Sweet Good Morning Wishes for Lover to Wake Up To

2023 Sweet Good Morning Wishes for Lover to Wake Up To

Every morning is significant in the story of a day. You can start your day by making the special to your heart one smile at dawn. The good morning woshes quotes below are the best you can choose from online. best of copy and paste good morning wishes for him or her to wake up to.

Good Morning Wishes for Your Boyfriend

Best of sweet and romantic good morning wishes quotes to send to your boyfriend for him to wake up to.

1. It feels beautiful to wake up to another day being your friend. Good morning!

2. Every morning is a blessing and a reminder that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Good morning babe.

3. I left you something nice in the kitchen. Get up! Have a great morning and the hours after.

4. I had a dream about this morning, opening my eyes to see all these things around is a dream come true. Good morning.

5. I am sending you this because today is one of the days that I don’t get to touch you as I wake from sleep. I hope it’s as magical.

6. I have you smuggled up against me but still have an intense urge to leave you this message of good morning.

7. Today is a harbinger of the tomorrow you’ve envisioned, make the best of it. Good morning love.

8. You’re most beautiful when the sun rises. I hope to enjoy several sunrises with you.

9. Can you hear that? It’s my heart pulsating with so much love and affection for you. It’s what makes me know I’m alive. Welcome to a new dawn.

10. I have found peace in your existence. Every morning that I get to hear your voice is a reminder of the great things I enjoy.

11. You’re bigger than a travesty, you’re the ray of light because you light up my day. Good morning.

12. I welcome you to a new dawn of excellence and fulfillment. Have a good morning.

13. The beginning of a thing is crucial, this is why whatever our day will look like is perceived from the start of it. Have a good morning.

14. What we need before anything every morning is a reminder that we are cherished and adored. You’re my reminder. Good morning.

15. I can hardly have a good morning without first wishing you one. So, good morning babe.

16. I think every morning is an opportunity for me to be expressive about my love for you. I’m glad to have another one today. Good morning.

17. You make everything heavenly and right. I have no regrets about choosing you. Good morning.

18. I look forward to every day when I get to wake up to the feeling of your warmth beside me. Good morning.

19. You’re such a breath of fresh air and a healthy reminder for me to always remember to breath it all in and out. Good morning.

20. I always brace up for all the long nights because there’d be you by my side when morning comes. I’m grateful. Good morning.

21. The morning is as peaceful as the inside of my head because of your presence. Good morning.

22. Not even a scream or whispered words of conviction is enough to turn me against you. I’m yours forever. Good morning.

23. The scenery outside our window this morning mirrors my feelings for you. Bright and beautiful. Good morning.

24. I’m pumped up it’s another beautiful day but not as happy that I have you by my side every day. Morning!

25. You’re breathtaking when you wake up and that’s an understatement. Good morning beautiful.

26. Bloody emotion is running through my veins. I’m ready for a new day. This is how it feels to wake next to you.

27. The cool morning air caresses me to life and your morning glare gears me for the day. Good morning darling.

28. It feels amazing to be loved by you, it’s been more thrilling to wake in your arms. I wish you a lovely morning.

29. Your girl’s happy today, she’s smiling wide and will smile harder as long as you go through the day with her.

30. I don’t care what is out there, you project a lot of positivity on me by just being mine. Good morning!

31. You gotta wake up every morning smiling to prove that you’re chuffed by my side. I love your smile at dawn.

32. Waking in the morning with the sun smiling at me is not as perfect as waking next to you.

33. There’s a strength that comes with having a new day thrown at your face. I hope we both bask in that strength today. Good morning love.

34. It’s just another day to weave through with every fibre of positivity that we possess. May it be a great one.

35. A good morning to the one that makes my heart palpitate with joy and happiness.

36. I wish you a double dose of all the good things you dreamt about. May this day consummate your heart desires. Good morning.

37. It’s another harbinger for brighter things. Live through it like you expect the best to come from it and it will. good morning.

