Sweet Love Words for Her Girlfriend

2023 Sweet Love Words for Her – Girlfriend

You are truly in love with your girlfriend if you let her know how much she means to you, at the drop of a heart. Here are awesome ways of bringing romance alive to that relationship with the love of your life.

In life, money is considered to be very important. In reality, love is the most important thing in life. Love makes the world to revolve. Love brings life, hope and vitality.

You are in love with your babe, sure she knows, but women are sentimental beings that will never be tired of knowing how much their men love and admire them. It actually feels good to be told that their love is reciprocated just so. It spices up the love gauge when you let your girl knows how much you adore her.

Love when not communicated, harms the best of relationships, sooner rather than later. Fear and insecurity are monsters that produce ugly results, so don’t breed them. Scare them off with your beautiful thoughts of your lovely damsel.

Love thrives, blooms and blossoms when it’s amply communicated and nurtured. What are you waiting for? That great girl of yours needs to know how much you cherish her.

You aren’t that good in words though so much is churning up inside of you? Need help or pointers in the right direction? Here we go: 200 love words for her (your girlfriend) will do the trick! You’ll even come back for more!

Sweet Love Messages for Girlfriend.

Spice up your love relationship with these Sweet love messages for Girlfriend.

1. You are my good luck charm, I simply adore you. Ever since you walk into my life, my life has taken a turn for the best. Everything has been working out for me.

2. When we are together, sparks fly, our chemistry is palpably strong and the attraction is undeniable. I’m glad we decided to wait. You are worth waiting for, my Jewel of inestimable value. I love you.

3. You are the best gift I’ve ever had in my whole life, sweetie. You are beautiful, charming and intelligent. I’m tickled to my toes to think you are mine, to behold and cherish.

4. Need I tell you? It’s obvious to the very blind. You are the sole object of my affection, love and devotion. I can’t imagine my life without you. You are my special girl, too good to be true. I love you so much.

5. With you, I’ve found genuine love, affection, friendship and trust. What’s more, you are stunning, clever and sweet- a heady combination! You are a rare find! My head confirms what my heart knows already: this is the real thing. For keeps.

6. Each time we are together, I thank my lucky star for making my path to cross with yours and set us on a path of eternal love. I love you, honey. To me, the world revolves around you. The sun rises and sets just around you.

7. Whenever we are together, I can’t help but bask in the euphoria of your love for me. A thousand words can’t express accurately, the depth of my love for you, my baby girl. You are my morning star, I love you to distraction.

8. With my looks, build and charisma, women are always falling over themselves to get me. I’m not a vain fellow, but I’m being realistic. I know this fact makes you feel insecure about my love for you, but you shouldn’t. This heart beats only for you and I have eyes only for you. You are the only love of my life, no one else comes even close.

9. We were just friends and we were rolling like that. Clearly defined friendship with set boundaries: innocent, platonic and sweet; cordial and uncomplicated. Until that fateful day, in an unguarded moment, I looked deeply into your eyes and got drowned by the depth of suppressed emotions, and I irretrievably lost my heart to you. I love you, my angel. You are the sweetest girl ever.

10. All my life, I’ve been strongly allergic to commitment in my relationship with girls, right up to the moment we met. My commitment phobia was completely and irrevocably shattered and buried. I completely swooned. Bowled over. By your innocence, freshness, naivety, sweetness and beauty. I love and cherish you.

11. Life is good because love is sweet. Our love, that is. Day in, day out, our love blossoms and flourishes. We disagree only to gain more understanding. Time apart only strengthens our love cord. With you, I find the thrill of excitement and the satisfaction of contentment. Top it up with blissful peace and joy. I love you, my sweet angel.

12. I feel on top of the world. In fact, I’m the luckiest man alive, don’t I know it? I have the love of the most caring, affectionate and brilliant girl I’ve ever met. I love everything about you, my princess. Your cute smile, soft touch, gentle manners, enchanting beauty.

13. Have I told you lately how beautiful and enchanting you are? You are my dream girl, I can’t swap you for all the gold in the world. You are gorgeous, successful and worldly-wise. You are my confidant and cheerleader. I love you, more than you imagined.

14. You mean the world to me, you are my everything. Life without you is unthinkable and unimaginable. Taking this relationship to the next level is a matter of survival. My very life depends on it. You are my life, my sunshine. I love you with all my heart.

15. Hard-boiled men and cynic scorn love. To them, love makes strong men foolish, vulnerable and disillusioned. They are wrong. Our love has made me stronger, wiser, smarter and more fulfilled. You are exactly right for me. I’m glad I found you, sweetie. I love you to the moon. You rock! 

16. Life is full of ironies, with different twists and turns. I’m glad mine ended on a sweet note- my love story. You, my adorable darling, are my first love, lost love and last love. Despite all the years apart, love found us again. This time, I promise to hold on tightly to you forever. I’ll never let you go.

17. I’m crazily in love with you, my beautiful angel. The passage of time hasn’t diminished the fire of my love for you. Rather, our time together stoked it into a roaring flame. The sea never runs dry: my love for you has no end. You are the only woman for me. Believe me, you are more than enough.

18. If you put your hands on my chest, you will be dazed as to our fast my heart beats for you. I’m madly in love with you. You are a delight to behold. Beauty, brains and success- you have it all. There’s never a dull moment with you. You are considerate, selfless and thoughtful. I have the good fortune to call you mine. Indeed, I feel blessed.

19. I’m totally smitten with you. You are my heart’s sole delight. I can’t bear being apart from you. Life with you is pure bliss, a taste of heaven! Every spare moment of my time is filled with thoughts, happy and hopeful thoughts, of you. Woolgathering, my friends, call it. It isn’t fantasy, you are my reality. My today and tomorrow. I love you, my gem.

20. My life is totally empty without you. I yearn to be with you, forever. I long for you with every fibre of my being. I dream about you every night. My daydreams are all about you. Certainly, I can hardly wait for you to be mine forever. You mean the world to mean and I cherish you.

21. In this free world of straying eyes and betrayal, cheating on you is a completely alien concept to me. You are the most astonishingly beautiful, refreshingly honest and guileless girl I’ve ever met. You captured my heart completely. I have no space for or interest in any other but you. I love you with all my heart and being.

22. You are so beautiful and radiant that the sun pales beside you. You are classy, elegant and fashionable. Even when you decide to go casual, you still turn many a head. More importantly, you are smart, prudent and intelligent. What more can a guy want or desire? Your love has taken a permanent residence in my heart. I’m totally taken with you, my love.

23. Every day, I yearn to be with you. My heart is filled with beautiful thoughts of a glorious future with you by my side. I know you’ll be a great wife and a wonderful mother. I can just see you climbing your career ladder to the very top as our dream children and I cheer you on. I love you, my darling!

24. I will never be tired of telling you how much I love you. I love you so much that I fear I’d burst! You are incredibly smart, stunningly beautiful, modest, charming and softhearted. I adore you! I love you! You rock my world just fine!!

