Blessed Monday Morning Quotes Wishes for Someone Special

2023 Blessed Monday Morning Quotes Wishes for Someone Special

Life is all about how you perceive it. Some people dread Monday mornings, having enjoyed the leisure and pleasure of the weekends; while others who can’t wait for the productive activities of Mondays and other weekdays, can’t wait to embrace it.

Attitudes determine altitudes. A right attitude to life and work will take a man to a great altitude of success, while a wrong altitude leaves a man stumped at the rump of the ladder of success: frustrated, underachieved and unfulfilled.

Monday is the start of a workday. It’s usually loaded with impossible workload, targets, high power meetings and millions plus one thing to do and achieve within a short space.

It looks crazy, but with the right mindset, it’s not as bad as it seems. With a great enthusiasm for work, planning and the thrill of a sense of achievement via a job well done: Mondays can be anticipated and faced with more zeal, zest, and enormous hope. The reward in remuneration is another motivation.

Want to try inspiring Monday quotes to ginger you up for an exciting week at work? Do you have the desire to break free from the cozy feeling of a weekend bliss and fun? Need to inspire that friend, colleague, teammate, sweetheart or sibling of yours, who is positively loathed to facing the rigours of a Monday?

Monday Morning Quotes Wishes for Someone Special

Beautiful Monday Morning Quotes Wishes for Someone Special.

Don’t look far, we’ve got you covered. Here are 100+ Blessed Monday Morning Quotes and wishes to get you started in the year 2023 and beyond.

1. A beautiful day with great prospect. Just as the dawn broke today, you will experience breakthroughs on every side. Your testimony us awaiting your pleasure.

2. Appearance is often deceptive no matter how obvious you think the fact is. That something looks gloomy doesn’t mean it has no bright spots. Good morning! It’s going to be a Monday full of awesome surprises!

3. You are who you think you are. Your expectations determine your result. The day is only as beautiful as you expect it to be.

4. It’s Monday already! Things get done on Mondays, no room for laxity.

5. Mondays aren’t doom days. On Monday, important issues are resolved and things are put into motion to make other days fruitful and fully optimized.

6. Today is a beautiful day: that’s why it’s Monday!

7. Monday is my favourite day because I get to make a fresh start if I fell down flat on my face the previous week.

8. God is going to do something extraordinary for you this week, be expectant…starting from Monday.

9. Monday is a great day to enjoy an exceptional day.

10. Good things happen on Mondays.

11. Success is disguised as hard work processed and packaged on Mondays.

12. It’s Monday; let’s go to work!

13. There are two choices to make on a Monday to enjoy a wonderful week: make your passion your job or be passionate about your job. The choice and the outcome is all yours.

14. It’s Monday; a new perspective will turn a stumbling block into a stepping stone. A fresh insight will turn troubles to triumphs.

15. Every problem has an expiry date; thankfully, yours expired yesterday. It’s Monday!

16. Until life blows its final whistle, it isn’t over until it’s finally over, just after you won handsomely. Keep trying; its Monday.

17. There will never be the best time for anything. The best time is now, even if it’s Monday.

18. Thank God it’s Monday! Now, let’s get started.

19. Monday is an equation of hard work with many variables. Focus, Stress,

20. Monday is the best day to take revenge on poverty. Go, start and be a roaring success.

21. Success is a process that begins on a Monday. Monday denotes seriousness that brooks no laxity.

22. Today is Monday, and I’m going to enjoy myself by working hard.

23. Brave workers show up for work on Mondays and plow through the mountainous and assiduous task like a valiant soldier.

24. Monday is like the proverbial bad penny: it always shows up! So, make the best of the day.

25. Monday is the face of over-seriousness, overload and overstressed.

26. Monday is as forceful and frequent as Friday is elusive and seldom.

27. Monday is as dreaded as a wounded lion but can be as fruitful as a cultivated fertile land. Enjoy a productive Monday, dearest.

28. Monday sucks the life out of those who hate their jobs while it brings an unimaginable thrill of excitement to those who are passionate about their job.

29. The fastest day to appear and the slowest day to disappear is without doubt a Monday. Obviously, it’s not a gentleman; it doesn’t know when it isn’t wanted and beat a fast retreat.

30. Your future is as big as your dreams and as powerful as the necessary steps and actions you take from Monday.

31. Don’t give up! It’s Monday already: get started. Your success story is about to be written.

32. You can choose to be happy and super excited every day of the week; especially on Mondays.

33. You are in charge of your life, including your reaction to situations or things. Your reactions to Monday determines how the day turns out. Horrible or great, you set the tone.

34. You can’t continue to do things in the same way and expect a different result. Today is Monday: the best day to start over in a different way to achieve the desired result.

35. Success and achievement is a question of perception. Our realities and goals in life are as different as our personalities, background and aspiration. Be yourself and stay focused, starting from this Monday.