38. It’s a perfect morning to wish and a perfect day to have what you wish for. Have a blast!

39. The moment I always look forward to every day is when you awaken with a lazy yawn or a natural smile at dawn.

40. It’s without a doubt that my love for you will never die, just like my desire for your morning hugs never cease. Good morning.

41. I just felt my heart swell with a glow of gratitude and I thought it would be best to get in touch with what I’m most grateful for. Good morning love.

42. I miss your warmth most during the day when you’re far away. That’s why I always relish every morning I get to wake up to it. Good morning dearest.

43. You’re perfect in the morning, nothing ever looks out of place. Even the red eyes reek beauty! Good morning Jock.

44. Every day and minute of your life is very dear to me. This morning isn’t an exception.

45. What could be better than waking in the arms of the person that has a hold on one’s heart? Maybe waking to see their smile. I’m so lucky to have both thrown at me with ease.

46. Let me take you round the rest of the world that hasn’t met my world. Good morning.

47. Good morning sunshine, I miss your kisses and can’t wait to proudly bask in them.

48. I’m an ardent believer in the beauty and grace that comes with waking at dawn with love in your heart. It’s going to be a great day!

49. It’s a quick reminder of my love and respect for the one that makes me happy. Good morning.

50. I’m somewhere in the world wondering if you slept well. Good morning.

Good Morning Wishes for Your Girlfriend

Best of sweet and romantic good morning wishes quotes to send to your girlfriend for her to wake up to.

1. How bleak life would be if I hadn’t met you and decided to stay? Good morning.

2. You made me smile until I slept, I still can’t help but smile about the reality that is you. Good morning baby.

3. I hope I’m blown in your heart cause your love has swept me off my feet. Good morning lover.

4. My favourite part every morning is waking up a few minutes before you so I get to watch you sleep. Good morning babe.

5. This morning, I wish you another shade of beauty. May the rain of joy bring you out of slumber and put you in the right mood for exploit.

6. The world is gray without your soft snore by my side and your cuddle at dawn. Good morning babe.

7. Every day is an opportunity to be actually grateful for the gift of you. Good morning.

8. Come out and meet the sunrise, It’s a sign that the day holds great tidings. I just need you to embrace it from this morning.

9. It’s amazing to wake up in the pool of your fragrance today, good morning darling!

10. Your face is the favourite part of my life. It reminds me of all the beauty that surrounds me. Good morning.

11. You depict all things bright and beautiful. Good morning sunshine.

12. Morning darling! May your heart desires be met in the most beautiful way today.

13. As I come to the realization of a new dawn, the thought of you hits me hard and I can’t help but thank my stars for a gift like you. Good morning.

14. It’s no longer news that you are the first thing that crosses my mind every day. This is just a reminder! Good morning.

15. You’re probably still sleeping. It’s perfect! Now I just have to wish that the first thing you do when you wake up is pick up your phone to see my declaration of love. Good morning babe.

16. Your smile and laugh keep my day going as your warmth and cuddle make my night worthy. Good morning.

17. I’m blown away by your beautiful imperfection. I’ll Cherish you every day from the mornings.

18. Would you sing me a song this morning? I crave the sound of your voice, let it rise and see me through another day. Good morning.

19. You’re my inspiration in so many ways. Good morning muse.

20. It’s a perfect day to have the best day of our lives if we so desire. Good morning.

21. I would have you every day for the rest of our lives if you never stop cuddling me from behind every morning. Scrap that, I ‘all have you even when you stop.

22. Don’t wonder too long about the smile on my face this morning. Just coming from a dream where you did so many naughty things to me. Good morning.

23. You’re the perfect definition of life and a great love to me. Good morning muse.

24. My love, do not forget you’re changing the world one day at a time. Welcome to a new dawn.

25.Hello babe! I hope that you love your bed less today. I need you beside me as early as possible to rock the day together.