25. My precious girlfriend is my best friend, gist partner and love of my life. I worship the ground you walk on. You are creative, industrious and resourceful. You are my encourager and number one fan. I love you, darling. You are truly the best thing that has ever happened to me.

26. May I share a secret with you? I’m totally addicted to you. I’m so high on you that I need your hugs, smiles and affection to survive. I love you. You have everything I desire in a woman.

27. If I were asked to describe love in one word, I’d say “You”. If I were asked to define beauty in its exquisiteness, I’d readily give an honest response; ” You”. You are an epitome of beauty, love and everything good. I’m sure you know I adore you. Absolutely.

28. I can face just about anything in life with you by my side. Your love gives me the courage to attain new heights, the boldness to overcome life’s challenges and the confidence to achieve the impossible. I love you, my sweetheart. Loving you is my greatest achievement in life.

29. You have the sweetest smile ever. It brightens my world and lightens my heart. It pushes every troubling thought to the recess if my mind until it fades away. I love being with you, you are the tonic that boosts my life. I enjoy your presence, it’s all the thrill that I ever need.

30. I feel good because your love completes me. You are so awesomely perfect for me that I find it hard being apart from you. Your beauty dazzles me. Your intelligence intrigues me. Your love, care and affection warm me over a hundred times over. I love you, my beauty queen.

31. I’m proud to call you mine. You are the queen of my heart, my life, treasure and my joy. You are the reason I hug my pillow at night and eagerly drift off to sleep because I’d dream sweet dreams of you and I. Thoughts of you always produce a smile on my face. You are my everything, I love you.

32. I love you, my darling. I cherish you. I’m heading over heels in love with you. Words are inadequate but my heart is in my eyes, I can’t hide my feelings. You don’t have to look too deeply into them to see the truth, just a glimpse and you’d know beyond doubts that you mean the world to me.

33. I can’t picture my future without you, you aren’t just a part of it, you’ve got to know. You are my future. I love you passionately. You are so special that I come wholly alive when I’m with you. The sound of your voice inspires me and your sweet embraces soothe my frayed nerves. Need I say more? I can’t wait to tie the nuptial knots with you!

34. All my life, love eluded me. My heart has always been firmly controlled by my head. My feelings reined in. I concluded love was just an imaginary illusion conjured up or chased after by lesser men. Perhaps, I was just cold-hearted, so it wasn’t for me. You shattered my illusion and became my reality. You set my heart and my whole being on fire. My treacherous heart beat wildly when you are anywhere around me. Love is real after all. You captured my heart completely.

35. It’s official: I’m hopelessly in love with you. Mere thoughts of you bring a smile to my face, unbidden. You poss.

ess all the qualities I desire in my woman, and much more. You are beautiful, witty, charming and determined. You are caring, affectionate and gracious. You are the woman of my heart.

36. I love you more than you can ever imagine. With you, I don’t have to worry about how you really feel about any matter. Your face is expressive enough. You are blunt and straightforward. Gentle, accommodating and assertive. You allow me to be myself without letting me stray in a wrong direction. You are precisely what I need in my woman, my love.

37. I’m positively shocked, stupefied and amazed. I can’t imagine why you feel so insecure about my feelings and unsure about our relationship. I love you, only you. I’m so in love with you that I’m certain it’s for the long haul if you’ll have me.

38. I love you to the moon and back, honey. You are my most treasured and precious gem. Loving you has brought positive changes in my life. The future is suddenly so brilliantly bright, possibilities of profitable ventures endless and the cup are no longer half empty, but half full. You are my smiling angel.

39. There’s never a dull moment with you, my love. You are vivacious, lively, and humorous. Oh, yea, mischievous to boot! You constantly keep me on my toes with your outrageous schemes. You are always full of tricks to bring your guy out of his shell. Want to know the truth? Despite my grunts and protests, I love it! And I love you!

40. I know you aren’t perfect, neither am I. Come to think of it, everyone is weak in one area or the other. So, stop selling yourself short or comparing yourself to others. It’s you I want, not them. That should count for something if you really give it a thought. I chose you because, in your imperfections, you are exactly perfect and right for me. I love you just the way you are.

41. I find it hard to believe that you feel unworthy of my love and devotion. You have to stop looking at me through those rose-tinted glasses, I’m not a perfect guy too. No one is! You are awesome, ethereally beautiful and smart. If anyone is lucky here, I should lay claim to that. I’ve always wondered how I ever deserved to have you as mine. We are a perfect match. I love you!

42. Thank you for loving me, my beautiful damsel. You stood by me when life’s challenges overwhelmed me on every side. You are the angel that bore my burdens and helped me to stand again. I love you. It isn’t gratitude, I’m more in love with you than I was at the beginning. Forever won’t be sufficient to be with you and whisper my affection into your ears. But…it’s a good place to start.

43. I love you, my sweet angel. I can say it in different ways and compose numerous songs but no single word or tune can effectively convey the intensity of my love for you. Look into my eyes, I’ll bare it all. I cherish and adore you. With you, I only wanted to give love a chance, I never knew it’d overtake me completely. You win: I surrender completely.

44. Darling, you are kind, endearing and optimistic. I’m totally enamoured by you. That’s putting it mildly- I’m more in love with you today than I was yesterday. I can’t have enough of you. I’m thinking of making it permanent- I can’t afford to lose you to the first fast-talking guy right under my nose. You are my Cinderella.

45. Forever is an unending venture, while our love is an endless song. You are the Queen of my dreams- my perfect match, specially made in heaven just for me. Wooing you was the best endeavour I’d ever undertaken. I never had a doubt about you, we belonged together. I love you, my sweetheart and I feel contented with you by my side.

46. I love you so much that I got greedy. Like Oliver Twist, our time together is barely sufficient for me, so I want some more, and more…time with you. Like Eternity. Would that be sufficient? It’s a lovely place to start. I long to be with you forever. It’s a burning desire that won’t be laid to rest until it happens. I love you, my adorable angel.

47. Normally, I’m a pretty cool, calm and composed guy. When I’m with you, I lose my composure and coolness. I’m all hot and passionate for you and about you. You arouse a need from deep within me that nothing short of making an honest woman of you can satisfy. You are the crack in my armour, my Achilles’ heels. I love you for helping me to gain control without taking advantage. I love you from the depth of my heart.

48. Without you, life is bleak, meaningless and empty. You brought purpose, liveliness and joy to my life. You are thoughtful yet playful. You are kind and considerate, yet a no-nonsense. You are fun to be with, the heart of any party. I love you very much. You are my everything.

49. The first time I set my eyes on you, I fell completely in love with you. I didn’t rest until you became mine, so I thought my racing heart will settle or calm down with time. How wrong I was! I hadn’t even scratched the surface! The more I knew you, the deeper my feelings for you until it threatens to explode. I thought angels like you have become extinct, but I’m glad to be wrong. I’m looking forward to being with you forever.

