Best Good Morning Beautiful Texts Ever

2023 Best Good Morning Beautiful Texts Ever

The part of the day that sends us back to life after a nightly recess, morning. It’s the part of the day that refreshes our soul and gets us ready for daily activities.

Morning should start with a beautiful message to family and loved ones, so they know, they were special and alive in your mind all through.

With these lovely morning texts that we wrote specially for the morning, you can greet your family, friends, special ones, loved ones and show them how special and beautiful they are.

Good Morning My Beautiful

The moment you decide that your lover deserves some beautiful good morning wishes to wake up to, sending these good morning beautiful texts and messages for him or her is the ideal plan.

1. This morning, you got me thinking of how blessed and lucky I am to have you in my life and around me always, good morning, beautiful.

2. Even if you’re not here with me for now, I am always happy in the morning, when my heart is filled with your thought. Good morning, my beautiful one.

3. Waking up to this morning ray of sunshine, feeling the ray on my skin reminded me of you, just how you like to caress my skin, good morning, Beautiful.

4. It’s so rare to have a friend as one’s Everything, but I have no choice but to admit because you are very special, good morning and have a beautiful day, my friend.

5. Thank you for always telling me the truth, and making sure that life is a beautiful place to live in because you’re here. Good morning, my beautiful friend.

6. Since I woke up very early today, I think I should be the first to welcome you to a new day, make sure you have a blissful day, my friend.

7. Good morning, little sister, rise and shine bright like the sun coming out of its abode, and go make a difference.

8. It’s a good day to be alive, the sun is shining, it’s an opportunity for you, so you should go out there and shine your smile, do have a good morning.

9. This morning, I am honored to welcome you back to reality, for I have missed you and your smile especially, I hope you’ll have an amazing day, good morning, Beautiful.

10. Good morning, beautiful! Wake up to a beautiful world, a beautiful day, a beautiful morning, and beautiful opportunities.

11. To wake up to a beautiful day is a great blessing, but waking up to your beautiful face is a double blessing.

12. I have spent my whole night dreaming about you, now I am ready to admire you the whole day, cause you are adorable. Good morning, my Beautiful One.

13. Good morning, beautiful, my wish for you as you wake up to a lovely morning, is that you’ll enjoy a sweet day, all day.

14. Today, I woke up feeling bubbly, not because I won a lottery, but for the fact that I have you all to myself, I hope you have a good morning, beautiful.

15. My day may not be as good as it should be if I haven’t text you this morning, have a sweet morning and a lovely day.

16. Today is a good day, to start afresh what you didn’t finish yesterday, make sure you have a fulfilling day, good morning, brother.

17. I woke up feeling hungry, I miss waking up to your morning homemade meal, have a lovely morning, my beautiful Mom.

18. I just finished making your favorite meal, I wish you were here, so I can wake you up with breakfast in bed. Good morning, beautiful.

19. Good morning, to a beautiful friend, you are simply the best in all that you do, the way you care, the way you love and your loyalty is mind-blowing, have a great day.

20. I woke up again today, with peace in my mind, I’m sen my peace to you through this text, have a lovely morning, beautiful.

21. If you’re reading this text, which I know you are, I hope you know how much you mean to me, a special part of me, you are. Good morning, my beautiful one.

22. Anytime I wake up to see the sun that shines through your eyes, I have bliss in my heart and it always brightens my day, have a good morning, beautiful.

23. Even if I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, all I need to get by is a good morning to you, and I’ll get the most beautiful smile from in return, have a lovely day, beautiful.

24. What more can I ask for, when I wake up to one of the most selfless and precious beings beside me, I hope you have a beautiful morning.

25. I have a testimony every time I wake up, it’s not the cliche thing of I’m alive, but I’m alive and waking up to a beautiful woman beside me, is my testimony. Good morning, beautiful.

