Best Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend With Love

2023 Best Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend with Love

One of the moments you as a lover dream to share with your heartthrob is their birthdays. As it gives you the opportunity to celebrate their existence in your life.

To fetch your name in their heart forever, start with a well written birthday wishes for him. The type that’ll send the coldest of hearts into a paradise of love, till eternity.

So, here are the best birthday wishes for boyfriend with love you’ll ever come across under the internet clime.

Now, go celebrate him.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Him from the Heart

Set your boyfriend’s heart on fore for your love by sending him these cute birthday messages and wishes that will help ignite limitless affection in him.

1. My darling, it’s your birthday and I feel the atmosphere saturated with the sweetest love ever known. Happy birthday, hon. May you continue to dwell in honour, peace and love.

2. As long as you live, may goodness, favour and mercy follow you. It’s your birthday sweety. May you never cease to increase with love.

3. It’s the end of an old chapter in your life and the beginning of a new one. I’m wishing you the most splendid birthday ever, with love from me to you, my darling.

4. May the angels from the four cardinal points of the earth amaze you on this beautiful day of your life. May they bestow on you abundant love and goodness.

5. You make my heart know peace when you’re around. May your life never wander into darkness. May this birthday lead you to a place of absolute peace and love. Happy birthday to my boyfriend.

6. The whole of my heart wishes you a happy birthday; every ounce of love in me will I send to you on this scintillating day of your life. Happy birthday, my handsome boyfriend. May this new age attract all the blessings in the world to you.

7. May your life keep shinning like the light of the angels pacing back and forth on the ladder to heaven. May you never go astray, but live a fulfilling life. Happy birthday, my love.

8. I choose to send all my love to you, cause love is the greatest treasure in the universe. Happy birthday to the angel of my life.

9. May you be uplifted and taken to a beautiful paradise here on earth. May you plunge into the pool of love, until you’re surrounded by it. Happy birthday, boyfriend.

10. It’s such a beautiful thing to see you smiling as wide as the moon, sparkling as the stars and radiating as the sun. It’s my desire that the beauty of this day never diminishes nor end with today. Happy birthday, hon.

11. I have three great treasures to give you on this day; sweet love, sumptuous kisses and warmest hug. If you want more, don’t hesitate to ask. Happy birthday, handsome.

12. I’ll always celebrate you for the rest of my life. However, this day will be one of the happiest day of my life, cause it’s your birthday. May you never know any love less than the one I bestow on you. May joy never be at war with you, but for you. Happy birthday, hon.

13. I love every second of this day, as much as I love you too, babe. Happy birthday to you. May your well of blessings, goodness and love never run dry. May you always live under the atmosphere of peace. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

14. Happy birthday, hon. As this new age of your life came to be, so also shall the fulfillment of your dreams come to pass. I’m sending all my love to you, baby.

15. Because it’s your day, choose to walk in love. Breath in peace and celebrate with gratitude. Today is a privilege, not a right. Happy birthday, my darling.

16. How I love your smile as you celebrate. How I love your attitude of gratitude as you live. May your eyes never stop sparkling with excitement. Happy birthday, love.

17. You’re exceptional and great. There’s no wrong about you. May your life never stop looking beautiful. Nothing else will be found missing in your life, but sadness and depression. Happy birthday, love.

18. If you have a request on this special day of your life, please ask of me. I’ll always be at your beck and call. Happy birthday, my true love. May your days be spent in fulfillment and contentment.

19. May happiness, joy, love and peace be found in your abode. May sadness, depression and agitation be blown far away from you. Happy birthday, hon.

20. I’ll always long to celebrate this day just as much as you do. Happy birthday, my darling boyfriend. May heaven never be against you.

21. Happy birthday, sweet boyfriend. May your life take flight into great peace and joy. May life never treat you harshly. As long as you live, you shall dwell in love till forevermore.

22. Happy birthday, boyfriend. Without you, I’ll be a loveless lady, but with you came an unconditional and undying love for me. May your reward be enormous and beautiful.