50. Love is for the weak, feeble and the rakish, roving eyes. Picture perfect love is completely a figment of the imagination of a romance fiction writer. It’s not real. My life philosophy on love. I had no illusion, so nothing prepared me for this tsunami, sirocco or hurricane of feelings that battered my poor cynical heart when I met you. I love you, my darling. My love for you is a reality I’ve gladly embraced.

51. I love you so much I can’t help but dream. I dream of going to sleep with you in the crook of my arms. Waking you up each morning with kisses and hugs. Breakfast in bed on weekend. Making babies and raising wonderful children together. Making important decisions and executing life’s goals together. And growing old together. Three things stand out in my dream. A future, with you, together. I love you.

52. The happiest day in my life was the day you agreed to be mine. I was deliriously happy, ecstatic and over the moon. You are my miracle of miracles. When you came into my life, the door if heaven was opened to me. Blessings upon blessings in all my undertakings. I’m blessed to have you. I’ll cherish you till eternity.

53. I don’t make promises I don’t intend to fulfill, so believe me when I say I want to grow old with you. Build a family and memorable memories with you. You are a very special lady, I can’t let go of you. Being your boyfriend is suddenly not enough. I want more, all of you. All our lifetime. I love you.

54. I don’t wear my feelings on my sleeve, but I adore you. I’m not as demonstrative as you’d like me to be, but I love you passionately. You are the only woman for me and my feelings for you are intense and deep. Don’t mind my poker face- you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

55. Honey, I’m crazy about you. I’d like to spend the rest of my life with you. All I want is to be with you always, to hold your hands when you need a grip, to be the shoulders you’ll lean on, to be an all-time friend and much more. You call the shots, I’d gladly oblige. I love you.

56. Life is full of uncertainties, but with you, I’m certain the future is bright and the cloud has a silver lining. You are the only woman I need, want and desire to have. You bring out the best in me and our love has made a better woman of you. I love you, my sweetheart, hundred per cent.

57. I saw your picture on my friend’s album and I was hooked. No other woman’s charms appealed to me since then. I hadn’t met you, but my heart was so fixated and I became restless until I asked our mutual friend for an introduction. Meeting you was a point of no return: I knew my bachelor days were numbered. I love you, my gentle dove. More than you’ll ever know. Thanks for being mine.

58. You were my childhood friend, yet you had no inkling I had a huge crush on you. Being your friend only was the hardest role I’ve ever played in any drama. The crush graduated to a full-blown love and I wanted it all. Love, friendship and marriage. Thanks for giving us this chance, I’ll treasure you forever. You are my first and only love. No in between.

59. I love you, deeply, madly and totally. I can’t help myself because you bring out the best in me. You are the only girl that has struck a deep chord with me and made a lasting impression that got better with time. You inspired me to be the best I can be in all areas. My success story today is very much yours. I’d like to share my future with you.

60. If I don’t know anything, I know this much: I love you and I’ll always love you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I want to hold on to you forever. Loving you has brought so much excitement and meaning into my life that I long for more.

61. “Once bitten, twice shy.” My first love was a terrible experience so I gave up on love. I was battered, shattered and heartbroken, so I vow never to give love a chance again. Your love crept on me, took a firm hold, heal my wounds and spread joy, tenderness and care. I love you so much, my beautiful darling that my heart is full of songs…all for you. You are my new song and I cherish everything about you.

62. There are all kinds of women, but you are different and unique. You are everything I want and hoped for. Decent, classy, elegant, brilliant and charming. My love, you are beautiful, kind, considerate and thoughtful. A sterling ‘wife material’ with extra yards. You are my dream come true and I love you.

63. Sometimes, love isn’t enough to sustain a relationship. Other important things count. Respect, patience, trust, commitment and many more play a major role in determining if a relationship thrives or sinks. Our love blossoms because you have all these. You are a rare find, an uncommon treasure and I love you deeply.

64. Being your boyfriend comes with certain privileges. I get to call you mine, call you at all times, without coming up with lames excuses, hugs and kisses, hold your hands and do fun things together. You are a delight! You are the cynosure of all eyes, yet you chose to be mine, all mine. I love you, my beauty Queen. You are my pride.

65. I’m glad, proud and tickled to my toes that you are my girlfriend. You are one swell lady most men would go all out for to win your heart, but you have eyes only for me. Little wonder my chest puffed up with pride when we go out and I walk with a new swagger. Truth is, I love you and I’m proud of you. I also don’t feel threatened when guys come on to you, even right in my presence, because I know your heart belongs to me.

66. I don’t know about others, I can only speak for myself. I love life and I’m enjoying every facet of it maximally. Life dealt me a great hand, when you came into my life do unobtrusively, but brought so much joy, fun, treats, happiness and blessings that it’s obvious to the blind. You are my joy and peace. I love you more than life itself, my lovely angel.

67. Love is a risk. You can swim, float or sink in its river. The smart are cautious and wary before testing the water. But…one look at you, I was ready to take the plunge. Dive head in, throwing caution to the winds. It’s swim or sink. I swam and won, for your love floated me. I feel indescribably happy when I’m with you. I love you more each passing day because you are wonderful in every way.

68. Everything about you is beautiful, my sweetie. Your lovely shape, soulful eyes, long lashes, luscious lips, perfectly shaped eyebrows and your spotless skin. I love composure, intelligence, and thoughtfulness. You are specially made in heaven, just for me. You are perfect!

69. You have brought so much joy into my life that I love making you happy. It’s my current life ambition. I’m charmed by your sweet smiles, your laughter and twinkling eyes tickle me silly. You are simple and easy to please, my lovely darling. I’m looking forward to meeting your family.

70. My sugar pie, you are awesome! You fill my heart with so much joy that I find myself whistling happy tunes even at work. Everyone knows I’m in love- my sheepish face and far away look, gave me away. Everyone is eager to meet the extra special lady who captured my heart. I’m looking forward to showing you off.

71. Love means many things to different people. To some, it’s lust. It’s a game to the Casanovas and a risk to the wary. To me, love is life, commitment and joy. You are my life. I love you and enjoy being with you. I never get tired of your company. Rather, parting only leaves me panting for more of your lovely presence.

72. Fate brought us together. Friendship drew us closer. Falling in love with you was completely beyond my control. With no warning whatsoever, I fell hopelessly in love with you. I fell so hard that I was visibly shaken, so I’m not surprised I’m still very much in love with you. The passage of time only served to stoke the flames of love harder.

73. Finally, you are mine! I feel giddy with joy and excitement. You are that raw diamond I had to dig the hard ground of resistance to obtain. You are the sparkling gold enshrouded by the dust of unyielding rock that I had to drill past. Nothing good and valuable comes easy, but I’m glad I have your love at last. I love you, my precious treasure!

74. You gave me so much tough time that I almost despaired and gave up. One thing stopped me from quitting: my life is totally meaningless without you. I need you as the body needs food, air and water to survive. So, I chose to hang on until my unwavering love and devotion paid off. I’m so deliriously happy and fulfilled. I love you.

