Happy 15th Month Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy or Girl

Happy 15th Month Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy or Girl

There are few moments in life as exciting as when one is expecting a baby. It becomes even more exciting when the baby arrives, as this brings unexplainable joy and a feeling of accomplishment to most parents and even loved ones. And then, you would have to watch the baby grow; from the helpless day to day cry of a newborn to the house scattering crawling of a toddler and to the walking adventurous child. All of these experiences are beautiful and needed for a baby that’s growing normally.

However, as we watch the baby grow, there is joy and anticipation in us that make us want to celebrate each month that passes by, from one month old. Some other persons may prefer celebrating strategic months like 5 months and the likes.

And boom! Your baby or that of your loved one is 15 months old now! The first year was a huge accomplishment. That much cuteness is a lot to handle! Now that the baby is 15 months old, it’s time to celebrate and share the joy with friends and family. But how? What do you say on a baby’s birthday? What type of cake should you get? Questions like these may come to heart.

Well, no matter what you decide to do for a baby on their 15th month birthday, celebrating them with heartfelt wishes and prayers would perfect it all. Wondering how you could put words together? I have made it easy.

Here are the best of all happy 15th month birthday wishes for baby boy or girl. Even if they can’t read, you can say the wishes to their hearing, post them on your social media networks and print them on their picture frame. The target should be that you have made them happy on their birthday. They will grow up to appreciate it.

So, proceed with these birthday wishes for a child. It doesn’t matter if they are your baby or not, these wishes are just perfect for the occasion.

15 Months Birthday Prayers and Wishes for Baby Boy

Happy 15 months birthday, handsome prince. Just like yesterday that we held you in our alms and here we are counting 15 months of God’s faithfulness. My prayers and wishes for you are long life, good health, wisdom and the grace for excellence as you keep growing. Enjoy your day, baby boy!

1. It’s 15 months already that you came to this earth and filled the space in the family which only you could occupy. It’s a thing of joy to celebrate it and my prayers for you is that you will be relevant to your generation and you will into a man of strength. Happy 15th month birthday, little prince.

2. Happy 15th month birthday, cutie. I know you wouldn’t be able to read this prayer but it will surely speak for you no matter what. You will grow with wisdom and be outstanding among your peers. Your life will not be cut short. Amen.

3. It’s my prayer to this little one today, that nothing will snatch you away from the family. May you enjoy good health and also increase in understanding as you grow. You are a child of destiny. Happy 15th month birthday, baby boy.

4. A year and 3 months ago, you were tender and totally helpless but now, you run the house and ensure everything is not in their right places… Smiles… I love your smartness though and I pray nothing will weaken you. Your strength shall greatly increase as you grow. Much love, Prince.

5. Baby boy, I pray for you this day, that the spirit of excellence will rest on you as you grow. Every memory of you will resonate joy and pleasure in the heart of everyone. Grow well, sweetheart. Happy 15th month birthday to you, child.

15 Months Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Baby Girl

It’s 15 months already, how time flies! Being alive to see you grow is the best thing that has happened to me. My wishes for you this day is that you will grow up into a total child. You will be among the best wherever you find yourself. Happy 15th month birthday to you, my cute baby girl.

Make that baby girl’s 15th month birthday blissful with these awesome 15 months birthday quotes and wishes.

6. Little princess will be 15 months old today and she is growing gracefully. I pray that nothing will stop her from growing into that woman that will command things for good. She will be a leader of many wherever she finds herself. Amen. Happy 15th month birthday, baby girl.

7. Baby girl, as we watch you grow every day, there is this joy and feeling of fulfilment that hover around my heart. And as you turn 15 today, I wish you given protection and the very grace you need to fulfil the purpose of your living. Happy 15th month birthday, sweets.

8. I speak into the life of this young one today, that she will grow in the divine care of the Lord. No evil shall come near her as she grows. The wisdom and resources her parent needs to raise her well will be made available. Happy 15th month birthday to you, baby girl.

9. Nothing appeals more than seeing one’s offspring grow up and make everyone proud. That’s why I pray as this baby turns 15 months today, that she will bring honour and not reproach to the family as she grows. May she not be caught in the web of bad influence. Happy 15th month birthday, baby girl.

10. Little one, I wish you beautiful experiences that will create pleasurable memories for you as you grow. More years of bliss, love and success, baby. Grow in wisdom and might, love. Happy 15th month birthday to you.

15 Months Birthday Wishes for Daughter

I wanted a child and God gave me a daughter so loving and lively. What else could I have asked for? The pleasure your presence gives me is beyond description but one thing I’m sure of is that I will always tell you how much I love you. As you add another month today, I wish you the wisdom to grow into the best version of yourself. Happy 15 months birthday to my damsel.

11. My dear daughter is a year and 3 months old today. All glory to God. It’s my prayer as her mother that she will grow up into a lady of great substance. Happy 15th month birthday to my little dove.

12. Childbirth is no joke but watching you grow in beauty and tenderness of heart has proven that it’s all worth it. You are so adorable, my cupcake. Mummy loves you forever and wishes you the top in life. Happy 15th month birthday, my daughter.

13. What a glorious day! My sugarplum will be 15 months old today. I’m grateful and look forward to the emergence of a great woman in the nearest future. Happy 15th month birthday to daddy’s princess. Daddy loves you so much.

14. Happy 15th month birthday to the small but mighty one who lights up the house with life and humour though she can be a disaster at times. No matter what, I love you so much and wish you abundant grace to grow into the right child.

15. Fifteen months on earth is no joke. It’s just like yesterday that I held the tender and innocent you. I felt like starring at you until you grow up. But here we are today, you are growing really fast and beautiful. I’m proud of you and so sure you will make us proud too. Happy 15th month birthday, my darling daughter.

15 Months Birthday Wishes for Son

My son, today makes it the 15th month that you came into my life and filled it with so much joy. You are a child worth giving the world to. My wishes for you today is that all you need to become a great man in life will be made available. I love you so much. Happy 15 months birthday, cutie.

16. Look who is 15 months old day! The crying, troublesome but loving prince of the house. As much as I love caring for you as a baby, I’m also very excited that you are growing. It’s my wishes for you that you will become that man that turns things around for good. Nothing will stop your rising in life. Happy 15th month birthday, son.

17. A Happy 15th month birthday to my little hero. May you grow up to find strength and wisdom to be a great man. Things will fall in their right places wherever you find yourself in life. I know you are a child of destiny. I love you, son.

18. Dear son, as you grow up into the man you ought to be, may every day you wake up to be blessed. Anyone that comes around you will be blessed and nations shall call you blessed.
Happy 15th month birthday, cute one.

19. Happy 15th month birthday to you, booboo. I feel like celebrating you every day of your life for you have brought so much joy to my life. I pray that the joy will never depart from us. You will grow up and make us proud parents. Much love for you, darling.

20. Wawu! In some month time, my handsome boy will be 2 years old. I have more than enough reason to be happy and grateful. I wish my son divine protection and heavenly blessings as he grows. You will excel and succeed in life. Happy 15th month birthday to you, my son. I love you pretty much.

Create joy in the atmosphere and the heart of that little 15 months old child by crowning the celebration up with amazing birthday prayers, wishes and quotes. And with the happy 15th month birthday wishes for baby boy or girl are perfect for that purpose. Make do of them right away.

Thanks for staying through. Do well to share the birthday wishes with loved ones who need them too.

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