Trending Today Is My Birthday Status

2023 Trending Today Is My Birthday Status

By now you know that the most important kind of love is self-love. And the first step to loving yourself is realising you are special, unique, and there’s only one of you.

Don’t wait for people to tell you how special and amazing you are. You should tell and remind yourself every day, and especially on your birthdays.

I know you expect to be celebrated by family and friends, and many people will say nice things about you on your birthday, but, why not especially celebrate yourself first?

No one can love you and wish you well than you do yourself, anyway. So, choose to be the first to announce your special day, and wish yourself a happy birthday on your social media statuses. It doesn’t have to be anything long, just one or two sentences to usher yourself into your new age.

By declaring your birthday on your status, it will also help serve as a reminder to those who might have forgotten, so they can get you a gift, and you will end up getting as much gift as possible. Now, won’t you love that?

Below, are Cute, Funny, Crazy and Inspiring Today Is My Birthday Statuses that you can choose from, to upload on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media platform.

Cute My Birthday is Today Status

Your Birthday is special. Your Status on Social Media should tell how special it is. Here are beautiful Today Is My Birthday Status Quotes you can freely use.

1. A queen was born on this day, many years ago. Keep calm and wish her a happy birthday. It’s my day fellas.

2. It’s a brand new day, a brand new year, and a brand new age for me. I must be really blessed to have gotten so many brand new stuff in a day. Happy birthday to me.

3. Many years ago, on this very date, the sun stood still, and the same thing will reoccur today. You know why? A princess was born, and she’s now grown into a pretty queen(ME!) whose birthday is today.

4. I hereby declare today as a public holiday. I have the right because it’s my birthday and I can do as I like today.

5. A very big Happy Birthday to my special self. I’m not just a year older, but also finer, smarter, and more amazing.

6. Happy birthday to the most amazing person on earth. Yea, that’s me. I deserve some accolades people.

7. Pretty damsels deserve the prettiest of gifts on their birthdays, and I’m looking forward to getting as many of that as possible today.

8. It’s a great honour and privilege being me, and on this special day, I want to wish myself a very happy birthday.

9. I look in the mirror every day, and I can’t but thank God for creating me this, beautiful. It’s another year of growing in beauty and I’m super excited because today is my special day.

10. On this date, many years ago, God said let there be beauty, and there was Me. It’s beauty’s birthday today.

Keep Calm It’s My Birthday Status

Keep clam, it’s my birthday status to use on Facebook or WhatsApp.

11. Have you noticed how beautiful today’s weather is? The whole earth is in a happy mood because today’s my birthday. You should be too.

12. I just want to say a very big happy birthday to the amazing person that looks back at me in the mirror every day.

13. It takes one to be a very special person to get a special day dedicated to one alone. Happy birthday to my very special self. Today’s all about me.

14. It’s my birthday, so let the gifts start rolling in.

15. Join me in celebrating my world’s most favourite person’s birthday. Of course, that’s Me.

16. I waited up till 12 am just to be the first person to wish an amazing person a happy birthday. Happy birthday to me, myself, and I.

17. Can you guess what day it is today? It’s my Birth Day!!!

18. May all the happiness and blessings of today, come to my abode to tabernacle with me. Just because today is my birthday, and I deserve the best.

19. I am a happy child, and I am set to have a very happy birthday today. Come, celebrate with me.

20. Don’t be jealous of me today because I’m getting all the attention. Don’t worry, your birthday too will come soon. But today is all about me.

Today is My Birthday Status Quotes

Today is my birthday status to use on Facebook or WhatsApp.

21. Happy birthday to the one person I know will never hurt me, and will never leave me, no matter what happens. It’s my birthday people.

22. I can see myself all over your statuses already. I’m simply going to enjoy my once in a year superstar moment, and have the best birthday ever today.

23. How best can one wish the world’s smartest person a happy birthday? Happy birthday to my very smart self.

24. I just want to wish myself the very best of today, as I celebrate my birthday.

25. I especially learnt some new dance steps ahead of today, and I’m glad it’s finally here. Happy birthday to me. I can’t wait to party hard.

26. I officially welcome myself to my best year yet, and happiest birthday yet. Today’s going to be so much fun.

Funny Today is My Birthday Status

Funny today is my birthday status to use on Facebook or WhatsApp.

27. Today’s a good day to covet my beauty, but not without a price. Just send in the most amazing birthday gift possible, and it’s all yours.

28. I’m here, simply waiting for you all to start sending my birthday gifts. Note, I said gifts, not wishes.

29. It’s my birthday, and I just can’t wait to get high on cake today.

30. I know you sometimes wonder how possible it is for anyone to be as awesome as I am. Don’t worry, today’s a perfect day to ask God to make you just as awesome. It’s my birthday, and I don’t mind sharing.