75. One phone call from the object of my love changes my whole life in a twinkling of an eye. Pinching myself real hard, was the only way I could convince myself it wasn’t a dream or wishful thinking. Thanks for accepting me. I love you and I promise to make you happy.

76. Thank God for the cell phone invention, I’d have expired a long time ago. The sound of your voice is the lifeline I need to survive on a daily basis. Being with you revitalizes me. When you tell me how much you love me, my joy knows no bounds. The thing is, I love you much more. I’m certain of it.

77. You are my golden-haired girl. You rock my world and rule my heart. You are very special. I love you. Being in love with you gave me a jolly ride to the fantasy land of forever happy. Hey, it’s no fantasy! Ours is a true love that will last till eternity. I’m as certain of this as the sun rises each day. I love you.

78. You are a celebrity, my Princess and I celebrate your worth with the whole of my being. You are the shining star that adorns my galaxy. You are the lone ship that sails the ocean of my love. You are the sole object of my affection, devotion and love. It’s no myth, I love you, now and forever.

79. If you can measure eternity and count the number of stars in the sky, then you’d know the strength of my love for you. Why do I love you? Beats me, love just found me as I was passing by. What do I love about you? Candidly? Everything! No one is exactly perfect, but you are perfectly right for me. Whatever flaws you possess pale in comparison to your outstanding qualities. Still, I love you.

80. Once upon a time, to me, love was a myth that got woven into a romance novel or enacted in a film to capture the readers or audience. Now? Love is my everyday reality, a matter of survival. You are my love and my reality. I’m absolutely enamoured by your charms and beauty. I love you, my sweetheart. It’s a fact and a promise.

81. I love you so much I could offer you the whole world on a platter of gold. I could offer you silver, gold and diamonds or any worldly gem, but I choose to offer the best gift that appeals to you most, my heart with no holds barred. I give you my present and future- I’m all yours.

82. You are the Queen of my life. You reign over my heart and rule in every affair of my life, wittingly or unwittingly. Your every wish is my command. Behind every decision I make, is a strong desire to please you. Not because you ask or demand it, the irony is that you don’t. It’s because I love you. Love always seeks the good of the object of its affection.

83. I thought I loved you too much, so I asked for a break to work you out of my system. A serious mistake. If anything, being given the space I sought, I was overwhelmed by the intensity of my love for you. Darling, this is for real. You aren’t just a girlfriend, you are the love of my life. You are in my blood already. I love you.

84. I love you. If you have a flicker of doubt, look deeply into my eyes, you’ll see what you mean to me. If waves of doubt threaten to drown you, put your heart on my chest and feel every beat of my heart. You are the rhythm that keeps me going steadily. You mean the world to me. You are my world.

85. Loving you is what keeps me going in life’s surplus and adversity. You are my true wealth, so no amount of money can make me dump you for another. I need you in abundance and want. Without you, I’m an empty barrel – you are my substance. Without you, I’m nothing – a nobody. With you, I’m unstoppable. I love you, sweetheart. More than you need to breathe.

86. You had a reputation of being untested and unconquered. It all started with a bet with my pals, that I’d do the impossible and have you eating out of my thumb in no time. What conceit, what arrogance! So, I came after you, turning on my irresistible charms and devious schemes. Except that the charmer got charmed without you even trying and I fell totally in love with you. In no time, you wrapped my heart around your little fingers. I lost the bet, but I won my love. So, I won because you win.

87. Your love is turning me crazy, my girl. I see you in every lady that has your build. I imagine the sound of your voice when I’m alone. I have this earnest, burning desire to be with you at all times. I love you. Never doubt it.

88. You are my woman. I have no one besides you. I may have the reputation of a rogue or ladies’ man, believe me, this heart beats only for you its precious gem. Your love gives me the wing to fly, so all my achievements are attributed to you. I wouldn’t clip my wings by seeking fleeting, pleasure of no value. I love you. If you don’t believe me, don’t take my word for it. You are free to investigate.

89. Put your mind at rest. I’ve got no time or inclination to test the shallow water of sleeping around or stringing girls. What’s the point? You are everything I desire and more. I’m more than satisfied with you as my girlfriend. In this relationship, you call the shots. You are the boss- all because I love and trust you.

90. Have I ever told you? It’s a top secret with high-security risk if breached. Here we go. The day you agreed to be mine was the happiest day of my life. Forget the cool front I presented, I was so happy and I felt on top of the world. It was no little feat, so I called my friends and we came together to celebrate. You see I was so scared you’d reject me that I needed their boost to go ahead. I love you, my baby girl. Believe me, I do.

91. Do you know how much I love you? I doubt this. I love you so much that it frightens even me. No, I’m not possessive or crazy. I’m just this cool dude whose head is turned upside down by his beautiful girlfriend. I want to be with you forever.

92. Every day, I thank God for giving me the cutest, sweetest, kindest and loveliest girl He has ever made. You fill my heart with joy and you are the melody in my song. I want to spend the rest of my life showing you how much I love you.

93. I love you, my sunshine. I have this desire to do all I can to make you happy, as you make me happy. You are simple and undemanding, smart, witty and ambitious. You are generous and affectionate. I may not say this often enough, but I love and appreciate you. You are so precious to me and I treasure you.

94. I’m a man of few words, but I’d like you to know you mean the world to me. I’m still madly in love with you so don’t be fooled by my cool facade. I’ve had the privilege of meeting so many women in my life, but you stood out. You touched the deep place in the recess of my heart. You brought light, joy and happiness to me. I love you, my darling.

95. You asked me so many suspicious questions, that I’m convinced you are afraid. Of what? That I’m cheating on you? Why would I? How do I allay your fears and convince you I loved you so much that I have no time or interest in other women? Check my heart, you are the sole occupant. Check my eyes, I’m sincerely only all yours. I love you, even when I’m too busy to give you a call.

96. Slavery has been banned the world over, but I’m your willing slave. Captivated by your love, enchanted by your smiles, lost in your embraces and drowned in your expressive eyes. I love you, my sweetie pie. I’m your happy captive and I’m glad your heart is mine too!

97. Meeting you was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have this desire to be with you always. You are my girlfriend, but I want more, so much more without scaring you off. Like together forever, if you’ll have me. You are the reason behind the bounce in my gait, my happy countenance and every recent achievement of mine since we met. I love you.

98. I love you, my beautiful angel. With the whole of my being, I cherish and adore you. Just in case you are wondering, my intentions are honourable. I want you to be my wife and the mother of our children sometimes in the nearest future. This has been my intention all along, but I asked you out so as not to frighten you off. Have you figured it out yet? I love you, more than you imagine.

99. The first time I set my eyes on you, I knew I’d marry you. I’d never been so certain of anything like that in my life. I became your friend, later your boyfriend with that in mind. Nothing has changed, except my feelings became more intense. I love you, like forever.

100. Making you happy gives me so much joy, my adorable. This is not a difficult task, you are easy enough to please. You are a sight for sore eyes, a real delight! I love you passionately for being you.

