, you are my everything, I love you.

40. If kisses could show you how much I love you, I would kiss you daily, every hour, every minute, I’ll kiss you until the end of time. Your lips are luscious, they taste like strawberries wrapped in chocolate, you are simply amazing, I can’t do without you, I love you.

41. If forever could exist and death was just a myth, then I would remain forever with you and together we’ll travel the ends of the world not fearing death cos even death would not be able to pull us apart. I love you my sweetness, my morning glory, my priceless jewel.

42. Knowing you was the best thing that ever happened to me. Thoughts of you are enough to stop me from looking at another. Even if my memory fades and I forget all things, I just want to let you know that you can never fade away from me, not in this lifetime, not in another world, you’ll always remain on my mind. I love you.

43. A general saying goes that if horses were wishes, beggars would ride. But what’s the need for wishes, when I already have all I want in and with you? You mean more than anything else to me. You are my eternity. I love you to death, remain pure my sweetness.

44. I wish I could take a day without thinking about you, I wish I could spend the rest of my life without remembering you, I wish I could travel a mile without the thought of hearing your voice but it’s simply impossible. Please believe me, everything I say is plausible, no lies. I wish you could stay next to my heart to see how it beats whenever I’m around you, but who am I kidding? You’re already in my heart. I love you.

45. More than an army would fight for, stronger than every innermost desire is the desire to be with you forever and ever. Please don’t leave my side, I’m so crazy about you that the thought of losing you alone drives me insane, I love you so much, come back to me and don’t drift away.

46. It was pleasant at first, I never meant to fall in love. I ask myself over and over how you got me but I can’t seem to find a definite answer. I ask myself why I was in love with you, I still couldn’t come up with a good reason. Then I asked myself if I could ever stop loving you and I realized it was impossible, I love you till eternity.

47. If riches could amount to my love for you, I’ll be the wealthiest man that ever lived. Loving you is not a curse, rather it’s a blessing. I’m glad to be in love with the damsel of my heart. I’ll love you forever.

48. Tears fill my eyes each time you hurt me, and then you hurt me so much that it has almost become a normal thing. But each time you’re not there, It feels like you’re not there, it seems like there are emptiness and void, I’m in love with you, I can’t do without you.

49. You hurt me all the time yet I say nothing, I keep quiet and I’m mute like a dumb person. All the time I wanna leave but something always compelled me to stay back just for a bit and I lingered for a while and then we’re fine again and happy together. I thought and thought and then I realized that little thing that compels me, that holds me from making rash decisions I’ll regret is called love, I love you.

50. I wonder why people want to travel around the world and even go to other planets. They tell you they’ll take you to the end of time, but for me, anytime I’m with you, time is endless, I never want it to stop, I never want to leave your sight. You’re my whole planet, with you I don’t need to travel anywhere because you’re my everywhere, I love you.

51. I know I hurt you so bad with my words and nothing was appalling as seeing tears drop from your eyes, I wonder why I ever did like that. And though I can’t promise it won’t happen again, all I can lean on right now is my love for you. I’ll profess my love for you every day of my life, I’ll turn it into a song and sing it daily, I’ll form it into a poem and recite it for the whole world to hear. Because nothing else means the world to me than my love for you, I love you desperately.

52. I see you in my dreams most night, your gaze is so intense it feels like I’m directly under a spotlight. And then I wake up and find out it’s a dream. Sing me your lullaby that I may fall into the sleep of love, never to wake up again. I love you my morning glory.

53. I gaze upon the sky and thank the heavens for allowing a beautiful maiden like you enter into this planet earth. Ever since I set my eyes on you, stargazing has become the order of the day, I look above me every night and I try to compare your shine to the twinkle of the stars but trust me, none shines as bright as you, I love you to the moon and back, forever and always. Always be mine.

54. I always thought a knight in a shining armour had to always wear a shiny armour and be a knight so I waited and waited and yet I found no knight until I met you. Then I realized that you were the knight of my heart and my love had consumed you. I still couldn’t understand why you were always around me until one day when you stared deep into my eyes and couldn’t stop looking, there I got lost and even if I tried to take back time, I would never give up that moment, the instant I fell in love with you, I love you my knight shine.

