Pre Birthday Countdown Captions and Quotes

Pre Birthday Countdown Captions and Quotes

It is no longer news that birthdays are special days and no rule states it can be celebrated for just one day. Though it is the anniversary of one’s birth, it deserves to be celebrated not just on that day alone but as long as one wishes to.

Using countdown messages, wishes and quotes is one of the best ways to celebrate birthdays for more than a day and it goes a long way in showing how special that person is to you. Everyone deserves to feel loved, and almost everyone loves to be celebrated not only for one day.

Do you have plans to celebrate that special person before their birthday but you lack words to express yourself? Worry no more, I have here, the best pre-birthday countdown captions and quotes that can be used in celebrating your lover, best friend, sister, brother, father, mother, aunt, and uncle. They are also great for you to use for yourself, to anticipate your big day.

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Best Captions for Birthday Countdown

I have the best birthday captions for your birthday countdown this year. I’m sure you’ll love them. HBD in advance, love. May the coming year be beautiful for you.

1. It’s 2days to your big 30, love. You’re a light that shines and that you’ll always be. Happy birthday in advance.

2. In 7 days I will add to my age. Happy birthday in advance to me!

3. My big day is almost here, I just want to scream and shout about how grateful I am to God almighty. Happy birthday to moi.

4. I don’t need a reminder to tell me that my birthday is in a few days. I will walk my head high because it’s my big day.

5. This feeling is beyond me falling in love. It’s a feeling that comes once a year. It’s a feeling of my birthday. Happy birthday to me in advance.

6. I am prepared for a new year filled with so much joy and happiness. I am prepared for my big day. Let the gifts keep rolling in. Happy birthday in advance to me.

7. I wish I can keep calm but my heart is so excited about my big day. I am going into it with so much gladness of heart. In Addy to me.

8. My best girl is going to be a big 30 very soon. Happy birthday in advance to my sweet girlfriend.

9. And the countdown has begun, in 7 days my bestie will be a year older and a year sweeter. Love you loads, bestie.

10. There are so many things I want to wish for myself this new year, today I wish for unending happiness. Happy birthday in advance to myself.

11. As my birthday counts down to 7 days, may the blessing of the lord not depart from me.

12. Rejoice with me, I will be 20 in 6 days. Happy birthday in advance me.

13. My heart rejoices for you dear friend as you will celebrating your 21st birthday in 6 days. Happy birthday in advance, darling

14. It’s few hours to a new season in my life. I wish myself unlimited joy and peace. Happy birthday in advance.

15. The stars look beautiful and the moon looks brighter tonight, guess what? They are trying to celebrate my big day in few hours.

16. I’m happy for growth this past few days, I’m expectant for more growth this new year. Happy birthday in advance to me.

17. To those who made this present age a blessing to me, I say a big THANK YOU, a new season is on its way, brethren shall we?
Yes, we can together.

18. The next few days are filled with so much joy and gladness in my heart and that because it’s my birthday! Happy birthday in advance.

19. My birthday is in a month and it’s not too early to start my count down. Join my 30 days grateful challenge. Happy birthday in advance to me.

20. My heart rejoices for the hope of a better tomorrow, tomorrow is drawing near, my big day Is getting closer. Happy birthday in advance.

Quotes for Birthday Countdown

Countdown to your big day, dear. This is to remind you that I haven’t forgotten your big day. Happy birthday in advance, dear.

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21. I don’t believe birthdays should be celebrated only for a day, let the count down begin and let the celebration start. Sending my Hugs and birthday wishes from now. Happy birthday in advance.

22. I’m not interested in the date you were born, I’m interested in the full month you were born so I’m going to begin my countdown from now. Watch out, best friend.

23. I value every time spent with you, you’re worth celebrating every day so for the next few days, I’m going to increase the volume of your big day. Happy birthday in advance, baby.

24. Birthday countdowns are special especially when it’s one birth anniversary. For the next few days, I’m going to wish for a special thing for myself.

25. You are my treasure of inestimable value, one that I cherish with so much reverence in my heart. Happy birthday in advance, love.

26. The world would be a better place if everyone had a friend as selfless as you. Keep growing, beautiful. Happy birthday in advance.

27. You should know that I’m certain about what life holds for you because you deserve to be a great person with your name ringing bells of victory all over the world. Happy birthday in advance, dear.

28. Few days to your birthday and you’re already receiving gifts and cards. I know it’s little compare to the greatness you exude. Have the best birthday ever. Happy birthday in advance to my great friend.

29. Remember, birthdays are memorable days but trust me it is more memorable when celebrated for more than one day. Happy birthday in advance, cousin.

30. It might not look like a giant step, but it’s a step closer to being the best of your kind. Happy birthday in advance, dear.

31. You are a mystery I can never unravel in a day, each day spent with you brings me to a wonderland. Happy birthday in advance to my treasure.

