Best Loving You Messages for My Husband

2023 Best Loving You Messages for My Husband

Husbands are also gifts that ought to be cherished, loved and properly cared for. Hence, we’ve arranged the best set of loving messages you can send to him.

They serve as both reminder to him that you still love him and that you still appreciate the gift of him. Enjoy!

I Love You Text Messages for Your Husband

The most romantic and sweetest love messages to send to your darling husband to say I love you to him.

1. It’s been years since we tied the knot but I’m still loving you like we just met each other!

2. You still make my heart melt and skip a bit; I don’t know how you do it, but it still happens. I love you, husband.

3. It’s a wonder how our love keeps waxing stronger and better. And I pray that this actually continues.

4. I’m not daft enough not to recognize the hard work and efforts we’ve put in to make this marriage work. I pray that we keep waxing stronger and better. I love you, boo.

5. I’ll be loving you until there’s no longer breath in me; I love you, my darling husband.

6. I like your commitment to us, to the children, to me. I really feel safe being with you. Thank you, babe.

7. I’ve never known a man strong and kind as you. And I definitely am going to love you until the end of time.

8. I always wanted to belong completely, and you have given me that and more. I love you, hubby.

9. I look at our children, and I’m really glad that you’re their father. And I’m most grateful that I am the woman that gets to be called your wife.

10. I could never have asked for a better man like you. God! I love you so much, darling.

11. You’ve balanced my excesses; I’m actually not surprised that we now act and talk alike. I love you always, dear.

12. Thank you for keeping my heart safe always; you’ve made sure that nothing stands as a threat to me, to us. I love you.

13. I really love this family we’ve made together, and I wouldn’t trade us for anything in the entire world.

14. I know money is important and that you want to make sure we live well, but I want you to know that I love you regardless.

15. You’ve been my biggest support system; I would know how to start thanking you for all you’ve been to me and to us. But I love you like crazy.

16. I look at our images, and my heart is just full with love. I love you, my darling.

17. It doesn’t matter what the day has thrown at me; you always find a way to make the pain go away. Thank you, baby.

18. I prayed on you and God answered and I am so thankful that you’re the man of my dreams.

19. Thank you for being consistent with loving me; I know I wouldn’t have gotten this far without you. I love you always.

20. I love the legacy we’ve built and are still working to maintain. It just feels right doing everything with you.

21. If I haven’t told you before, I want you to know that we’re lucky to have you as our husband and father and that we couldn’t have asked for a better man.

22. You’re the best husband I could have ever asked for. I love you always, baby.

23. Our children would definitely be lucky to have you as their father; I haven’t known a more loving and caring man.

24. I’m never worried when I’m with you; you’re always putting me at ease. And for this and many more, I’m grateful.

25. I know life is bearable because I have you with me and I’m really thankful. E-kisses, husband.

26. Not everyone gets lucky to have someone to share things with; I’m really lucky to have all that with you. I love you always.

27. I really don’t care about what the rest of the world has to say about me; you’ll always be the most important person to me.

28. The opinions of others fizzle like sand; it is only yours that has ever mattered and will matter to me. I love you.

29. You’ll always be an integral part of my life; I love how everything revolves around you, around us.

30. In your arms, I always find comfort. Thank you for being so much to me; I could never have asked for more.

31. Your smile still sets my heart on fire; I still wonder how I got lucky with you.

32. Your love for me makes me feel like a superwoman. Thank you for always putting us first.

33. You’re always watching out for us, guarding us; I’m really grateful for all that you do, darling.

34. Try as much as I can, I can never get enough of you. I love our love because of you.

35. Sweetheart, it only takes your voice to make everything all right for me. I love you plenty, just so you know.

36. Thank you for always valuing my opinion; for always trying not to intentionally hurt me. I love you, husband of mine.

37. Husband of mine, we’ve actually come a long way. And I’m glad at how much we’ve evolved for the better.

38. You’ll always have my heart and I want you to know that nothing changes this.

39. I’m glad at the institution of marriage; it ensures that I get to spend the rest of my life together with you.

40. Having our baby with you by my side made all the difference. Thank you for being a strength for me.

41. And even though we argue and can’t stand each other sometimes, I still love you like crazy, husband!

42. This is to inform you that I’m open to making up when we get back home today; and that I’m sorry I snapped at you this morning. I love you.

