Heartfelt Letters to Dad from Daughter on His Birthday

2023 Heartfelt Letters to Dad from Daughter on His Birthday

Every daughter who has an amazing father always looks for ways to make him feel special especially on days which are important to him.

Being a father is a lot of work and it is important to always appreciate a great dad. This includes finding out and doing exactly what means so much to him.

Is it your father’s birthday? You could send him beautiful letters to show him your appreciation and also to tell him how much you love him.

Are you ready to find out how to do these as a daughter who loves and appreciates her dad? Here’s how: go through these letters to dad from daughter on his birthday below and make your dad feel special with any of them.


Happy Birthday Letters to Your Father

Here are the best happy birthday letters a daughter can send to her dad on his birthday. Make your father highly proud of you on his birthday.

1. Dear Dad,
I look back today at how much of a great dad you have been to me. Of a truth, words fail me to tell of your love and sacrifice for me. You are the best father anyone could ever ask for. You played your fatherly roles in my life so well. Thank you for being the best dad I ever wanted.
I am most blessed of all to be fathered by you!
Thank you, Dad, for all you are to me. Happy birthday!
With so much love,
Your daughter.

2. To the world’s best dad,
It’s over 20 years now and I still feel like your baby girl every day! Your love, care, support and prayers, I will never take for granted. You are simply the best dad. Thank you for instilling virtues in me that have moulded and shaped me till today. I might be an adult to everyone else but to you dad, I’m your baby girl for life! Thank you, daddy, for being my model and my mirror. Every time I look at me, I see all that you have poured into me.
Happy birthday, my king!

3. Father,
I love the way you father me, dad. You brought my siblings and me up and you did it so perfectly. Thank you for being my dad and mum. I will never forget all you had to go through to make sure we were doing well when mum was no longer around. I wouldn’t be me today if not for you, dad. I owe you everything!
I love you uncontrollably! Happy birthday, Mine.
Your girl is grateful for everything you did.

4. World’s Best Dad!
I always tell my friends who think their dads are the best to come to see mine! That’s how much I am proud of you. Every single day I count my blessings, I count you a million times because you are a total blessing to me. I just can’t imagine my life without you. I keep recalling my childhood moments, how you ensured we had fun on the side while we learned, how you always bought gifts for us, how you always picked us up from school… All those moments are evergreen, dad. Thank you for all you have been. Happy birthday with so much love, papa.

5. Dear Papa,
My heart is full of joy today because it’s your birthday! Beyond that, you are always my source of joy. You and mum are my biggest motivation and drive. I promise to make you happy and proud of me. I remember all you have done to see me great in life, dad. And you never stop rooting for me. As I have always promised, I want to reassure you again today, your birthday, that I will make you proud.
It’s your birthday today, daddy. I love and celebrate you today and every day. You are the best!

6. Mon Pere,
Today, I look back at all you have done and been to me in the past years. I still find it difficult to comprehend your level of strength, devotion and love you have for your family. Every day of our lives, we will always be grateful that we had the opportunity to be fathered by you. Personally, your presence in my life is God’s greatest gift it me. Of a truth, I cannot imagine what shape my life would have taken if not for your love, understanding and sacrifices.
With so much gratitude in my heart, I say “Happy birthday, dad.”
I love you forever.

7. To the Man Who Loves Me,
Daddy! It’s not just your birthday today. It’s a day to celebrate you and appreciate all that you have done for me, and us. Growing up, I always had this level of assurance that I was never going to be hurt or be in need, that is how much you protected and provided for me and the entire family. Thank you so much for showing up for us and coming through at every point in time when we needed you the most. Papa, that you for being a father in a million.
Happy birthday to you sir. You are an example of who a father should be! I am more than honoured to be birthed and fathered by you.
Love and more love, dad!

8. My Darling Father,
Many fathers have done well, but you outweigh them all in well-doing. Smiles. When I call you my king, I mean every bit of it because you are my Number One Cheer Leader and Support system. I just cannot imagine my life’s journey without you in it. You loved, provided for, corrected and encouraged me to be my best self. Even when I doubted myself, you saw the best in me.
Thank you, daddy, for everything you keep doing for me. Even now that I’m grown up, I still like to be called your baby girl because it makes me feel like a child that I am to you, being loved up and cared for.
Thank you, daddy, for being the best.
Happy birthday with love.

