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2022 Best Happy Birthday to Me Prayers

No birthday celebrant wants to be left out of kind wishes and good prayers. A combination of the two breeds faith and hope tangible enough to see one through the new year.

As you look forward to celebrating your birthday and as you do celebrate it, do not wait on friends and kinfolks to make wishes and say prayers on your behalf, simply do that for yourself.

You need not crack your head, select from this lovely collection of 2022 Best Happy Birthday to Me Prayers and save a prayer for yourself.

Be sure to have a pleasant experience as you utter these to heaven on your big day.

Happy Birthday Prayers for Myself

Even when hundreds of thousands of people try to send their best wishes and blessings on your birthday, the ones that come from you are the sweetest. And when I knew you would want some for yourself, I decided to write these happy birthday to me prayers, specially for you to use for yourself – happy birthday prayers for myself.

1. This time of the year reminds me of the great blessings I swim in every day. It shows me life’s ugliness without me and its beauty with me in it. Happy birthday to me. I hope when the sun shines, it shines favour on me, and when the breeze blows, it blows goodness and mercy upon my being. I look forward to many more years decorated with the ornaments of blessings, beautified with the oceans of joy and bliss. As I live through this new year, may I exclaim for joy and behold life in a way so fulfilling, void of anxiety and displeasure. It is my life and I hope to live it the best way I can. So help me God.

2. Happy birthday to the human I know so deeply to the core. A very fulfilling birthday to the one whose heart flows of meekness and love. Happy birthday to me. May my legs walk me far to the realm of prosperity, may my eyes behold abundant gold and silver in my abode. May I have so much to give and to bless. May I be contented with good health, peace and love. As a queen, I shall sit upon the throne, like a powerful being, I shall be celebrated. Heaven grants me the strength to accomplish all of my goals. May this celebration last till the end of time.

3. Hip, hip, hip, hurray! I’ll place fine wine on my table, savor delicious meals of my favorite, take lovely pictures of my older self on this very historic day. Happy birthday to my amazing self. With joy shall I draw water from the well of prosperity, with laughter shall I wear the medals of accomplishments. Unlike yesteryears, I shall be called great, unlike yesterday, I shall lead a happy life. May I harbor great hope in my heart and experience great love in my world. Like a joyful bird, I shall sing for joy. Blessed be this day, I pray.

4. The dawn of today brings smiles like the stars unto my face, for it shows me how blessed I am to be born into the world. The sun notifies me of purpose, the moon tells me to be glad and go dream chasing. And that will I do with all my strength this year and beyond. Happy birthday to me. May I be a blessing to all that I find on this path. May I find treasures untold to man. May my name be heard in the company of the mighty. May my work be established in the corners of the earth. My health shall blossom like a morning flower. My joy shall last like the rock of aeons. With gaiety shall I walk back home every day and with love, may I be welcomed into the arms of my beloved. How proud I am to witness this day as my own. How thankful I am that life is good. With gratitude, may I live the rest of my days.

5. Wishes flowing through the corners of my heart. Prayers delivered to heaven’s gate. Because my birthday is today. Happy birthday to me. May my heart beat in peace and my veins pulse in love, may I wear the garments of favour all around, may I walk into the right places at the right time. May my crown never fall to the ground. I shall be the best at what I do. I shall drink from the dews of comfort and gladness. True friends shall I find, true love shall I feel and receive. Kindness shall come to me in many folds, favour shall attend to me where thence I go. These I pray on this special birth anniversary.

6. It’s my birth anniversary. May the riches that cover the earth make way to my bosom. Treasures under the sea water and precious stones beneath the ocean are all mine. May I gain so much significance in all that I do. May my efforts turn into great achievements. May my hard work never go unrewarded. Above all, happiness and fulfillment shall fill the rooms of my heart. I shall merry till I age gracefully. My old age shall know peace. Beauty shall never be a thing of the past for me. May I be satisfied with long life as a sweet fine wine. Happy birthday to me.

7. As I clock another age, may my day know peace, joy, fulfillment and prosperity for as long as I live. I shall have an everlasting taste of the true meaning of love. May sadness and depression be blown far away from my abode. The piercing sound of lamentation shall be so far away from my vicinity. My home shall know peace, so also shall my heart. My dreams shall become achievable. My fears shall be surmounted. I shall gather treasures in abundance. A deep sense of fulfilment shall I know at this age of my life. Young and happy shall I be for as long as I live. Hurray! It’s my birthday.

