I Miss You Messages for Girlfriend

2023 Heart Touching I Miss You Messages for Girlfriend

It takes enough courage to tell people how much we miss them, most especially when they’re far away and distant from where we are.

Have you ever found yourself in the shoes of having a loved one, say your girlfriend away for a short while and it seems like it’s been all eternity?

What then should be done when we feel that way, and we think we should tell them how we feel without being shy to do so?

You are quite on point: we should call or text them so they can know how much we miss them, and how every moment without them is like being sentenced to death.

That’s why we’re here with a 100 messages you can send to your girlfriend to tell her how much you miss her while she’s away from you. You can choose from any of the ones listed, and hope that it’ll convey the right thoughts across to her.

We hope that you find the one that fits your purpose and that your girl misses you back as much as you do!

Romantic I Miss You Messages for Girlfriend

Let your girlfriend know you are madly missing her, just by sending her the following heartfelt I’m missing you text messages for girlfriend.

1. Every moment that passes without you being by my side is like an Easter without eggs.

2. I breathe you, I drink you, and I can’t do without you! Can I always have you by my side without you leaving for a moment? Inside much miss you!

3. Without you being by my side every moment, life loses all of its colours. I miss you every second that passes.

4. You’ve so much taught me to value every moment. You’ve so much taught me to value you. Every second that ticks in my life is you. When you’re absent, I’m nothing!

5. I’m not ashamed to say I feel lost now that you’re miles away from me. Can you come back to me? I miss you.

6. There’s a piece of my heart I have with you. Keep it with you, so I can keep missing you, my dear.

7. My heart hurts so bad all because I miss you.

8. Not a moment passes each new day without me missing you really bad.

9. The extent of my love for you is directly proportional to the extent of my missing you. How much I miss you, my dear!

10. Closing and then opening my eyes to see that you’re not by my side makes me miss you with reckless abandon.

11. I miss your smiles, I miss our talks, I miss the wonderful evening strolls, and I miss you!

12. Waiting endlessly for you to call as you do, but not having you call makes me miss you. Even the phone feels like a log of wood in my hand.

13. The heavens and the earth can testify to how much I miss you. Don’t stay too long out there. I’m here awaiting your return.

14. I hope that I can find you a job close to me so that you don’t get to live so far away. I miss you baby girl.

15. There’s a large hole in my heart – it was caused by you leaving me. Can you come back so that it can be filled? I miss your absence every passing moment.

16. If for every passing minute that passes for my missing you I could get a dollar, I’d be a millionaire by now.

17. Even if I tell you how much I miss you, you’ll not be able to fathom.

18. Your absence brings with it excruciating pain into my heart.

19. There’s no further need for my pretence – I miss you with the whole of my body, soul and spirit. Where are you?

20. When the people we love are so distant, and we’re far apart, we can do nothing but to miss them.

21. I sincerely don’t know which is worse – missing you or getting killed.

22. I miss you so much that after having spoken to you on phone, and you drop the call, I start missing you immediately.

23. The love garden we visit so often seems like a graveyard without you being there. I miss you, baby.

24. If I tell you that it’s you I think of every second, minute, hour and day…will you believe that I miss you that much?

25. I know you may not always be by my side because of how busy you could get, but I very much assure you that your place in my heart will never be traded for anything. I miss you, my love.

26. Every day spent without you is usually dry, drab and lacks colour. Missing you is just an understatement.

27. Every day that lacks your queenly presence drags slowly without emotion. My life means nothing without you. I miss you much, sweetheart.

28. I think of you every day that passes. When you don’t show up, the whole world blacks out!

29. I’ll only stop missing you the moment you decide to stop staying away from me.

30. At the dawn of every new day, your thought takes possession of my heart – that’s how much I miss you!

31. The only way to bring me back to life and to make every day worth a living is to come back into my arms. I so much miss you.

32. The only reason why I miss you this much is that you’re far away from me. Save me from this torture and come back home, baby!

33. I find full happiness and joy when you’re with me cracking me up. Make me happy again by travelling back to me. I so miss you.

34. Smiles have evaded my face. Joy has gone on holiday. You make me feel under the weather by being so out of sight. I miss your company every minute.

35. When I remember the moments we shared, it keeps me going every day. When I realise you are not by my side, I fall back into depression. Can you make we whole again by coming back?

36. I realised that I couldn’t live without you the moment I let you walk away. I’m sorry for being so stupid. Could you please come back? I miss you like air.

37. I miss you like air. I will be dead without you. Come back to me please!

38. Life is all definition of hard when you’re not here. Can you be by my side for the rest of eternity? I miss you much!

39. Every thing in the world makes me reminds me of your lovely self, and makes me miss you!

40. Life is good when I’ve your hand clenched tight in mine. It’s the opposite of good when you are far away on holiday. I miss you.

41. I’ve nothing more to say than that I miss you!

42. Leaving me isn’t the greatest hurt to my person. Missing you and knowing that you’re no longer mine is.

43. I want you so badly right now. You’re making me miss you the more every day!

44. It’s a gradual death for me as the clock ticks away, and you’re not anywhere near home. Come back quickly and save me from this impending death.

