Happy Birthday to Someone With a Big Heart 1

Happy Birthday to Someone With a Big Heart

A birthday is a special day in the life of everyone. It is a symbolic and unique day, hence, the need to reach out to people we consider as friends, family, leaders and even mentors on their special day.

One of the best ways of doing this is by sending messages filled with well wishes to them.

Sending messages to someone who is good to you or sending beautiful quotes to someone you care about would make them feel appreciated and loved.

This collection of Happy birthday to someone with a big heart starts with messages you can send to your parents, siblings, mentors and ends with messages for friends, lovers and partners and everyone you know that has a big heart.

Browse through and share these messages with that special person with a big heart.

Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes to Someone with a Big Heart

Make that special person who has a big heart feel appreciated and loved on his/her birthday with these awesome happy birthday wishes quotes to someone with a big heart.

1. You are my guardian angel and it feels good to know I can always count on you. Happy birthday, mum.

2. I have got your back for life, you can always count on me. Happy birthday, son.

3. My prayer for you today is that your path becomes clearer and your goals defined. Happy birthday, sis.

4. You have been an incredible leader, you have taught me a lot about love, kindness and forgiveness. Happy birthday.

5. Happy birthday to my angel, my beautiful daughter. You brighten our lives, you are our biggest miracle.

6. Wake up sis, it’s your birthday. My wish for you is unending joy and laughter. Happy birthday, sis.

7. Family is everything, I am happy to have a mother like you, you are my best support system. Happy birthday, mum.

8. We became friends the very day you were born. I have felt protective of you right from your birth. I know you are an adult now but, you will always be my baby brother. Happy birthday.

9. I know you might consider me annoying but I actually do love you. Have fun today and drink responsibly.

10. You have largely influenced me, I am lucky I came across someone like you. Happy birthday.

11. I was born into the most amazing home, I couldn’t have wished for a better dad. Happy birthday, Dad.

12. You are a remarkable young lady, I often wonder where you get your big heart from. Happy birthday, daughter.

13. You are an amazing big brother, I couldn’t have wished for a better sibling. Happy birthday, bro.

14. God must have created you on his happiest day because you are always a bundle of joy and delight. Happy birthday, dear.

15. I have always looked up to you, you have always been a source of constant inspiration to me. Happy birthday Dad, thanks for everything.

16. May your birthday usher you into a new season of hope, may your prayers be answers and your silent wishes granted. Happy birthday.

17. You are the most hard-working independent woman I know. You made Parenthood easy and I owe a lot to you. Happy birthday, mum.

18. don’t think you hear this enough but you have a big heart, one that spreads joy to everyone who comes close to you. Happy birthday, Dad.

19. You have shown me immense kindness and support over the years, you are a great inspiration to me and I wish you a happy birthday

20. You are more than a brother, you are a friend as well. Happy birthday, big bro, I will always be here to disturb you.

21. My childhood is full of happy memories, memories I wouldn’t have made if I didn’t have a sister like you. Happy birthday, sis.

22.. You are growing up so fast, it doesn’t matter though because you will always be my little boy. Happy birthday.

23. Happy birthday little sis, although you can be annoying, I wouldn’t trade you for any other.

24. You are my hero, I have looked up to you since childhood and you keep making me proud. Happy birthday, bro.

25. You have been a constant source of joy to this family, you are our little star and we wish you the very best.

26. I have watched you grow from a little boy to a fabulous man, full of generosity and kindness. Happy birthday, son.

27. Thanks for all your sacrifices, thanks for always being there. Happy birthday, Dad, I will always love you.

28. You have an amazingly big heart, I own all I am today to you and I will forever be grateful to God I get to have a parent like you. Happy birthday mum

29. Happy birthday, dear, nothing would ever make me forget your birthday, not even the thousands of miles between us.

30. I can’t believe I raised such an amazing person like you, you have such a good heart and we wish you the best. Happy birthday.

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31. You have always stood up for me when it mattered, you have always cheered me on whenever I needed it, I can’t talk about my childhood without making reference to you. Happy birthday.

32. For your birthday, I am sending you hugs and kisses wrapped in love and good wishes. Happy birthday.

33. I count myself very lucky to be under the guidance of someone like you, you have been a huge source of inspiration to me and my prayers for you today is that life will always be good to you. Happy birthday.

34. I will always be here for you because that’s what family do. I am loyal to you, you can always count on me. Happy birthday.

35. Your messages have helped me through some of the most difficult situations of my life. Happy birthday, ma, have a wonderful time.

36. You seem to be getting younger, not older with time. I am blessed I get to share your genes, happy birthday.

37. Happy birthday to you Dad, you inspire me to achieve my dreams and put my best in all that I do. You have always been very supportive of me and I wish you the best.

38. Happy birthday, sir, you have been a pillar of strength for a lot of us, you have impacted us in ways you cannot imagine and we are very grateful

39. If I ever get reincarnated, I would still love to be your sibling. That’s how huge I love you. Happy birthday.

40. You know you set the bar pretty high right, well I don’t love you less for it, I am actually proud of you. Happy birthday.

41. Thanks for being very accommodating and kind. You have been my confidant all through the years and I will always be grateful. Happy birthday.

42. Be happy and whatever happens, stay happy. Have a wonderful birthday.

43. To the one with the big heart; happy birthday, have a great day.

44. I wish you a prosperous new season full of light and joy. Happy birthday.

45. I wish you a multiple of all you’ve been wishing yourself. Happy birthday, dear.

46. The quality of your heart is second to none, you are full of love and light and I am grateful to have a brother like you. Happy birthday.