8. Birthday comes but once in a year, thus I pray, that many more years shall I see. May my future be better than my present. May my present be greater than my past. Wealth and prosperity shall not replace my happiness. I shall be joyful and fulfilled for the rest of my life. I’ll dwell in sheer abundance like a King in power lacking no prosperity. My words shall entice the great figures of the earth. My work shall bring me satisfaction and recognition. My health shall not fail me. As long as I live, my body shall flourish like a tree planted by the spring. All my life, I will dwell in peace. I shall live long to see my generation multiply. My seeds shall be blessed and greater than I am. I shall be known as the blessed one. Happy birthday to me.

9. Happy birthday to me. Heaven shall constantly rejoice with me. I shall never be without a thing to celebrate. May the angels carry me on their protective wings. May I be anointed with the oil of happiness. May my cup run over with joy and prosperity. I shall be fulfilled in all stages of my life. My dream shall come true in no distant time. Love shall treat me kind. I shall never be unfortunate. May the purpose of my life be fulfilled. I’ll live to cherish you for the rest of my years. I shall never be hopeless. I shall never dwell in despair. May my life never be exposed to the devil. May the power and presence of God never live me. My days shall be longer than ancient rocks. May I never be cut off abruptly from the surface of the earth. I shall live to reap the fruits of my labour. My harvest shall be bountiful. This and many more I pray as I age gracefully.

10. Happy birthday to me. May I be blown away into the destination of mirth and gaiety. May I never be surrounded by darkness, but by a multitude of brilliant lights that never go dim. I shall never be weary of life. My bones shall never be weak. My flesh shall flourish like vegetation teeming with life. I shall drink from the cup of prosperity. My abundance shall know no limit. I shall be blessed with love that never fades away. May my name be written on a marble stone sparkling with everlasting radiance. May my life be full of heavenly splendour. Joy shall beckon on me. Happiness shall be my thing. For as long as I live, I’ll never be regretful but fulfilled. So shall my life be summed up. Amen.

11. From the deep of my heart, I wish myself a year of celebration galore. My eyes shall behold beauty and my ears shall hear good news of me and my household. Happy birthday to my darling self.

12. A special kind deserves a special birthday. Happy birthday to a rare one. I hope all of life’s troubles pass me by and the favor of God picks me over and over again.

13. Happy birthday to me. May I not fight without winning. May I not try without succeeding. Wishing me longevity and prosperity.

14. Best day of the year is here. Happy birthday to me. Wishing me a life full of laughter and great accomplishments.

15. When the sun shines, may I find favor, when the moon comes, may I find great gaiety. Happy birthday to me. All of my life shall I be glad.

16. When life gets tough, may I find the energy to move on. When life becomes exciting, may I see the beauty in it. Happy birthday to my darling self.

17. A year older and wiser. Feels good to be me. Happy birthday to myself. Happy shall I be when I go out, fulfilled shall I be when I come in.

18. I won’t falter on my dreams and beliefs, neither would I wither as life goes on. Happy birthday to my young self. May my prayers be answered.

19. Happy birthday to me. May the heavens bless me with rains of prosperity and comfort me with the dew of peace and love. I hope to shed happy tears on this day.

20. Happy birth anniversary to me. I hope I never regret my birth into this transient world. With joy shall I take every step of my feet.

21. May the baton of success and bliss be passed on to my hands on this day. May the fruits of my hard work come to light this sunrise. Happy birthday to a girl like me.

22. Happy birthday to me. With peace I shall live every day of my life, with joy and love shall I see every sunrise, with contentment I shall welcome sunset. Wishing me all these and more goodies.

23. Heavens, hear me now; it’s my birthday so, do something special for your beloved. Answer my prayers and bless me with all heavenly blessings. Love and light to me.

24. May I not be afraid, may my choices lead me to the land of prosperity, may my decisions make me a seat amongst the great. Happy birthday to me, myself and I.

25. Happy birthday to me. May I age like the sun, see many years like the rock. Happy shall my heart be with countless of good tidings. Wishing me a blissful experience.

26. After this birthday, many more shall come in good health, prosperity and happiness. This celebration shall mark the onset of great happiness and fulfilment, I pray.

27. Cakes are not enough so, I say a prayer on this special day; may I find favour of health in the eyes of the most high, may I find the blessing of longevity from the one who gives life, may I find love in the heart of men. Wishing me a splendid new year.

28. Happy birthday to me. I proclaim blessings upon my feet, joy into my heart, and prosperity in my hands. May I find grace in this sinful world.

29. Spare me from evil, oh ye earth. Happy birthday to me as today lights up in grace. May goodness and mercy like a shadow follow me thenceforward.

30. Happy birthday to me. May I not be drown in the ocean of life. But from life’s ocean shall I draw abundant fishes of prosperity. Wishing me a life worthy of living.

31. Happy birthday to me. In the company of the great shall I find myself and in the atmosphere of love shall I be celebrated. With warmth and benevolence let heaven celebrate me.

