Trending Good Morning My Hubby Messages

2023 Trending Good Morning My Hubby Messages

Most times we want to share our love or express it to those we really care about. The love burns deeply but to express it can be quite hard. If you are faced with this kind of challenge, you need some short but powerful messages like bullets to pierce the soul of the receiver. If the right words are difficult to put together, you can help yourself with the messages below.

Romantic Good Morning Messages for Your Husband to Wake Up To

The sweetest of wives knows how to make her husband wake up to sweet thoughts of love and its endless bliss. Make your own hubby wake up to these romantic and inspiring good morning text messages.

1. When the rays of sun cut through our bedroom I want you to be there with me so I can be the first person to say Good morning to you.

2. I pray and wish that your day starts beautifully like the amazing smiles on your face and closes up like the cool hug you give me at night. Good morning, dear.

3. If you’re not in my life, I feel like a lost planet in space cos you hold me close and so warmly. Good morning to you.

4. Your masculine hugs break down the mountain of doubt in my heart and your soft kisses warm me. Good morning to my better half.

5. We all have our better halves that make us complete, I am so glad you’re my better half. Good morning to the one that completes me.

6. We are like two sides of a coin, I promise not to break apart from you. Good morning to my other side. Kisses

7. Every second, every minute, every hour, I want you to be filled with expressions of my love towards you. I hope I get to make you smile at the opening of this message. Good morning.

8. Seeing you in my dreams and by my side, gives my life a meaning. Good morning, my love.

9. The distance is a mirage because I feel you in my heart every second. You’re everywhere I am. Good morning, dear.

10. Our love is a strong chord, no matter where you’re regardless of what you might be doing I know that you are always here with me. Good morning to my strength.

11. Your love makes me feel immortal that’s why I love to spend every day of my life with you. Good morning, my hubby.

12. In my mind I imagine your soft hands resting on my face and the warm sensation in my feet. Can’t wait to feel that again. Good morning!

13. I keep the love that we share and our memories forever in my heart. Good morning to my memory maker.

14. Sometimes I could be stupid and shy, but deep down I hope you realize how much I love you. I love and care for you so much. Good morning.

15. If there’s one thing that I want to keep with me, till the day is the fact that I love you now and always. Good morning, my love.

16. Your love lights up the dark and gloomy part of my life every day. Thank you for being my light. Good morning, sweetheart.

17. I would kill for your love and smile because they define my day. I will keep seeing you smile all the days of my life. Good morning, sweet hubby.

18. I feel trapped in my own fantasy when you kiss me on my forehead at dawn. Good morning, my sunshine.

19. I pray the morning is good to you and everything you desire to do today. Good morning, sweet hubby.

20. I know the day could be bulky….. It’s trying hard to contain all my love for you but I want to squeeze into your time to tell you – Good morning!

21. Your love lightens up my day with its bright colors. I hope you get the best day today and always. Good morning.

22. You’ve held me bound in an unbreakable spell. Good morning.

23. The hugs and kisses we share are not enough to tell you how much I care. Good morning.

24. With my endless love and unfailing desire to have you, I wish you a good morning.

25. I find it hard to decide wish one expresses your love for me the most, your hug or your food. Good morning

26. The mere thought of you makes me want to keep you for myself… I don’t mind becoming a criminal for love. Good morning.

27. I wish you could wake me up with a warm kiss and a hot cup of tea; you would make my morning good. Good morning, dear.

28. I wish I could see your handsome face every morning. You make my head spin in fantasy. Good morning, love.

29. Did I make your dream eventful with my presence? I’m sure I did. Good morning.

30. I wish your call didn’t come through, I was dreaming of you already. Good morning.

31. Did you have cold feet while thinking of me last night? Cos I did and hoped you did too so you know how it feels. Good morning

32. Good morning husband, you’re every woman’s expectation and every lady’s dream. Good morning, hubby.

33. You define my life and my love wants you by my side always. Good morning, my beau.

34. I searched through the ends of many planets for my lost rib and found it on earth. Good morning, sweetheart.

35. I fear that my day will be scary and odd but your very presence lights my day. Good morning, my light.

36. I closed my eyes last night and opened it to see at your gracious face staring back at me. Good morning, love.

37. Good morning, I heard that you were thinking of me. I just want to confirm if that’s true. LOL.

38. The thought of ‘forever’ doesn’t excite me if you’re not there with me. I want to do forever with you always. Good morning.

39. The rays of the sun are not beautiful compared to your face that wakes me up. Good morning dear.

40. Your jokes make my day pleasant, your smile calms me. Good morning to my handsome hubby.

41. You’re my Calvary, stepping into the lifelong deal with you is a decision that I’m glad I took.

42. The darks could be cold and scary but as long as I’m with you I believe that I’m safe.

43. I promise to make your fantasies reality, to make your dreams unfold before your very eyes. I love you good morning.

44. I don’t know where I will be if you weren’t around for me. Good morning

45. Your love is a virtue that I will cherish forever. Good morning.

46. Sour grapes don’t make sweet wine a sour love can’t make a happy me, you realized that soon enough and gave me the sweetest love. Good morning.

