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2020 In Addy to Me Wishes Quotes

Everybody deserves to be celebrated. But most times, we send birthday wishes to our family, friends and loved ones forgetting about ourselves.

You need to change that this 2020. Having that one day in a whole year OS worth sending a shout-out to yourself.

If you are running out of words to wish yourself, not to worry, find here happy birthday to me in addy wishes, quotes and messages.

In Addy to Me, Myself and I

Even though there are thousands of wishes out there that will help make my day, the need to share some myself can’t be overemphasized. It’s my day and I am going to give myself the opportunity to make it the best it can be. In addy to me.

In Addy Messages to Me

Is just a few days to my Birthday again, the blessed day that I was given birth to. I have got to celebrate myself with this In Addy Text Messages to Wish Myself Happy Birthday in advance. in massive addy to me.

1. How lucky I am to announce to the world that I am about to add yet another year to my life. Happy birthday in massive advance to me.

2. I am so much bigger and wiser this year. Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl on the planet.

3. My birthday is a special day in my life, and I am so elated to be alive, loved, and wanted. Cheers to more life and beautiful existence. Happy birthday in advance to me.

4. There is no one in the entire universe like me. I am unique and priceless. I am thankful to be celebrating another wonderful year of my life in sound health and love.

5. A massive birthday shouts out to me. I am so happy today and nothing is the cause but the fact that I am plus one. Cheers to my new age.

6. Life goes by so fast. Just last year, my young self was so wild and carefree, but now, adulthood stares right at my face. Wishing myself the best year yet.

7. May the Lord grants me the desires of my heart as I add another precious year to my life. Happy birthday in addy to me.

8. I am greatly excited. I feel so privileged to be alive and healthy to celebrate another year. Cheers to more beautiful years!

9. What more can one be so happy for, if not a birthday celebration? I am so grateful to be alive today. Happy birthday to me.

10. Wishing myself a very special birthday celebration today. I am a year bigger and wiser. Cheers to more awesome years.

11. Today, I pray for more opportunities to impact. As I add another year, may the heavens bless me to live a more meaningful lifestyle, to be of greater good to myself and family.

12. I’m grateful to be experiencing yet another special year of my life. Thank God for the gift of another wonderful year. Happy birthday in advance to me.

13. I am beaming with smiles because I am about to be plus one. Thank you, Father, for an additional year, I am grateful.

14. Happy birthday in addy to me. I thank God for showing me much love and kindness these past years, I am eternally grateful.

15. I will soon be a year older and I am so grateful to God for the constant joy He has given me in the person of you. Thank you so much. Happy birthday to me.

16. How precious is the gift of God? It is perfect and without fault. Thank you, God, for showing me so much mercy and grace. Happy birthday to me.

17. All my life, I have seen great wonders of God. Keeping me alive still, is one of them. Happy birthday in addy to me.

18. Wishing myself more outstanding knowledge, beautiful and lovely experiences for the rest of my days and a wonderful lifetime as I turn another year older.

19. I am a year older, stronger, and wiser. Thankful to God for the endless opportunities. Happy birthday in advance to me.

20. I hope to do more with myself and also to advance more in the wisdom of my craft. Happy birthday to me.

21. My birthday is drawing closer and I can already feel God’s showers around me. I pray the heavens grant me peace throughout this new year of my life. Happy birthday to me.

22. Thank you, Lord, for the privilege to be alive today. Thank you for adding another year to my life. Wishing my beautiful self a wonderful birthday.

23. I hope this new year of my life brings everything sweet and lovely. Hearty cheers to me.

24. Thank you, Lord, for keeping me up till this moment. Much rain has fallen and drawn in the earth, yet your love has remained constant. Happy birthday in addy to me.

25. I pray God opens the door of success to me and raise me above heights beyond my imagination. Happy birthday in advance to me.

26. May the heavens rain fortune and prosperity upon my life. Happy birthday to me.

27. May I never seize from glowing in this new year, and may the Lord endow my life with endless happiness. Happy birthday in advance to me.