36. There are two ways one can achieve a goal: the easy way or the hard way. The choice is all yours on a Monday.

37. There’s no shortcut to lasting success: hard work is the only route. Even the genius and talented walk this path to fame and success. It all starts on a Monday

38. One step at a time without fail gets you to your destination sooner or later; even on Monday. Have a splendid day!

39. It’s the start of a new week. May the Lord go ahead of you and smoothens every crooked path in your way. May you receive abundant grace to do exceptional things today and the rest of the week. Have an amazing Monday.

40. This Monday, you will go forth in praise and come back with thanksgiving. Each new day shall be an improvement on the previous. Have a great day!

41. The Lord will give you beauty for the ashes of your past. He will give you a new song and a new beginning. Enjoy a blessed Monday.

42. Good morning. It’s a glorious Monday full of sunshine and promises. Grab all the happiness it offers in the midst of frantic busyness. Have an awesome Monday, dearie!

43. It’s Monday. As you open your eyes this morning, God will open your eyes to new insights and opportunities that will catapult you to a higher level, in Jesus name.

44. On a beautiful day like this, the Lord shall open new doors for you. Gates of blessings will not be shut against you. You shall move from glory to glory in Jesus name. It shall be a Monday filled with great accomplishments, setting the pace for extraordinary exploits for succeeding days.

45. God is set to bless you today. Expect God’s mighty move in your life today, that will roll over to the rest of the week and beyond. Good morning, have a splendid Monday!

46. It’s Monday, already! God shall move mightily in your life. Every problem causing you sleepless nights shall receive a divine solution. The Lord shall turn all your troubles to testimonies, in Jesus name.

47. This Monday, may you experience overwhelming peace that beats every imagination. Your troubles shall disappear into thin air and you shall experience uncommon favour, in Jesus powerful name.

48. As the sun peeks out of the gloomy sky to dominate and transform it and the world with its brightness, so shall your glory dominate and rule in the midst of all opposition. Good morning. Have a glorious Monday.

49. You can climb high and treacherous mountains if you are properly geared and prepared, and you take the task one solid step at a time. A great feat is achieved, not with force or all at once, but on a slow and steady pace. The peak awaits your pleasure this beautiful Monday.

50. Great things start on Monday; if you but believe. The phenomenon starts with you. Have a lovely Monday.

51. Ouch! It’s Monday. Let’s go and tackle the day. Something tells me it’s going to be as awesome as it looked awful!

52. I’m meaner than Mondays! All I need to tackle and handle the stress and rigours of Mondays is right at my fingertips. Bring it on, I’m ready. Monday, here I come!

53. Mondays are special. They are a constant reminder that nothing good lasts forever…just like the weekends!

54. Work is the enemy that stands between you and success. Conquer your workload, challenges and to-do-list with zeal and zest starting from this Monday; then enjoy the fun that weekends offer with glee. Have a fruitful Monday.

55. The bliss and comfort of weekends are made affordable by the toils and rigours of weekdays, starting from Monday. Monday and its pals are the prices you pay to enjoy an awesome weekend. And yes, it’s time to work. Get going! Good morning, have an amazing Monday!

56. You have yourself to blame if you have an awful weekend. Weekdays and weekends are Siamese twins. Treat one well, the other will give you a swell time. It all starts from Monday. Let’s do it, pals!

57. God will bless everything you touch today. As you step out into the new week, your blessings shall locate you from the four corners of this world. The light of God’s glory will shine upon you and your hands shall achieve greatness in Jesus name. Good morning, love. Have a splendid Monday.

58. Of all God’s amazing creatures, you are His most special. My love, you are God’s masterpiece, a finished product of grace. May God’s grace work wonders for you this Monday and the rest of the week. Good morning, darling.

59. Hello, my Sunshine. Good morning, my sweetie. Step out this Monday into an awesome week of extraordinary grace, favour and blessings. Everything good packaged for you shall find its way to you, from this morning. Have an amazing Monday.

60. Good morning, my darling. This week, God will look at you with favour. This Monday will not be an ordinary one: it will open doors if unusual blessings and great joy to you. Enjoy a blessed Monday!

61. This Monday, you will arise and shine. God’s glory will rest upon you today and the rest of the week. You will experience victory in all your ways today. Go forth and experience prosperity, lines shall fall upon you in pleasant places in Jesus name. Good morning, love. Have a victorious Monday.

62. Whatever you lay your hands upon this Monday, shall prosper. The rest of the week shall blaze forth in success for you. You will a great reward for all your hard work. Have a rewarding Monday!

63. May your day be as bright as your smile. May the Lord put a song in your heart and reward all your labour. Have a Wonderful Monday.

64. May the spirit of God guide and guard you. May He bless everything you do today and forever. You will not work hard today and eat the bread of sorrow. The Lord shall bless your substance in Jesus name. Enjoy a blessed Monday.

65. Different strokes for different folks. Through hard work and good thinking, Monday heralds the good tidings of more money and affluence to the astute investor, business-minded, and goal-getter. While those who work for money pass through the motion of work, dread the Mondays to endure the pittance.

66. Every day is filled with wonders. If you believe and reach out, each day will unravel its wonders to you; even a Monday!

67. It’s okay to fall. Just ensure you rise again. Don’t stay down! Pick yourself from the dust, own your mistakes, learn all the vital lessons and simply move on; for life goes on…especially on Mondays.

