Thank You Messages for Parents on My Birthday

2023 Best Thank You Messages for Parents on My Birthday

Your parents made it happen. They raised you and gave you as much as you needed to grow to this present state, and you decide to show appreciation on your birthday.

So, write thank you messages in that regard.

Thank You Messages to My Parents on My Birthday

Do you want to appreciate your parents for those surprises you received from them while you are celebrating your birthday? If yes, the following appreciative thank you messages for parents on my birthday is designed for you. best thanks mom and dad for giving me birth quotes. Thank you messages to my parents on my birthday. Best thank you messages to my dad and mum on my birthday.

1. I am blessed, having you as my parents. Thank you for everything.

2. How can I repay your kindness towards me? All I can say is thank you.

3. Meeting you has been the best moment of my life. Thank you.

4. For your unique support, thank you, my parents.

5. You are the real source of my joy, my strength and my happiness. I love you both.

6. Thank you for your encouragements. Thanks for standing by me, mum and dad.

7. Thanks for protecting me. Thanks, my parents.

8. Thanks for everything. Thank you.

9. Thanks for bringing me into this world, mum.

10. I don’t deserve you, mum and dad. You both are caring, devoted and loving parents.

11. Parents like you are rare. You are great. Thank you.

12. Mum, dad, you are the most invaluable assets that I have.

13. Mum, dad, you saw my valuable qualities as well as my faults, and yet, you believed in me. Thanks.

14. My parents, I love you. You made my life worth living.

15. You are the first set of people I run to, for you are my mentors.

16. Mum and dad, you are my guardian angel, thanks.

17. Mum, dad, you always know how to make me laugh. Thank you.

18. I can’t explain how happy, you have made me be, thank you.

19. Thank you, you helped me when I need it the most. I love you

20. You worked hard to make money so that you take care of me. Thank you, my parents.

Thanks Mom and Dad for Giving Me Birth

Since you have finally concluded that your mom and dad have both been an unparalleled source of joy to you and you are thankful to them for giving birth to you, use these thanks mom and dad for giving me birth quotes on your birthday to appreciate them.

21. My parents, I can never thank you enough. You’ve been the best choice I didn’t have to make and have been the best thing my life hold on to. Today, I am full of gratitude as I say, thanks mom and dad for giving me birth.

22. I am So blessed by your acts of generosity. Thank you, my parents

23. I can’t tell you how much you mean to me. Thank you.

24. I am so grateful for what you did to me.

25. Your heart is filled with the love of God. Thanks, my parents.

26. Thanks for the gift you bought for me on my birthday. You rock my world, mum and dad.

27. Thanks for throwing a big birthday party for me, thanks, my parents.

28. It’s great seeing you my parents, celebrating my birthday with me. My day would be boring without you.

29. I love the birthday present you gave me, mum and dad. Thanks.

30. My parents, you made my birthday a remarkable one, I can’t thank you enough.

31. Mum, dad thanks for the wonderful words you told me, making me the best I can be today.

32. Thanks to my parents for everything you’ve done for me.

33. I am a year older today, all thanks to you my parents.

34. Mum, dad, you made my birthday special. Thank you.

35. Thanks for showering me with love, my parents.

36. Mum, dad, without you both, there would be no birthday.

37. Mum and dad, you mean so much to me.

38.thanks for the support you’ve shown to me all through these years, thanks to you, my parents.

39. I am so grateful for having you as my parents.

40. Thanks so much for your prayers thanks, my parents.

41. Thanks for giving me the love and kindness I needed. Thank you, my parents.

42. You wiped away my tears. You were there to listen to me. Thanks, mum.

43. My dear parents, thanks for being the light in my darkness.

44. Thanks for your continual prayer over my life. Thanks, mum.

45. Thanks for making my day great.

46. I am overwhelmed by your love. Thank you, my parents.

48. Thanks for your lovely presence on my birthday.

47. Thank you so much for the gifts. Thanks, mum and dad.

48. Mum and dad, thanks so much for taking me out for a special treat, on my birthday.

49. Thank you, my parents, for bringing me up in the way of the Lord.

50. My parents, I thank you for making me feel so important on my birthday.

51. You made my birthday interesting, thank you, dad.

52. Mum, dad, you never gave up on me, thanks.

53. Thank you, my parents, for loving me unconditionally. Thank you.

54. Mum, you carried me in your womb for nine months, gave birth to me, nourished and nurtured me and made me the woman I am today, thanks so much. Thanks for honouring my birthday invitation.

55. Time won’t permit me to fully express my mind. Dad, you are a disciplinarian. You made sure that your children are well behaved and focused. You trained me to be a woman of great determination and purpose. You are my angel, dad.

56. My mum is like an expensive gold, a woman of great worth, though she looks delicate, yet, she has a strong spirit. I envy you, mum. Thanks for making my birthday a memorable one.

57. You make me happy, you make me glad, thanks for celebrating my birthday with me.

58. You are so so invaluable, my parents. Thanks for everything.

59. Mum and dad, may you live long to eat the fruit of your labour.

60. You are my life, my passion, I love you, my parents.

61. You gave me joy, you gave me peace of mind. You gave me hope, you gave me life. Thanks, my parents.

62. My parents, my love for you never die.

63. Mummy, thanks for baking my birthday cake.

64. Mum, you are my yardstick for success.

65. You laid a good example for me to follow, thanks.

66. You make my life so beautiful, my parents, thank you.

67. I am nothing, without my parents backing me up. You inspire me a lot, my parents.

68. Without water and sunlight, plants won’t grow well, without you, my parents, my life is not complete. Thanks for honouring my birthday invitation.

69. Seeing you, my parents give me great joy. Thanks for your birthday wishes.

70. Without you my parents, there would be no me. You gave meaning to my life. Thanks for showering me with a lot of gifts for my birthday.

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