26. Will it interest you to know that I couldn’t sleep much overnight, I thought about you the whole night, and I stayed awake to watch your first smile when you see me. Good morning, beautiful.

27. Now I see that I can’t escape your thought, cause immediately I woke up, your thought already hold my mind hostage. Good morning, my sweetness.

28. There are days I love to see the sun rising in another form, today is one of such days, I choose to see the sun rise in your smile. Good morning, beautiful.

29. Good morning, beautiful, wake up to a new and beautiful day, a day full of happiness and love.

30. I have decided to welcome this new day with smiles and positivity, I sure will achieve that once I see your face today. Good morning, beautiful.

31. Being around you, seeing your lovely smile, brightens my everyday, so I look forward to your smile every morning, have a lovely morning, my precious.

32. To behold your beautiful face early in the morning is one of my morning rituals, it brings warmth to my heart. Good morning, beautiful.

33. I feel blessed that I have an amazing and precious sweetheart like you in my life, trust you’ll enjoy your morning and the rest of the day.

34. I feel happy to wake up on every new day, cause I know that I’ll always see your pretty face and cutest smile after waking up, good morning, sweetie.

35. Every morning when I wake up, I see God’s promise to me, sleeping beautifully and peacefully beside me, I am blessed. Have yourself a sweet morning, beautiful.

36. If only I could sing, I would love to wake you up with a beautiful rendition of love song every morning, because you are my precious, good morning, my Love.

37. Wherever you are right now, I hope I’ll be the first to greet you good morning and wish you an amazing rest of the day.

38. After my morning prayer, the next best thing that happens to my heart is your thought, filling my mind with pleasure. Good morning, my beautiful.

39. I knew you’d be the one to bring happiness to my life and peace to my mind the time we had our very first glance and conversation. Good morning, sweetheart.

40. Until I see your pretty face this morning, the sun won’t smile, the sky won’t brighten up, except I see your smile first. Good morning, dear.

41. You have become my obsession, many nights, I find it hard to sleep just observing you, so that when morning comes, I’ll be the first person you hear saying, good morning.

42. You’ll always be here in my heart, you are the strength I wore to face every day to day activities, hope you’ll have an awesome day today, beautiful.

43. Though you’re not by my side at the moment, it wouldn’t just feel right if I don’t send across my greeting. Have a good morning, baby.

44. My 24 hours won’t have a feel-good moment if I don’t start my day with you, so I’d rather start the day with you on my mind. Good morning, my sweetness.

45. The day will get busy soon before the sun starts shining brightly and the road filled with working people, let me be the first voice in your head, good morning, my love.

46. This morning, I’m sending you a good and lovely vibe, start the day with your amazing smile and change the world with it. Good morning, beautiful.

47. With no thinking things through, I’ll love to whisper what my heart is feeling into your ears as I tell you, good morning, my Angel.

48. Hey baby, I know you’ll wake up with your lovely smile as always, wish I could be close to see the precious smile of you, have a beautiful morning, my love.

49. As the sun is rising, as the sea is awakening, as the trees are stretching their branches, sending their greetings to nature, so is my heart paying homage to you. Good morning, sweetie.

50. After my morning ritual of thanking God for waking up to life, my next top priority is to wake you up with my good morning text, make sure you have a beautiful day, my dear.

51. To the woman who loves me more than I love her, the one who always carry me in her heart. Good morning, my beautiful Mom.

52. Good morning, mom, I woke up missing you seriously this morning, especially your special delicacies.

53. I have the best childhood because of you, and my life right now is still enjoying happiness because you’re in it, have a beautiful morning, Mom.

54. Every morning, I always look forward to hearing from you, but today I don’t want to wait, I just want to say, good morning, precious mom.

55. Wake up to my wishes today, cause I want your smile to be imprinted on my mind all day. Good morning, Mom.

56. You’re alive because you still have many things to fulfil for many tomorrows to come, enjoy this day and have fun. Good morning, Mom.

