Best Heart Touching Love Letters to Boyfriend

2023 Best Heart Touching Love Letters to Boyfriend

Love is what makes the world beautiful. Always show love to your boyfriend by letting him know how much you love him at every opportunity you get.

Send him these heart touching love letters that will indeed touch and melt his heart!

Your boyfriend needs to know how much you love him like you say you do. Show him the magnitude of your love for him with these letters.


Most Touching Love You Letters to Him – Boyfriend

Romantic Heart Touching Love Letters and Notes for Boyfriend.

1. My Precious,
On the path of victory in this world, you are the only armour that matter; because your love to me is the best safety I ever needed or wanted to be victorious in the war in this world. I love you.

2. My Love,
As precious as my eyes, heart, lung and every organ in me; so you are to me. Nothing in this world can ever take your place in my life. Come raining or shining I’ll forever be yours and yours alone. I love more this world because you are the only thing that makes it abidable.

3. My King,
There is always one thing that is real to me; That, I will never allow slip away from me. Your love is the only thing that matters to me and I will always hold on to it. I will not allow slip away from me.

4. My king,
Sometimes I wish I could scream out your name, tell you how much I love you and how that you mean the world to me. You’re the core reason of my existence and the one who pushes me to see possibilities in all even when nothing is working right, you make me walk head up high without having to fear anything at all, I can say you’re that very support everyone needs. I want to live my life loving you forever so I can get to celebrate you all years long! I love you, honey.

5. Baby,
There’s a part of me that forever belongs to you and that’s my heart, you’ve shown me love in a way I’ve never experienced and you’ve taught me how to love effortlessly just with your acts. You need not say much before I grab all of your love tutorials because love expressed is love best shown. I want to love you forever, hold you forever and burn all of my affections in you. You’re worth more than this world to me! I love you baby and I can’t get to hide my feelings from you.

6. Sweetheart,
This love note is to remind you of my forever vow with you. Whenever I remember our moments together, I can’t really express what I feel but I can say that I find fulfilment in those days and I wish I can get a replay of those moments, but I’m persuaded of better moments together. You’re the one I want to spend the rest of my days and nights with and no matter how old we get or how conspicuous the wrinkles on our faces are, I’ll forever be by your side to love you! I love you to the moon and stuck.

7. Honey,
You stole my heart and gave me yours, you made me see a new light and a new dawn, I don’t know what this feeling is called but if this is love, then the love novels and poems are underrated because I think love is sweeter and more adventurous with you. If this sail lasts forever, I don’t mind being in the same boat with you till the end of time. You’re the sweetest person I’ve ever met and a lifetime ride with you isn’t a bad idea. I love you till the end of time!

8. Honey,
You’re the reason behind my smile and if there’s any reason to life, I’ll say it’s you. Sometimes I wish I knew you before now, I’m sure life would have been more adventurous. I’m grateful for your consistency in love and your sweet words that heal me when I’m broken hearted, those words are golden! If I say there’s a life, all I’m saying is that there’s a you in it because a life without your love is unimaginable. Just know that I’ll love you and I’ll keep loving you till my last breath.

9. My love,
If there’s anything I’m sure of, that’ll be your love for me and mine for you. Life was fair to give you to me and I’m thankful I didn’t let go. All I can say is that you’re that very one who completes my puzzle and makes me want to live despite all odds. Baby, I don’t know what an afterlife look or sound like, but if you’ll be there, then I think I want to be there also. I love you now and till the end of the age!

10. Honey,
I’ve asked myself times without a number what I did to deserve a man as amazing as you are but I’ve never gotten a perfect answer to that question and my conclusion is that life was just fair to me and luck was on my side. Baby, I’m forever thankful for your beautiful love bestowed and your timely affection that make the world a perfect place to live in. I want to forever be by your side, to love you and hold you till I have no power to do so!

11. You’re that angel I needed to make things right, you’re the love I need for life, you’re the one I love forever!

12. You’re the best part of life that happened to me, you’re the best man I’ve ever dreamt of! I love you, baby.

13. I want to wake up to you at dawn, lay my head on your chest at dusk and enjoy all of my days with you! I love you, my King.

14. Baby, you’re the sunshine that I see, you’re the love that I need, you’re the one who completes me, I love you baby!

15. If only you can see yourself through my eyes, then you’ll know how special you are to me, I love you unrepentantly!

16. You’re the one my heart was searching for and since I’ve found you, I found a part of myself that was lost. I love you, king!

