Short Love Quotes for Your Girlfriend from the Heart

2023 Short Love Quotes for Your Girlfriend from the Heart

Ladies are the most romantic creature God ever made. The toughest of this wonderful specie is by no means immune to romantic expressions of love.

A generous display of love and romance is very important to the survival and thriving of every relationship. Ladies are easily swayed by an open display of affection, sweet and meaningful words. A wise man reassures his beloved of his undying devotion, affection and admiration of her.

Put a smile on your girlfriend’s face with cute, factual and emotional quotes. Create a special memory for her with your witty or gripping love quotes. Surely, your heartthrob deserves the excitement of feeling cherished.

Thrill and tickle her to her dainty toes with your beautiful love quotes. Charm her out of her shell with something really nice.

Spice up your love game with your dazzling beauty with cute love quotes. The reaction will shock you. It will spark new emotions and intensify the old spark.

Want to achieve the impossible? Care to make your already besotted girlfriend more in love with you? Do you desire to reignite the spark and recapture the magical moments?

Have no care. We’ve got you covered. We have enough for you to choose from. You are welcome to choose the one that’s most appealing to you at the moment from this nice ones:

Short Romantic Love Quotes for Your Girlfriend from the Heart

Sweet love quotes for your her, romantic love quotes for girlfriend.

1. In your smile, the beauty and wonders of life unravel. The glow and warmth of your radiant smile is brighter than that of the sun and stars.

2. Life without you is totally unimaginable. I long for you like a man in the desert long for a drop of water.

3. People think I’m a tough hard but to crack guy; but one mere glance from you, I melt like butter. I love you, cutie.

4. Your love crept on me unaware. It took a firm hold on my heart and completely took over my whole being. You are my life, babe. I’m so in love with you.

5. You are a rare beauty, my sugar. Beautiful within and without. Everything about you pleases my soul. You are my heart sole delight.

6. Meeting you shook my world to the marrow. Loving you was totally beyond my control. Wanting you for eternity is the silent song I sing under my breath. I love you, Honey.

7. From the first moment I set my eyes on you, I already knew we were meant for each other. Our star met and crossed. Totally intertwined and inseparable.

8. Love is the song my heart sings for you when I miss you. Thoughts of you preoccupy my mind and memories of our great time together keep me company. It’s all about you, my love.

9. I love you, babe. It’s the simple truth, expressed in the simplest way by your lovestruck guy.

10. I love you for no reason in all seasons. You are my ideal woman. My dream girl.

11. Your love crashed upon me like the wave of a raging sea. I’m literally drowning in the ocean of your love. No pun intended.

12. Everything about you mesmerises me. Your beautiful eyes, lovely shape, lustrous hair, captivating smile, and your brilliant mind.

13. You are a constant source of joy to me. My happiness is in your hands. You light up my world with your presence. I love you, Honey.

14. A day without seeing or hearing from you would land me at the intensive care unit at the heart matter specialist hospital. The only pill that can resuscitate me is your presence. Love you loads, my Angel.

15. Just when I thought I was over you; I took a peek at your pictures and I got overwhelmed by the intensity of my love for you. No kidding, I love you, sweetie.

16. I saw the doctor today, and he confirmed what I know for a fact. I need you to breathe. To live and to excel.

17. With every breath I take, every passion I can muster and all my being; I love you.

18. It’s official: you are my babe, my visa to paradise and my passport to joy unlimited and my key to unending bliss.

19. I can live without you, only if I choose to expire quickly. I love you with every fibre in my being.

20. A confession: all day long, you filled my thought. All night long, I dreamt of you. My heart is so full of my love for you.

21. I didn’t awaken love until it pleases. Your love thrills, tickles and pleases me to no end.

22. I went to the supermarket to buy love antidote. There, I was referred to their pharmacist. The only remedy prescribed to this lover boy is a large dose of your homemade TenderLovingCare TLC.

23. If you must know, then I’ll come clean to you. I’m more in love with you today than I was in the past. A sudden glimpse into the future reveals my future love for you surpasses that of today.