32. Balloons up and rainbow in the sky. For it is my birthday today. Happy birthday to me. I pray nothing comes in between me and my loved ones. I hope my joy runs like a spring in company of good friends. As a winner, I’ll lift up the trophy and wear the medal.

33. Happy birthday to the one whose heart is pure as gold. Happy birthday to me. May my heart be thankful all life long.

34. Miracles shall not elude me, favor shall not pass me by. Prosperity shall be my identity and peace shall be my beauty. Happy birthday to me, myself and I.

35. Every storm be still, cause a new year has come. Every trouble cease, cause your time is gone. Happiness comes in, for it’s time that I be contented. Happy birthday to me. May the angels usher in my breakthrough.

36. I’m happy, I’m excited, for I’m alive today as it is my birth anniversary. Many more years shall I see. In good health shall I live.

37. Wishes as the stars morphing into blessings for my sake. Happy birthday to me. May I find peace as I desire it and joy as I demand it. Wishing me all of God’s blessings.

38. It’s a day of joy cause a royal was born, it’s a day to make wishes, cause it is my birthday. Happy birth anniversary to me. May this year be the onset of many dramatic blessings.

39. I’ll lift up my voice, cause it’s my birthday. Happy birthday to me. Like the ocean sand, so shall my blessings be. And with peace and joy I shall enjoy them all, I pray.

40. Let all the blessings floating in the heavenly realm rest upon my abode, for it’s my birthday today. Happy birth anniversary to me. I hope to be a better person as each year goes by.

41. Many more years I want to see, many more happy years shall I see in the protective arms of all my loved ones. Wishing me a life of brilliant joy and graceful smiles.

42. May I never become weary on this journey. May I not be lost as I race, may I not grief as I march forward. Happy birthday to me. Wishing me joy and many more joy.

43. My bones shall not become weak, my joy shall be full as my ears shall hear only good news. Happy birthday to me. I hope to wine and dine where there is love and honor.

44. Joy in the morning, peace in the night, prosperity at all times, so I pray with great faith. Happy birthday to me.

45. With kind eyes shall men behold me, with favorable hands shall the great beckon on me. Happy birthday to me. May my many prayers be answered and my dreamy wishes be granted.

46. I shall scale through the dark days and shall see the better days in full gaiety and prosperity. Happy birthday to me. May my hope never run dry.

47. Happiness shall not be once in a blue moon, happiness shall be all of my days to the last. Happy birthday to me. May I do all that I dream of as the day goes by.

48. May the Lord command my blessings, may my hands confirm such favor. Happy birthday to me. May my prayers be answered so speedily.

49. Happy birthday to me. May I find help when I seek it. May I find peace all of my days. Like a cheerful bird shall I spread my wings across the sky. Like an eagle shall I soar to the amazement of men.

50. With royal grace shall I walk into my palace. With great joy shall I see many more years. Happy birthday to me.

51. May the fingers of prosperity tickle me, may the hands of joy wrap around me. Happy birth anniversary to me. May I always wear the garment of praise.

52. Not a miserable day shall I see. Not a troubling moment shall I live. Happy birthday to me. May my dreams come true and my needs be met without refrain.

53. May heaven make me a priority. May the earth yield her increase unto my bosom. Happy birthday to me. Like a rainbow, I shall give hope to mankind.

54. Happy birth anniversary to me. Upon myself shall my crown flourish. May my today be remembered for all the joy it’ll bring. May my yesterday never cause me pain and may tomorrow be full of pleasant surprises.

55. I’ll sing aloud, for today is the day I was born. Happy birthday to me. May the season of joy never come to an end in my life. May my days be without pain and loss.

56. Happy birthday to me. My beginning was humble, may the latter part of my life be grand and full of splendour.

57. It pleases my soul to know I’ve come this far. Happy birthday to me. I pray that I spend the rest of my life in perfect bliss.

58. May I live long to enjoy the goodness and favour that my age bequeaths. Favour shall become my omen. Happy birthday to me.

59. A big happy birthday do I wish myself. May the good Lord hold me tenderly by my right hand and lead me to an earthly beautiful throne full of splendour.

60. It’s my phenomenal birth anniversary. The earth alone do not rejoice but heaven as well marks this special day of my life with me. May I live to celebrate many awesome landmarks in my life.

61. With gratitude to God, I wish myself another awesome birth anniversary. May I grow in unfailing strength, undisputable wisdom, and immeasurable wealth.

62. It sure feels great to be a year older today. The beauty of this day lies in the future ahead. I pray to be encircled by peace like a river, joy so heavenly and love so splendid.