57. You forgot to give me my daily hugs and kisses yesterday, today, I’m waking you up with lots of it later. Good morning, my sweet mom.

58. Thank you for always taking care of me, maybe I’m close by or not, thanks for your prayers over me always, hope you’ll have a great day.

59. I am seriously happy, cause I know seeing you later today would mean some precious time with you. Good morning, mommy.

60. I love you now, I love you tomorrow, I love you every day, I love you every now and then, I can never say it enough. Good morning, Mom.

61. Though you are sometimes hard on me it’s how I’ve been able to withstand life and it’s trials. Good morning, Dad.

62. Dad, I wish that you’ll keep being an inspiration to the world, to the family and especially to my life, have a successful morning and the rest of the day.

63. Lovely memories of you I wake up today, I’m still looking forward to having more of it with you. Good morning, Dad.

64. May all your labour of past years bring you lots of happiness, joy and peace of mind. Have a good morning, Dad.

65. I hope you find this day amazing, I hope it’s filled with beautiful moments in every hour of the day. Have a good morning, Dad.

66. Yesterday is gone now, and another day begins right now, start it with positivity in your mind. Good morning, dear friend.

67. I know yesterday may not be nice, don’t give up and stop there, start afresh and make a success out of the day, have a good morning.

68. A good friend like you, who’s always been helpful deserves a warm early morning wishes, may this day bring you joy at the end, have a lovely morning.

69. As you wake up this morning, may the love of God be with you and bless your day with success, good morning, my friend.

70. This morning, may your day be as colorful as the yellow sun, as the blue sky and as the green grass, have a good morning and a good day, dear friend.

71. The sky looks so beautiful today, just as your mind is towards me, a good friend like you deserve to have a happy day. Good morning, dear friend.

72. As the new dawn comes out and starts the day beautifully, may it beautify every moment of your day, from morning till the day’s end, have a cool morning.

73. Another day breaking forth, with dreams to be achieved, make yourself ready to be a winner today. Good morning, dear friend.

74. This morning started like every other day, with the sun shining down on the rest of the world, but since you’re so special, the sun has decided to smile on you, do have a great morning, friend.

75. All the activities in each day begin with you leaving your bed and taking just a step, I hope this day be loaded with success, have a good morning, pal.

76. This morning, the atmosphere is really wonderful, wake up to feel it and enjoy every moment till the end of the day. Good morning to you, my friend.

77. Anytime I see the sun shining bright, I’m always happy and I look forward to having time out with you, pleasant morning to you, my friend.

78. This morning came with new opportunities to tap into, wake up and take advantage of the beautiful energy the sun is giving you. Have a blissful day.

79. The alarm woke me up, to the beauty of the day, and what it holds, I am expectant and you should too, let’s enjoy this day together, have a good morning, my friend.

80. Every morning of every day when I wake up, I look forward to having you around, so we can keep each others company. enjoy your day, good morning to you, my pal.

81. You’re my beautiful fairy, the one who has a free pass to my heart, you’re the face I look forward to every morning. Have a good morning, my lover.

82. You’re still on bed, but the sun is out, waiting to usher you into the new day, just like my arms are ready to take you into the day. Good morning, darling.

83. While sleeping, my mind is awake counting down the minutes to the new dawn, just because I feel like disturbing you lovingly today, enjoy your day and have a good morning.

84. The moment I open my eyes this morning, I saw the beauty of you and I know, I’ve got a beautiful day ahead of me, make sure you have a good day too, my love.

85. I just send a message through everything that announces the morning, from the sky to the sun, the birds, and the breeze to greet you hello. Good morning, my dear.

86. I am tired of waking up alone, I can’t wait for the day I’ll start waking up next to you, to see your face first thing in the morning. Good morning, sweetheart.

87. My new goal now is to fall asleep in your embrace at night and wake up in your arms every morning. Have a sweet morning, darling.