24. I love being with you: you make me incredibly happy. I love you unreservedly, my sweetheart.

25. Look through the window, you will see a shining, twinkling star. That’s my love for you, blazing forth unrestrained.

26. They say nothing lasts forever; I concur. You are my nothing, holding on to my heart with a forever grip.

27. Fate connected us. Love kept us glued to each other. Forever is a deal that looks so attractive and appealing.

28. Your love is the glue that holds the fragments of my life together without falling apart.

29. I love life because you love me. Loving you is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

30. I love you passionately, unrestrainedly and completely. Your love added an enviable swagger to my gait.

31. Take a wild guess and tell me how much I love you. I guess you are wrong. It isn’t as much as you love me. It is as immeasurable as the sand and as uncountable as the stars in the sky.

32. I will love and cherish you forever. This is my secret vow to you.

33. Want to know how much you mean to me? Look deeply into my eyes: it is the mirror of my soul. It harbours no pretense or deceit. It’s the hour of truth: my love for you is laid bare, uncheck.

34. One sweet hug from you, my frayed nerve is calmed and my agitated spirit is relaxed. Such is the power of your love for me. Love you more, sugar pie.

35. All I need in my life is packaged in you. You are my ticket to eternal bliss.

36. You are the summary of my today and tomorrow. My past is a history of my search for you, my perfect soulmate.

37. Perfection isn’t in the being. Perfection is when you are absolutely and delightfully right for me in spite of our quirks and eccentricities. I’m nuts about you!

38. The best thing I have done in my life is falling helplessly in love with you.

39. You blew my mind with your enchanting smile when we met. You snatched my heart with your beautiful and gentle soul. I’m your loyal captivate, my love.

40. My whole world comes alive and I feel giddy with happiness when you smile at me, in that beautiful way of yours. You needn’t catch this dude; I’m hooked already!

41. I fell for you; hook, line and sinker. I’m all yours, till eternity.

42. Can you handle the truth? I just left the doctor’s office. After series of tests, I was diagnosed with an incurable condition. The doctor is right: I’m hopelessly in love with you!

43. I make no false promises. The journey may be rough and bumpy, but our future/destination is beautiful and worth the trouble. I’ll cherish you every step of the way.

44. My day is made when I hear your voice. The angels smile at me and blessings flow in at your command. You are my Angel.

45. Life unpredictability is revealed when I got what I didn’t bargain for: falling in love with you. Playing it smart and embracing your love has brought nothing but joy to my heart.

46. I’m not perfect, but your love makes me feel like a superhero and I stand tall…with pride. You are my pride.

47. I’m not crazy about you. I’m heads over heels in love with you! So, there you have it; I’m nuts about you, after all!

48. Something tells me I need my head examined. I believe it’s something you can handle: I’m crazy about you. Will you be my psychiatrist?

49. An important reminder: I love you with all my heart. You are special in every way. Search my heart.

50. Your past is a history: bury it with all its gory details. Your today and tomorrow are the gifts I want to share with you. Let’s write a love story that will wipe away the pain and shame of the past. Love you still.

51. I love you to bits: cross my heart.

52. Thoughts of you keep me awake. When I finally sleep, I dream about you so much that I wish I could sleep longer. Anyhow it turns out, you are on my mind 24/7. I love you.

53. You are my number one choice; no one else came even close. In a heartbeat, I’d choose you all over again. Love you load.

54. Look out for the brightest star tonight. I sent a message to you via the star. Reach out for it and handle with care. My heart is the content: I love you.

55. I’m always alive when I’m with you. You bring out the best in me, sweetie. I love you.

56. You are the most beautiful lady in the world. Loving you is my unwavering commitment to you.

57. Joy inexplicable is defined as seeing you morning, noon and night. I love you, babe.

58. I love you: it’s an unqualified statement that covers the Good, the bad and the ugly. It’s my commitment to you.

59. Quirks, flaws, imperfections, eccentricities and all, notwithstanding: I love you without qualification.

60. I regret the fact that I didn’t meet you earlier. I begrudge your past about the part I’m missing therein. I love you from the depth of my heart.

61. Your love stripped me of pride and clothe me with honour. Self-centeredness gave way to selflessness. I’m humbled and privileged to call you mine.

62. Your sweet love transformed my life and I discovered ‘love’ is the most powerful weapon of change in the world. I love you, honey pie.