101. You really amazed me, and I’m secretly amused. Just that it isn’t funny really. After all these while you aren’t sure of my feelings for you or know your stand with me. Not that I blame you as I haven’t been lavish or open in my display of affection to you. It doesn’t mean I love you any less than when we started. On the contrary, I love so much that I feared I’d frighten or suffocate you with its intensity. You are the love of my life, my world.

102. Love makes life go round. Your love is the energy drink that keeps me alive, alert and perks me up. A bad day suddenly becomes great when I see you. There are no half-baked feelings in my love for you. I love you with the whole of my being. A hundred percent.

103. Ever wondered why I’m so unabashedly high on you? You are sweeter than honey, lovelier than Madonna, and smarter than Sherlock. You suit me so well it’s amazing. You are the girl of my dreams. I love you, my lovely angel.

104. I’ve always wanted you to be mine, so I feel on top of the world because you are finally my girlfriend. It’s a dream come true. I love you. I’ve dreamt and fantasized about this day for so long that it feels unreal. You are real though. Our love is real enough. I will always be there for you whenever you need me, just give the word. I’m all yours.

105. I love everything about you. Your mischievous smile, twinkling expressive eyes, tinkling laughter, long and luscious hair, comeliness and smartness. And yeah, you are so beautiful and fashionable that I’m secretly scared of losing you to a smooth-talking secret admirer. I trust you though, I know you love me and don’t play the two-timing game. You are more precious to me than gold or diamond. I love you, honey.

106. I caught a glimpse of you the first time I saw you and my heart stopped beating- literally. I lost my peace and became restless in my search for a beautiful vision of goodness that you were until our first chance meeting. You were lovelier than my memory. You are stunning, gorgeous and graceful. I thank God we met, I’d have lost my sanity otherwise. I’m glad you accepted to be mine. I love you.

107. Until I met you, true love was just a fallacy, a chasing after the shadows. You bring out the best in me and I feel like compose a most romantic love song with lovely heartwarming lyrics for you. I love your trim, slim figure and your winning smile- open, bright and genuine. When you laugh, your eyes come alive and sparkle in merriment. You are a jolly sweet darling, with no mean bone in your body. Little wonder, you have me eating out of your hands, effortlessly. I adore you.

108. Ours is the best kind of love. Trusting without possessiveness, exciting but devoid of typical emotional turmoils, and togetherness without suffocation. I love, my sweet loving girl. You are my best Santa Claus’ gift and the angel on my Christmas tree. With you, I’ve experienced much live and peace. You are the best girlfriend ever!

109. Weeks have rolled into months and months into years, and you are still the girl of my dreams. We may be thousands of miles or oceans apart for now, but we are never truly apart. I brought you here with me, right in my heart. No one else here or anywhere can hold a candle to you, they wouldn’t have a fighting chance, my heart belongs to you. I’d come halfway around the world looking for you, we belong together. I love you.

110. Distant relationship is a risky venture, only a few survive. Ours didn’t just survive, it thrives and blossoms. Absence made our hearts fonder, commitment and unshaken trust in each other did the impossible. I love you, honey, I miss you horribly and I’m only ticking off each day till I see you again and put plans into motions that will ensure we are together forever.

111. I love to breathe in your smell and your lovely fragrance. I like nothing better than feasting my eyes on you and taking in every little detail about you. You are a marvel and delight. In your arms, I find happiness and pure bliss. Sometimes, first love isn’t what they are cracked up to be. It’s the last love that counts. You are my last love and my new song. I’m crazy about you.

112. Words can be lame and ineffective. Look deep into my eyes, you’ll see the mirror image of my heart content. You are an answer to my fervent prayer for a perfect mate. Being my girlfriend is just a start. You are my future as a copilot of everything that awaits. I love you.

113. Social media has brought so many pains, heartaches, sorrow and tragedy to many. Today, I’m exhilarated that I didn’t take the counsel of my fears. I threw caution to the wind and gave love a chance. Facebook connected us, but strong attraction and genuine love glued us together. Our future is here already, for grabs! I love you, my beautiful damsel.

114. Different strokes for different folks. I tried to love the traditional way, and it failed me. Woefully so. I met love in a most unusual way, I grabbed it and I’m never letting you go. My treasure, I’m glad we met on Facebook, bonded on WhatsApp, had guts to meet face to face with every precaution in place and progressed to a beautiful relationship. I love you. I’m not letting you go.

115. Our love is special and blooming like a rose, my angel. It keeps on growing each passing day and promises to last till eternity. My search is finally over. I found my perfect soulmate. I have so much peace and contentment because you are my dream come true. Nothing is capable of separating us, I promise. I love and cherish you.

116. Love is a game I didn’t rush into. It’s a worthy venture I was prepared to get the best from. Indeed, you are the best deal life and love offered me. You are beautiful on all fronts. I’m glad I didn’t awaken love until it was ripe for the pluck. You are worth waiting for, my beautiful darling. You are more precious than silver and gold. I love you.

117. Blind dates aren’t my thing, so I veer off that course for good reasons. Tell you what, I’m positively thrilled and awed that my one shot at it brought you to my life. You are my life, my everything. My life doesn’t worth a dime without you. You add spice and sunshine to my boring existence. I’m crazy about you.

118. Loving you is a sweet song newly composed, never fading. You are the air I breathe, so without you, I’d simply expire. You are my shining star, so my future is bright with hope. You are the melody in my song and the music that gladdens my heart. You are the epitome of everything good in my life, I can’t help but loving you more each passing day.

119. Going to the university is just a step towards achieving our goals. Being apart is hard, but it’s for a good course. Your part of it will soon take shape, believe me. I’m leaving you to pursue my dreams, not leaving you in the lurch. You are a huge chunk of my dreams, without you all else will fall apart. I love you more than life itself.

120. I love you, my baby girl. I’m so busy these days that I hardly have time for you. Know that I’m not pushing you away or looking to opting out. Far from it. All that’s keeping me away from you at the moment, are measures I’m taking to build a solid future for us. I have to act fast to achieve this so as not to lose you. Very soon, I’ll be all yours, I promise.

121. I feel good with you in my life. I always look forward to seeing you. I’m very reluctant to say goodbye each time we’re together and I miss you terribly whenever we are apart. Phonecalls, chatting and video calls help but aren’t too helpful. All I want is to see you, hold you in my warm embrace and just been with you. Our love is special, magical and unique. You are such a very special lady, my motivation, inspiration and best friend forever.

122. I love you, babe. You are the true meaning of life to me. You enchant me with your alluring looks and endearing ways. My wandering days are over, you are the sole object of my affections. Being with you is my utmost desire, you are my fantasy and reality.

123. I love practically everything about you. The sound of your voice mesmerises me, your beauty enthrals me and your manners captivate me. You are too good to be true, my very own angel of goodness. Loving you is a choice I’d make over and over again if given the chance.