28. May my life be full and run over with endless joy. Happy birthday to me.

29. It’s my birthday. I ask that the Maker of everything showers me with endless favor and more prosperous years ahead.

30. I am super grateful for another year. Happy birthday in advance to my charming self.

31. As this year of my life begins, I pray my entire life becomes colourful, and may I live to see even more greater years. Happy birthday to the luckiest girl in the world.

32. As I become another year older, I pray that you stay with me throughout the remaining years of my life and even forever, Lord. Wishing myself a wonderful birthday.

33. May this new year of my life bring abundance, and may God’s divine guidance lead me till the end of time. Happy birthday to the most fortunate guy in the world.

34. I thank God for helping me this far through life. I appreciate Him in every step of the way, even as a new age begins.

35. It’s my birthday tomorrow and I can already feel the start of wonderful things. Happy birthday in addy to me.

36. I am soon to be plus one in health and in sound mind. I count myself privileged to be alive, and I am grateful to God for it. Happy birthday to me.

37. With everything in me, I appreciate you for preserving my life. I am a year older in two days. Happy birthday in advance to me.

38. Happy birthday in addy to me. I am happy to be alive with my loved ones, and to be seeing another new beginning of greatness.

39. As I add another year, I hope this aura of happiness never seizes, and I hope to find even more joy in this new age of my life always.

40. Just in a flash, last year is gone, and a new year is here. May I find enough happiness to live every day in this new year of my life. Happy birthday to me.

41. I am grateful to God for sparing my life. I count myself so lucky to be celebrating another year. Happy birthday in addy to me.

42. Happy birthday to me. With a grateful heart and a sweet song in my mouth I say thank you, Lord.

43. Most times I wonder why God loves me so greatly. He has never allowed any hair of my head come to any harm. Thank you, lord for a new age. Happy birthday in advance to me.

44. Today, I want to say thank you, Lord, for all you have done in my life. You have never disappointed me. Happy birthday to me.

45. I want to use this medium to appreciate everyone who has been of immense support to me. God bless you. Happy birthday to me.

46. As I turn a year older, I pray God surrounds every area of my life. Happy birthday in addy to me

47. Last year just drove by. A new day has come with a new chapter beginning with it. Happy birthday in advance to me.

48. Happy birthday to me. I appreciate you all, friends and family, who have stood by me up till this moment. I am grateful.

49. I am happy to see the light of today as my birthday draws closer. Happy birthday in addy to me.

50. Happy birthday to me. I am most delighted to be celebrating this new age of my life.

Advance Happy Birthday Messages to Me

Happy Birthday in Advance Text Messages to Myself.

51. Happy birthday to someone awesome, talented, beautiful, and funny! Yes, that is me. I am so grateful to be surviving another year.

52. Happy birthday to someone special, the creme of the crop, and the icing of the cake. I love me this much.

53. It is the eve of my birthday. I am glad to be spending this quality time with great friends. Happy birthday to me.

54. Happy birthday to someone who is full of unbelievable awesomeness, strength and vigour; me.

55. I am full of tremendous gratitude to God for adding another year to my life. Wishing myself more years of laughter and faith.

56. It’s time to party because I’m super duper happy. Cheers to a brand new year full of promises. Happy birthday to me.

57. I remind myself every year on my birthday how blessed I am to have been given another year to experience the wonders of this awesome life. Happy birthday in addy to me.

58. God is good to me. My birthday is a day I cherish so much. A day to be grateful and thankful for the journey so far and the promise of a brighter future.

59. Happy birthday to my dearest self, happy family, happy friends, and everything good all to my sweet self.

60. It’s my birthday! I am more than happy to be alive, strong and healthy.

61. These past years of my life, I’m thankful to God that he has blessed me so much, and that I have been a real blessing to others. Happy birthday in advance to me.

62. I’m another year gorgeous, intelligent, and beautiful. Happy birthday in addy to me.

63. I am the equivalent to fine wine, the older the better. I am so excited to be another year older. Happy birthday to me!