63. Losing you is an option I’m not ready to explore. Loving you is what I know how to do best; like I learnt to breathe and live.

64. I’m done with pretenses. I’m doing away with nuances, hints and ambiguities. I love you. Thoughts of you consume my mind…day and night. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

65. Thoughts of losing you gave wings to my doubts, procrastination and delay tactics. They took the hint and flee away to Neverland. Only the truth survived the hurricane. It took a strong hold on me till I admitted it to myself. Yep, I love you, my sweetie. I’m totally, completely and absolutely in love with you.

66. I love everything about you. I can’t figure out anything unappealing about you. I find joy and peace in your arms. My love for you is without blemish.

67. Just a kiss, the lightest and briefest, I lost it completely and irretrievably…the most treasured part of me, to you: my heart.

68. Living my life without the luxury of your love is like a man who is outwardly wholesome, but inwardly empty.

69. I love you, more than life itself. Your love perks me up more than the best coffee in the world.

70. I love you for yourself. Everything about you thrills me to no end. You are beautiful, glamorous, classy, witty, smart and lovely in every way.

71. I’m smitten by your love. Meeting you changed my life in a great way. Loving you brings me so much joy, it’s scary. You are my dream come true, sweetie pie.

72. You are effortlessly beautiful: a masterpiece. A perfect work of art by the great sculptor Himself – God. You are beautiful in form, frame, heart, mind and soul. Ain’t I blessed!

73. I had a perfect life, where everything was under control. I was on top of my game. Then, you walked into my perfectly ordered life, and turned it upside down, inside out, perfectly chaotic… delightfully imperfect. I don’t want my life back. I love the one I have with you just fine.

74. Your smile is as bright as the rising sun as it illuminates the world with its brilliance. It is warm, infectious and cute. You aren’t just beautiful; you’re cute. I love you.

75. Like a freezing man caught outside in the winter cold longs for a glimmer of sunlight, my heart desperately longs for you when we aren’t together. I need you as much as my heart needs to beat to live. I love you is putting it mildly, I’m crazy about you, honey pie.

76. You are an absolute wonder to me. Beautiful, sophisticated, elegant and smart. You are caring, loving and generous. What I admire most about you is your unwavering decision to keep yourself pure for marriage. I’m proud of you, my Angel.

77. Now I understand how it feels to gasp when one is short of breath. It’s totally scary! Just the way I feel at the thought of losing you. Unthinkable! You are the very air I breathe, sweetie. Without you, I cease to be. I love you.

78. The fact that girls flock around me is neither an attraction nor a distraction. They mean absolutely nothing to me, and I do everything to discourage the unwanted attention. I have eyes only for someone special: You! My time, my affection, my heart and my love belong to you alone, my sugarplum.

79. When I realise you love me almost as much as I love you, I feel on top of the world. Like a guy that won a jackpot! More than that, I did win the heart of the most beautiful treasure God ever created. I love you… is an understatement.

80. I didn’t believe in love at first sight until I met you. From the first moment I set my eyes on you, I fell totally in love with you. On its own accord, my heart started racing crazily. I’m yet to recover till date. I’m resigned to the delicious fact that I’ll love you forever.

81. Anywhere I am, wherever I go, my heart is always with you. I love you.

82. Words fail me to describe the depth of my love for you. Perhaps, it’s because the depth is immeasurable. The fact remains unchanged: I love you.

83. When I’m with you, I feel exhilarated, complete and fulfilled. Nothing can beat such feelings. I love you.

84. Something magical happens when I’m with you. Somehow, all my problems pull a disappearing act, never to resurface when we are together. It’s a mystery only love can unravel. I love you, my magical Princess.

85. Pinching myself is my favourite pastime these days, to be sure I’m not dreaming. It’s incredible, really! The most beautiful lady in the world is all mine, to behold and to treasure! “I love you” doesn’t do justice to the feelings I have for you.

86. My love for you is all-consuming, total and endless. Your past cannot subtract from it and your flaws can’t have its cut. It’s an encompassing love that is going nowhere. I cherish you with all my being.