88. I have been having some awkward thoughts before going to bed lately, and my mind kept telling me that I can find a distraction in your early morning smile. Have a lovely day, sweetie.

89. This morning, I hope you’ll wake up with that smile of yours that’s brighter than the sun, cause I can’t wait to enjoy it as always, have a beautiful morning, dear.

90. As I wake up this morning, my heart is filled with gratitude, for waking up and also seeing your face today again. Good morning, sweetheart.

91. Sweet morning to you, cute one! It’s time for us to step into the world and wake up and let us go conquer whatever is waiting for us out there.

92. I might not be very active at work today if I did not hear from you, so pick your call and bless my hearing with your sweet voice. Good morning, my Love.

93. I set my alarm to wake me up early so I could send you a morning wish, I want my message to be the first notification on your phone, have a sweet morning, sweetie.

94. My prayer for you today is that you’ll wake up to a day full of happiness and may you share that happiness around, honey.

95. Hearing your voice is great but it’s going to give me a greater joy if I get to see your pretty face and hug you, good morning, my love.

96. I dreamt about you all night, guess I miss you too much, can’t wait to be with you, enjoy this morning and the rest of your day, my darling.

97. Since I met you, one day on my mind that I’ve always looked forward to is when I’ll finally get the chance to see the sun rise in your eyes.

98. What a painful morning it is, the weather today is really cold and we’re a bit far apart, but that won’t stop me from sending you a huge hug from right here, good morning, baby.

99. How I wish I have a superpower, I would be running to your house every morning to watch you wake up, so I won’t miss when you’re coming alive.

100. Every morning is always boring until you came through into my life, now all my days are filled with excitement cause of you. Good morning, My Love.

101. Today has been a little boring, I guess that’s because I woke up and forget to call and say my good morning to you, hope you have an amazing day.

102. Wonder why I’m feeling happy already, cause I know that me waking up today, there’s a kiss and a hug waiting for me from you, thanks in advance.

103. Sorry for waking you up too early, my love, I just want to be with you, while we watch and enjoy the beauty of the sunrise together.

104. Let’s celebrate our existence with lovely smiles and gratitude to God, cause we both slept last night and here we are, hale and hearty and alive this morning, good morning, honey.

105. I woke up to the beautiful tune of the birds, I can bet they are singing and tweeting about your beauty, cause it’s your thought that’s on my mind while they sing.

106. There is no space for bad energy today since I woke up to a pretty picture of your smile, my day would definitely be sweet today and I know yours would be too.

107. I was seriously enjoying my dream cause you were in it, but I’d rather be awake so I can be with you because reality is sweeter than dream. Good morning, my love.

108. The blessing I enjoyed every morning is not only the beauty of the sunrise but the joy in my heart when I see your face in the morning.

109. Whenever your face appears in my dreams, I feel really happy, and if I now see you first thing in the morning, I feel extremely blessed, have a blessed day, honey.

110. To my knight in shining armor, the man with the best smiles ever, the one whom my great sings and beats for from morning till night, have yourself a good morning.

111. Honey, waking up to see me being protected by you, with your arms wrapped all over me is the best sight I have seen in a long time, enjoy your day.

112. If I have had a nightmare and woke up on the wrong side of the bed, the only one to bring me out of that mood is you. Good morning, Honey.

113. Sweetheart, wake up to this new day, it’s another day coming out with blessings, step into the day and claim that which is yours today, have an awesome day.

114. These good morning wishes are going to the man whose smile is an antidote to my pains, I hope you wake up to this beautiful day with more smiles.

115. It’s so unbelievable, the way your thought always takes over control of my mind, in the night, into my sleep, and even when I’m awake in the morning, it’s you.

116. This morning started in love, courtesy of your lovely thought, I’ll surely have an amazing day and I hope you’ll have an amazing day too.

117. Every morning of mine is worth waking up to, cause I have you inside of my life to make it blossom. Good morning, sweetness.

