Trending My Birthday Coming Soon Status

2023 Trending My Birthday Coming Soon Status

The joy of a forthcoming birthday is enough to make an eager celebrant wear a dress with the inscription; my birthday is coming soon. However, a catchy status can help scream it to the world if you can’t do that.

It isn’t the hardest thing keeping your status viewers fixated on your birthday, all you need is a happy birthday in advance messages to draw their attention to it.

While the calendar keeps you reminded of how far it is to your birthday, keep your viewers in touch with your special day with these Trending My Birthday Coming Soon Status and watch them flood your heart with love and support as the day arrives.

Make your choice and go feel special on the coming day.

Happy Birthday to Me in Advance Status

It’s your birthday month and your birthday is coming soon? These my birthday coming soon status for WhatsApp or Facebook will be all you need to announce your birthday in advance.

1. There’s nothing like the day you were born. Mine comes soon like the morning.

2. 7 days to my birthday and I can feel the sun shining inside of me.

3. Spread the word, it’s 2 days to my birth anniversary.

4. The galaxies are about to stand still for me, cause it’s my birthday coming soon.

5. I don’t see reasons to be sad, cause it’s my birthday in 6 days.

6. Still breathing and savoring the grace of being alive. 2 weeks to my birthday, fellas.

7. I don’t need wine to feel good. I’m drunk in the euphoria of awaiting my birthday in 5 days.

8. Who else wants to celebrate with me as my big day approaches?

9. How many days to your birthday? It’s 8 days to mine.

10. Aging is a gift. I’ll get older and bolder.

11. My wishes are ready, I want to get older already.

12. The day is bright and fair, I await it without looking back at the gloomy past. Birthday in a bit.

13. Happy birthday in advance to me. I can’t wait to see what the day is like.

14. Wait for me, await my birthday like it’s your day.

15. Peeping through the window, I know the coming year would be great. Cause I see the rainbow in the sky. In addy to me.

16. My heart is full of thanks. How pleasant it is to see that day. In addy to me.

17. I can’t help but shine. It’s the rays of my birthday hitting me so kindly. In addy to me.

18. I wouldn’t expect you to be mad at me since my birthday is coming soon.

19. I’ll dream new dreams, cause I’m clocking another year soon.

20. I desire nothing else but love and grace for my soon coming birthday.

21. 7 days to the most beautiful day of the year. Cheers to my birth anniversary.

22. My birthday makes me feel super special. In addy to me.

23. This makes me feel good; counting down to my special day. 6 more days to go.

24. I’ve earned the right to be delirious. It’s 9 days to my birthday.

25. Cheers to my big day. You haven’t seen anything yet.

26. I’m blessed and I know it. It’s 20 days to my birthday.

27. Hope is coming soon, cause my birthday is on its way.

28. Paddling the boat of joy as my birthday arrives in the full glare of the sun.

29. I’ll do away with the worries, cause a new chapter is about to be turned. Birthday in a bit.

30. Every new step, one more breath and it’ll be my birthday.

31. I wonder what heaven’s gift for me will be on that day. In addy to me.

32. The skin of gold; the omen of a superb birthday coming.

33. I’ll share more smiles with the world, cause my birthday is just around the corner.

34. I’m reminded of my birthday when I feel my heart beating to the tone of joy.

35. Am I truly the most special person in the world or it’s just my birthday coming?

36. Drenched in joy. Birthday in a bit.

37. Every second says it’ll be fine. Cause my birthday comes soon.

38. As soon as my big day arrives, I’ll let you know. Birthday in a bit.

39. Here comes the month of my birth. In addy to me.

40. The calendar has all my attention, cause I’m curious to see that day. Happy birthday in advance to me.

41. Don’t panic! It’s 21 days to my birthday.

42. Should I be expecting your gift? It’s 7 days to my birth anniversary.

43. Soon it’ll be all about me. Happy birthday in advance to me.

44. I love the feel of the starry night; it breeds hope of a birthday morning. In addy to me.

45. Get ready! I’ll steal all the shine on that day. Happy birth anniversary in advance to me.

46. This will be the best year ever. Its promises are quite glaring. In addy to me.

47. I’m about to get a cake soon. Your guess is right.

48. Fill my heart with bliss, oh heavens, cause it’ll be my birthday soon.

49. I just want to sleep and wake up to my birthday cake. Oh, it’s almost time.

50. All my wishes will come true and all my dreams will be real. This year is the year. Happy birthday in advance to me.

51. I eagerly await the moment when the sky will look regal and the sun will appear kingly. It’s 3 days to my big day.

52. The feeling of aging without wrinkles and growing without worries is next to nothing. In addy to me.

53. I’ll smile until my birthday arrives like my knight in shining armour. Happy birthday in advance to me.

54. Nothing makes my heart beat faster than the sound of my birthday jingling like the Christmas bell. It’s 5 days to my big day.