124. Everything about you is natural and genuine. Little wonder I loved you wholeheartedly. Can you catch and hold the air in your hands, or capture the moon in a jar? Then, its impossible for me to leave you or betray you in any way. You are all the woman I want or desire.

125. Life without you is meaningless and dreary. You are my sunshine and inspiration. You are my girlfriend, love of my life, and my passion and my tomorrow. My love for you is endless and pure. I think about you all day long and I dream about you all night long. You are the fulfilment of all my dreams. I love you. Forever.

126. I love you so much, sweetie. Before I met you, I was confused, unfocused and uninspired. You changed all that when you came into my life. I don’t know what you saw in me then, but your love and devotion finally paid off. Today, I’m the man I am, all because you believed in me and stood by me. I’m s success story, but you wrote, edited and enhanced the script. You are my best gift ever.

127. You are a rare gem, my sweetie. Uncommon and special in every way. You live by your own rules, play by your own code and pretty outstanding in every way. I love you exactly the way you are. Don’t change or conform to the world’s substandard standard. You are a pacesetter. Keep flying, soar and rule your world. I adore you.

128. I’m thankful I have you in my life. You fill the emptiness within me. You are very special to me, sweetheart. For all your sophistication and intelligence, I know you are as vulnerable as a child. I promise not to disappoint you. I love you from the depth of my heart.

129. I love you, my duchess. You are beautiful, affectionate and demonstratively loving. Untiringly caring and helpful. You also have a great head on your shoulders with your uncanny knack for making money and astute business sense. You are simply wonderful and I’m proud of who you. When other girls are just interested in spending money on whims, you love making money and enjoy the dividends without being wasteful. You are a rare find, darling.

130. I’m charmed, completely so. You are beautiful, brilliant, witty and charming. Falling hopelessly in love with you is no brainer. I love your wild, stubborn and independent streak – it makes you exciting without being unruly. Beneath all that hard and unyielding front is a heart of pure gold. I love you, my precious darling.

131. My life was hollow and empty until I met you. You came in to fill the gaping void and I’m so glad you are in my life. I can’t imagine without you. Now, I’m brimming with life and excitement. You made all the difference. You are truly special. I love you, darling.

132. You are the most wonderful girl I’ve ever had the good fortune to meet. You are the only bright spot in every dark area of my life. Mere thoughts of you lift my spirit when I’m down or despondent. You inspire me to greatness. My heart and soul belong to you. I love you.

133. Do you realise how much I love you, sweetie? Loving you is the best thing that has happened to me and I cherish every moment I spend with you. I love being the shoulders you lean on when you are down and I enjoy sharing in your good times. Whatever season of life you are in, I’ll love to be there for you. You are the cherry on top of my ice cream.

134. You came into my life like a dream and walked straight into my heart without any warning. Since then, I love you with every beat of my heart. To live in the heart of those you love is to live forever. I love you, forever.

135. Sweetheart, you are very important to me. You are my one and only love, that’s why I love hanging out with you. I feel good when we are together, you are the most beautiful girl in the world. I love the little gap in your upper front teeth, the dimples when you smile and the way you tilt your head to the side when you are puzzled. You are my girl for all time!

136. You are an awesome girl. I love you. How it happened is beyond me, but your love is real and fulfilling. You are good for me in every way. I love spending time with you because you are delightful and fun to be with. Even when we have nothing to say to each other, I enjoy the companionable silence we share. Your very presence brings me wholly alive.

137. You are as brilliant as you are beautiful. Drop dead gorgeous. Always elegant, composed and cool. Aren’t I lucky! That I am, and more. You are a great cook- all those sumptuous homemade meals you treat me to when we don’t go out, are heavenly. Courteous and well-mannered, a woman who knows her mind and goes for what she wants with determination. I love you and I admire you a lot, my sugar pie.

138. I think the world of you. You are my most treasured jewel. I know you are being cautious and wary of me, because of my reputation as a kind of rogue with ladies. Have no fear, my darling, it’s all firmly in the past. You’ve cured me totally. Soon after I met you, I lost the desire for sowing my wild oats. It has lost its appeal. I love you so much and I’m crazy about you. Please, don’t hold back. Give our love a chance.

139. Here, I’m all alone but not lonely. Thought of you is keeping me company and smiling. I searched for love, but, like a mirage, it proved elusive. Disillusioned and disappointed, I resigned myself to a loveless life until it dawned on me that what I searched for far and wide has been staring me in the face. You’ve been my best buddy, companion and life. I didn’t realise I headed over heels in love with you until I almost lost you. I love you, my babe. You know how much.

140. While you were sick and fighting for your life, I was scared, helpless and sick to my stomach. You are very special and important to me but I realised I haven’t let you know how much I loved in recent times. How easy it is to take our loved ones for granted! I’m so sorry for the omission. You mean the world to me and I love you passionately. Thank God for your recovery and another chance life gave me to tell you, you’re the most wonderful girlfriend ever.

141. Don’t force me to say goodbye, I love you too much for that. Whatever our differences and grievances, we can always resolve it. My profession of love to you is a commitment I intend to honour. You are my forever girl.

142. “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” Put your past firmly behind you, we’ll forge a great future with what we’ll build together. I appreciate the fact that you chose to divulge your ugly past to me. That’s courage, and I admire you for it. Rather than diminish my love for you, you’ve only succeeded in making me love you more. I love you, my darling.

143. Wealth and all its trappings are just material things. True love is richer than it. So, don’t be intimidated by my family background, lifestyle and connection. I was a very poor guy in love matters until I met you. You’ve enriched my life with your simplicity and love. You are rich in everything that counts in life. I love you with all my heart.

144. Rich, sophisticated, smart and intelligent…and you loved me without holding back. It’s baffling and exhilarating! I love you, my sweet angel. You are undaunted by humble background and chose to believe in me, my aspirations and dreams. I’m doubly honoured and proud of you. Your love and confidence is the catalyst that spurs me on to success. I love you, my sweet love.

145. Behind all that softness and gentleness, is an astonishing will as hard as steel and as unyielding as granite. You are an admirable strong and resilient woman. In spite of being pressurized on every side to quit this relationship, you held for dear life. You were jeered, mocked and ostracized, you only became more resolved. Today, I’m deemed worthy of your love by those who tormented you. I’m really proud of you. I love you, till eternity.

146. Your love opened the floodgate of unspeakable joy and peace for me. You are my eternal love, I adore you, my princess. You are selfless, generous to a fault and caring. You are my inspiration and motivation. Life is good because you are sailing its boat with me. I can’t praise you enough. You are my anchor.

147. I was busy navigating the treacherous water of life when love found and embraced me and set me on a smooth course that led to joy, blessings and happiness. You won my heart and changed my story. My drifting and aimless existence are over. You are my future. I love you from the very depth of my heart, my Queen.

148. You are the Queen of my heart, you reign and rule the affairs of my life as you please. Unopposed. I love you, my pumpkin. I’m happy when you are happy and sad when you are downcast. I want only what’s best for you and my desire is for you to become a woman of substance and honour under my watch.

