Special Birthday Wishes for Lover from the Heart

2023 Special Birthday Wishes for Lover from the Heart

Love is a beautiful thing! It’s more than a feeling or words that can be expressed. To love and be loved is one of the bests things that can ever happen to anyone. And you’re lucky to be one!

Since your lover is having his or her birthday soon, make him or her have a special birthday with these special birthday wishes. It would mean a lot!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Lover from the Heart

Romantic and Lovely Birthday Wishes for Him or Her. Cute Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Husband, Wife, Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

1. You rule my world and everything that revolves around me. Waiting for your birthday to celebrate you is a rough idea and that’s why I’ve chosen to celebrate you all the days of my life. Happy birthday to the love of my life.

2. Today is special to you, I know, but it’s more special to me because just like today years ago, I got the best part of my life, you’re awesome in all ways honey bunny, Happy birthday to you from the one who loves you forever!

3. Its someone’s special big day and I can’t keep calm, I’ll scream it so loud and herald it because you’re so dear to me, Happy birthday honey!

4. Waking up beside you every morning with the thought of you being my forever is the best feeling one can have and that has kept me going all these years, you’re amazing and I’m glad to be your woman!
Happy birthday best man!

5. When I look into your eyes, I see my future written in gold and I know we still have a lot of birthdays to celebrate in so much love and satisfaction. I love you, baby. Happy birthday to you!

6. The birds chirp so happily and the breeze blow with so much calmness, that’s because someone special is being celebrated today!. Happy birthday to sweetest being on earth!

7. My love for you increases as the days go by and I’ll forever sing of your love with every passing day, but most especially, this day is special to us and we’re going to celebrate it in grand style, Happy birthday to the love of my love!

8. My heart sing of your love and my soul is satisfied with your care, I couldn’t have asked for a better lover, you fit in so well into my heart and nothing can change that, much love my sweety and happy belated birthday!

9. Happy birthday my heartbeat, you’re more than a love being and words can’t describe who you mean to me, I love you forever baby! Happy birthday to you my love!.

10. You’re inscribed with gold on my heart, my heart beats so lovingly at the thought of you, I’m happy I’m celebrating another year with you today, much love best man!

11. Today is your day and we’re so going to rock it together! I’m glad to be a part of you!

12. Long life in grand style is all I wish for you, you will never know a better yesterday because you deserve the best my love, Happy birthday to you, Honey!

13. I’ll chose you over and over in my next world!, you’re charming and caring to a fault, you form the core part of my life and I’m just too glad about that, today is your day and I wish you all satisfaction of life, let’s go have a blast, baby!

14. Before the network gets too busy and the wishes get somewhat common, let me be the first to wish you a happy birthday in love. You’re deeply cherished!

15. Thanks for capturing my heart and holding on so tight to it, I cherish your beliefs and your unbiased thinking, baby, you rule my world and you’re the best to me!
Happy birthday, love!

16. Happy birthday to the sweetest person on earth, my love for you is till forever, let’s celebrate the new year in love!

17. When I count my blessings, I count you twice, you’re one sweet human with no sense of selfishness, I pray that the Lord satisfies you with all that your heart desires in your new year, happy birthday love!

18. As your days shall be, so shall your strength be, your strength is renewed like the eagle’s with each passing day, I love and cherish you with all my heart, happy birthday sweet chocolate!

19. You’re a man of love and every lady’s wish is to have someone like you, therefore I count myself lucky to have you and I celebrate you on your special day and always!
Happy birthday my sweetheart!

20. You’re are the reason behind my cute smile and the vibe for my glowing face because the thought of you by my side gives me joy, I love you and I celebrate you baby, Happy birthday to you my heartbeat!

21. I’ve come to realize that I celebrate my birthday twice a year since I met you coz I feel your special day is mine too, no amount of words can describe my love to you, I love you with my last breath, happy belated birthday to us!

22. You’re my delight, nothing else matters, you’re my desire and to you, I pour out all the fragrance of my love, I celebrate you on your birthday dear, happy birthday to you, Honey!

23. You bring so much joy to my heart and tranquility to my soul, you’re the sweetest, I must admit!
Today is your day and I just want to say you’re very special to me! Happy birthday to you, my love!

24. I start and end my day with your thought in my heart, that I’ve done over the years and has been one of the sweetest feelings, you’re amazing and I pray that all the good things of life are granted unto you!
Happy birthday on this day!

25. In my heart is where you belong and no one else can take your place in my heart! Be assured of my love every day of our lives!
Happy birthday, baby!

26. I await the first kiss of the year because its one of the many special things I enjoy, the day is here and I’m excited about it, let’s go have a blast baby!