17. All I think of is you, all I want to see is you and your heart is what I want to hold forever. I love you, hon.

18. Sometimes, life comes in persons, you’re the life that came to me and I wouldn’t let go of this life. I love you forever, sweety.

19. Sometimes I wish I could express myself in words and tell you of how much I love you but I’ve discovered that there are really no right words to express your love.

20. I want to give you my affection forever, stay with you forever and burn the fire of love with you till the end of the ages. I love you till forever, baby.

21. I’ll love you regardless of the times and ages, not even the days can lay hold on our love. I love you, my better half.

22. In you I found the ability to do the impossible, in you I found my super abilities to be a better person. Thanks for always believing in my abilities. I love you, baby.

23. I can’t get the right words to define you coz there are really no words that can be right for you, just that you’re simply amazing! I love you, my amazing man.

24. Even the minute things you do bring to me boundless joy and I don’t want to lose out on that, that’s why I’m just going to love you forever!

25. I’ve tried putting my love story with you into writing, but I think all love words have failed me because you’re incredibly indescribable!

26. If all my life with you was a dream, I hey I don’t want to wake up to reality because you’re the reality of my dreams! I love you, hon.

27. Life can never be fair, but it was fair by giving you to me, you mean the world to me and I’ll always love you!

28. Your heart is golden and your acts are kind, you’re a one of a kind and I’ll hold on to you forever. I love you, sweetheart.

29. I feel a sparkling in my heart whenever I see you and when I hear you talk, you don’t want to know how my heart beats for you. I love you, honey.

30. When you steal glances at me, I act as if I don’t see you, but deep down that look gives me some chills!

31. Your words are sweet and that’s all I need to jerk back to life even when I’m sleeping. I love it when you speak into my ears, baby.

32. Your words whisper love to me, your gaze tells me of your affection and your love make me not to see anything else! I love the way you love me!

33. Now, my laughter is harder, my silent cries are lesser just because of your singular presence in my life. I love you, hon.

34. If only you know what your presence means to me, you’ll never be anywhere else! I love it when you’re all over me.

35. When I’m around you, there’s nowhere else I’ll rather be, your presence gives me matchless joy!

36. Our moments together have always been special but I’m looking forward to better days with you. Baby, I love you forever!

37. Your sweet little words are all I need to make me come alive, your voice is the favorite sound I hear. I love you around me, baby.

38. Each day with you is another reassurance of hope that the world is a better place to live in. I love you to the moon and back!

39. I’m stuck with you for a lifetime, I do not have any regrets to that end because I’ll forever need you to complete me. I love you, my king.

40. If there’ll ever be an empire in the world to come, I’ll love to be your queen ruling with you in your domain. I love you, my forever!

41. I want you to glow more with pride just like you’ve been doing and that’s why I’m sending this note to you to tell you that you’re my world! I love you, my better half.

42. You’re that better person I needed to be complete and since I’ve met you, I feel complete!

43. The more I spend time with you, the more I miss you and the more I want you to stay by my side forever! I love your presence.

44. Your token of love and affection is what makes my life beautiful, I don’t ever want to lose out on that beautiful life and that’s why I’m saying forever to you and I! I love you, king.

45. Love letters, archaic as it may seem, can never go out of style. This note is my token of love to you! I love you, unrepentantly.

46. The day I found, that day I found an incredible gift of life. You’re the best gift life gave me! I love you, sweety.

47. No matter how gloomy the day may seem, just your appearance is enough to brighten it up. Baby, you’re the light I see every day!

48. With your love, I know I’m doing just right, your love seems right and nothing with you seems wrong. I love you, eternally.

49. Your love is the centre of it all, your heart is the purest and I want to hold on to it for life! I love you, baby.

50. Your heart is golden, your soul is forgiving and your actions are loving, what else then do I need for life if not you in person! I love you, my love.

51. You’ll live forever in my heart as I’m looking forward to a lifetime of great achievement with you! I love you, baby.

52. Since the day I met you, I know I’ve found that person I’ll be stuck with forever and now, I’m right because I’m planning a lifetime with you! I love you, hon.

53. You’re that one man that bring so much love to me because you exude as much yourself, you’re a love being and you’ve made falling in love fun!