26. I care less about the kinda meal I take first every morning as long as it’s shared with you. Good morning.

27. I look forward to having your arms wrapped around me and my flaws every night. It’s a harbinger for a good morning.

28. The party isn’t happening in the club, it’s happening right inside my heart cause you’re by my side. Good morning.

29. You give me a reason to be joyful and feel so good about every morning.

30. I’ve always looked forward to having your touch wake me up every morning. Now, that I have it. I’m beyond chuffed. Welcome to a new dawn.

31. Your smile each morning alleviates the hurt of the last day and gives hope for a new one. Good morning.

32. Other trends may fade, you my beloved will always remain trendy in my story. Good morning.

33. I am reminded of my most rational decision each morning I collide with your body. Good morning.

34. Every day, I wake up thinking my life is good and I look at you sleeping peacefully and feel like it’s perfect. Good morning.

35. I’m as pleased with where my life is headed as l am with how beautiful our journey has been. Good morning.

36. I don’t just acknowledge my blessing every morning, I kiss her lips too. Good morning princess!

37. It’s still always a struggle for me to leave you every morning for work. You’re home!

38. You’re my muse, it gives me so much comfort waking up to see your face every morning. Good morning.

39. The world has nothing on you, you’re my world. Good morning babe.

40. You outlive the sun in my heart. Because when the sun sets in the evening, your love still never leaves. Good morning.

41. How you brew the coffee with so much confidence and down it with joy is enough to get me through every hard day. Good morning.

42. Life can really get hard and suffocating but with you waking up next to me, every morning feels like a breath of fresh air. Good morning.

43. Your smile lights up my face just like the sun each morning. Welcome to a new day, dear.

44. There’s an absolute truth in my life right now, its that you’re the reason for my happiness. Good morning.

45. It’s always a new dawn with you. Whether it’s sunset or sunrise. Good morning!

46. You’re all that I need to have a beautiful life. As long as I live, your place will always be in my life. Good morning.

47. As you run your hands through my hair unconsciously every morning, I fall more in love with you.

48. I miss feeling your warmth next to me but, thanks to mobile I still get to wish you a good morning!

49. I hope you know how awesome it feels to wake every day beside someone you love and be assured they are yours because I do. Good morning.

50. You’re so organized and proper I’m so sure it’s a cup of coffee brewed to taste you’re sipping right now even when I’m miles away from you. Good morning.

Good Morning Wishes for Your Husband

Best of sweet and romantic good morning wishes quotes to send to your husband for him to wake up to.

1. You’re the most amazing person I know and the best at husband duties. Good morning.

2. Since the inception of our relationship, I broke up with sadness. Good morning.

3. Everything feels right with you and every day starts great with you lying next to me. Good morning.

4. This smile of yours has created enough fire in me to achieve a great day. Good morning.

5. The thought of you this morning is stronger than a spider’s web that can be easily brushed off. Have a good day love.

6. I may not be able to whisper how much I love you this morning, thanks to proximity. But, I hope you receive this message in good faith that I will love you forever. Good morning dear husband.

7. I’ve got the look of love now because my face projects how you make me feel. Good morning.

8. I knew we would be spending nights and mornings together for the rest of our lives from the first time I met you. Good morning.

9. You love me enough to endure my snores and kicks at night, I hope to make up for all day every day starting from this morning.

10. I believe yesterday’s regrets are forgotten. Wouldn’t want you to worry at all because I enjoy seeing your worry-free face. Good morning.

11. Wake up dearest husband, it’s time to begin another adventure. Good morning.

12. As cliché as it sounds, I breathe better with you beside me. Good morning.

13. If you would just look at yourself through my eyes this morning, you’d realize how beautiful you are. Good morning.

14. I do not feel outlandish around you. You mirror my thoughts and actions perfectly. Good morning.

15. Whatever you face today, do not let my face leave your mind., cause it always shows you can do it expression. Good morning.