31. Nothing makes a birthday boy or girl happy, like getting credit alerts as gifts. I know you’re planning to make me a very happy celebrant today. Thanks in advance.

32. Sometimes, I wish I could turn back the hands of time and be a baby again. Growing up isn’t as fun as it seemed. I even have to buy my own cake on my birthday.

33. I just wish I could grow younger, not older, every year. I’m younger at heart though. Happy birthday to me.

34. Can you believe I didn’t remember today is my birthday until now? Don’t tell me old age is already setting in.

35. It’s my birthday, and I’m looking forward to making and unmaking friends today. Just so you know your gifts will determine where you stand in my life at the end of today.

36. Happy birthday to me. You all missed the party, it was super fun dancing and screaming all by myself at midnight. But don’t worry I’m still collecting gifts.

37. Cheers to the one day I get to consume as many calories as I want, without feeling guilty. It’s my birthday, and I just want to eat cake.

38. Please nobody should send me birthday wishes today. All those are just reminders that I’m getting old. Just send me plenty money and cake, then I can feel young at heart.

39. Just so you know, today is my day, and that means today is mine, and I have liberty to use it as I want. Better be on my nice list by sending me cake and goodies.

40. I’m in a very generous mood because today is my birthday. So I’m declaring today as, “World’s free food and drinks day”. Feel free to redeem yours at any restaurant or pub close to you today.

41. Today is that one day every year when everyone around me seems obliged to say something good about me. So I’m just going to sit down, relax, and get ready to read all the lies many of you are going to tell on my birthday today.

42. Just so you know, I’m not accepting birthday messages not accompanied with gifts this year. Thanks as you comply.

43. When I was younger, I always got lots of gifts on my birthday, and my birthday wish was always granted by mom and dad. But now that I’m older, all I get are birthday wishes. Can someone tell me why because it’s about to happen today again?

44. As a gift to myself this year, I am working on inventing the machine that will convert all birthday wishes and messages to cash. It’s my birthday already, and I’m still not done, so please save your wishes for me till the machine is ready.

45. If wishes were horses, my birthday wishes today, will be that all the pretty clothes, shoes and bags in every store in the world, be shipped to me, free of charge. Happy birthday to my beautiful self.

46. It’s my birthday and considering my new age, I’m trying to gather energy that I’ll use to blow the candles.

47. I love everything about birthdays, except for the fact that it means I’m getting old. Happy birthday to me.

48. I wish every day was my birthday, so I can receive the number of gifts as I have today, every day.

49. I’m just going to stay home all day, and eat ice cream while I watch my favourite movies and TV shows. It’s my birthday, so I can do what I like. My boss will understand.

50. I just checked my calendar, and realised today is my birthday. What if I didn’t check? That’s how I will have missed all the gifts you all will send me. Thank God I did.

51. My birthday is finally here. It’s even more special because I’m also going to know my real friends today. By their gifts, I shall know them.

Inspiring Today is My Birthday Status

Inspiring Today is My Birthday Status to use on Facebook or WhatsApp.

52. I’m stepping into this new age of mine, with so much confidence in myself and the amazing things kept in store for me. Happy birthday to me.

53. The glory of my later years is more than that of the previous ones. I hereby welcome myself to the beginning of my best years yet. It’s my birthday.

54. Life is full of ups and downs, but despite all, I’m standing strong. Not by power, nor might, but by grace. My birthday is here again.

55. I’m grateful for the gift of life, family, friends, and for seeing another birthday in health and wealth. I am indeed the blessed of the most high. Happy birthday to me.

56. Dear me, as you grow older, don’t ever forget that you are amazing, awesome, and unique in all your ways. Happy birthday to me as I keep flourishing.

57. Sometimes, I stand in front of the mirror, and simply smile at myself, super proud of the woman/man I’m becoming. Happy birthday to me.

58. I am super proud of myself and want to wish myself a happy birthday today. Not because I am where I want to be, but because, I’m not where I used to be. Happy birthday to me, myself, and I.

59. As I become a year older today, I choose to do things better, make better choices, and do away with everything that has held me back. Happy birthday to the better me.

60. It’s my year of increase, exponential growth, and unlimited blessings. Happy birthday to me, I’m super blessed.

It’s My Birthday Post

It’s My Birthday Post to use on Facebook or WhatsApp.

61. As I step into my new age, all I see before me are my impossibilities being turned into possibilities, my weaknesses being turned to strength, and all my shame and pain turned to gain. Happy birthday to me.