55. Each time someone hurts me either with words or actions, you’re the reason I’m strong enough to hold my tears, you’re the reason I still want to linger on to life. The reason is that I know even if the whole world leaves me, you’ll always stand by me. I love you my Blossom.

56. Life was full of shit, everything was upside down, nothing seemed to make sense. All through these, there you were right at the corner waiting for the time to strike. And then you got the perfect moment, in the cold of the dark when I was helpless and without hope, you came out of nowhere and one way or the other my life started having meaning. I suddenly found a reason to want to live, I love you, you are my life, the reason why I am where I am today, forever and always, I’ll continually love you, my love. Cheers.

57. Stupid and young, foolish and innocent, I didn’t know what I was doing. You always scolded me and I hated you even more. But somewhere out of that hate was a hidden love. Soon I started making trouble just to hear your scold and suddenly the anger I felt towards you each time you scolded me started gradually becoming calm and peace. Before I could realize what was happening, I was in love and there you were all along scolding me because you loved me. Thanks for loving me, I love you too.

58. Though a thousand words are not enough, a multitude of confessions can never amount to my love for you. A zillion deeds cannot show my extent of love for you, I’m too much in love with you, I’ll sing of it every day and my heart remembers you every moment, I love you my sunflower.

59. Brighter than the gold vessels and more beautifully adorned than the queens of the earth is the queen of my life, affectionate and gentle, caring and kind. I can never stop loving you, no one can take your place in my heart, I love you, my baby.

60. I don’t fall sick but if sickness will bring you to me then I never want to run out of my love fever for you. Let my temperature rise if it will bring about your touch, let my eyes close if it brings about your gaze, let me fall into a coma If it means you’ll visit me every day. I’m already in love with you and nothing can be better or worse than that. You are my good and my bad, the reason I’m sane, I love you.

61. Meeting you has been a blessing in disguise. At first, we hated each other and couldn’t even tolerate each other. But when we started getting to know each other better and fighting reduced and we started understanding each other, then I realized love was not so far off. Now I can’t do without you and you can’t do without me, I’m so in love with you, I’m glad I met you, I love you, my darling angel.

62. The most important thing that ever happened in my life is falling in love with an angel in the guise of a human, so gentle is your touch that it melts my heart. Your voice is so melodious that even the birds cannot compete with it. Your beauty is beyond comparison. I love you my sweet nightingale.

63. Love, at first sight, was what I felt for you from the moment I set my eyes on you. My pulse raced, my heart skipped a beat, I was so clumsy I almost lost my balance, you became the order of my day cos without you I couldn’t do anything. Without you I still can’t do anything, come into my life and be mine forever and always. I love you so dearly.

64. I was so scared about love thinking love is a fantasy, an illusion devised by movie writers to enslave the human heart until you came into the script and everything became real and true. Thanks for loving me, I love you so dearly.

65. To everyone out there, you’re just a beautiful gorgeous lady. Only some special kind of people can see the beauty inside of you. I’m lucky I’m among the special few and only love has enabled me to be able to see through you, I love you, my darling angel.

66. Before, I thought love was just a myth. As a growing child, I saw the movie and I thought such love was impossible. But then I met you and now I believe in those things I once called myths cause I could die for you. I love you so much, honey.

67. People asked me if am possessed or if you’ve bewitched me because in everything I do I see you, anytime I talk I wanna talk about you. At first, I would argue with them until I realized that the greatest enchantment is love. Thanks for enchanting me with your love, I love you till eternity

68. The greatest mistake I ever made in my life was to let you go. Too blind to see through the beauty and too stupid to see the angel hiding beneath the cloak of a human. No one can replace you in my life, come back to me and be mine forever. I love you, angel.