45. The happy moments we shared bring me joy anytime boredom tries setting in while you’re away. I miss you so badly!

46. Even while you’re present with me, I miss you. When you’re away, I go crazy! – that’s how much I miss you.

47. Life’s sorrows double when you’re not with me. Come back, please. I really miss you.

48. My misery is at its best when you’re out of town. Bring a total removal of it by coming back quickly into my bosom.

49. I miss your tender loving care dearest! Be here this moment.

50. In everything I do, I see your face, hear your voice, and feel you walk past. End this misery and come back home!

51. I’ve only completed just one task today – missing you. The rest is for later!

52. Come back to me and make me feel alright. I promise to dance to your tune henceforth. I miss you so!

53. I miss the smile on your face, and the squeal of your laughter baby! Come back dearest.

54. I’m sending you this text message right now for you to know that you’re missed by me.

55. Even if I can’t see your face and feel your breath, know that I miss you every blessed day.

56. You’re always the first thought that runs through my mind the moment I wake, and the last before I sleep. You’re really missed.

57. I can’t find enough words to describe how much I miss you!

58. I can’t seem to get my thinking straight anytime you’re out of town. It gives me sleepless nights, and make me miss you really bad.

59. It seems you’ve given me a love potion. I can’t seem to get you out of my mind. I miss you badly.

60. The distance between us is further stretching how much I miss you. When will you be back?

61. We really had a great relationship going before you called it quits. I miss the time spent together, and I miss you!

62. I’m really wrecked emotionally for every day that passes without you by my side. Get back here, sweetheart.

63. I miss your hips and your lips, baby. No other person’s is as sweet as yours. I’m not testing them anyways. I miss you like hell.

64. I love and miss you. The distance won’t stop me from always loving you.

65. Though we call and chat every day, it’s never the same as having you here physically. I very much still miss you.

66. Never in my life have I missed anyone like I miss you. You’re really special.

67. My whole existence lacks meaning when you’re not around to brighten my world. You rule my world babe.

68. Until we meet again, and I plant a hot kiss on your lips, I’ll be missing you!

69. I miss you as much as an Ibadan indigene in the diaspora would miss Amala.

70. When you’re not here, the nights are dark, cold and lonely. I miss you.

71. You left the country with my heart. Now I’m free of emotions and pray every day for your return. I’ll be here waiting for you.

72. You really have made me jealous of friends who’ve their girlfriends around. When will you be back to make others jealous of us?

73. Everyone’s been asking about your whereabouts. I’m asking when you’ll be back because life lacks meaning without you.

74. When I miss you, I find it hard to stop tears from escaping from my face. I love you, babe.

75. That moment when you leave the city and I’m alone with myself, I lose my magic and life seems so dark and drab.

76. Time gets painfully slow when you’re not tightly wrapped in my arms at night. Morning takes a Millenium to arrive. I miss you, angel.

77. Time hasn’t been able to heal the wounds brought about by you being away. Only your presence can!

78. Without you, I don’t know what I’ll do. I hope you come back quickly so I can regain my sanity. I miss you, darling.

79. The hardest part of my life has been the moments you’ve been away. Make my yoke light by coming back to me. I miss you love.

80. I wish you were here so I could get to tell you how much I miss you.

81. Do you know the worst thing that could happen to anyone? It’s having the love of their life being away and far from home. I miss you, sweetheart.

82. Not being able to kiss and hold you tight is like being sentenced to life in prison. I hope to have you back soon.

83. My life has never felt much loneliness as much as it does now that you’re away.

84. I miss your hugs and kisses. It makes me feel so much love and affection.

85. Every of my body part aches for your presence and love. I pray you get back pretty soon.

86. The cold nights are getting colder, that my blankets can’t bring me succour. I miss you wrapping your arms around me at night.

87. I’ll be the happiest man on earth the moment I’ve you back home with me.

88. Life’s going to regain its colour the moment you get back from the journey and you’re back in my arms.

89. Even my pillows can’t match with the kind of warmth I derive from you. I miss you baby girl.

90. They think I’m mad because you’re away. I think I’m in love with the person who stole my heart away with her.

91. I desperately need you right now. Where are you?

92. I feel that missing you every day is now my life’s job and purpose.

93. Till the end of time, if you’re still away, I’ll keep missing you.

94.Video calls seem not to be able to pacify my heart from missing you. Only your presence can bring me joy.

95. I’m in utmost need of you right now dearest. I could do with your company.

96. The company of friends and family can’t bring me joy as your company would. I miss you the love of my life.

97. I’m sorry if I never showed how much I cared when you were here. Now, I’m not ashamed to tell you how much I miss you.

98. Your absence has really put me under stress. Colleagues at work are even asking if I’m well – that’s how much I miss you.

99. I miss you with the whole of my life!

100. I hope you can get to know how much I miss you, dear.

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