9. My Dad is just the Best!
Dad, I’m not doing this because everyone else does it. Not at all. I am shouting how great and awesome you are to the world today because you deserve to be celebrated, and your birthday is another opportunity to do that. There’s so much to say, dad. So much! But as much as I would have loved to put all my thoughts about you in words, the same words fail me at this point.
All I would say, dad, is that you are a great man and I really am grateful to have you in my life. Since my birth and even now that I have my own family, you have been nothing short of amazing to me. Thank you, daddy. Thank you so much. I love you, sir. Have a great day as you celebrate your birthday!

10. To The Man Who Made Me a Great Woman,
I remember very clearly how I made you and mum really worried about growing up. I wanted to explore and do a lot of wrong things I then thought were right. I just wanted to have fun and play around. You never liked it but you still found a way to draw me close and show me the right approach to life. Your prayers, words of advise and inspirational interactions with you moulded me into who I am today. Thank you, daddy, for not giving up on me. Thank you, daddy, for not losing me. I am forever indebted to you.
I love you, sir.
Happy birthday from your baby.

11. I don’t know what makes fathers, but beyond a reasonable doubt, you have been a father to me. Thank you, daddy, for playing the father role the best way you could. I wish you all that you wish yourself on your birthday.

12. Dad, you are the most loving and considerate human I have ever met. Every now and then, I keep wondering why God has blessed me with such an amazing gift as you cos sincerely, I do not deserve you! Thank you so much dad for your love and sacrifices. Happy birthday, my hero.

13. Before I grew this old, I didn’t like you very much because I used to think you were wicked and didn’t want me to make friends and enjoy life. Little did I know that I was only naive and childish. Thank you, sir, for sensifying me, if there’s any word like that. Lol. Thank you, daddy. I now understand and much more appreciate all you did and do for me! Happy birthday.

14. Happy birthday, daddy. Need I say I love you? I know you know I do. Smiles. Have a day that’s as amazing and graceful as you are. So much love, dad.

15. Happy birthday, papa. You remain my King and Hero. I love you, dad.

16. May all your days be filled with blessings and bliss unending. Thank you for being the father that you are to me, and us. You are the best! Enjoy your new year.

17. May life continue to bring more blessings and breakthroughs for you. More than you put in, you receive much more. You deserve the best, dad cos you’re the best. Happy birthday!

18. I’m one of the proudest daughters alive because I had the privilege to be fathered by you. Thank you so much, sir, for everything are to me. Happy birthday, daddy.

19. Nations and generations are blessed because of you. They come into your light and become lights to others. Happy birthday, dad. I love you.

20. Father! Happy birthday. Keep shining and glowing dad. I love your magic.

21. Papa, you are energetic and full of life. More so, you ooze out the same life and energy to everyone around you. I am a beneficiary of it. Smiles. Happy birthday, dad. Love from your dear daughter.

22. Thank you, dad, for drawing me close. Thank you for being the first man I ever loved. You taught me how not to miss it in love and life. I love you, dear father. Your daughter is thankful for you!

23. Daddy! Happy birthday. You little big princess wishes you bliss, blessings and joy unending. I love you so much, dad.

24. I wish above all else that you prosper and be in good health, even as your soul prospers. Happy birthday with love, dad.

25. One in a million daddy! You are special to me. I wish you an awesome new year. Happy birthday, sir. Your fav daughter.

26. I’m so glad to be called your daughter, and it’s a special title for me because no one gets to share it with me. How blessed I am! I love you, dad. Happy birthday from your only girl.

27. Thinking about how you have come through for me in the past makes me wonder if I ever deserve you. Thank you so much for all the love you showered on me ever since I was a little girl. Much love dad. Happy birthday.

28. I pray that you enjoy life more than ever before. Your children, marriage, business and all yours are blessed. I love you, daddy. Happy birthday.

29. What more can I say? I love you, dad! I really do. Your daughter wishes you a hearty, happy birthday!

30. Yay! It’s my big man’s birthday! Thank you so much for the beautiful memories you gave me, growing up. I love you forever, dad.

31. Father, happy birthday! I love you with every breath inside me. You have done so much for me, too much that words fail me to quantify how much!

32. Mon Père, Je t’aime toi! Smiles. I’m just trying to let you know that I love you. Let me interpret the gist. Here, “My Father, I love you!” Happy birthday.

33. You have been a father to me in many ways. Thank you, Dad, for being a model of what fatherhood should be. I love you always. Many happy returns.

34. May you enjoy all that you have worked for and invested in all your life. You shall continue to live long in good health and soundness of mind. Amen. I love you daddy, happy birthday to you.