23. As you live through this beautiful age, your hope shall never be dashed. Your peace shall never be snatched and your love shall never be broken. Happy birthday, my one and only boyfriend.

24. Without you, there’ll be no today. Thank you for coming on a special day like this. You made this day a thing of joy for us all. Happy birthday, my darling. I’ll always love you.

25. May your desires be given unto you. May you never be denied your blessings. Happy birthday, handsome. I love you with the whole of my heart.

26. Happy birthday, baby. I’ll give you three golds; the one of love, tranquility and joy. You deserve to own the most priceless gifts of all time. It’s your day. Take my love with you like a lamp wherever you go.

27. Happy birthday, hon. May your life keep thriving in love and happiness. May this day attract good energy and positive vibe. I love you so much, my baby.

28. Never will this day make you cry. Never will this new age bring you sadness. You’ll live to celebrate greater feats. You shall be surrounded by love. Happy birthday, hon.

29. I present all the love and happiness in my heart to you. To serve as priceless gifts to you on this irreplaceable day of your life. Keep living, my boyfriend.

30. You’ll sleep peacefully. You’ll obtain unconditional love. May that be your portion as you grow swiftly on this earth. Happy birthday, my darling.

31. I’ll roll out my drum in honour of you. I’ll put on my dancing shoes to cheer you up on this day. Happy birthday, my darling. Loving you is so easy for me, cause you’re so heavenly.

32. I’m super proud of you. I want you to know this beautiful truth, because it’s your birthday and you deserve to know. Happy birthday, darling.

33. You’re the reason I smile and leap for joy today. May your joy never turn into sadness. May you live to know love and happiness for the rest of your life. Happy birthday, love.

34. May the angels take you higher today. Into a realm of joy, love and peace. Happy birthday, my boyfriend.

35. There’s no one like you, the same way there’s no day as this. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you a life of perfect bliss. May you never fall but stand, till the end of time.

36. Happy birthday, my darling. May your days be honourable and beautiful. Many happy returns, my baby.

37. I’m so in love with you. The only thing I can think of today is your birthday celebration. Hence, I want to make this day special for you. So, let me be your dream come true. Happy birthday, love.

38. Happy birthday, hon. No matter how old you get, may your joy be renewed every morning. No matter how young you may be, may success never stay away from you. May your days be long.

39. Your birthday reminds me of you in so many ways. You’re such an angel. Happy birthday, my love. Wishing you a perfect life. May nothing good be missing in your life.

40. Happy birthday, hon. May you live in good health. May you never spend this new age of your life lamenting and wriggling in pain. You’re forever young.

41. Happy birthday. May your life never lose the flavour of love and peace. May success surrender to you for as long as you live.

42. Happy birthday, my baby boo. May your life become easy. May you record great breakthrough as you celebrate your new age.

43. Happy birthday, sweety. May the angels take your hand on this day and lead you to a place of perfect bliss and unending success. May your life be long and meaningful.

44. Happy birthday, my baby for life. May love treat you kind. May your heart never be broken. May your trust never be abused. I love you and so, this much I wish for you.

45. Happy birthday, sweety. May the sweet angels be loyal to you as long as you live. May you be fulfilled throughout this new age.

46. Happy birthday, hon. May you live happily and fulfilled as you clock this new age. May you discover new treasures and happiness. I love you, my dear celebrant.

47. Happy birthday, my king. May you soar higher. May you never dwell in failure and regret. May your life be built on the solid rock of success and love.

48. Happy birthday, hon. May your success never shrink, but perpetually increase like the moon. I’m sending all my kisses to you.

49. Happy birthday, my fantasy. May heaven shine its light on you. May the fury of hell be far away from you. You shall live long and happily.

50. Happy birthday, hon. May you become a magnet in this life; attracting love, success and joy. Long live the love of my life.

51. Happy birthday, sweety. May your journey becomes smooth and beautiful. May your road be full of beautiful roses, until you arrive at the throne.

52. Happy birthday, love. May heaven pour out its blessings on you. May you never miss any golden opportunity in life.

53. Happy birthday, sweety. This journey shall be the most blissful one you’ve ever embarked on. May your life take flight into an earthly paradise.

