Congratulations Message for Someone Special

2023 Best Marriage Congratulations Message for Someone Special

Weddings are beautiful. The coming together of two lovebirds is the beautiful thing. It’s the best feeling in the world to marry the one you love.

So if you have family and friends getting married, here’s the place to get them the best congratulatory messages and wishes.

Enjoy as you explore them!

Marriage Congratulations Message for Friends

Friends deserve  to be congratulated on their special day. Here are Fantastic Marriage Congratulations Message for Friends.

1. Wish you both joy, happiness and love in your marriage. Congratulations bride and groom.

2. Happy married life dear friend. I wish you a lifetime of conjugal bliss.

3. May your home be filled with laughter and peace. Enjoy a forever bliss with your wife.

4. Welcome to your new home. May your marriage be blissful and beautiful. Wish you the best dear friend.

5. My dear friend has graduated from bachelorhood to husbandhood. Smiles. Happy married life to you.

6. So you’ve finally left me for your sweetheart. I’ll miss you so much and above all, I wish you a happy married life.

7. You are a love being and deserve to be showered with love. Wish you a beautiful marriage friend.

8. What a perfect love. Wish you and your wife a great union. Congratulations.

9. Friends like you are not easy to come by. I’m grateful to God for you and wish you a blessed marriage.

10. No one is perfect but when two imperfect people are in love, imperfection is cast away. Wish you a perfect marriage.

Marriage Congratulations Message for Daughter

Celebrate her today with these Marriage Congratulations Message for Daughter.

11. As much as I love you, I can’t hold you from falling in love with someone else too. Smiles. Congratulations my dear. Your marriage is blessed.

12. You’re a beautiful and lovely daughter and on this special day, I can only wish you more beauty and bliss in life and in your marriage. Congratulations.

13. Many women have done well but you excel them all. I’m proud to call you daughter. Happy married life, deary.

14. May your marriage be filled with lots of happiness and laughter. You shall never know sorrow however little. God bless your union, my Dear.

15. Watching you grow into adulthood was a beautiful thing. And what’s more beautiful is that you’re getting married and I’m alive to witness it. I’m proud of you, daughter. Congratulations.

16. Mum wishes you a blessed marriage. You won’t regret this choice you’ve made. I love you dearly my daughter.

17. Your womb is blessed, dear daughter. And you shall never be barren of any good thing. God bless your marriage.

18. I pray this day that your home be established in Christ, the solid Rock. Your marriage will not fail. Happy married life to you.

19. I pray that you continue to experience abundance and plenty in your marriage and in all your endeavours. Happy married life.

20. May the joy and peace of the Lord continue to abide in your Home. Wish you a happy marriage daughter.

Marriage Congratulations Message for Son

Celebrate him with these Best Marriage Congratulations Message for Son

21. May your new home be blessed. You’ve done me proud as your father and I pray your children call you blessed too.

22. You are married today. And yeah, that won’t happen again tomorrow. May God’s grace sustain your marriage. Congrats dear son.

23. I wish you and your wife an amazing lifetime together. May you always have reasons to keep loving each other.

24. Happy married life son. I pray that you enjoy happiness and joy in your home. And may all your heart’s desires be granted.

25. Today is a new day and an entirely new story for you. May you remember this day and always give thanks to God. Happy married life.

26. My dear son, remember how much love and care I showered you, do the same and much more to your wife. I wish you the best.

27. What a great day. It’s the happiest day of my life. It feels great seeing you wed today. I wish you all the love you desire. God bless you and your wife.

28. As your wedding rings are an unending circle, I pray that you enjoy unending love and happiness with your wife. Happy married life son. Love from mum.

29. Congratulations on your wedding. Your home is blessed. Daddy loves you.

30. More than I or your mother can pray for you, May God Himself bless you real good and establish your marriage. Congratulations dear.

Marriage Congratulations Messages for Sister

Make your Sister happy by sending her these Marriage Congratulations Messages for Sister.

31. It’s my beautiful sister’s wedding today. You look all gorgeous and lovely. I’m really proud to have you. Congratulations sweetheart.