27. Physique so smart and look so charming, all these can’t be compared to that beautiful soul of yours, Happy birthday my lover!

28. You brighten up my face with your smile and make my world so beautiful, you’re strong, smart and intelligent and I wonder if there could ever be two of you on earth, you’re an indispensable baby!
Happy birthday to you!.

29. In your arms, I find comfort and your touch gives solace, my world is incomplete without you baby, let’s have another year of great things together, happy birthday love!

30. Love without you is unimaginable! Thank you for completing my puzzle, you’re indeed, the missing piece!
Happy birthday my complete half!

31. Happy birthday to you my love, you’ve been awesome in so many special ways I can’t even number, the rest of our days together would be the best days, let’s enjoy the new year in love!

32. Not everyone gets to see beautiful things every day but I’m one of the few that sees a beautiful face, listen to a beautiful voice every passing day and that’s because I have a beautiful heart who loves me and care so much about me!. Today is your big day and I want to celebrate you in a beautiful way, Happy birthday beautiful creamy chocolate!

33. Today is your day and I just can’t keep calm, happy birthday to you my heart beat, I love you unrepentantly!

34. My wishes for you are innumerable but top on the list is a fulfilled life with so much happiness to settle all the affairs of life, happy birthday, my lover!

35. To stop loving you is to stop living because loving you gives me life and most importantly, hope!. Happy birthday to the one who loves me!

36. My complete support system, I couldn’t have asked for a better lover, you love me in ways I can’t even describe!
Happy birthday to you, lover!

37. I love you more with each passing day and that’s because you’re just too amazing and you do too many amazing things every day, I can’t love you less baby!
Happy birthday to you sweetheart.

38. Your voice is what I wish to listen to every morning and at bed time, it gives me this soothing relief of hope for my day and eases me of all the stress of the day! happy birthday to you, sweety!

39. It’s another year of express love and maximum joy for us, happy birthday love!

40. My heart beats so fast at the mention of your name because all I want to see is you and all I want to hear is your lovely voice, I love you my baby and you mean the world to me!

41. You’re life to me, you’re the harmony to my heartbeat and the lyrics of my song, you’re the most important person to me, I love you and happy belated birthday to you!

42. You came into my world and made it much more beautiful, you compliment me in ways so special, I’m the happiest person on earth today because today, because today, my best man was born!
Happy birthday best!

43. Your love is the most special thing I’ve felt in life, happy birthday to the one I love!

44. God made you so special for me and for that, I’m forever grateful, happy birthday to my perfect gentleman!

45. Happy birthday, baby, blow out all your candles and let’s eat the cake because all your wishes are true already!

46. Every day with you gives me hope, love and joy, I wish that this new year of yours brings so much happiness to us, I love you honey!
Happy birthday to you!

47. Happy birthday to love personified, you love unconditionally and you’re selfless in your approach, these traits make you my great man!
Happy birthday my love!

48. Happy birthday to you, my lucky charm! You’re beautiful in many ways!

49. You’re perfect in many ways because you’re God’s perfect creation, happy birthday my perfect lover!

50. My glowing face is you because I see myself in you, happy birthday love!

51. Its another season of love baby coz your day of days is here, may you enjoy every bit of the new year in love and harmony, happy birthday sweet!

52. I met you at a time the word meant nothing to me but you defined and showered love to me in its pureness that I begin to wonder if love was what I thought I felt, thanks for holding my hand in love, happy birthday to you love!

53. You’re God’s perfect creation for me, charming and radiating with so much love, happy birthday to the one I love!

54. When you hold my hand in yours and I hold yours in mine, nothing makes me feel better because that way all my fears fade away, thanks for always being there, happy belated birthday baby!

55. May the Lord cause His eyes to shine upon you, grant to you the good things of life and prosper you in all ways, happy birthday to you from my heart!

56. Your love gets more fascinating by the day and I can’t even contain it, I look forward to every day with you because I just want to experience the fascination of the love of every new day, happy birthday my heart beat!

57. Happy birthday sweetheart, ‘I love you’ can’t quantify my love to you because you’re just too amazing!

58. When I look into your eyes, all I see is love, innocence and of course, a quest for love and I promise to shower you with more of it, happy birthday love!

59. I’m not going to miss out on any moment today because today is your special day and you deserve to be happy, so let’s stop the petty talks and go have a blast, happy birthday my love!

60. It’s a special day for someone special, enjoy the moments, give that beautiful smile and don’t forget to stay happy forever, happy birthday honey.

61. You have always been a shoulder to lean on and a great lover all the while, you deserve all the love and happiness that comes with this day honey, stay happy always. Happy birthday to you cutie.

62. Sometimes I wonder if God creates you like every other person or you’re an angel that came down from heaven, Happy birthday to my angel!