118. This morning, I’m sending you my smiles, to drown every fear that nightmares had deposited in your mind overnight, make sure you have a good day.

119. Make way for the most loving man ever, as he awakens from sleep, to get ready for the day’s activities, Good morning and have a lovely day.

120. It’s a good day to be alive, most especially in the care of the most caring man alive. Good morning and have a fun day.

121. It’s daybreak, my love, for all the things you couldn’t achieve yesterday, now it’s time for you to start again, have a great day.

122. Can you smell that? It’s the aroma of the coffee I’m making for you, wake up, come and take a cup to start your day. Good morning, honey.

123. Waking up happy is a sign that the day will end well, and with your thought on my mind, I’m sure going to achieve that, have a great morning, sweetheart.

124. A new day means we should continue from where we left off yesterday, come and let’s hit the shower before we take on today’s work. Good morning, my love.

125. May God multiply all of your heart desires that you wake up to achieve this morning, and may He grant you Grace to bring it to fulfillment. Good morning, my friend.

126. May the dew and blessings of heavens pour out upon your life as you wake up this morning, may you enjoy the blessings of this day, have a blessed day.

127. As you step out this morning, may the grace of God start the day with you and be your companion all day. Good morning my friend.

128. Thanks to God for a new day, may the blessings of this day locate you as you begin your day, have yourself a beautiful day, my beautiful friend.

129. Open your eyes to this beautiful day, let the beauty and the bliss of the day fill your heart, have a lovely day, beautiful.

130. Wake up with positivity in your mind, cause positivity attracts happiness and that’s what I wish for you this morning.

131. Can you feel the morning breeze on your skin, can you hear the song of the birds, it’s a beautiful day. Good morning, beautiful.

132. Each new day comes with new blessings and benefits, may all the good benefit of this new day be yours today. Good morning, my beauty.

133. Forget how bad the day ends yesterday, start this day with a grateful heart and a pleasant smile, have an amazing day, my sweet friend.

134. This is a new day to start afresh, make sure you do what will make you happy at the end of the day, smile and have a good day.

135. Today’s your day, don’t stay too long in bed, stand up and beat negativity to it, you’ve got a good day ahead of you. Good morning, dear.

136. No matter how you wake up, always start your day in a happy mood, smile and share it to the world, have a sweet day, beautiful.

137. Every day brings new hope and new opportunities, it’s up to you to take on the opportunity with hope in your mind. Good morning, my dear.

138. Wake up, beautiful, it’s a new day, let your smile bring beauty to the world and let it be a motivation to me. Good morning, beautiful.

139. The sun is out, it’s another day to start with zeal and joy. Wishing you a very good and lovely morning, friend.

140. This morning, choose your path wisely, I wish you the energy for this new day, have a lovely day.

141. Start your day with an attitude of gratitude always, and you’ll always have a happy day. Good morning, pal.

142. Good morning to you, my beautiful one, I hope this day will bring the best for you and all around you.

143. I hope you know how special you are to me, you are my morning sunshine, the breath of fresh air that makes friendship meaningful. Good morning, my friend.

144. Having you around in the morning makes my day very heartwarming, cause you are such an inspiring friend, have a beautiful morning.

145. Seeing you first in the day brings brightness to my morning, I wouldn’t mind having you around all day.

146. I wonder what your night was like, but I’m assuming it was lovely cause you’re looking so beautiful, do enjoy every moment of your day.

147. As the sun creeps out of its cocoon, may it shine blessing and love upon you today, and may you have a happy day.

148. Good morning, my friend, this day is waiting for you to give what you’ve got to offer, send that love inside you and let it light up the world.

149. Hey friend, let your light shine beautifully with love, just as the sun shines its light upon the world, have yourself a beautiful day.

150. Without the sun, the morning would be really gloomy, I pray this moment that, may the sun today, gives beauty to every minute of your day.

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