47. You are my greatest gift, the best thing that has ever happened to me. Happy birthday, son.

48. You are a great boss, you have got a very good and big heart and I wish you a very happy birthday.

49. No matter how grown you are, you will always be my special boy. Happy birthday, son.

50. You have a very big heart and I hope it gets filled with joy, happiness and laughter. Happy birthday.

51. Thank you for being my father and my best friend as well. Happy birthday, Daddy.

52. I wouldn’t have made it through those tough moments of my life without you, mum.

53. Today is the beginning of another phase for you, make sure you use it well. Happy birthday.

54. Cheers to a beautiful and wonderful new year filled with success moves and fulfilment. Happy birthday.

55. You should celebrate yourself every day, you deserve it. Happy birthday dearie

56. May God grant all your endeavours with good success, may he pour down his blessings upon you and may your life be forever blessed. Happy birthday.

57. Having you was the best decision I made. You have added so much colour and sparkle to my life. Happy birthday.

58. I sometimes wonder where you get your big heart from, you are so special and unique and I am always proud of you.

59. It doesn’t matter that you are far now, I will always celebrate you. I love you, daughter. Happy birthday.

60. You have a very big heart and people like you deserve only good things. Happy birthday, love.

Below are: Messages for Lovers, Friends and Partners

61. I am very fortunate to have a friend like you, you have brought so much happiness and joy into my life and I am forever grateful. Happy birthday.

62. I know I can be quiet a handful at times but you have been quite understanding which adds to your charm. Happy birthday cutie

63. Cheers to the lady with the biggest heart in the world. You are an amazing friend and I wish you the best in life

64. Stay happy, stay healthy and have a great day today. Happy birthday.

65. I sometimes wonder where you get your kind of strength from. You are simply exceptional. Happy birthday.

66. Your kindness and generosity are amazing, I often wonder how I got so lucky to have a partner like you. Happy birthday sweet.

67. You are a phenomenal person and I am I glad I met you. Cheers to bigger, better and brighter years dearie.

68. You have been an incredible friend and I want you to have a great day today. Happy birthday to you.

69. You add joy and sparkle to my world. I am always thankful for you. Happy birthday, dearie.

70. Thank you for being that friend who would always be there for me, thank you for always loving me. Have an outstanding day today.

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71. You have a very big heart, you are good and kind and I am always proud of you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

72. Thanks for making me a part of your world, our friendship is a much-cherished one for me, happy birthday.

73. Your love is overwhelming, it’s just what I was praying for. Happy birthday, love.

74. I know you have been through so much but I need You to stay strong and tough. The future is bright. Happy birthday, friend.

75. You have brought so much joy to my life, you are one of a kind. Happy birthday my love. Thanks for being the amazing person that you are.

76. Your words are always seasoned with grace, they have pulled me up through diverse tough times. Happy birthday darling, you rock!

77. You are a special person, your heart is big and full of love. Happy birthday, I am so lucky to call you friend.

78. You are a giver, you never deprive me of your attention and you love me in ways I never thought possible. Happy birthday, babe.

79. You have a big heart, it is beautiful and full of love. Happy birthday to the most amazing woman on Earth.

80. You are my Sunshine, my chocolate and source of unending sweetness. Happy birthday, darling.

81. Your presence in my world has been nothing short of amazing. You are an incredible man, always remember that. Happy birthday.

82. You are extremely lovable, I couldn’t stop loving you even if I try. Happy birthday, baby.

83. I can’t believe I am married to one with such a beautiful soul and a big heart. Happy birthday, love.

84. You put a smile on my face every day, you make my life a beautiful reality. Happy birthday to you dear.

85. I am going to tell you exactly what I think about you without sugarcoating it. I think you are amazing, I think you are courageous and I think you are incredible. Happy birthday.

86. Thanks for loving me just the way I am and for who I am. Thanks for being a great support system, happy birthday.

87. I am so excited the most important person in my life was born today. Happy birthday my love.

88. I have watched you evolve yearly into this amazing person and I am grateful I get to be by your side even as you celebrate another birthday. Happy birthday, dear.

89. You are my kind of man, one I had always prayed for, my dream man. Happy birthday, dear.

90. Happy birthday to someone who has been a constant source of joy and happiness to me. I pray your special day would bring about the fulfilment of all your dreams.

91. The type and quality of your heart is rare. You have got a big heart and everyone around you can testify to it. Happy birthday.

92. There is so much to celebrate about you, you are a bundle of wonder and I will always love you. Happy birthday.

93. I have made a commitment to make sure you have a lot of fun in this new year of your life. Happy birthday.

94. Our relationship is a lot of fun, all thanks to you. Happy birthday, love.

95. You have been a wonderful partner, big support for the kids and I, the perfect father figure. Happy birthday, darling.

96. have a very big heart, people like you are a rare gift to the world. Happy birthday, darling.

97. I know how important birthdays are to you, so, I wish you a happy birthday and a lifetime full of happiness.

98. are a unique person, very remarkable and hard-working. What would I do without you? Happy birthday baby

99. You seem to be getting hotter by the year. I am so happy to have you in my corner. Happy birthday.

100. Happy birthday to the most amazing human on Earth. Has anyone ever told you’ve got a big heart, like the most beautiful and soft heart ever? You do and I am always proud of you.

I hope you found the right messages to celebrate and get your feelings across to that person who has a big heart among this collection of happy birthday to someone with a big heart. I would appreciate your feedback and comments.

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