63. My day starts and ends with your thought because you’re always on my mind!. Happy birthday to you sweetheart

64. I want you to have a swell day baby because you deserve the best! Happy birthday, honey pie!

65. I’m short of what to put down in writing for you on your special my angel, but know that you’re forever on my mind!. Happy birthday, baby!

66. Happy birthday my Prince charming, today marks the beginning of the sweeter life that you deserve!.

67. May the rest of your days be the best for you, may you never know a better yesterday and may all your days be filled with happiness, happy birthday sweety!

68. You came into my life at a time I was already at a dead end to love, despite all odds, you loved me and made me see more reason to love, you’re truly love personified. Happy birthday my heartbeat

69. You bring so much joy to my heart, peace to my soul and harmony to my heartbeat, I celebrate you on your special day and forever, happy birthday love!

70. Where I want to be forever is in your arms, hug you till I forget myself in you and love you with all my heart. Happy birthday to you on your big day!

71. My heart beats for you and I know yours beat for me, what I feel for you is unquenchable love, happy birthday my forever!

72. I never had the idea of where my decisions would take me when I say I’ll stay by you forever, but I’m glad to say, the decision hasn’t change and can never change because you complete me, I wish you happiness now and always, happy birthday my love

73. My sleep is sound when you’re my last thought for the day, I feel peace in a very special way and that’s because I know you’re always by side, I love you honey, and I want to wish you a beautiful birthday celebration!

74. Love songs may fail and romantic poems cannot quantify my love for you, you’ve given me love undeniable and I’m forever grateful for that, happy birthday to the sweetest person I know.

75. Of all the things I’m so sure of, my love to you and your love to me is top on the list, I love you unrepentantly, have a blast, my love!

76. I just want to steal a moment out of your busy day to say that I love you and to say Happy birthday to an angel in person!

77. Nothing has ever gladdened my heart than my decision to love you forever, thanks for believing in my love for you, happy birthday, my forever!

78. I found love in you, your heart is all I own and my life I give to you, happy birthday my lover!

79. Baby, I just want to tell you this day that your love is all that matters to me and you’re all I want, happy birthday to the one my heart beats for!

80. I am thankful for every moment we’ve shared together and I look forward to greater memories with you, you’re all I want sweetheart, happy birthday to you!

81. You’re the sweet person that brings all the sweetness I ever wanted,you’re my definition of life and love! Happy birthday baby.

82. You’re the reason I’m happy and the one behind my smiles, our passion and love will never fade away, together forever, baby!
Happy birthday to you!

83. Happy birthday to the sweetest lover on earth, you’re the simply the best!
Happy birthday, love!

84. I love celebrating birthdays with you and I’m looking forward to more days like this with you, let’s go have a blast baby!

85. I wish I could have everyone to celebrate your day with us, but I realize we are all that we need to make party lit!
Happy birthday to you sweetheart!

86. Look into the sky and see the stars, as numerous as it is, much more is my love for you, happy birthday to you sweety pie!

87. No one makes me feel better and no touch is as refreshing as yours, I look forward to every day with you!
Happy birthday my honey!

88. I’m captivated by your beauty, but your love captives me more, I am assured of a peaceful life with you!
Happy birthday to the sweetest I know!

89. With you, all days are special but I just want to use this day to tell you how much more you’re special to me!. Happy birthday my all!

90. May you experience all good things of life today and forever and may this day bring all the happiness you need for life. Happy birthday to you my sunshine!

91. Happy birthday to the one who brings so much happiness to my life, your smile makes my life as beautiful as you are and all I feel is love with you!

92. Warm birthday wishes to the one I love, I hope every day brings many smiles to your face and happiness to your heart!

93. May you be in good health and live a grand style all the days of your life, may your life be filled with joy and your heart with so much happiness and endless love, happy birthday honey!

94. When you hold my hand in yours and I hold yours in mine, I feel our hearts beat together for love and all I feel is joy, happy birthday to you, my heartbeat!

95. When you smile, you glow like the moon and when you laugh, you shine even more than the sun, may all your days glow and shine, just like your smile and laughter!

96. Happy birthday to my angel, thanks for making life beautiful for me!

97. May this day bring to you all that you dream of and all that your heart desires, happy birthday my sunshine!

98. Let your beauty blossom every day like the rosebud and your heart exude the fragrance of love now and always, Happy birthday my fragrance!

99. This day, my love and dream man was born, may all your heart desires be met and your life be filled with so much happiness, let’s enjoy the beautiful day together!

100. Let the moon of our love glow beautifully and the stars shine brightly, may all our days be as beautiful as you are, happy birthday my love!

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