54. Happy birthday, sweety. This new age of your life shall mark a huge progress in your life. May you be treated like a king from this day henceforth. May your reign in the kingdom of success never come to an end.

55. Happy birthday, love. May this be your best birthday ever. May you record unbelievable successes, time after time. I love you, my baby.

56. May your new age witness new and many folds of outstanding blessings, peace, prosperity and good health.

57. I know your heart lingers with wishes because it’s your birthday today. May all your wishes come true. Happy birthday, my love.

58. To the one whose kisses taste better than the fruits of the garden of Eden; happy birthday, my love. May you always remain the head.

59. I’ll sprinkle cool waters of new love inside of your heart because it’s your day today, my darling. Happy birthday, my love. May your crown flourish upon your head.

60. The gates of prosperity and love are opened upon my darling on this special day. Happy birthday, my love. Enjoy every bit of this year.

61. Your birthday will forever remain a huge part of me, for by it, I found true love. Happy birthday to my love. I wish you blessings beyond your merit. I love you.

62. Your love isn’t ordinary neither are your kisses sour. Hence, I wish you an extraordinary year of sweet love, prosperity and happiness.

63. I bless the stars shining in the sky tonight. For they celebrate the birth of a superstar. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you all the blessings and breakthroughs of your desire.

64. If I had the power, I’d make all your wishes come true. For your heart is pure and your eyes are deserving of mercy. Happy birthday, love. I wish you a fulfilling new year.

65. To the one who wears the crown of my heart; happy birthday, love. Who else in this world deserves to smile, to merry and to prosper other than your loving self? I hope you have all of these and more.

66. I give myself to you on this day, to love and cherish you the more, for it’s your birthday. Happy birthday, my love. I do wish you a splendorous new year.

67. What can the sun do for you? How else can the moon’s light bless your abode? Happy birthday, my darling. May every giver of light bless your path with prosperity and announcement.

68. You’ll always have my love. And in addition, my wishes today. Happy birthday, my darling. I wish you a loving new year of your heart’s desires.

69. A boyfriend like you is a blessing never in disguise. Happy birthday, love. I wish you a great outpour of prosperity.

70. Wonder no more, for these are my wishes for you; happy birthday, love. I wish you new blessings of prosperity, favour, grace, peace and salvation.

71. Eat of the plate of abundance, wear the longest smile ever. For a new age has been added to you. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you blessings surpassing all understanding.

72. The waters of life will not drown you away, the worries of this earth will not sink you into the dirty ocean. Happy birthday, my darling. I just want you close forever.

73. It’s a new age for my darling. Just as a chapter has been closed, I hope all your sorrows, your past and your worries too. May this be the season you’ve waited patiently for.

74. May you be coronated with love, abundance, peace and prosperity on this day. Happy birthday, my darling. Wishing you joy and prosperity. Have a wonderful new year.

75. I’ll make fresh wine for you out of my bosom. Taste sweet vanillas on my skin, for it’s your birthday, today, darling. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you long life and peace.

76. Riches with love, prosperity with peace, wealth with health, may the angels proclaim into your bosom. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you all the blessings you desire.

77. Peace and love to my darling, for it’s your birthday on this day. Happy birthday, sweetie. May your prayers rise as a sweet scent to the heavens.

78. Just as you wear the crown of my heart, may you wear the crown of leadership, excellence, prosperity and peace. Happy birthday to the sweetest boyfriend in the world.

79. I woke up early to make wishes for my man. I rose before the sun to shower my darling with blessings. Happy birthday, sweetie. May the heavens take pleasure in your prosperity.

80. Happy birthday, sweetie. I do wish you all that you wish yourself and every goodness a man could ever enjoy whilst he still has breath.

81. Happy birthday, my love. May this new year of your life open your path to prosperity, peace, happiness and celebration galore. I love you.

82. Like the number of your hair, may the heavens make your blessings uncountable this year and beyond. In abundance shall you thrive. Happy birthday to my one and only.