43. Nothing is ever coming between us; I’m so making sure of that. I love you.

44. I trust you always to do right by me and by us. I love you, sugar.

45. You stole my heart the first time we saw each other; and even now, you still have my heart.

46. Thank you for always being there for me and the children. You’re definitely the best man for me.

47. Sweetie, I definitely will love you until the end of time; never doubt this.

48. You’re still the most handsome man I’ve ever met and you definitely got my heart sizzling with love for you.

49. I’m proud to be your wife; I really am.
And I love you like my life depends on it.

50. You’re still my knight in shining armor, rescuing me from difficulties. I’ll never grow tired of loving you, baby.

51. My heart is definitely yours to keep forever and I’m scared you have knowledge of this.

52. You have my heart and I sure don’t want it back any time soon!

53. I’m not ashamed to say that I depend on you so much; you’re like my lifeline.

54. Our love will never be broken; it’s a threefold love, baby.

55. I love how we’re intricately designed with colors; I love the life we’ve made with each other.

56. You’ll always be my soul mate, the man of my heart, and the love of my life. I love you.

57. For you, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do. I love you, husband.

58. I’ve had no reason to regret falling in love with you and marrying you; lord knows I have never regretted it.

59. Your arms will always be paradise to me and I’ll always remain there.

60. I love how my life turned out; and I know it has everything to do with you, husband.

61. Thank you for working so hard to ensure that I live the good life. I’m so glad that I’m your baby girl.

62. I really can’t wait to have our baby. My heart is so full right now; I think it’ll burst with all of the love I feel for you.

63. I LOVE YOU. I had to write that out that way; I never want you to doubt it.

64. My heart flutters with joy when I remember that you’re mine to keep and cherish forever. I love you, sweetie.

65. I’m always going to have your back; in spite and despite what life brings to us.

66. Thank you for always helping me follow up on my goals; I’m definitely better because I have you for a husband. I love you.

67. I don’t know about being imperfect; you’ll always be the perfect man for me.

68. Ours will always be the perfect match. I love you now and always.

69. You’re the most unique man I’ve ever met, and it’s a privilege to love you.

70. I don’t need anyone telling me how blessed and lucky I am to have you for a husband.

71. You’re my bundle of joy, prepared by God to specially love me.

72. Nothing and no one can match the quality you’re made of. You’ll always remain the best man for me.

73. You’re my angel, husband. I’m not ashamed to call you that.

74. Honestly, your love keeps me going when everything gets hard and almost unbearable. Thank you for always, dear.

75. I love that I got the chance to love you in my lifetime. I love you, my husband.

76. When I found you, I found everything I could ever want or need in life.

77. I’m still as happy and excited to be with you as I’ve always been.

78. Thank you for being everything good and sweet to me. I love you always.

79. When I found you, I found my missing half, my perfect complement. And I have every intention of keeping you with me.

80. I love how our lives are interwoven into something beautiful. I so love you, dear.

81. You motivate me to be the best version of me always. I know I wouldn’t have attained some feats if I didn’t have you.

82. You’re my home; I’m willing to go wherever you want, cos I knew you have me in heart always. I love you, babe.

83. Wherever you are is paradise for me; it doesn’t matter how the place looks like.

84. Even your whispers always manage to calm me. Thank you for everything.

85. You’re still the only one that knows how to tickle me to laughter. I love you, husband.

86. I need you to feel whole, and I’m not going to be ashamed of admitting this. I love you, dear.

87. The only time I’d stop loving you is when the breath in me is no longer there. Else, you’re stuck with me, husband.

88. The lengths you go just to make sure I look and feel good all the time leaves me breathless. I love you right back.

89. It is not hard for me to say that I can’t live without you. It is not hard at all.

90. I love you so much; I don’t know how my heart manages not to burst with the loving.

91. You always carry me along with you; you always include me in your plans. And I’m thankful for this. I love you, dear.

92. I’m grateful that you’re the man that I get to build with and grow with. I couldn’t have asked for someone better.

93. I’m thankful to God for the life He’s given us to love and cherish each other.

94. Thank you for loving me without restraints and protocols. I love you too.

95. I found a permanent and loving home when I became your wife. I love you, dearie.

96. I’m totally and irrevocably in love with you, husband of mine.

97. Knowing that you’re my husband gives me all the pleasure there is. Your wife sure loves you.

98. People keep asking how I happen to glow this much; I know the secret, and it is you.

99. Already, I can’t wait to get back home to you, to us. I love you, babe.

100. I can’t help but laugh and be happy when you’re with me. I really love you, honey.

101. I’m not surprised that my people accepted you so easily and readily; they’ve always known how to identify the good ones. I love you.