16. Jump out of bed baby and remember that every action counts in having a productive day, good morning.

17. I know how much you love your beauty sleep. Because I’m not there with you, I set an alarm. I hope you win over the snooze button and have a kick-ass day!

18. Sleep well and dream big but never allow your sleep to be bigger than your dream. Good morning.

19. I always want to begin every day with how I feel about you. You’re my muse baby, have a good day.

20. I love you so much I couldn’t stop even if I tried. Good morning.

21. Whatever you decide to create today, know that I’m your number one fan. Good morning.

22. Have a day as beautiful as your smile this morning because you deserve that. Good morning love.

23. I know it’s going to be a busy day. Just go about it like the big person you are and know that a masseuse awaits you. Good morning darling.

24. I’ll hold you close as long as you live especially at nights and let your dreams happen by being your alarm clock every morning. Good morning babe.

25. It took me one meeting and a smile to know I’ll be making your coffee each morning for the rest of my life. Good morning again.

26. The thought of your smile is my secret for having a great day. I hope you have one too.

27. Getting up from this bed isn’t enough to bring success but it’s a hope to get going. Good morning.

28. I’m glad you have that bring it on look this morning. It always helps you have a good day. Good day!

29. I won’t ever let you go a day without telling you how much you mean to me … Good morning.

30. Every day represents a new page in our story. A page I’m always eager to write with you by my side. Good morning.

31. Suddenly, a day comes and you realize how grateful you should be for someone that has been there through thin and thick. I appreciate and wish you a good morning love…

32. I have confidence in your dexterity to handle any type of day with class. Go and be you! Good morning.

33. We deserve to start every day in each other’s arms. I’m happy that we’ve been enjoying what we both deserve. Good morning.

34. The sound that wakes me everyday fades as soon as I set my eyes on your sleeping face. You are too beautiful not to have a good day. Good morning.

35. You’re unmistakably the love of my life, and I will love you till the end of time. Good morning.

36. It’s amazing to know that you’re cool enough for someone to want to wake up next to you. Thanks for giving me this amazing feeling. Good morning!

37. Without a doubt, we belong together and deserve each other’s morning breath. Good morning!

38. You look really beautiful as usual but more determined than ever. The blend of these looks adds a dose of sexy to you. Good morning.

39. I always end up spending my alone time at night thanking my stars that I met you and get to share sheets with you. Good morning.

40. Your cool face each morning makes me want to spend the rest of the day around you. Good morning.

41. You’re cute and simple. You are a perfect expression of joy to me. Good morning.

42. You smell like a huge breakthrough this morning. Go around in that fragrance! Good morning.

43. It’s another day to fulfil my promise of always and forever with you. Good morning.

44. Go out this morning with the mind that I am your lover and unwavering support. Good morning darling.

45. A lot of things are going on outside already this morning. But, can’t help but stick around a little longer to catch your smell and feel your grace. Good morning.

46. I guess dreams do totally come true. You are even more amazing than I ever imagined. Good morning.

47. It’s almost as impeccable as your face. Your passion for a greater good. Good morning hero!

48. The love of my life has been constantly helping me to achieve the life that I love and I’m grateful. Good morning.

49. Inhale the goodness that’s everywhere right now. I will be with you soon. Good morning!

50. You’re the strongest person I know, I’m glad you always wake up next to me. Yippee! Good morning.

Good Morning Wishes for Your Wife

Best of sweet and romantic good morning wishes quotes to send to your wife for her to wake up to.