83. Cakes and wishes for you, my darling. Love for you every day. Happy birthday, my true love. I wish you a beautiful new year crowned with the ecstasy of love, joy and prosperity.

84. Into your heart shall the rivers of love, joy, peace and happiness flow. Happy birthday, my sweet love.

85. Little wonder, the starlight in the sky. Happy birthday, my love. With all my love for you, I wish you a new year of fulfilment and contentment. I love you.

86. Slide into the realm of peace and prosperity. For today is your birthday, angel. May all the blessings of the heavens surrender unto you.

87. Happy birthday, love. May your heart not fail to beat love. May your lips not refrain from smiling and may your legs find their way into the land of prosperity. I love you so much.

88. Heavens grant my wishes, for my darling is deserving of these blessings. Happy birthday, my love. May your dreams come true.

89. May the land you tread upon thenceforward be given unto you by the most high. Happy birthday, sweet love. My adoration for you is endless.

90. You need not ask, you have all my love and attention today. Happy birthday, sweetie. Wishing you a year full of merry and prosperity in health and in wealth.

91. My king, my lover. Happy birthday to you, my darling. May the heavens pour down her blessings upon you.

92. Heavens paint your world with shades of love, peace, abundance and wealth. Happy birthday, sweet love.

93. Unspeakable is my love for you. Undeniable is heaven’s blessings upon you. I confess my desires for you on this special day. Have a superlative new year of grace, peace and prosperity. Happy birthday, my darling.

94. Petals of blessings on your bed. Wines of prosperity on your table. Happy birthday, my darling. Wishing you a new life of achievement and fulfilment.

95. My eyes sparkle with dreams seeing that your day is today. May we grow old together, my love. Happy birthday to you. Wishing you a blissful new year, my darling.

96. To the one whose love awes me; happy birthday, my sweet love. My lips command your blessings to come to life and my heart prays silently for you, my darling. Experience the most fabulous year of your life. With love from me to you, my darling.

97. Come take your wishes from the corner of my lips with kisses. Come have a taste of my happiness for you, baby. Happy birthday, my love. May every second of this year be super nice to you.

98. Happy birthday, sweetie. I do wish you a year of love, happiness and outstanding accomplishments. I’ll always be your girl, handsome.

99. Make your wishes, my love. For it is your heavenly right today. Happy birthday, my darling. May the heavens design new blessings for you today.

100. Today is your excuse to party all night long. Happy birthday, my darling. With love, I wish you a phenomenal new year.

101. With all my love for you, I wish you a blissful birthday. Bask in its euphoria, grow in the blessings of the new age, my darling.

102. Wake up, my darling. For it is the best day of the year. Happy birthday, love. With all my heart, I wish you a prosperous new year.

103. The one whose love for me has never been tainted by the dirt of this world was born today. Happy birthday, my darling. May this new year order your steps into a new world of prosperity, tranquillity, understanding and joy.

104. Every new age of your life, will you witness me right by your side, planting new year kisses on your lips. Happy birthday, sweet boyfriend. I wish you so much joy and prosperity.

105. Hearken your ears to the voice of the angels. For they speak blessings of a new age into your bosom. Happy birthday, my darling. I wish you a complete cycle of prosperity and love.

106. Happy birthday to the man who loves me like the only woman on earth. Just as I am undeserving of your love, may the heavens bless you with undeserving blessings of joy, prosperity and peace.

107. I’d lift up my voice in the morning to sing the song of love. For it’s the birthday of the one I love so greatly. Happy birthday to you, sweetie. I wish you a blissful new year of prosperity.

108. My heart rejoices in today, for my love was born on this day years ago. Happy birthday, my love. May all your dreams be met with accomplishments and fulfilment.

109. May the heavens make you wear a happy heart and smiling lips all year long. Happy birthday, sweet pie. I’ll always love you.

110. For being an angel of love; happy birthday, darling. I wish you many more healthy years on earth. Have a prosperous new age.

Now go wish him the best birthday ever with these captivating birthday wishes for him.

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