102. You bring me so much comfort and spoil me silly. I am really glad that I get to spend my life with you.

103. Even if the room is crowded, I always know when you walk in.

104. You’re just right for me, Mr. Wright. And I love you so much.

105. Thank you for fighting the battles of life with me. Thank you for everything.

106. If there’s a next life, I will still opt to be your wife. You’re the best husband ever.

107. You have creases for my sake, thinking up ways to provide for me. I’m always grateful.

108. I’ll always make sure to make you smile as you’ve always made me smile.

109. I’m thoroughly content with being your wife; nothing pleases me more, husband.

110. Love is what I see when I look at you. I’m in love with you, husband.

111. Thank you for always making me the cynosure of all eyes; loving you is the best thing ever.

112. Thank you for the good intentions and actions; for everything you do for me. I so love you.

113. Even in the toughest storms, you’ll always have me loving you.

114. The greatest gift God gave to me is you. And I plan on cherishing you always.

115. Even when life throws you lemonade, I’ll always be here to soothe you.

116. I’ll always be cheering for you, baby. I love you.

117. You deserve to look as good as you make sure I am; hence, I really don’t mind working this hard. I love you, dear.

118. Awesome doesn’t even begin to do justice to you, husband of life. I love you so much.

119. Thank you for sweating in order to give me this good life; thank you for now and always, my good man.

120. I don’t mind working hard like this; my king deserves the best life has to offer after all.

121. Thank you for working hard to make our marriage the cynosure of all eyes.

122. I don’t think words would be enough to express just how much you’ve been to me. You’re too much, and you’re all mine.

123. I don’t care if my love tops yours; my love is full to overflowing. I love you, dearie.

124. Thank you for always listening to me, for always tending to me, and loving me. I really wouldn’t know what I’d do without you, babe.

125. I’m the perfect example of how healthy a person can look as a result of good loving; and it is all thanks to you, my husband. I love you, baby.

126. You’ve tended me so well that I’m literarily blooming with life. I love you, darling.

127. After God, there’s no one more important to me in the entire world. I love you like crazy, baby.

128. You treat me like I’m the best thing to have ever happened to you; and I love you right back, husband.

129. You’ll always be my best friend; thank you for the opportunity to confide in you always. I love you.

130. With you, I’m living my dreams; you’re all I could ever ask for.

131. We’re really very lucky to have each other, and I’m so not taking us for granted. I love you, baby.

132. I’ve always got eyes for you, and that’s how it is always going to be. I love you, dear.

133. Here’s to show you that getting married hasn’t made me uncool; I love you, dearie.

134. You’re one of a kind; actually, you’re the only one of your type. I cherish you, husband.

135. Thank you for never giving me a reason to doubt you, to doubt us. I love you.

136. In our world, it is no surprise that nothing else seems to matter except us. I love you, darling.

137. You still have a way of making me swoon and blush. I love you, husband.

138. You know, I’m not really the fragile girl you married then; I’m a woman, your woman. And I always want to support you. I love you.

139. Each day with you leaves me craving for the next. I love you like mad, baby.

140. Thank you for always thinking of my best interests; even when you’re not around me.

141. Me and you, we’re a strong team; and our love will always continue to thrive. I love you, husband.

142. Here are a virtual hug and long kiss just to tell you that I love you like crazy!

143. Thank you for taking care of me, of us. I really am in love with you.

144. Thank you for being unflinching in what you believe to be through; even with the storms of life and threats of compromise, you’ve held fast to loving me. I love you, darling.

145. Our love will always flow like the river and it will always be unending like the ocean. I love you, baby.

146. I don’t plan on going back on my promise to always love you. I never plan to. I love you!

147. Honestly, I’ve found complete rest and peace just by being your wife; and I’m never trading you for anything in this world.

148. Honestly, I’ll always be grateful that you’re my partner and lover at once. I love you, dear husband.

149. My commitment to you is to love you when everything is rosy, and when things aren’t really going too fine. I love you, husband.

150. My prayers were for a man better than the ones coming around, but he answered me with the best thereof.

See, showing your husband love isn’t always expensive, even though the ‘expensive’ is very necessary.

Knowing this, plus having the best love messages for your husband at your disposal, feel free to text as much as you want.

And if you found this helpful, do leave your comments and share with friends. Thank you.

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