64. My arms are open to be shown just how much I mean to everyone. You may now proceed with the gifts. Happy birthday in addy to me.

65. My birthday means I’m another year older and wiser. A few more gray strands and perhaps wisdom. Oh birthday! How I love you.

66. Thank God another year is here and I am yet alive. I feel so awesome. Happy birthday to me.

67. Having birthdays are just like going over speed bumps through life before you get old. Happy birthday in advance to me.

68. Happy birthday to me. Every year, I keep getting more beautiful, awesome, and adorable.

69. Dear self, stay calm and know that fun is on the way. Happy super birthday to my cute self.

70. Happy birthday in addy to me. Dear friends and family, it’s my birthday, be ready to celebrate.

71. Happy birthday to me. I finally got a chance to fly high and wide. I can’t be happier.

72. I’m another year older and bigger. I’m humbled to have so many wonderful people in my life. I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude. Happy birthday in addy to me.

73. Cheers to another great year spent around family and friends as awesome as you. Happy birthday to me.

74. I feel so special and loved today. I’m amazed at how I am in your minds. Thank you. Happy birthday to me.

75. Having such beautiful family and friends is truly the best gift anyone could ever give me. I feel so happy. Happy birthday in addy to me.

76. This is my greatest year ever. I have been truly humbled by the love of my family and friends. Happy birthday in advance to me.

77. Happy birthday to me. I want to thank myself for not breaking, for standing tall, and for becoming stronger every day.

79. Happy birthday in advance to me! Here is to another year of pushing forward.

80. Happy birthday to me. Turning a year older has made me appreciate existence even more. Everything I have and everything I still want to have is from God.

81. As I wish myself a happy birthday, I can not help but think of all of the things that getting older brings with it. Howbeit, I am well prepared.

82. Happy birthday to me. Here is wishing myself a very big happy birthday. Cheers to another year of somewhat adult behavior of being wiser, braver, and better.

83. It is my birthday in two days. I want to make a decision to be more determined than ever in all my life’s focus.

84. Happy birthday to the most awesome person I know, and that is myself. Cheers to me.

85. Wishing myself a happy birthday. I thank God for a wonderful life so far, and I am looking forward to a more amazing future.

86. Best wishes to me, on my birthday. Every year of my birthday, I do not count the number of years that have passed rather, I count the number of things heaven has blessed me with, and I feel so thankful.

87. Happy birthday in addy to me. I wish for many great things, including love and a whole lot of happiness.

88. Best wishes on my birthday. I am grateful to be a year older, more knowledgeable and more patient.

89. Happy birthday in advance to me. My birthday is a reminder of how far I have come, and how further I still want to go.

90. Happy birthday in addy to me. As the years go by, I see multitudes of things, and thankfully this year marks my getting closer to achieving a lot on my list.

91. Wishing myself a happy birthday in advance. My birthdays show me that age is only a number. I am just so grateful to be alive.

92. My birthday made me realize that a person does not get this far, without making smart decisions, It is a wonder how well life has taught me. Happy birthday to me.

93. Here is to me, on my special day. Joy immeasurable and love so sweet. Happy birthday to me.

94. Waking up and realizing it’s my birthday soon. I gladly fell asleep again with no single care in the world. Happy birthday to me.

95. Dear self, don’t forget you keep getting better every day. Happy birthday in advance.

96. Yippie! I’m thankful to my Creator for all what He has done in my life, and most importantly for giving me the privilege to enjoy another year in good health and happiness. Happy birthday to me.

97. As my birthday approaches, I just want to say how grateful I am for being in possession of the priceless and precious gift of life. Happy birthday to me.

98. Happy birthday to me. I’m thankful for the great blessing of waking up in the morning to see another day, and also for all the good things that life has brought my way.

99. God Almighty has given me a pleasant year, and I celebrate it with all gladness. Happy birthday in advance to me.

100. As my birthday approaches, it is my earnest prayer that I remain strong and live to see more better days. Happy birthday in addy to me.

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