69. Do you wanna know why I love you, baby? I love your apple breast, your luscious lips, your rounded anatomical contours, the way your waist whines each time you move, make me go haywire. You are an enigma of beauty, I will never let you go my sunshine. I love you.

70. There’s a saying that you can never know the value of something until you lose it. I was so stupid to let you go until I realized how much you meant to me. Baby, you’re my everything. With tears I wet my bed all night, waiting for you to come back to me. Will you be mine again? Angel, I love you to death.

71. My morning brightness, my glowing gold, my diamond sparkle, words are not enough to comprehend your beauty. I love you more than the riches of a king because with you I feel like a king, not of a city cause you’re far more than that. I feel like I’m the king of the whole world because you’re my world, come now and be the queen that rules my world so that together we can make a kingdom where love encompasses all.

72. If I could slow back time, I’ll go back to the time when we met so that I can remember detail by detail everything that happened that day. Our first kiss was simply amazing, I got shivers down my spine and there was this gushy feeling within my bones, it shook me and almost threw me off balance, I felt like I was in heaven, thanks for coming into my life, I love you so much.

73. Yes, we fight, no not pillow fight. In fact, those movies are lies, they show one slow motion where a stare seems to take forever. Mine happened so fast I didn’t even know I was in love already. I love you now and I’ll continually love you till the end of time

74. I’ve travelled the ends of the earth searching for answers, I’ve googled all the questions I could ask on the internet still asking why I feel this way about you, but Nah, I didn’t still get any answers. So, in the silence of the night when I laid on my bed and such peace I felt overwhelmed me, I finally listened to my heart whose beat had been saying the same answer all along, I’m in love with you, I’m so blessed to have met you, simply be mine.

75. I wish I could control myself when I’m around you. I wish I could get mad at you just once but I simply can’t, because each time I want to start ranting, seeing your face just makes me smile, and then I don’t sound as serious as I should be and before you know it, the anger is gone. You’re the reason I’m sane, you’re the reason I smile, what you hold over me I can’t explain, it’s like I’m in a sleep of love where I never want to wake up from. You are my desire my reason to live, my hope every day, I love you and I know as long as I’m with you, no matter how sad I may get, you’ll always be my happiness, I love you, my prince.

76. My love, my life, my everything, you’re the reason I want to live, the reason I can’t commit suicide. The only thing that keeps me going against all odds, you’re my encouragement, my peacemaker, my problem solver, you are my all in all, I love you so much, thanks for being in my life.

77. Everybody I ever met fucked me up and left. I felt so useless because I was always used and dumped. I felt like trash, I hated myself, I thought I was cursed. Then you came into my life, you were not like the others, I put you through hell cause I thought you would fuck me and leave, I gave you time, I thought you were pretending and that in definite time you should change but you just didn’t, you remained the same, in fact you got better and better, you were so caring and affectionate, you treated me like a child, I thank those who fucked me up and I hope your love for me will shut them up and mock them all. I love you so much my distinctness, my sweet pudding.

78. Before I thought love was just a myth, a fable told by mischievous beings and legends. The way I feel safe when being in your arms, the look in your eyes each time you lean in for a kiss, those moments are just indescribable. The feeling of enthusiasm each time I see you and the smile on your face each time you see me. All moments with you are indescribable. Now I know better and that which I once thought was a fable and called a myth is what I believe in every day with you. I love you and am not afraid to say it, I love you so so very much.

79. With you, I’ll fall in love over and over again. If given the chance to pick someone else, I’ll choose you over and over again. If given the chance to live another life, I’ll want to be with you over and over again. Without you life is meaningless, without you I’m nothing. With you, time is endless cause our love is an endless one. I love you forever my sweetheart.

80. Thanks for being there for me, in everything I do I see you, you’re my blessing, my favour, my encouragement, my love. I love you so much. When I was helpless and without hope, you came into my life and became my hope, the reason I can smile again, the reason I can jump happily and skip in puddles when it rains, I love you so much my darling.

81. I’m always and forever happy and blessed to have you in my life. You are the light that brightened up my entire life. You light up my world with your love. You came into my life and made it more beautiful. Now, I’m full of hope and love. I love you my Darling.