35. Guess who’s birthday it is today? It’s my daddy’s! Big, happy, awesome birthday to you, papa. I am more than grateful to have you.

36. One of the privileges I will never take for granted in life is being called your daughter. Your legacy has made and still keeps making ways for me. Thank you, Dad, for being who you are. I wish you a beautiful birthday.

37. To the sweetest daddy on earth, a say a huge “Happy Birthday!” I love you, dad.

38. Believe you me, dad. You are the most interesting and jovial man I have ever known. No one will ever beat it! Happy birthday, pop. Love you much.

39. My chief, sugar daddy. Smiles. I love you, dad. Wish you an amazing birthday. Cheers.

40. My number one Support System and Cheerleader! Happy birthday, pappy. I can’t thank you enough for all that you are and do for me. You are the best!

41. Dad, you are not ageing at all. I love how you look fresh and youthful at all times. How sweet! Happy birthday, dad.

42. All the sweet memories with you still linger. From childhood till now, you remain the best father to me and the best grandfather to my kids. We love you, daddy. Happy birthday.

43. Thank you again and again, dad, for all that you do. You are simply the best! This is to wish you a prosperous birthday and a new year filled with goodness and happiness.

44. Blessings, bliss and blossoms are my wishes and heartfelt prayers for you today, dad. Happy birthday!

45. I pray that all your heart’s desires and longings be granted as you enter into your new year today, dad. I love you so much. Have the best birthday, dad!

46. May the good Lord prosper your ways and make you successful in everything you do. Continue to shine, dad. Happy birthday.

47. Loving you is one thing I do effortlessly. It just comes naturally to me! I’m grateful for you, dad. I wish you everything beautiful you wish for yourself.

48. Daddy, I pray for peace, good health, sound mind and happiness as you launch into another phase of your life. Happy new month, papa. God bless.

49. Saying you are the best dad ever is not just using the regular cliché. It is mean saying what exactly you mean to me! Happy birthday, daddy. I love you always.

50. I pray that your whole life be filled with more grace and love as you have always exuded these to everyone around you. You are deeply loved, dad. Happy birthday.

51. Thank you, sir, for being the best dad ever. Happy birthday, the best!

52. You are one of the gifts I’ll always be thankful to God for. Thank you, daddy, for everything. I pray that you live long and excel in all your doings. Happy birthday.

53. Happy birthday, daddy! You have the largest heart ever. May God continue to increase and multiply you. Amen.

54. This and many more are my prayers for you: that your heart may always be filled with joy and happiness, and that you reap the fruits of your labour over us. Happy birthday.

55. May you never lose your wonder, dad. You are the most wonderful father in existence! I’m more than honoured to be called yours. Happy birthday.

56. I pray that your days be filled with all goodness and blessings. You shall never know any sorrow. Amen. Happy birthday, daddy. Love you.

57. May God’s blessings never depart from your life, dad. Keep being the best that you are. You are amazingly sweet, dad. I wish you a happy birthday filled with so much love.

58. Henceforth, you shall begin to experience God’s blessings in ways you have never imagined. Amen. Thank you for being the best dad to me. Here’s wishing you a great birthday!

59. It’s your big day, dad and you deserve to have the best of it. I pray that you shine brighter than the sun and that your dreams come true. Happy birthday, daddy.

60. Dad! Words fail me right now to tell of how amazing you are. You’ve been a blessing to me and many. Thank you, daddy, for being you! Happy birthday with love from your daughter.

61. Daddy! You are amazing. I love you so much. Happy birthday to you sir.

62. I’m more than blessed to have you, dad. Thank you for bringing me into this world. Happy birthday, dad.

63. Father, one of the most amazing things that happened to me in life is the privilege I have to be called your daughter. Your legacy has been a huge blessing to me. I love you, daddy. Happy birthday.

64. My papa is simply the best. I honour you, daddy. Happy birthday to you. May God’s peace and goodness never depart from you. Amen.

65. Every day of your life, you shall continue to see the works of your hands prosper. I’m blessed to be one of those works. Happy birthday, dad. Love you big.

66. Many fathers have done well, but you exceed them all! Thank you, Dad, for being a model of what a father should be. I’m the luckiest daughter ever. I wish you a beautiful birthday sir. Enjoy your day!

67. Peace, joy and happiness are my prayers for you this day. God bless you real good sir. Happy birthday, dad.

68. Memories with you keep lingering as I type this. I had the best childhood experience because I had a great dad who was always present. I appreciate you, daddy. I wish you an amazing birthday.

