Best Romantic Lunch Messages

2023 Best Romantic Lunch Messages

There’s time for everything, even for a perfect romantic lunch. Afternoon sunshine could ignite a hunger for affection in the heart of a lovebird.

Hence, it becomes wise as a lovebird to study the weather and to read the mood that hovers around your lover. Then you can hit them with the perfect romantic gesture even from several miles away.

love messages can travel farther than our legs can trudge over to meet our partner.

Time and space may not permit you to observe lunch with the one whom your heart beats for and your soul pants after. However, a dose of Romantic Lunch Messages would suppress their hunger pangs and enthuse a longing for you.

If you have the interest to be yearned after with some level of extreme gluttony, then grab these romantic messages below and do the needful.

Romantic Good Afternoon Messages for Him or Her

One of the best feelings of love to your boyfriend or girlfriend this afternoon is to receive some romantic lunch messages from you. Choose one of the romantic lunch messages and good afternoon wishes that best fits him or her right away.

1. I’m having the fair sun for lunch. With her, I can never ask for more.

2. Trudge along my heart this midday to arouse my desire for you more than my afternoon meal.

3. Make me eat lunch from the palm of your soft hand and I’ll feel no hunger afterward.

4. My hunger pangs disappear with inhalation of the scent of your kiss from a distant shore.

5. I’ll remain thirsty for you no matter the water quantity I gulp this noon, my love.

6. Lunch would be great beside you than far away, my love.

7. This noon, I’ll eat next to the sun, so the envious moon can watch from afar till it’s dusk.

8. Do me well by making my lunch about your kisses than a plate of my favourite dish.

9. This afternoon would be great if you were serving my lunch, love.

10. I want to feel the bite of your teeth on my skin. Let me be your lunch, this midday.

11. Love, I’m lost without your noon kisses and my appetite is gone with the morning sun as I eat alone.

12. There’s something so special about today; it’s the thought of our lunch together.

13. I’ll never miss my lunch because I don’t want to miss you, my darling.

14. Heaven fills my belly with gladness once you drop a kiss on my hungry lips. Enjoy your lunch, babe.

15. There’s no better lunch than having you in me, sweety.

16. Nothing else can make me full than the thought of your beauty.

17. If I have you by my side this noon, I’ll never taste for anything else besides you.

18. My favourite time of the day is the sunshine hour when my heart is wrapped around your thought and my tummy feels no rumbles.

19. I’ll only ask for more if you’ll be my lunch this noon, honey.

20. Smile on me and make my noon worth it, baby.

21. At the zenith of the sun, my thirst for you is amplified. Be my lunch, love.

22. Balance my diet this noon with your wholesome smile, baby.

23. My thirst for you surpasses my hunger for anything else, honey.

24. Lunch is great when you’re eating next to me.

25. Every bite I make, makes my heart grow fonder for you.

26. Whisper into my itching ears what you’ll like to eat and I’ll give you the world, sweety.

27. I’ll wallow in hunger if you’ll eat lunch without me, babe.

28. I’ll give you more than your lunch this noon, for I’m giving you the world.

29. Honey, all I dreamt last night was to feed you when the midday is here. Make my dream come true.

30. Let us eat together this noon, whilst the sun melts our worries away.

31. My afternoons are for you to devour like a hungry lion.

32. I pant for you so much more than the deer pants for a river of water.

33. Run after me and grab me for your lunch, sweety.

34. My love, this noon, I want to feel your hunger for me from miles away, so I can run to you in a jiffy.

35. Lunch becomes special as we exchange our foods on each other’s lips.

36. Your kisses would make for a perfect lunch.

37. As I savor my lunch, your thoughts will wash down every spoon of meal I take. Enjoy your lunch too, my love.

38. It doesn’t take much to have the best lunch experience, all it takes is your love hovering around my afternoon.

39. Eat and drink, along with the sweetness of our love.

40. None of these delicious dishes deviates my attention from you this afternoon, my love.

41. I’ll give anything to have your kisses alongside my lunch.

42. Have a swell lunch experience, colored with the hues of my smiles, my darling.

43. Noon comes with lunch, I hope it does with your kisses soon.

44. The ecstasy of this lunch is gone with the lonely noon because my love is not on the other side of the table.

45. When we share a kiss, the world is at still, but with lunch, we hope for a future together.

46. I just want to be your lunch mate for the rest of my life, sweetheart.

47. I wish you were by my side, picking on my food, as I steal many kisses from your soft cheeks.

48. I miss you the most when lunch’s time is near.

49. I’ll give you all my love, I just want a lunch with you, my darling.

50. I’m filled with your love, I don’t think I need lunch.

51. My wildest dream is a lunch with you right now, sweetheart.

52. I’m not just eating lunch, but I am thinking of you, pretty.

53. While quenching my thirst and satisfying my hunger, I crave your presence on the other side of this table.

54. When afternoon comes with lunchtime, I’ll offer you my love too as dessert.

55. Midday meals bring hunger to my soul as I want you by my side.

56. Enjoy your lunch, sweetheart. Let my love give you laughter and peace as you eat and drink.

57. Your eyes, I miss the most as I prepare to eat lunch.

58. I want to make lunch for you. It’s what I crave for this noon.

59. Love is beautiful because it’s you I’m loving. Lunch is lonely without you by my side.

60. I’ll give anything to share this lunch with you. I miss you, boo.

61. The lunch wouldn’t do, pls send me your kisses too.

62. You make me smile in the middle of lunch when I recall the words you said with love.

63. A lovely lunch underneath the yellow sun would be me and you together.

64. With cutleries in hand and with love in my heart, I savor this meal, my darling.

65. I’ll be done eating but not with loving you, sweetheart.

66. Your love is forever satisfying. I’ll hunger no more, sweetheart.

67. Your love is tastier than the most palatable lunch. Be my lunch for now and ever, sweetheart.

68. The sunny afternoon leaves me with nothing but hunger for you.

69. Midday with you is everything I need, my love.

70. Nothing breaks my heart than showery noon without you, my love.

Your lover would have you to thank for an excellent lunch even though you were not around.

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Thank you.

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