82. I’m so much in love with you that I cannot even tell how much. Your love boils up in my belly like butterflies. The thought of you makes me go crazy. My life without you is worse than if I’m without breath. You are my perfect match! I love you greatly because you made me.

83. I don’t understand how spontaneously my love for you grows and it’s driving me crazy. You’re in my head and all over me. I can’t control or take hold of myself anymore. All I see all over me always is you. Simply you and only you.

84. I didn’t understand what love meant until I met you. You were the definition of true love and I never ever regretted learning love from you. And I never ever will. I love you, my heartbeat. You are the best.

85. Over time, you have proven to be much better than every other guy I’ve met. You may not exactly be the best boyfriend ever but you’re certainly the best I could ever want. You are my choice. And I love you wholeheartedly.

86. Your presence gives my body and soul warmth and comfort. With you, I find peace and I’m never afraid of the cold or any condition because I know you will be there with and for me, come rain, come shine.

87. Actually, what drew me to you was your beautiful and attractive figure. I couldn’t withstand it! What made my stay with you, however, is the beauty you carry within. The one that flows from your inside. Thanks for being beautiful all around. I’m in love with you always.

88. Just keep being my king, and I’ll never stop queening for you too. I’m eternally committed to you and even if I’m not completely sure where I’m going, something I believe in that keeps driving me is that you are right everywhere with me. What more can I ask for? I really do love you.

89. With you, my imperfections are just perfect. You saw the best in me even when I thought I was most miserable. My flaws are hidden in your love. You made me understand and believe in the saying that love covers a multitude of sins. Thanks for being a cover for me. You are my hero.

90. When you say “I love you” to me, those words mean a lot and make me be more assured of your love and care. I do not take you for granted at all. You mean so much to me. Much more than you can ever imagine or understand. But one thing that remains is that I won’t stop loving you!

91. We’re born, we live, we laugh, we love, we cry, we die, and life goes on so forth so on. I saw love when I met you. In you, I’ve found love. You are my love. I miss you so much, baby.

92. I find comfort, joy and strength in your arms. I see strength in you and that has always been keeping me up. You’re greatly loved

93. Because you are in it, my life feels much better and brighter. Your love consumes me completely. You are my dream come true.

94. Don’t know how or with what to quantify your love. You’re just amazing on all sides. Anytime I think of you, I see love. I see life and beauty in your eyes. You’re the reason I’m smiling always. You gave me a reason to love and live. You are my best friend!

95. Anything I do, anywhere I go, I always look forward to having you around me. You’re my good luck charm. Things work out for me because of you. And I’m ever grateful for you. I love you till the end of time.

96. Only you make me go haywire. Only you make me feel like a baby. Only you make me feel fly. With you, I’m everything crazy I’m not with everyone else. I found myself in you, never to be hidden again. Why I love you too much I can’t tell, but one thing I will do more keeps, loving you!

97. Who else makes me feel like a king and a baby at the same time? Only you! I love the way you do the things you do. I love your touch, your warmth, your affection for me. In short, I love every little thing about you. You’re amazingly awesome!

98. I’m grateful to you for loving me and teaching me how to do the same. And I’m more grateful to God for giving me You. After God, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. They say no one is but I tell you what, you’re my definition of perfection! I love everything about you. Please, marry me.

99. I want us to hold hands and go through life together. In the dark, bright, good and bad. I want to spend all my seasons with you, rain, shine, summer or winter. I want you to be the first person I’ll see every day. I just want you in my life. Please come to stay. Don’t ever go away!

100. I never got the definition of a good life until you came into my life. You came right in and changed everything. You rewrote the script of my life and came to play a big role. And yes, you did play the role well. Please let’s never finish this drama. I love your character. Let’s make it more real. Let’s live out this life. Let’s keep loving. Let’s be the two of us. You and I only and forever. I love you, my hero. And I’ll never stop doing that as long as I breathe.

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