32. It’s your day and no one else’s. Make sure you have all the fun cos your wedding won’t ever come again. Happy married life, sis.

33. My sister is beautiful and yeah, it’s her wedding day today. You deserve the best sis. I wish you bliss and blessings.

34. Happy married life dear sister. May your marriage be fruitful and full of love.

35. Marriage is a good thing when the two persons are the ones for each other. I’m glad you married your better half. Congratulations sis.

36. I’ve learnt so much from you as a big sister and I can on wish you a beautiful union with your husband. I love y you big.

37. May you always find reasons to love unconditionally. And may your life be filled with lots of love. Congratulations on your wedding.

38. I pray that the grace of God and the fellowship of His Spirit continue to abide by your home now and always. Amen. Happy married life.

39. Finding true love is not an easy task. I’m glad you found yours. Wish you the best with your sweetheart. Always remember sister loves you.

40. The bride’s all made up and beautiful. Yeah, it’s her day. Congratulations beautiful sister. I’m so happy for you.

Marriage Congratulations Message for Brother

Best Marriage Congratulations Message for Brother to celebrate him.

41. It’s your wedding day big brother. Rejoice and make merry! Congratulations.

42. I wish you and your beautiful wife a blissful married life. Congratulations bro.

43. Dad and mum did this same thing many years ago, and yeah, we are a product of the union. May your marriage also be fruitful and productive. Amen. Love you, bro.

44. I pray that you too walk in love and understanding always. You shall forever be grateful for this day. Happy married life to you.

45. Just like the very first day, I wish that your love for each other wax stronger and stronger. Happy married life.

46. I wish you both every good thing you desire and deserve. May your marriage be blissful. Amen.

47. You’ve been a lovely brother to me. Please be much more to your wife. Love you so much. Happy married life.

48. Happy married life, bro. Make sure you enjoy your wedding day big. And of course the days after. Kid bro lobes you.

49. Love is in the air. Congratulations to the two lovebirds, brother and his wifey. I wish you more love in your marriage.

50. Dear brother, I pray that your marriage experiences peace like a river. You won’t have turbulent times but peace alone. I love you.

Marriage Congratulations Message for Uncle

Marriage Congratulations Message for Uncle to celebrate your Uncle.

51. Dear uncle, I pray that you enjoy a lifetime of conjugal bliss. Your marriage is blessed. Congratulations.

52. I wish you love. The kind that would sustain you all the days of your life and in your marriage. Love you uncle.

53. As you’ve tied the knot today, I pray you find more reasons to live and love. I wish you and your wife a great married life.

54. I pray that you both fulfil the vows you’ve made to each other today. I wish you more love. Congratulations.

55. Here are two different people coming together to become one and build a home. I wish you both an awesome lifetime together!

56. To the latest and greatest couple in the world, I say congratulations. May your marriage be filled with every good thing you ever desire.

57. Today marks the beginning of a new dawn for you two. I pray that you both enjoy your marriage to the fullest. Congratulations.

58. Your marriage is built on the solid Rock, Christ. Keep loving Him and seeking His Face. He’ll see you through the journey. Happy married life uncle.

59. Your marriage cannot fail because Jesus never fails. He’ll keep you both until the very end. Enjoy His love that knows no bounds!

60. Congratulations on your wedding. May the good Lord be with your home and keep you. His love shall sustain you. Amen.

Marriage Congratulations Message for Aunt

Celebrate your Aunt today with these Amazing Marriage Congratulations Message for Aunt.

61. May your new home be blessed with every good thing aunty. Congratulations on your wedding.

62. This is to wish my beautiful aunt a happy married life. May your marriage be a model for others. Enjoy a lifetime bliss!

63. Marriage is a beautiful thing. And the beauty of it is when the couple loves each other unrepentantly. Yours is a perfect love. Wish you a perfect marriage.

64. Auntie, I learnt from you that true love waits. Your marriage is a model for me. Congratulations on your wedding.

65. I am happy to be a part of the beautiful thing happening today, your wedding. I pray you always have reasons to love. Happy married life.

66. A big congratulations to you aunty. I pray God sees you through it all. Your marriage is blessed.

67. Here are my wishes for you, a home filled with love in its fullness, peace and happiness, lifelong bliss with your husband, and beautiful kids. HML.