63. Happy birthday to me. Greater things will I accomplish in this new age of my life. My happiness shall be deep in my heart. My kindness shall stretch forth like a wide ocean.

64. Happy birthday to me. Everything that has breath rejoices with me on this day. I pray that it only gets better for me. May I only see beautiful days.

65. May my life never be afflicted with trials. May I live a peaceful and happy life. This and many more I pray for myself. It’s my birth anniversary.

66. Nothing beats the excitement that fills my heart – it’s my birthday. May I never falter in the presence of my enemies. May darkness disappears at the instance of my appearance. Joy shall be my reward for as long as I live.

67. Happy birthday to me. May I never witness any trial again in my life. Every temptation that comes my way shall be blown away like a wind. I am a winner.

68. Happy birthday to me. I commit my body into God’s hand, I’ll never harbour sickness and diseases within me. My body shall be the temple of joy and peace.

69. Happy birth anniversary to me. My life shall enjoy the kind of peace I’ve never been used to. May I have many tastes of exquisite favours. May my angels never abandon me.

70. Happy birthday to me. May the pain of yesteryears be gone like smoke. May the joy of today be greater than the one of yesterday. I shall remain victorious.

71. Happy birthday to me. All that concerns me shall be a source of joy for me. My life shall be fulfilling.

72. It’s my birthday. Just like yesterday, I’m another year old. I shall be greater, better and wealthier than I have ever been. This much is true.

73. I feel some melody in my heart, cause it’s my birthday. May the angels never leave me alone. May they protect me till my old age. Happy birthday to me.

74. It sure feels good to wish myself a happy birthday. May I be engulfed by blaring sound of joy and celebration. Sadness shall not be seen near me.

75. Happy birthday to me. All that I lay my hands on shall be blessed from this day onward. May my seeds and harvests multiply. With joy shall I live my life.

76. Happy birthday to me. May I never be stranded in life. May I never find myself in a hopeless situation. In joy shall I live.

77. Happy birthday to me. May I live the rest of my life in praises and appreciation to God.

78. Happy birthday to me. May I put on the crown of success and greatness in this new age of my life.

79. Sin and infirmities shall be far away from me. I’ll live in righteousness for as long as I live. Happy birthday to me.

80. I’ve seen today, may I see many more years. May the God who brought me this far never abandon me on the way. Happy birth anniversary to me.

81. This new year of my life is full of brightness and splendour. Happy birthday to me. I pray with my whole heart, that this day shall always be a source of joy for me.

82. Happy birthday to me. Love shall find me. Happiness shall surround me. Contentment shall fill me. Many more years shall I celebrate.

83. Happy birthday to me. May I be blessed than I ever was. May my days be full of life. Anxiety shall not find its way to my bosom.

84. Happy birthday to me. May a beautiful melody be unravelled in this stage of my life. Happy shall I be till my old age.

85. Happy birthday to me. I shall not be enslaved by sadness, depression and pain. I shall live to glorify God.

86. Because it’s my birthday, I shall be uplifted by God, blessed by my heavenly angels and protected by the blood of Jesus.

87. Happy birth anniversary to me. May I be surrounded by the arms of God. May they protect me from harm.

88. Happy birthday to me. As I mark another age, I’m free from all negative addiction. May the Holy spirit dwell in me and keep me far away from sin.

89. Happy birthday to me. May God rescue me from all my fears and immense me in His unconditional love.

90. Happy birthday to me. May I obtain favour where it has been hard to get one. May mercy and goodness follow me.

91. Happy birthday to me. May I be surrounded by the river of joy. May I sing the song of victory over my enemies. This shall be a sign of my new age.

92. Happy birthday to me. He’s been with me from my mother’s womb, He shall protect me till my old age. May He keep me on His safe shoulder.

93. Happy birthday to me. May the heaven surround me today with the songs of liberation. May I sing the songs of victory and freedom over my enemies.

94. Happy birthday to me. May I conquer new grounds and break new records. May heaven pray wholeheartedly for me on this beautiful day.

95. Happy birthday to me. May I sing a beautiful song of love and gratitude for the rest of my life.

96. Happy birthday to me. May I be crowned with victory and favour. May I live in good health and prosperity.

97. Happy birthday to me. I shall live this new age of my life in absolute peace and joy. May I find a beautiful melody in the core of my life.

98. Happy birth anniversary to me. May the rock of ages hide me in Him. May I never be tied down by sickness and diseases. May I dwell in peace like a favoured King.

99. Happy birthday to me. May God cover me with mercy and goodness. May the heavenly angels take me into a beautiful realm of joy.

100. Happy birthday to me. May my heartfelt prayers turn into grand testimonies. May this new age of my life make me colourful and beautiful.

Happy birthday to you. Do enjoy every moment of your day.

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