Female Traits That Strong Men Find Attractive

7 Female Traits That Strong Men Find Attractive

We often hear about the traits that women should have in order to attract the representatives of the stronger s*x and get married. In most cases, it is a woman who is supposed to change herself to be convenient and comfortable for a man. But what kind of man would like to date a woman who has to inhibit herself and change completely for the sake of a loved one? Only a weak and insecure man can decide on such a relationship. But what traits attract strong and successful men?

1. Beauty

A weak man is afraid that a well-groomed beautiful woman has many admirers – competition scares him. But a strong man wants to date a young beauty, as a great number of admirers stimulates him to develop and inspires to heroic actions for the sake of a beloved woman. In addition, the man always tries to conquer an attractive lady and be the best for his loved one.

2. Smartness

You have probably heard that smart women often scare potential boyfriends. Perhaps men have an association with school teachers or just feel a bit silly against the background of a smart woman. But this applies only to weak men. Strong men feel more interesting and entertaining with smart ladies. In addition, smartness makes finding love after 60 much easier.

3. Career orientation

Many people say that businesswomen are left without a loved one precisely because of excess purposefulness and a passion for a career. But strong men consider a career-orientated woman to be a good friend, partner, and adviser. Moreover, such a lady does not afraid to take responsibility and is always ready to help and support her loved one. And weak men, in turn, perceive such an ambitious and purposeful lady “a man in a skirt” who seeks to suppress a guy and compete with him.

4. Independence

When a woman is not dependent on men both emotionally and financially, she can easily break-up with a loved one if the relationship ceases to suit her because such a lady has a sense of self-worth. An independent woman keeps a strong man up and causes fear in a weak representative of the stronger s*x.

5. Unpredictability

A woman who has stuck in one role and image is very comfortable for a weak man. However, there is no spontaneity and pleasure in a relationship with such a girl – a guy cannot build vibrant and dynamic relations. But with a multifaceted, unpredictable woman, a strong man can spend the whole life as in partner dance: once smooth, then fun, and then passionate. Therefore, unpredictability is exactly one of those female traits that attract strong and successful men.

6. Passion

A woman who is passionate about her life and interests (hobby, work, study, etc.) will not be able to sacrifice all these for the sake of a relationship. A man should offer such a lady something as meaningful and interesting in order to spend more time together. Most often, weak men have no interests, and thus, they start looking for the one and only who would entertain them. Why do not they date passionate ladies? Weak men are afraid that a passionate woman will be carried away by her interests and will not find time for them. Strong men, on the contrary, look for full-fledged and enthusiastic women, who do not screw their brains out when receiving a little dose of attention but mind their own business.

7. Love for money

This quality of many women is very scary for weak men, as they lack generosity and are afraid to give too much. For such men, the desire of women to receive gifts, signs of attention, and the general longing for comfort) is a threat to existence. At the same time, strong men consider this quality of women quite normal and can use it as a motivation on the path to success.

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