149. I’ve always been sure of what I want and you are the object of my desire. I chose to wait patiently for your response while you took considerable time to consider the merits of my proposal. Now, my patient dog got the fattest bone. You are my prize. You are worth waiting for. I love you.

150. When I’m sick, your love is the only drug that’ll cure me. When everything is going well for me, yours is the only company I seek. You are in my bloodstream. I never want you out. I love you, my treasure.

151. I just made a list of goals to achieve. Top on the list is my need to show you how much I love and cherish you. Have I given you a contrary impression lately? You couldn’t have been more wrong, you are my utmost priority. Did I send a wrong vibe or signal in my busy schedule and untactful moments? You mean the world to me, and I’ll prove it till you are totally convinced. I love you, my pretty Angel.

152. I didn’t know the true meaning of love until I met you. I knew we were meant for each other so I came after you like someone being pursued. I was thrilled when you finally agreed to be mine but I wasn’t prepared for such display of love as yours. You are wonderful. I appreciate you and I love you so much. You are a Jewel.

153. Bold, brilliant and beautiful – that’s you, my treasure. Daring and adventurous, mischievous and fun loving, loving and caring- I can go on and on without exhausting your special and endearing qualities. I love practically everything about you. You are my perfect match, my better part. I love you, my baby girl.

154. You are my all time darling girl, I can’t help but repeat myself like a broken record. Yeah, my beautiful darling precious angel is what you are. No one else can take your place in my heart. You have all I desire in a woman and lots more. I’ve come to respect your uncanny intuition and discernment. I’m an open book to you because you know me too well. With you, I’ve found true love and contentment. I love you, my dearest.

155. Endless love is immune to other attractions and refuses to quit no matter the offence or challenges. Endless love is a consuming feeling, selfless and genuine. My love for you is endless. There’ll never be anyone besides you, I adore you. My desire is to make you happy, always. I love you.

156. Love isn’t a game, for you aren’t a toy. Love is life, the real thing. Loving you brings me alive and brings out the best in me. You are the reason I’m reaching for the moon, so as to let your star shine brighter. I enjoy all my achievements so far because you are there to cheer me on and share in its glory with me. Without you, I’m but a shadow, you are my very essence. I love you.

157. Relationships falter or crumble all around us. Ours is special and unique because you are a rare breed. You are generous, patient, undemanding, and easily satisfied. You are focused, hardworking and determined. Now, I can offer you life on a bed of roses because you’ve weathered its storms with me. Treating you like the Queen you are is my next agenda. I love you, my darling. You rock!

158. Without being told, I guess you are scared, sort of. Hitting it big is an incentive to cheat and probably dump one’s girlfriend. If I were a fickle-minded fellow or a small-thinker with pea brain, then I’d do exactly that. So, no way. No man would exchange gold for brass. You are worth more than gold to me and I wouldn’t give you up for anything in the world. It’s really simple – I love you, terribly.

159. Most guys get left behind when their girls move up in the world. It’s a reality in life that girls move on when they move up the success ladders – mostly. You are outstandingly different. I not only didn’t get dumped, I got a lift up. I’m here today because of you and the future you envisaged for us and a love that refuses to quit. You are my very own special angel. I love you.

160. I love you, my dearest baby girl. You are so cute and adorable. No matter what you are going through in life, you can always count on me for support. We are together. I’m not just your boyfriend, I’m your soulmate, the one who watches your back.

161. I feel on top of the world when I think about you. You aren’t just my girlfriend, you are my buddy, cheerleader and, confident. I can always count on you to be blunt when I’m wrong as I’ve always enjoyed your unflinching support when you believe in me. You have given so generously of yourself that I feel the need to tell you I treasure you. I’ll always be there for you too. I love you.

162. From the first moment I set my eyes on you, I lost it. Completely. My heart, that is. I love everything about you. Your soft-spoken voice, gentle, quiet and sweet demeanour, endeared me to you. You are godfearing and committed to God. I wooed you, got you and it seems I still want more. A forever togetherness. I love you.

163. Slowly, steadily and surely you crept into my heart and took a firm hold without letting go. You brought so much joy and happiness into my life. I love you, my darling girl. You are the only one my heart desires and delights in. Forever will never be sufficient to show you much I adore you, but I’ll try.

164. God created hundreds of millions of girls and I got the best. Ain’t I one lucky dude? That I am. You are a very diary beauty. I love your tall and slender form, small waist and exceptionally long legs. If you contest for Miss Universe, you’d have a landslide uncontested success. As if that isn’t enough, you are as brilliant as you are beautiful. An absolute genius at that. The world is waiting to celebrate you, with my right by your side. I love you!

165. Ever wondered why I love you so? I love you for no reason but I love everything about you. You are bold and audacious. Kind and tender. I love your short and sassy with curvaceous form. Your luscious lips are always inviting, though your eyes shoot warning signs. I respect the boundary you set and your determination to keep yourself to make our wedding night special. A night of beginnings.

166. You are glowingly pretty. You are blessed with wonderful skin, soft as satin, smooth and spotless. I love your pointed nose, dimples and tall frame. You are one special lady. A no-nonsense, strict but kind angel. In a world of moral decadence and uncouth younger generation, your discipline and moral standard bowled me over. I don’t just love you, I respect you as well. You are special.

167. Looks can be deceptive. Appearances very misleading. One look at you, and you get branded as beautiful, worldly and fair game. You taught me a great lesson, never to judge a book by its cover. You are truly beautiful inside out. Decent and uncompromising. Definitely no one’s fool or sex object. You have a will as strong as a steel. You are more than wonderful. I’m proud to have you as my girlfriend.

168. You are the love of my life, the Apple of my eyes and the only person that possesses and control my “gentle as lamb”, “sweet as a baby” buttons. No other girl can lay claim to my heart, except you. You are a worthy partner, friend and lover. I cherish you.

169. If I were asked to choose between a trunkload of precious jewels and you, I’d gladly choose you because you are my most precious treasure. If I have to choose between you and my precious life, I’d still choose you because my life is worthless without you. You are my life and treasure. You mean the world to me. I love you like there’s no tomorrow. You are my tomorrow.

170. Everything I have in life is completely worthless without you. You are the most valuable treasure I possess. I know you are your own woman, but I consider myself blessed beyond measure for being so loved by you. Even the blind can see your blazing love for me with their inner eyes. I love you more. Let’s not compete, I’d win. You are my delightful golden girl.

171. Lately, I took stock of all I have and I stumble into a realisation. You are the most important thing in my life. Nothing else counts or matters at all. All my earthly possession or worth may crumble or vanish today, and I’d still survive and start over with you by my side. However, if I lose you for any reason, life for me is completely over. I love you, this much, and much more.

172. Through thick and thin, you are always unfailingly there for me. Your devotion is endless and your love unchanged. It brightens and boosts me up. You are as important to me as the air I breathe. Without you, I’m surely a goner. I love you, my beautiful damsel. You are awesome and amazing. You rock my world with all my heart.