69. I love love love you, dad. I cannot say this enough. God bless and lengthen your years, sir. Happy birthday.

70. To a great dad who always shows up for his family, I say “Happy birthday!” Continue to bounce in God’s goodness, sir. God has blessed you already!

71. My prayers for you today are that you continue to move from strength to strength and from glory to glory. Happy birthday, dad. Love from your dear daughter.

72. I pray that your heart be always filled with joy and your mouth with laughter. You deserve the best, dad. Happy birthday, sir.

73. I pray that you regain in multiple folds all that you have lost in times past. Peace and soundness of mind are multiplied unto you. Happy birthday, dada.

74. With love, I wish you a happy birthday, dad. This is going to be your best year yet! Keep being the great father that you are. I’m blessed to be your girl.

75. When I count God’s blessings to me, I keep counting you over and over. That’s how much of a blessing you are to me. Happy birthday, my father. Stay blessed!

76. You are always there when I need you to show up. Thank you for being an outstanding father. I pray that your needs in life are met even before they arise. Happy birthday with love, dad.

77. May God’s grace be sufficient for you and His strength made perfect in your weaknesses. Happy birthday, dad. I love you so much.

78. It’s my favourite one’s birthday! Happy birthday, dad. May your days on earth be filled with everything beautiful you desire and deserve. Loads of love.

79. How you managed your business, took good care of your family and still attended to other things still amaze me. You are super amazing, dad! I pray for more of God’s goodness over you.

80. Dad, you are not just my father, you are my hero. I’m so glad you brought me forth. Long-life coupled with riches and abundance is yours. Happy birthday, papa.

81. Father, you are no ordinary! I dare say that you are the best father that ever existed. I love you so much, sir. You shall continue to glow and grow in God’s grace. Happy birthday.

82. For every time you stood for and by me, for every sacrifice, you made for me, for all times, dad, I am grateful. May the Lord continue to sustain you. Happy birthday, dear dad.

83. My dad is simply the best! No words or arguments. I love you big, dad. Blessings and bliss galore.

84. Time and again, dad, you have shown that you are not just a regular dad. You have always gone the extra mile to make sure we have the best. I see everything dad, and I appreciate them. Thanks so much, dad. God’s blessings and goodness will always be yours. I love you.

85. I wish above all else that you enjoy prosperity in your endeavours. Many happy returns, dad. Have a blast on your day!

86. Happy birthday, daddy. Continue to thrive and blossom for there is no limitation on your path!

87. I pray today and always that your heart be filled with joy and fulfilment. Continue to enjoy ease and abundance in your life and doings. Happy birthday, dad.

88. Cheers to breaking greater grounds and attaining greater heights. These and more are my heartfelt prayers and wishes for you. I love you, dad. Happy birthday.

89. May your life continue to exude light and grace. You are a model to me, dad. Here’s your daughter wishing you the best birthday ever! I cherish you, dad.

90. You have always been a source of strength and support for me. Up till now, I keep drawing from you. Thank you, daddy, for always being full of everything great. Your well shall never run dry. Happy birthday.

91. I cherish you, dad. I pray that you never have any course to weep in life. Happy birthday, from your daughter.

92. May your light continue to shine and never go dim. I wish you bliss unending, dad. Have a beautiful birthday.

93. It’s that time of the year again when we get to celebrate you cos it’s your birthday. I celebrate you always, dad because you are the best gift of God to me. I love you so much. Happy birthday.

94. Goodness, joy and peace shall be your portion in this new year of yours. You shall never lack anything good. Amen. Happy birthday, daddy. Your daughter.

95. I love you, daddy. And I mean every bit of that statement! I pray that your strength is renewed like the eagle’s and that you never go weary. Amen. Happy birthday with love.

96. Your birthday is always a special one because you are special yourself. Enjoy your day, dad, because you deserve everything beautiful the day brings. Keep up being the good man that you are. Love from your little princess.

97. Looking at the past years, I realize that I have a whole lot to be grateful for, and that includes you. Thank you, daddy, for being a blessing to me, your daughter. Happy birthday!

98. May your years be a proof of God’s graciousness and kindness. May your entire life testify of God’s goodness. Keep shining as the light that you are. Happy birthday, daddy.

99. I love you unquantifiably, dad. I love the way you father me. Being your baby girl feels really good. God shall continue to bless and prosper you. Amen.

100. Today marks the beginning of another new year, dad. May it be your best year yet. Have an amazing one, dad, filled with joy and laughter. I love you big.

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