68. Not every wind of adversity should push you down. Sometimes, you’ve got to put your feet down and fight right back. That way, you show the stern stuff you are made of: unbeatable! Have a victorious Monday.

69. The first rule of success is to love your work. When you love what you do, even the Mondays become bearable. When weariness sets in, the passion will keep you going till you succeed. Have a successful Monday.

70. Don’t live your life to impress others; you will end up frustrated and unfulfilled. Be yourself, do your best and enjoy your life st no one’s expense. Have a fulfilling Monday.

71. Happiness is a state of mind only you can give yourself. When it is dependent on others or situations, you become unhappy and bitter. Take a grip: your life, your happiness, your Monday!

72. Your happiness is the key to your adversary’s defeat. Be happy! Thank God it’s Monday; time to work at being happy while working!

73. Thank God, it isn’t doomsday or payback day; it’s just Monday. There’s much fun to be had working. Let’s tackle the day with the excitement we can muster.

74. You are the artist and architect: today is only as beautiful as you designed it. Monday is no exception: draw your fun lines into the curvey and bends of hard work.

75. It’s Monday: time to be amazing!

76. God is set to do amazing things this Monday. Be happy, joyful, expectant and excited. This is the only pull that will attract the wonders.

77. If you want to get somewhere, a good place to start is from where you are, right now, barring excuses. Excuses always look attractive and appealing, but they are dream murders. Start this minute, it’s Monday.

78. Monday is as good as they come if you milk it for all it is worth. The difference is the perspective.

79. Get moving: your result will speak for you. Taking time to defend yourself will deprive you of that pleasure. It’s Monday, get started.

80. So others are ahead of you? So what? It isn’t a competition: each must run his/her race at his/her pace, to achieve a different result that works for different destinations. Focus is the key for a fulfilling Monday.

81. You are as good as what you believe. For the rest of your week to turn out well, spend Monday in reorientation and working on your belief system and right attitude. The rest they say… is history.

82. Welcome, Monday! What took you so long? You see, I spent the weekend learning to conquer the fear of you. Now, I embrace you with open arms to enjoy the adventure you bring. Let’s ride on!

83. Monday is a special gift from God to repair the damage we did to our finances during the weekend.

84. A friend in disguise is Monday. It arrives mean and ready to equip us all we need to enjoy the pleasures of the weekends. The real thrill is in the anticipation it provides.

85. Monday is the culprit that position the other days rightly, to enable us to capture the pleasure of weekend’s bliss.

86. We all have a friend that is greatly misunderstood; just like Mondays. We resent them when they are only watching out for us without a single complaint.

87. No kidding, it’s Monday! The fun is over; time to kit up for work. Fun doesn’t pay the bills. Monday with its colleagues does!

88. I wish Mondays can be postponed; but then, I remember my paycheck and rush to work.

89. Life is a process. The paycheck I so much desired can only be accessed through the process of work, beginning from Monday. To dodge the process is to miss the pay.

90. Let your dreams direct your path to success. You can’t miss it! It’s Monday, get started.

91. This beautiful Monday, the Lord will guide and set you on the course for greatness, success and abundance. Every step you take will be a step in the right direction. Have a lovely day, honey.

92. As you set out this Monday and journey throughout this week, the Prince of peace shall enforce peace in every area of your life. God will usher you into new levels of honour, devoid of shame and reproach. Great will be your lot in Jesus awesome name.

93. As we begin this new week, may you record unusual success like never before. God will visit all that concerns you with His awesome power and give you cause to jubilate in Jesus name. Have an exceptional Monday and week ahead!

94. This Monday, the Lord shall show you His mercy and clothe you with a garment of favour. All His promises shall speedily come to pass in your life, in Jesus name. No more delay or denial.

95. From this day on, every door of opportunity shut against you shall be widely opened in Jesus name. As none can hinder the flow of the wind, none shall stop you from manifesting. Go and fulfill your destiny. Have a wonder-filled Monday.

96. This shall be a Monday to remember, by the mercy of God. Whatever case that men considered closed, God will reopen such in your favour and give you a resounding testimony. Throughout this week, the Lord shall daily load you with benefits, in Jesus name.

97. As you set out today, everything that has been divinely programmed for you shall be realized and achieved without fail, in Jesus name. Whatever you lay your hands upon shall prosper beyond your wildest imagination. Have a stupendous Monday!

98. In the mighty name of Jesus, the wind of favour will be activated from the four corners of the world. It shall overturn every negative situation to your advantage. Enjoy a favourable Monday.

99. Another glorious Monday has come your way today. You shall be blessed and favoured, in Jesus awesome name. You shall set forth in joy and return in jubilation. Every day of this week will give you cause to celebrate God’s awesomeness.

100. Monday is a good day to pursue your dreams and passions to a successful conclusion through the reality of hard work and persistence.

101. Success has little to do with luck. It’s all about hard work, skill, wisdom, timing and persistence. That’s why Monday is nature’s wake up call to set you free from the lull caused by a fun-filled weekend, into the realms of the pathway to success.

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