173. I will forever be grateful to God for you. I thrive on your love and our awesome enviable relationship. If you hadn’t come after me when I didn’t even spare you a glance, I’d have missed a gold and settled for a silver or a brass. You have guts and a heart of gold. I love you, honey. I’m ready to do all the chasing from here on.

174. Love is a beautiful song I sing every morning. It’s the inspiration that brings an outstanding performance during the day and the lullaby that puts me to sleep at night, dreaming wonderful dreams. Love is you, my beautiful princess. I love you to the moon and back.

175. You are a cultured, well mannered and well-behaved damsel. Lovely, witty and smart. I love you so much and I’m looking forward to introducing you to my family. They’d love you.

176. Love is cumbersome and overrated, or so I thought until one certain angel shattered the illusion and turned my well-ordered life upside down, inside out. I was forced to swallow my words and change my erroneous philosophy. Love is life. Love is beautiful. True live births true living and attracts blessings and favour. I love you, my angel.

177. Thank you for being my girlfriend. Thank you for making my life meaningful and purposeful. Thank you for bringing so much joy happiness and blessings to my life. You are my personal Angel and my Princess. I adore you now and always.

178. This morning, I whispered my love to you through the wind. As the coolness of the breeze caresses your lovely cheeks, know that it’s my message of love it’s delivering. I love you so much, my pretty angel.

179. My sweetheart, sweetie pie, angel of my life, you are the love of my life and my trust, most trusted the closest buddy. You are the love of my life and sunshine. Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was inevitable, loving you was way out of my control. I’ll love you forever, it’s s promise I intend to keep.

180. You aren’t just my girlfriend, you are a very special lady. Close to my heart, my delight and reliable cheerleader. I know I can always count on you whatever the circumstances, you are Miss Efficiency. When I’m upset and troubled, one loving look from you calms my jagged nerves. When life’s challenges threaten my very being, your calm assurances give confidence that all would be well. You rock, my lady boss.

181. Your sparkling smile never fails to bring a twinkle to my eyes. Your infectious laughter keeps me on the roll, and your funny antics make me laugh till tears come out of my eyes. You are one great lady, beautiful and put together. I’m honoured to have you in my life. I’m proud to call you mine. Needless to say, “I’m in love”.

182. I’m not being obsessive, I’m just plain and downright crazy about you. I’m not possessive, but I do wish to spend every spare moment of my life with you. You are fun to be with. You keep my brain alive and sharpens my mind. There’s never a dull moment with you. Little wonder I fell hopelessly in love with you. It’s inevitable.

183. I’m the richest guy in the whole world. I’m in love with the girl of my dreams and she loves me right back. Love makes the world go round. Our love is beautiful and full of happiness. Our lovers’ tiff bonds us together even better than ever because it makes us realise how fragile Love’s cord is. I love you, my beautiful sweetheart.

184. Honey, you are so breathtakingly beautiful, you literally take my breath away. Beauty fades with time, they say, but yours blooms, blossoms, glows and grows with time. Your beauty is ageless. You also have character and substance. I love you, and I’ll always love you because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It never fades.

185. I don’t want a perfect girlfriend, all I want is you and you are absolutely perfect for me. I don’t aim for a picture-perfect relationship, all I want is for us to be ourselves and grab all the happiness life has to offer us, together. I love you to the moon and back, till all eternity.

186. When you have the real thing, you’ll have no desire for imitations no matter their attractions. Our love is the real thing, genuine, tested and proved with the passage of time and life’s stormy winds. You are the real love of my life. I come wholly alive with you by my side. I feel vibrant, energised and confident. I love you, my pumpkin.

187. I know I did nothing to deserve such an angel like you, you are my gift from God. My specially packaged gift. I’m truly thankful. I could use fanciful and flowery words to describe my love for you, but it’d sound like flattery. So, here we go, straight from my heart: “I love you”.

188. The simple truth? Life without you is totally meaningless, pointless and empty. Just like a broken pencil, or a pen without ink, or a rainless cloud. You add colour to my life, like the rainbow. Ideas and dreams come alive with you in my life. You are my substance and the essence of my being. I love you.

189. Please, never leave me. I can’t bear it if you do. I can’t ever imagine a life without you. Bleak, dreary and lifeless it’d be. You are my happiness. You brighten and enliven my world. I love you.

190. You never fail to take my breath away, you are stunningly beautiful. I’m never tired of feasting my eyes on you. When I’m bored and restless, you stimulate me with your intelligent input on any topics we discuss. I love being with you. I love you, you are an incredible lady.

191. When I’m with you, I feel alive and good. All my serious thoughts and countenance goes out through the window. You make me do silly and fun things. You are my adorable angel, I love you.

192. I love being with you because my heart is with you, completely. Love is meant to be left unawakened until it pleases. Nothing in my life is vying for the love I have for you. My time, attention, heart and soul are all yours. I love you. You are all I have and I’m all yours.

193. There’s no fear in love, for perfect love casts away all fear. I know you are wary and unsure, but I’m giving you the assurance that I won’t ever hurt you or betray your love in any way. Thanks for giving our love a chance. My intentions are honourable, only time will tell and prove me true. I love you, my darling. Never doubt it for a moment.

194. Our love is beautiful and magical. It’s given me wings to fly to worlds hitherto unknown and untried. It’s like a compass charting my way to the high sea of uncertainties to a place of wealth and bliss. You are all I need to be the man God wants me to be. I promise to be there for you forever.

195. Promises are meant to be kept…or broken. A rogue makes false promises only to break them at will. A gentleman keeps his promises to a lady no matter the cost. I’m no rogue. My words to you are as true as my love is genuine. I love you and I promise to be there for you till eternity.

196. I love you so much that I feel like shielding you from life’s stormy winds. My love will give you the strength to ride the winds through the eye of the storm. You’ll come out stronger because you aren’t alone. I’ll be there with you, all the way. I love you.

197. Mistakes, unpalatable experiences and errors are life’s tools to strengthen and make us wise and smarter. Whatever mistakes you have made, don’t be afraid to share, move on and be smarter. You aren’t alone in this. I’ll always stand by you. Trust me.

198. In the absence of trust, true love absconds. It grows wings like an eagle and soars to heights unknown. Never to return, because it can’t be recaptured. I love you more than life itself. Believe me and trust me. I won’t disappoint you.

199. Love that’s not nurtured grows cold. Love unsure brings fear of the unknown and breeds bitterness, jealousy and alien feelings. I’ve been so busy of late that I did the unpardonable, neglecting you the love of my life. Terribly remiss of me, a matter of misplaced priority. You are the most important thing or being in my life. I just got carried away by work and its impossible demands. I’ll more than make it to you, my sweetheart. I love you.

200. Love is the pillow on which I lay my head each night. It’s the lone star that shines with brilliance on a full moonlight. Your love gives wings to fly and navigate my ship to an island of pure bliss and contentment. I’m hopelessly in love with you, my shining star.

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