54. You’re at the centre of it all and no matter where I am or what I’m doing, you’ve always got my attention!

55. Your love is what keeps me afloat in the midst of any turbulence, I’m undeterred because I know I have you as my rescue team. I love you, hon.

56. Your love hovers around me and sometimes I think I can’t do without this love. Baby, I want to say forever to our love!

57. Your voice sends impulses through my bone marrow and even when I’m asleep, I can feel it when you’re around! I love you, honey.

58. I love you completely and no matter what happens, my vow of love to you stands forever!

59. Your soul pours as much love as my soul needs, I’m always in need of your love!

60. I love you in a blissful manner, I love everything about you and even your craziest moments!

61. I find myself at a loss of words to qualify you because really, no words are adequate to do that, you’re simply amazing! I love you, man

62. Ever since I met you, every other thing never looked the same, yea, you gave this special touch to my being! I love you, my king.

63. You held me close even when I was already giving up on myself, you told me I could love and yes, you’re the one I’ll love forever!

64. There’s a way your presence brings pleasure to my soul, your love radiates over me and your affection make me see beyond love. I love you more than you can think of.

65. I can’t get to express my deepest thoughts of love to you, I’m sure words would fail me but deep down my heart, you’re the one I love!

66. You’re the inspiration to life, the perfect image of love and the brightness of affection, you’re always the sweetest!

67. Nothing can take your love away from me, I’m determined to hold on to your heart forever! I love you against all odds.

68. You’ve touched me in a way I have never been, you gave me love in a way I can’t imagine. I love you now and always!

69. I want you to know that you have a place in my heart and my soul belongs to you forever, in life or in death!

70. Every day with you is another dose of blessing I don’t want to lose and that’s why I want to wake up each morning to see you by my side!

71. If what I feel with you is love, then I think I’m crazily in love with you because I can’t go through a day without the thought of you.

72. You’ve occupied my heart and there’s no longer space to think of anything else apart from your love. I love you, baby.

73. If anyone has ever taught me the cost of affection, I’ll say it is you, you taught me tenets of love and you did in a very sweet way! I love you, hon.

74. You’ve shared with me love in a way I’ve never felt, I’m thankful for your love and extremely grateful because I’ll have to spend eternity with you in love! I love you, sweety.

75. Love is a wonderful gift, its the sweetest feeling one can ever get, I’m glad I’m sharing this feeling with you. I love you, king.

76. It’s funny how I can’t get my mind off you, only you have occupied my thoughts with memories of our love. I love you, my love.

77. You’re the most important person on my heart, I’m not only glad that’s so, but I’m also glad because that’ll last forever! I love you, babe.

78. I know I can’t get to tell you how much I love you every day and that’s why I’m sending this note to be a reminder of my love for you! I love you, sweetheart.

79. I’ve discovered that all I need for a good day is you by my side, you’re that perfect partner I ever needed! I love you, forever.

80. I love you with each passing day, and the truth is that I love you more than I did yesterday!

81. Whenever I think of you I smile, and when I’m being asked why I smile, I don’t have a perfect answer because you’re indescribable!

82. I wake up to smile every day and that’s because you’re the first person I wake up to every day!.

83. In case you don’t know, you’re the best thing that happened to me and I’ll forever keep you as the best part of my life story! I love you, baby.

84. I’m sending kisses and hugs your way now, its for you to enjoy because I’ll give you more than you desire when I see you!

85. I’ll give you a dozen of sweet kisses but I know it won’t still state the intents of my heart, I love you and just you alone!

86. I love love love you, sweety.

87. I wish I could tell you enough how much I love and adore you, honey.

88. I love you and everything about you, handsome.

89. God bless the day I met you. I have known love ever since. You’re the best, mine.

90. You alone are the reason behind my smiles. You’re my king.

91. My heart beats for you always. I love you bountifully, boyfriend.

92. I love you.

93. My honey, I’ll keep blowing you kisses because you’re my perfect man. You’re loved.

94. I love you big, my perfect gentleman.

95. Come what may, I would never stop loving you, my Prince.

96. Handsome, you’re simply the best. I thank God I met you!

97. Love is in your eyes, words and actions. Love is you! Thank you for choosing me, honey.

98. You remain irreplaceable, my king. I love you “foreverlly.”

99. You are my all. I love you with my all! I’ll always cherish being your Queen.

100. I’m happy to be that lucky girl to find you. You’re my best and I’m proud to be your girlfriend.

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