Happy Wedding Wishes

2023 Happy Wedding Wishes for the Bride and Groom (the Couple)

Weddings are beautiful moments, highly cherished by all. Weddings are new beginnings highly envisioned by most people. To those we love, our friends and family, we should spare a moment to wish them well when they get wedded.

Here are wedding wishes for couples from which you can craft out yours for them. Use as you please.

Sweet Wedding Wishes for the Bride and Groom

The best collection of Sweet Wedding Wishes for the Bride and Groom you can send to your newly wedded loved ones.

1. I wish you both lovely inseparable years in sound health and in wealth. Happy married life.

2. Marriage is a beautiful thing. As you become one today, may your lives radiate beauty now and forever.

3. Happy married life to the newest couple. May your marriage be a sublime model for others.

4. Weddings are numerous but some stand as outstanding. May yours be so, spiced with an incomparable love. Happy married life.

5. I wish you a blissful and fruitful marriage. Happy New life.

6. May the love you have for each other never fade. May it grow stronger and shine brighter than sunrise.

7. May love sweeter than honey and tastier than grilled chicken flow in your new home now and forever.

8. May life in its sweetness be your experience in your marriage. Have a sweet wedding and a happy married life.

9. Big congrats on your wedding. I wish you and your spouse a blessed and blissful marriage.

10. Congratulations on your wedding. May God use your marriage to spread His love and joy to the world. Happy married life.

11. Happy married life. May the beautiful things of life not elude your new family.

12. I wish you a wonderful union full of joy and happiness now and forever.

13. Thank you for making me share in your happiness this day. I wish you both a happy union.

14. I wish you both a lifetime of love, companionship, joy and happiness. Happy married life.

15. Best wishes to you both on this beautiful day. May the joy of today last forever in your home.

16. I congratulate you both on your elevated level today. I wish you both a blessed and amazing union.

17. Today, you both achieved a unified dream. May your union experience the realization of your beautiful dreams.

18. Congratulations to you on this beautiful day. May your new home be a beauty to behold now and always.

19. Yay, your wedding was splendid. My best wishes to you both. May your union be an exceptional expression of love.

20. May the love which brought you together and binds you now continue to wax stronger. Happy married life.

21. May the bond of love that binds you never snap or sag. May the joy of your union last forever.

22. It’s such a pleasure to be part of your wedding. May your love for each other never be shaken.

23. I wish you both prosperity and sound health as one body. Long live your union.

24. May your union be blessed with good assets you desire. Happy married life.

25. Best wishes to you on your wedding. May your union flourish in love and prosperity.

26. May your marriage be an awesome exemplary. God bless your union.

27. I wish you both long life and prosperity as one body and one family.

28. Congrats on this new phase. May your love for each other be continuously refreshed.

29. Welcome to a new beginning. This shall be the beginning of a formidable, blessed and fruitful family.

30. Your new family formed this day shall be an exemplary model of love, affection, unity, togetherness, understanding, excellence and prosperity.

31. You were bond together in love forming a family that shall be victorious always. God bless your union.

32. The manifold blessings of God be upon your new home.

33. Love, commitment and understanding, these virtues shall abound in your home. Have a blissful married life.

34. May the beauty of God radiate through your home. God bless your union abundantly.

35. I thank God for this wonderful day. I wish you both a rapturous married life.

36. This day, you are both launched into a marital life of love, joy and amazing wonders.

37. May your married life be encapsulated in a phantom ecstasy of amazing realities. Have a fun-filled married life.

38. Best wishes from me to both of you. Have a loved-up married life.

39. Your wedding was beautiful and may your married life be rapt and radiate glorious beauty.

40. It’s a blessing to be married. May your life and your home experience incomprehensible blessings now and forever.

41. A sublime married life is my wish for you both. Joy and happiness shall abound in your home.

42. Welcome to a new phase of discovery and adulthood. The love which binds you shall live forever.

43. The joy in me is beyond expression. I’m happy for you both. I wish you both a blissful life together.

44. The love and joy that filled today shall abound forever in your home.

45. Am all smiles today. It was good to see you joined together in holy matrimony. God who has brought you together will keep your bond stronger.