32. May your struggles be replaced with success and your weaknesses replaced with strength. You’re awesome dear uncle. Happy birthday in advance.

33. You understand me more than I do and that’s because you are my second half. Happy birthday in advance, twinnie. I love you.

34. You’re an angel to me and angels don’t struggle to do things in life. That’s my wish for you this season. Happy birthday to you in advance.

35. May love fills your heart and may your hopes be renewed with better and greater ones. Happy birthday in advance, dear.

36. One wish every day till your birthday comes. Today, I wish for unending happiness for you. Happy birthday to you in advance.

37. You are made for so much more than just living, you are made to thrive. Keep thriving, best friend. Happy birthday in advance.

38. Though it’s your birthday week, life has given you reasons not to be happy. Shake it off, darling. I believe the next few days will be better. Happy birthday in advance.

39. Prepare your heart and put yourself together what is coming these few days will be more than you requested for in prayer. I believe so. Happy birthday in advance.

40. Keep growing beautifully, keep prospering abundantly, and keep thriving bountifully. Happy birthday to you in advance.

Birthday Countdown Sayings

Saying how special I am to myself can’t be done in a day. More reasons I need to celebrate myself before my birthday. It’s few days to my birthday and I know it will be blissful. Happy birthday in advance to me. The countdown continues.

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41. May your path continues to become more beautiful by the day and may you never wander in loneliness. Happy birthday in advance, dearest sister.

42. Beautiful are your feet because they will lead you to great places as you enter this new season. Happy birthday in advance to my dear friend.

43. Everyone will wish you on your birthday, but I will wish you weeks before because you’re so special to my heart. Happy birthday in advance, love.

44. Being the first to wish you a happy birthday is a race I always love to carry the trophy. This year won’t be an exception. Kindly accept my birthday wishes in advance my darling.

45. Happy birthday in advance to my special person. We are doing the countdown together, baby and it’s going to be grand! Cheers to a better year in advance.

46. Even before your big day, I wish you a special new age filled with unlimited happiness. Happy 21st birthday in advance, best friend

47. Keep being awesome and beautiful my darling daughter. Enjoy your birthday celebration even before the big day. With love from mum.

48. Having you as my friend is so beautiful but it is more beautiful to anticipate in celebration the day of your birth. Happy birthday in advance my sweet friend.

49. May your earth yield a bountiful harvest this season and may your birthday be one filled with favour and joy. Happy birthday in advance

50. Your birthday is not today but I’m sending tons of hugs virtually, dearest son. Mommy loves you and misses you.

Birthday Countdown Wishes

Your birthday will definitely be a blessed one. Happy birthday in advance, sweetheart. Let the countdown begin already!

51. As we anticipate your birthday, we wait to celebrate your greatness and to appreciate you for your uniqueness. You are a star that shines. Happy birthday in advance.

52. There are so many melodies in my heart for you and so much joy for you in my spirit. Cheers to celebrating another year filled with so many opportunities. Happy birthday in advance, dear.

53. No matter how life tries to shake you off your path to success, may you always be a conquerer and success. Happy birthday in advance, dear sister.

54. May your beautiful feet take you places you’ve never imagined and may your days on earth be adorned with abundant joy and happiness. Happy birthday to you in advance.

55. Your days are blessed, your life will be a testimony and your future is secured. Happy birthday in advance, daughter.

56. It’s 7 days to your 40th birthday, I wish you 77 years of
Happiness, joy, and love, momma. Happy birthday in advance mother.

57. You deserve the best in life and I’m so happy to greet you in advance for your special day. May all you lay your hands on this season yield great results. Happy birthday in advance, love.

58. I’m sure you know how special and dear you are to my heart. May your new age bring you into another season of happiness, you’ll live to enjoy what you laboured For. Happy birthday, advance.

59. All I just want is to make you feel more special than you make me feel on your special day, happy birthday in advance, my love.

60. You are such a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. Happy birthday in advance, cousin.

61. One birthday wish is not enough for a special person like you, mom. Happy birthday in advance.

62. Hey dad. Happy birthday in advance to you. No matter how distant I am, I will raise a glass to your big day. I love you.

63. Dear Aunt, I’m going to start your birthday countdown and beat it before the D-day appears. Happy 50th birthday in advance.

64. Let all the joy, happiness, and love fall on you from now till your birthday and even beyond. Happy birthday in advance, dear cousin.

65. Your birthday is still is a couple of days away, so I pray that all your wishes be fulfilled. Happy birthday in advance.

66. May you continue to be a light that shines and may your name be a sound of joy to the world. Happy birthday in advance, dear.

67. It’s few days to your birthday, prepare your heart because the Lord has set to bless you abundantly. Happy birthday in advance, dear.