68. You’ve got God in your home, that’s everything you’ll ever need! Be rest assured He’ll always be with you. Have a beautiful marriage.

69. No one is perfect, but where love is, everything is just perfect. Keep loving and enjoying your new home. Happy married life dear aunt.

70. Best wishes to my big aunt on her wedding. May God’s blessings always remain with you and yours. Congratulations on your wedding!

Marriage Congratulations Message for Nephew

Trending Marriage Congratulations Message for Nephew to celebrate your Nephew.

1. I’m sending my warmest wishes to you on your wedding. Wish you everything beautiful life has to offer. Happy married life.

2. I wish you and your bride an amazing lifetime together. Stay lovely and happy always. God bless your union.

3. Every day of your life, I pray you keep falling in love anew with your wife. I love you, nephew.

4. As you begin an entirely new phase of your lives, I pray that God’s grace abounds all the more for you. Happy married life hubby and wifey.

5. Today must be the happiest day of your life. Congratulations on wedding the one you love. Wish you a beautiful life together.

6. May the years you’re beginning today with your wife be the best years for you. I say welcome to the beginning of your best years. Happy Married Life.

7. To the best couple in the world, I say congratulations! May your hearts and lives be filled with blessings. Happy marriage.

8. Two are better than one says the Bible. I pray that you both experience double joy and happiness more than each of you has ever had it. HML.

9. It’s a new beginning. Cheers to better years ahead and more blessings. Happy married life Nephew.

10. Don’t forget to love and care for each other as long as you both shall live. I wish you a beautiful marriage dear.

Marriage Congratulations Message for Niece

Best Marriage Congratulations Message for Niece to celebrate your Niece.

1. May your lives be filled with light and love. You are greatly loved. Congratulations dear niece.

2. I am sending my heartfelt wishes to the most beautiful bride in the world today. God bless you and your husband really good. Happy married life.

3. I wish that you enjoy a lifetime of conjugal bliss and blessings. May you always be joyful all the days of your life. Happy married life.

4. You’ve begun the journey together today. May you never be alone in life. Your marriage is blessed. HML.

5. Happy married life dear niece. God bless and keep your new home.

6. This is not the first nor would be the last marriage. But still, it can be one of the best. Wish you a perfect marriage dear. I love you.

7. It’s my niece’s wedding today. May you always have reasons to be happy in your marriage. God bless you and your husband.

8. To the beautiful bride and her groom, I say congratulations. Your path shines brighter and brighter. Have a beautiful wedding.

9. May the Almighty bless you both with joy and peace in abundance. Happy married life.

10. Congratulations on your wedding. You are always loved and cherished. I wish you happiness and laughter in your marriage sweet niece.

Marriage Congratulations Message for Cousin

Fantastic Marriage Congratulations Message for Cousin.

1. Warm hugs and kisses for my beautiful cousin on her wedding. Happy married life dear. I love you.

2. My cousin and friend, Happy married life to you. I’m glad you found love and today is a reality. Wish you the best sweethearts.

3. I pray that your marriage is long and fruitful. I’m looking forward to seeing your beautiful and lovely kids. Happy Married Life.

4. You’re not just getting married today, you’re marrying the one you love. Congratulations on your wedding cousin. Wish you the best in life.

5. Dear cousin, I pray that your future together with your wife gets brighter and brighter. You deserve only the best brother. HML.

6. Wish you an awesome lifetime together and a perfect marriage. You’re loved, dear Cousin.

7. As you grow older together, may your love grow stronger and newer, just like when it first began. Congratulations on your wedding sweet cousin.

8. My beautiful cousin’s wedding is here and I’m so proud of her. I pray that you have and enjoy a beautiful marriage. Congratulations dear.

9. We grew up together and I can say we’ve become best of friends. I know you’ll make a good wife. Keep doing me proud, sweetheart. Happy Married Life.

10. Today is your happiest day I know. It’s the same for the rest of the family too cos we’re happy and proud of you. We wish you a beautiful marriage and a perfect home. Happy married life cousin.

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