_Pre Birthday Messages for Myself

2021 Best Pre Birthday Messages for Myself

Whilst preparing and looking forward to something big, there’s a great need to create the right atmosphere, so as to get warmed up and ardent.

This is also true for birthdays. Birth anniversaries are no little moments at all and that is why it’s expected that cheery celebrants would be proactive enough to look up for special Pre Birthday Messages to adore themselves with as their day approaches.

Hence, the best “Pre Birthday Messages for Myself” has been penned down for as many delighted celebrants as possible wishing to bask in the euphoria of their big day which is yet to come.

So, take a bite from these messages while it’s still fresh from the oven. A taste would convince you.

Happy Birthday in Advance Messages to Myself

Would you want to announce your birthday ahead? Use these pre-birthday wishes and messages for Myself.

1. May my forthcoming birthday be a rebirth for me into joy, happiness, longevity
and all the goodness of life. Happy birthday in advance to me.

2. I’ll wait patiently for my birthday in absolute optimism, for it is worth waiting for. In addy to me.

3. I’ll hold on tight to the few days to come, for they come with lots of beautiful moments to share. In addy to me.

4. Be part of my joy as lines fall in pleasant places for me at the dawn of my birthday.

5. There’s one thing I desperately ask for and that is the grace to celebrate my birthday with absolute joy.

6. I’m elated and fulfilled, cause my new age met me in prosperity and a new level in life. In addy to me.

7. I’m no longer who you used to know. My story has been rewritten into that of grace. In addy to me.

8. Perfect love carries me into a place where I no longer feel the inadequacies of the world. This I wish for as my birthday is around the corner.

9. Happy birthday in advance to me. My heart is the abode of joy that knows no limit.

10. There’s a reason I feel so special today and that’s because of my birthday which is yet to come.

11. All my worries and anxieties are gone with the wind, for my birthday brings me perfect peace.

12. There’s so much to be thankful for. I’ll savour the joy that comes with aging flawlessly. Happy birthday in advance to me.

13. There’s no better joy than the one that comes with my birthday.

14. My heart is full of praises and there’s a joy that never fades away written on my face. In addy to me.

15. I have no regrets, but lessons. I have no pain, but gains. Happy birthday in advance to me.

16. I’m wishing myself all the happiness there is in the world. I look forward to conquering new grounds as I clock a new age.

17. Like an armour, I’ll put on the garment of joy, for my birthday deserves to be spent in absolute bliss.

18. My skin tightens and my joy spreads like a wildfire once it’s my birthday. In addy to me.

19. Aging brings me new dreams and a reason to want to live again. Happy birthday in advance to me.

20. My wishes are numerous, but without a doubt will be granted. Happy born day to me in advance.

21. My strength has been renewed, so I can celebrate my forthcoming birth anniversary with every vigour in me.

22. What more can I wish myself? Heavens know better. So I await celestial gifts as my birthday approaches with the swiftness of the heavenly angels. In addy to me.

23. I’m happy for me. I know my new age shall come with my heartfelt desires.

24. I’ll put my worries to rest and bask in the joy and love which surround me. Happy birthday in advance to me.

25. There’s a reason the sun rises at my feet today and that’s because of my new age to come.

26. Joy in the inside of me, rainbows all over my body. It’ll be a superb birthday.

27. All my wishes will be granted. All my troubles will fade away. Happy birthday in advance to me.

28. I can’t deeply sleep. The euphoria of my birthday has taken over me. Happy birthday in advance to me.

29. I love it when the stars come out at night. It brings the hope of a brighter day. Happy birthday in advance to me.

30. My heart is beating so fast, cause it’s my birthday in no distant time.

31. I feel like heavens are about to bless me. Happy birthday in addy to me.

32. I’ll fill up my jar with wishes, I’ll beautify my nights with new dreams. Cause my birthday comes in a bit.

33. I’m hoping to have the best year of my life. Happy birth anniversary in advance to me.

34. Time to feel special. My birthday in a bit.

35. As soon as my birthday arrives, I’ll color the sky with many prayers.

36. I feel like I’m on top of the world. Happy birthday in advance to me.

37. History has it that, I was born on the most beautiful day ever. Happy birthday in advance to me.

38. Coupled with the lovely cake, I’ll make new dreams to bless the coming year. Happy birthday in advance to me.

39. Sleep evades my eyes. So, I’ll write my wishes down instead. Happy birthday in advance to me.

40. Heavens have my worries to take care of, so I’ll dance to my birthday song instead. Happy birth anniversary in advance to me.

41. Thenceforward, every step leads me to the most beautiful day of the year. In addy to me.

42. Feeling special in my own way. Happy birthday in advance to me.

43. Without wine and cakes, my birthday will still be great. Cause I was born happy. In addy to me.

44. Cheers to the challenges I’ve knocked down. Happy birth anniversary in advance to me.

45. Hush! It’s my birthday in a moment. Happy birth anniversary in advance to me.

46. I’ll do everything to reach my goal. Heavens spare me once again. Happy birthday in advance to me.

47. The music starts from the heart as the dance begins from now. Happy birthday in advance to me.

48. Let my wishes rise like incense to the most high. In addy to me.

49. Feels good to win again. Birthday in a bit. Cheers to more happy years.

50. Sorrows fly away like a dragon. Joy and peace flow in like a river. Happy birthday in advance to me.

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