68. May your life be so filled with miracles that you’ll begin to look back and give God praise. Happy birthday in advance, my love.

69. May you find life to be sweet, may you enjoy the beauty of loving someone, and may that which you cherish so much not be taken away from you. Happy birthday in advance, love.

70. It’s sad that you’re turning older already, but just believe that age is just a number and you grow younger by the number of people you have impacted. Happy birthday in advance, grandpa.

Funny Birthday Countdown Quotes

The nearer your birthday, the sooner I want it to be because I can’t wait to treat you like a baby. It’s few days to your birthday already, let the countdown begin. Happy birthday in advance. Cheers!

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71. In Addy to my big day. Can I feel this way every day? I love this feeling of birthday excitement.

72. I’m a special person and I’m going to make the next few days special because it’s my birthday, week. Happy birthday to me.

73. Take advantage of these next 2 days because it’s my birthday just wish me a happy birthday and I’ll grant you a wish.

74. I’m not sure I can remember your birthday date again, so I have decided to celebrate with you all through the week to cover my secret. Happy birthday in advance, love.

75. I won’t be celebrating my birthday with just a birthday wish I will be celebrating with Tons of wishes 6days before my birthday. Happy birthday in advance to myself.

76. I am a latecomer at everything but I will wish you In advance so when I wish you late on your big day, It won’t be counted as an offence. Happiest birthday in advance, love.

77. You are my favourite person, so, I won’t hesitate to share your birthday with you this year. We are celebrating it together. Happy birthday in advance

78. I might not be close to you, but my heart sends you tons of love and kisses. Have the fun of your head. Happy birthday in advance.

79. I’m not counting down to tour birthday in counting up because you’re getting older. Happy birthday in advance, buddy.

80. Don’t take my niceness to be every day, I’m just unnecessarily nice because it’s my birthday week. Countdown with me, please.

Birthday Countdown Captions for Kids

Celebrating my sweet kid’s birthday in advance. Countdown to the big. Can’t wait to give you the biggest birthday celebration ever. I love you.

81. My little king will be five tomorrow, I know I’m blessed having you like my little adorable king. Happy birthday in advance to my little king.

82. Tomorrow, I’m gonna shower, my little princess, with so many hugs and kisses because she has made my life more beautiful for the past three years. Happy 3rd birthday in advance, my Angel.

83. Your birthday is a testimony and I’m glad this testimony has come to stay. Happy 5th birthday my darling. Daddy loves you.

84. You’re always a sweet girl and I’m sure you’ll grow up to be more beautiful than your mum. Happy birthday in advance sweety.

85. The joy in my heart knows no bounds because my cutie will be 7 in 7 days. How time flies. Happy birthday in advance to my one and only. I love you.

86. It’s with so much joy that I announce the birth anniversary of my sweet son, he’s gonna celebrate his first birthday in grand style. Kindly anticipate with me too.

87. It’s 5days to my sweet angel’s birthday, daddy’s little queen and mummy’s little princess. Happy birthday in advance my love. Daddy loves you.

88. My little princess’s birthday is a sign of something great. I anticipate the greatness that comes with the anniversary of your birth. Happy birthday in advance, love.

89. Ever since I received you in my arms 7 years ago, you’ve lightened my world and given me another reason to smile again. In advance of your little birthday, I pray that you will always be a smile to me. Happy birthday in advance.

90. It’s a great honour to be called your mother, I’m proud of your growth my darling baby. Thank you for being a light to my world. Happy 1st birthday in advance.

91. I love you is an understatement, words can’t describe how I feel right now but prayer can. So I pray that your growth would not be stunted. You’ll grow to fulfil purpose. Happy 7th birthday in advance, son.

92. It’s 7 days to your 10th birthday, dear daughter. I pray that the Lord bless you with more wisdom and strength. Happy birthday in advance.

93. Happy birthday in advance to my sweet little cutie. You’re a star that will always shine.

94. Knowing about your coming and receiving you in my arms was the greatest assurance of God’s love for me. I love you, son. Happy birthday in advance.

95. I anticipation of your birthday, I wish that you grow so fast so I’ll receive less trouble this season. Happy birthday in advance, dear.

96. Your smile melts my every wall of defence. You’re my dream come true, daughter. Happy birthday in advance.

97. I won’t hesitate to shower you with so many hugs and kisses on your birthday. Happy birthday in advance, dearest Princess.

98. The lord blessed me and here is the blessedness of the most high God. Happy birthday in advance to my sweet daughter.

99. In two days time, that beautiful day will be celebrated again. Happy birthday in advance to my womb opener.

100. Happy birthday in advance, baby. I can’t wait for you to enjoy yourself at your surprise birthday party. I love you.

Celebrate yourself and your loved ones in advance to their birthday with the above collection of pre-birthday countdown captions and quotes. It can be used for anyone and everyone.

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