1. Never question my desire to always hold you close because it will be present forever. Good morning.

2. It’s another beautiful day to be a badass. Don’t be anything less. Good morning.

3. I have you to thank for all the great days I have been having for a while now. Good morning.

4. Every smile that break forth on my face, I owe it to the fact that you’re mine. Good morning.

5. You’re more than a partner to me, you’re the inspiration I need. Good morning.

6. You’re the reason for most of the records I have made. Keep being you and have a good morning.

7. If I had another chance at life, I would still choose you. Good morning.

8. I want to take every breath while I’m deep seethed in your heart. Good morning.

9. We’ll keep helping each other stand after any fall just like we’ve been doing for years. Good morning.

10. Be whatever you feel like today because your happiness is tantamount to mine. Good morning.

11. In case I haven’t said it enough, you’re the love of my life. Good morning.

12. I’m so proud of the progress you make every day and I hope today reeks of more. Good morning.

13. I hope you do not choose to allow the day’s event to deter your peace. Good morning dearest.

14. May this day expose you to all the goodness the universe has to offer. Good morning darling.

15. Look at all the things we’ve been through and how we are still together, it’s the universe telling us we’ll be together forever. Welcome to a new dawn.

16. Your look of determination each day gives me joy unspeakable. Good morning love.

17. Good morning sunshine, may you experience a day as therapeutic as music.

18. You’re easily the most beautiful person I know, I’m so glad I met you.

19. I came to you for love, you gave me love, happiness and an assurance of a bright future. You’re the best spouse and I hope we get to spend more mornings like this together.

20. Whenever I wake up with you on the other side of the bed, I worry not if I’ll have a good day because I most certainly will. Good morning.

21. You’re both a dream come through and a happy reality. I’m glad I found you. Good morning.

22. Waking up to your arms around me is a favourite part of my day. Good morning sunshine!

23. I’m not anywhere close to giving our love up, and I hope to never do. Good morning.

24. You’re a solid proof that true love can be found in the most unexpected places… Have a good day!

25. You’re here in our room as much as you’re rooted in my heart. Good morning darling.

26. You’re an expression of the only real thing that’s breathtakingly beautiful. Good morning beauty.

27. I’m going to be cherished a lot of mornings for the rest of my life. It’s a default setting for whenever I wake next to you. Good morning dearest.

28. I actually see the light when I see your face each morning.

29. The sun does little about the beauty of the morning compared to what you do. I say this from my point of view. Good morning.

30. I could stare at you all day and not be tired of looking. you already know why. Good morning babe.

31. It’s hard to notice that there’s a downpour outside and it’s probably a cold day when our bed still reeks of your warmth.

32. I always forget my worries and basically the world the moment you put your arms around me… Good day!

33. Don’t be dismayed about my location because although my location may change for a while, my heart will never deter. Good morning darling.

34. Before you happened, I hated mornings and the struggle that came with it. You just really help me deal with these things. Good morning.

35. You have the most amazing personality for mornings. Most people I know manage to get pass the morning grumpiness. Good morning every day I guess.

36. You hug is a dose I need every morning to see me through each day. Have a great day!

37. Currently staring at you after a dream I had about you and what I just realized is that you’re even more beautiful in real life. Good morning beauty.

38. I made the best decision of my life when I decided to spend the rest of it with you. Good morning.

39. I’m overconfident that the rest of my mornings will be the best. You’re so beautiful.

40. You’re a replica of wonder and an express image of peace. Good morning darling!

41. Wrap your hands around me just for few more seconds. Good morning dearest!

42. I hold onto the fact that you’re real for dear life. You’re almost too good to be true…Good morning love.

43. You’re the most loving and hospitable person I know, and I know a lot of people. Welcome to a new dawn.

44. Welcome to a new dawn, I hope you feel as refreshed as you look.

45. I’m so eager to get to the work of the day, that’s how energetic sleeping beside you makes me feel. Good morning angel.

46. I want you to be happy and clairvoyant today even than you were yesterday. Good morning.

47. I’d like to hand over my heart over again. If someone like you gets to hold my heart forever, I’m without worry. Good day!

48. I like the way you touch the right places on my body and reach for my hands unconsciously. You’re a gem, good morning!

49. The first time I saw you, I was convinced I was out of my mind because the way you made me feel was miles apart from the ordinary. Guess what, I still feel the same each time I watch you yawn in the morning.

50. For you, the door to my heart is always ajar. Come to me with anything and I’m on! Good morning love.

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