55. It’s so much fun to be older than you were last year and younger than the years to come. In addy to me.

56. Nights upon nights, I’ll wait until my birthday appears like a shooting star.

57. I cannot wait to put on my dashing dress to celebrate my big day. My birthday in a few days.

58. My birthday comes sooner than later. Watch this space.

59. My heart is full of joy. My spirit is audacious. I want to do something new as my birthday approaches.

60. When the nights fall, my birthday will arrive like a new dawn. It’s barely 24hours to my birthday.

61. I was born when the sky was azure and the sun never went down. Little wonder, I glow like a baby born within the galaxies. In addy to me.

62. I’ll bless the world with my smile and I’ll bless my heart with joy, for my birthday is in a bit.

63. It’s a privilege to see this new age of my life. I’ll scream for joy in a few moments.

64. Let’s talk about my birth anniversary. It’s a matter of time before I clock another age.

65. I want to hear the sound of glasses and behold the colour of wines when my birthday comes. Happy birthday in advance to me.

66. Aging looks so beautiful on me, cause I age like the stars. In addy to me.

67. I’ll lay myself down in happiness and rest within the cradle of love as my birthday approaches.

68. The moon smiles on me tonight, cause my birth anniversary is in a few hours.

69. Watch as I make everywhere teem with life. My birthday brings light into a place of darkness.

70. No matter how dim the earth may be, once my birthday is here, there’s a brilliant light that shines around.

71. It’s a rain of blessings over here, cause my birth anniversary attracts all manners of favours.

72. I’m a living wonder. It feels great to be alive to clock this special age. I’ll be a year plus in few days to come.

73. I feel so good than a queen in her royal palace. 7 days to my birthday.

74. My birth anniversary always comes with something special. I look forward to unravelling that special gift in a few moments.

75. My birth anniversary is usually a fusion of love and perfect bliss. Be a witness to that as it approaches.

76. I fall deeper in love with life and grow more in gratitude as another 365 days of my life close and begin.

77. You need not look into my eyes to see my happiness. My joy is palpable from a distant shore. My birthday is in a bit.

78. I am the epitome of joy and the paragon of gratitude. My birthday made me this way. In addy to me.

79. You see me looking good and exuding so much excitement from the innermost part of my heart, my birthday is the reason for this.

80. I see many reasons to be happy and uncountable reasons to be grateful. In addy to me.

81. I remember the days of my puerility. Now, I’ve grown to be the person I had always dreamt of. 2 days to my birthday.

82. You all will be a part of my big day, cause I’ll extend my happiness and joy to you. In addy to me.

83. I’ll treat myself kind and specially, for my birthday is worth it.

84. I see no reason to lament but to be grateful. This, I realize even more as my big day approaches.

85. I’ll number my days, for each moment is worth celebrating. 4 days to my birthday.

86. I’m happy and fulfilled. It comes with aging so well.

87. I hope to find the most beautiful treasures of life as my birthday approaches.

88. All I want for my birthday is good health, peace of mind, happiness, family and friends.

89. If I mean something to you, celebrate with me as my birth anniversary approaches like the beautiful summer.

90. I have a reason to remain happy for the rest of my life and that’s because of the privilege of clocking this new age. In addy to me.

91. I’ll remain still and quiet so that the joy of my birth anniversary is heard and seen all over the world.

92. My birthday is coming soon than you can imagine.

93. My happiness is surreal each time I countdown to my birthday.

94. There’s a melody in my heart today and a spring of joy in my feet as I look forward to my birth anniversary.

95. Together, let’s be grateful to God for sparing my life thus far. In addy to me.

96. The pains of yesterday are all gone with the rain that fell. Thus, I celebrate my birthday with absolute joy. Happy birthday in advance to me.

97. In a short while, I’ll end an old chapter and begin a new and fantastic phase of my life.

98. Heaven usually comes down when my birthday arrives. In addy to me.

99. I look so brand new like a bottle of wine launched from the winery. The secret is my forthcoming birth anniversary.

100. The joy I know now is much more than I ever knew. My birthday inspires me to be happy. In addy to me.

Happy birthday in advance to you. The comment box is yours to explore while you can easily share our post too.

Thank you!

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