87. Your shocking revelation cuts no ice with me. There’s nothing new under the sun. Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future. You are the future I look forward to, as I grab all the happiness our love offers. Have no doubt, our love has come to stay. No shaking!

88. I am never letting you go. Nothing can make me; not even you. Except you stopped loving me. Then, I’ll only love you from afar, respecting your wishes. What remains unchanged is my love for you.

89. I fell helplessly in love with you when we met. I’m still passionately in love with you today. The way I see it, I’ll love and cherish you forever.

90. I don’t need a crystal ball to reveal the future to me: I can see it clearly already. You are my glorious future as well as my great today. I love you, sweetie puff.

91. Seeing your love for me in your beautiful eyes, set my being ablaze for you. Your voice is like music to my heart. I love you so much it hurts by its sheer intensity.

92. Before I met you, I was a wandering, listless soul. My heart found its place and rest in you. Bliss is the current state of my heart just because I love you and you love me right back.

93. The story of my life began when we met. It came alive when you agreed to be mine and became vibrant with the endless possibility of a future with you. I love you.

94. Just in case you have forgotten, however momentarily; this heart beats just for you. Without you, my heart ceases to function. You are my everything.

95. I am the luckiest guy in the world; because my girlfriend is the hottest, smartest and prettiest girl God ever created. Love you loads, darling.

96. You are astonishingly gorgeous, a beauty with brains and smart to the boots! I love you.

97. Nothing beats the ‘out of this world’ feelings that come from being loved by a beauty with lovely eyes, gorgeous legs, smashing smiles and infectious laughter. You are my life, my love!

98. I just got the news: I’ve been infected. There’s nothing anyone can do to cure it: it’s in my blood already. My love for you has permeated the whole of my being. I will love you all my life.

99. You are sweeter than honey. Believe me, Honey.

100. I’m enchanted by beauty and charmed by your simplicity and humility. I find it totally impossible not to love you so completely.

101. Life without you is as unimaginable as travelling into space without the proper gear. I love you.

102. You are my sunshine. The only bright spot in my life that never fails to ignite and illuminate my world with brightness. I adore you, Angel.

103. If ever I were in a life and death situation, ensure you find your way to me. Give me a nice, warm cuddle and a smashing kiss; I’d come quickly back to life in a jiffy. You are my miracle! I love you.

104. The astonishing miracle of life is that I love you, and you love me right back.

105. When I hear the sound of your sweet voice; my heart beats wildly, my pulse becomes erratic and everything within me desires a forever with you. I’m enchanted, my adorable angel.

106. You are my timeless and priceless treasure. I’m holding on to you for dear life. I love you.

107. The flaws that put others off, are the very source of my attraction to you. Have no fear; you are perfectly right for me. I love you.

108. Beautiful damsel, you captured my heart. I’m never letting you go: my survival mode is activated. I love you.

109. You are a perfectly beautiful creature, perfectly fitted for me. There’s nothing I desire to change in you. Being eccentric makes it more fun to love you.

110. I find you irresistible, enthralling and captivating. I have no choice in this matter: I love you!

111. Forever is a song I specially composed for you. You make me incredibly happy. I love you now and forever.

112. I’m positively dazzled by the brilliance of your beauty and charismatic character. You are a Queen among women. I love you.

113. A healthy dose of your love and TLC will guarantee me a life ticket away from the doctor. I love you.

114. Keeping silent is killing me softly. I don’t want you to be just my girlfriend; I want you for keeps. I love you.

115. Life is all about perception. Where others see flaws; I see enchanting traits. Your faults are endearing and your imperfections suit my personality. You are exactly right for me! I love you.

116. It’s a fact. My body and senses refuse to function any day I do not see you or hear from you. I need you like a dehydrated man gasp for water. I adore you, sweetie.

117. You bring unspeakable joy to my life; I’m not letting you go. I love, cherish and adore you.

118. I am not greedy: one lifetime with you us all I desired and an eternity of endless forever. I love you, babe.

119. When we are apart, I dream of a beautiful future with you. When we are together, I see my future unfold and come alive right in front of me. My beautiful damsel, I’m absolutely enchanted and in love with you.

120. Why wait for a future that’s already here and ripe for plucking? I love you, my adorable sweetheart. You are my future and forever love.

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