62. Nothing shall be able to stop me from achieving all I set out to do this year. It’s my season of more. Happy birthday to me.

63. So many birthdays have come and gone, but I believe this one is different and marks new beginnings. Happy birthday to me.

64. I’m stronger, I’m wiser, I’m better, I’m a year older. Happy birthday to me.

65. It’s another opportunity to grow, bloom, and I’m entering my new age with so much excitement. Happy birthday to me.

66. I trust this new year is going to be far better for me, than the last one. Happy birthday to me. Long life and prosperity are mines.

67. Like fine wine, I get better, and sweeter every passing day and year. Happy birthday to me.

68. Happy birthday and new year to me. May this year usher in happiness, joy, and all things nice and beautiful.

69. My best is definitely not in my past. Happy birthday to me. It’s the beginning of the best years of my life.

70. I welcome myself to a new year of unlimited blessings, and overflowing joy. Happy birthday to me.

71. As I am a year older today, I believe I’m also more beautiful, wiser, and better. Happy birthday to me.

72. The past is gone, and the new is here. Happy birthday to me, as I enter this new phase of my life. Joy, peace and happiness are mines.

73. Happy birthday to me. I wish myself all the best in all my endeavours, and may the very best gifts of life be given to me today.

74. I am going to make sure every day of this new year counts for good. I’m older and better. Happy birthday to me.

75. Bigger, better, richer, wiser and more handsome me, I pray on my birthday today, and always.

76. This year, I choose to live deliberately and purposefully, making sure every day counts. Happy birthday to me.

77. For the years past, the new one I am in, and the future ones to come, I say thanks to God. Happy birthday to me.

78. This new year is taking me closer to the fulfilment of purpose and destiny. Happy birthday to me.

79. Cheers to the new year filled with victories and successes like never seen before. Happy birthday to me.

80. The past year was quite tough, but I’m grateful for strength to pull through and see this new one. Happy birthday to me.

81. In this new year, I receive strength to face any challenge that might come my way, and step into a brand new season of greatness. Happy birthday to me.

82. May today not be the last birthday I will celebrate. May I always have reasons to rejoice and celebrate. Happy birthday to me.

83. I’m short of words today because I really don’t know how best to thank God and show my heart of gratitude for how far he has brought me. Happy birthday to me.

84. As I step into my new age, I’m dropping every negativity, and entering it with only positivity and faith in the best things to come. Happy birthday to me.

85. For all that God has done, and for the blessings, I’m yet to see, I’m grateful. Happy birthday to me.

86. I’ve come a long way, not because I’m perfect, nor the best, but because God has been faithful. Happy birthday to me, cheers to greater years ahead.

87. I am not close to where I want to be, but I have gone very far from where I started from, so giving up is not an option. Cheers to another year of moving forward. Happy birthday to me.

88. There is no stopping me on my way to greatness. I’m definitely going to have a happy birthday celebration today because I’ve paid my dues. Feel free to join me.

89. I just got a year closer to my goals and dreams. Happy birthday to me.

90. The older I become, the more I realise how short life is, and the need to be the best version of myself at all times. May I be better this year than I was last year. Happy birthday to me.

91. I’m alive, I’m healthy, I’m good looking, I’m wealthy, I’ve got the best family and friends, and to crown it all, it’s my birthday. What more can a man wish for?

Crazy Today is My Birthday Status

Crazy Today is My Birthday Status to use on Facebook or WhatsApp.

92. It’s my birthday and I know you all are going to flood your timelines with my pics soon, just make sure you use only fine ones. Who knows? My future hubby might be on your contact, I might as well use my birthday as a marketing strategy.

93. You all are invited to my birthday party today. Just make sure you come with food and drinks. I’m only providing the venue.

94. I was going to plan a party to invite you all to, but I remembered none of you gave me gifts last year. So today is for me and me alone. Happy birthday to me.

95. It is my birthday today. Thinking of a perfect gift for me? Cupcakes the number of my new age will do.

96. To be conceived, I had to win a race amongst other potential babies, and after being born, I still must race to get to the top. Please, when will this race stop. Don’t mind my weird thought, it’s my birthday.

97. It’s my birthday today, and I know the norm is for many of you to write about me on your statuses. No lies please, don’t say you love me if you don’t. Thank you.

98. Today is my birthday, come, let’s drink and be merry. Though, the only condition, is I’m only paying if you get so drunk you can’t walk.

99. Shame on all that wished me bad and wished me dead. I’m still alive and kicking. To crown it, I’m older and bigger because it’s my birthday today.

100. I really love the idea of birthdays. But, I’ll appreciate if the founder removes the “growing old” part of it. It will be much better that way. Happy birthday to me.

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