46. May the love you see in each other never fade nor wane. Have a wonderful married life.

47. May this day be the launch into many fruitful years in joy, peace and tranquillity, together as one.

48. May you both attain success in your endeavours as you begin your new family today.

49. Two are better than one. As you bond together as one indivisible body today, you shall both rise to the spire of all aspects of your lives.

50. Your new family created this day shall live on as a model of true love purposefulness and sincerity. Happy married life.

51. Yours is a divine wedding. God himself brought you together and joined you. You shall remain strong in love as one forever.

52. May your home be full of dancing and rejoicing. Happy married life.

53. Like a sparkling diamond shall your home be. God bless your union.

54. It’s a beautiful day for you both. May your union be an outstanding exemplar of love and excellence.

55. I’m elated to be part of your wedding. It was awesome. Long live your home. God bless your union.

56. Happy married life to you. May your family be encased in God’s glory.

57. Happiness shall continually abound in you and through you. Happy married life.

58. It’s a pleasant and unquantifiable feeling to be joined in wedlock to your dearest l. I wish you the best days of your life as a married couple.

59. May the enthusiastic feeling of joy and excitement this wedding has brought you, live on throughout your marriage.

60. Congrats on your new status. May the joy of God dwell in your new home always.

61. Happy married life. Cheers to your new status.

62. May your life always be unto better, greater and happier living. Happy married life.

63. This new beginning shall be a source of joy and happiness unto you. Happy married life.

64. I’m filled with so much ecstasy for you. Congratulations my dear. May your new home be a beautiful success.

65. I haven’t had a day this gorgeous. Your wedding was fantastic. I wish you beauty on all sides baby girl.
Love you.

65. Your wedding was glamorous, and I pray that your home be filled with glamour in God’s glory.

66. My heartfelt congratulations to you and your spouse on your wedding today. I wish you a blissful married life.

67. The joy and love which saturated your wedding will live all through your marriage.

68. My best marriage wish goes out to you and your spouse. May your marriage be extremely favoured by God.

69. It was such an amazing feeling to see you tie the knot. The knot shall not be untied.

70. I’m so happy for you, man. Congrats on your new status. Have a sweet and lovely marriage.

71. May the love which cleaves you to your spouse be forever fresh like the morning dew.

72. It was a beautiful sight to watch while you took your oaths today. May the love that glows in your eyes never grow dim may your fondness for each other never grow weary.

73. As you begin your journey into marital life. May it be an awesome and enriching life for you both.

74. Happy married life, my darlings. Have a beautiful life.

75. It was beautiful to watch you take your wedding vows, may your marriage be a dream come true unto you.

76. Congrats, girl, may your new home be blessed with pleasant treasures.

77. As you become one with your other half today, may you be favoured by God now and always.

78. May beautiful things never elude you. Happy married life.

79. May joy radiate through your marriage now and forever.

80. As you begin to live as one today, I wish you a prosperous life together.

81. The bond which holds you together shall only get stronger and not snap. Have a happy married life.

82. As gold sparkles, may your lives shine and may your marriage sparkle in beauty and splendour. Happy married life.

83. Congrats, dear. Have a sweet married life.

84. I wish you long life and prosperity together, forever. Have an awesome marital life.

85. May you both be continually overwhelmed by the love that binds you together. Congratulations.

86. Beyond the sweet glamour of today, your marriage shall be sweet and lovely for all to behold.

87. Congratulations dear. May your marriage make you smile always.

88. Unto every added year in your marriage shall be added virtues of love and prosperity. Congrats.

89. The beautiful love bond created today shall be a success story. Have a prosperous married life.

90. Your wedding was an awesome success, may you live happily ever after.

91. Just like the beautiful fairy tales, may your marriage glow with the beautiful light of love now and forever more.

92. In love, riches and splendour shall you live as husband and wife. Have a happy married life.

93. I wish you a fruitful and prosperous married life. Congratulations.

94. May your bond of love last forever. Congrats.

95. May the beauty of love continually dwell in your new home. Have a beautiful married life.

96. May your marriage be a story of love, joy and happiness. Have a sweet married life.

97. May the joy of today be incomparable to the joy that will encapsulate your marriage. Congrats dear.

98. Congrats dear. In your marriage, may the beautiful four letter word flow like a spring that can never dry up.

99. May your marriage be a beautiful story of love and happiness. Have a scintillating married life.

100. All your life, may you be most grateful to God for your wedding day. Have a beautiful married life.

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