47. Good morning. You’re the sun behind my Shadow.

48. Your presence gives me the courage to step into the world. Good morning, love.

49. The greatest gift in my life is you, I want you every time and every day. Good morning

50. Your presence is worth more than gold. You are so invaluable to me. Good morning dear.

51. You’re my very catalyst; you changed the pace of my life when you stepped in. Good morning.

52. I can walk through fire I don’t care about getting burnt, but I can’t live a day without seeing your face. Good morning.

53. Every day, every second, every hour I am captivated by your love and I fall all over again. Good morning

53. Loving you is refreshing hating you is a waste. Good morning, I would give a thousand toast to our lasting love.

54. I could post it online all I want about how much I love you, but I want you to hear it from you. I love you. Good morning.

55. My day doesn’t start with sunshine it starts with the proof of your unending love. Good morning.

56. Your kisses and hugs are all that I need. Good morning.

57. I don’t know how many times I have said this and I don’t care if you’re tired of hearing it… I love you. Good morning.

58. I hope you’ve a splendid day; one painted with love, my dearest husband. Good morning.

59. I would throw the sun in the trash can; it doesn’t keep me warm like you do. Good morning.

60. You don’t have the packs but your charming smile and your sweet smile makes my feet grow weak. Good morning

61. I want you beside me to start my day. Good morning.

62. The clash of our lips is more epic than the clash of titans. Good morning

63. You take me to infinite earth and show me the multiverse when we kiss. Good morning

64. Is it daybreak yet….? I don’t care let’s stay on the bed forever. Good morning

65. Let’s close the curtains and stay on bed like is still midnight. Good morning

66. I want to wake up with my nose filled with your scent. Looks like I’m getting ‘warm feet’. Good morning.

67. You are amazing; sometimes I think you belong to a place out of the world. Good morning

68. I don’t need the social media to tell me what’s popping around because I know it’s you. Good morning

69. Every morning I’m cuddled by your sweet body. Good morning.

70. Why don’t you take a sip of me, you would be begging for a full cup. Good morning.

71. The stars aren’t as gracious as you are. The galaxy doesn’t take my breath away like you do. Good morning

72. Your kiss heats me up with excitement. Good morning

73. We are not done yet. Mr. Man, we’re just getting started. Good morning.

74. Seeing you by my side when I wake up is a blessing that I’m always grateful for. Good morning.

75. The way your smile lights up my day and my soul makes me happy I wish the same for you, honey. Good morning.

76. The world bow’s before you when you speak and talk. Good morning

77. I don’t care what the weather says all I need is your smile to define my day. Good morning

78. Your smile warms me up every day and your touch makes me feel alive. Good morning.

79. Turning my head to see you by my side fills my heart with eternal joy. Good morning.

80. I wake up every morning and smile when the thought of you flows through my mind. Good morning

81. Guess what I met with an angel today but I wasn’t surprised because I see one every day. Good morning

82. Life is meaningless if you’re not beside me, I love you loads. Good morning.

83. You hold a piece of me without you I feel incomplete, I love you. Good morning.

84. The time is not important, I could be lost in time but I don’t care as long as I’m with you. Good morning.

85. My mind beats faster when it is morning because I know what’s coming with it. Good morning my love

86. The thought of you makes me happy, the memories we share is what keeps me moving. Good morning to the best man on the planet.

87. You’re my prince charming, my Knight in shining armor, you’re my very own. Good morning.

88. The world is dark and scary, the times are confusing and I feel stupid for saying this….. I feel safe around you. Good morning.

89. I feel free around you, you pulled the veil I placed on myself and allowed me to show the real me. Good morning darling.

90. Curse the curtains and everything else that is not you, you’re the person that I want to see. Good morning.

91. Good morning. You’re the light in my darkness, there’s nothing in this world that means more to me than you.

92. I wish you butter to your bread, onions to your spagh, milk to your tea, and love to your soul. Good morning.

93. Check the next cab; I have a box full of smiles and hugs. Good morning

94. You turned my darkness into light and my life into fairy tale, you’re the best… Love you more. Good morning.

95. You’ve fused with the sun; no wonder the warmth is refreshing. Good morning.

96. I’m sitting down on our bed right now and thinking about where I would be without you, you’re the love that rekindles my life. Good morning.

97. I could write a whole book about you, and still, want to write more. Good morning my husband.

98. Okay, on today’s menu, about we will take a plate of multiple hugs and hummm a bottle of kisses and I want it to be spiced up with a pinch of old memories… Is that okay, honey? Good morning.

99. When I’m falling I feel your hand pull me back up when my life is in pain I feel your touch healing it back up, I tried putting my life back together and then you stepped in….. Good morning.

100. Your face stood out, captivating me, but then I realized that you were more than your looks. Good morning.

101. Life is not known and tomorrow is uncertain, but I can close my eyes and be sure if one thing that is your love for me. Good morning.

102. The greatest step in my life is falling in love with you and I don’t regret it. Good morning.

103. I feel happy when I open my eyes just to find yours looking at me. Good morning.

104. The world is rotten to the core but I feel happy that I have you in it.

105. Every moment spent with you is not a waste, every time spent with you is precious, I feel lucky to have you. Good morning.

106. Every day I’m reminded that I made the right choice years ago by saying YES. Good morning.

107. Who says you’re far away… When I close my eyes I can still feel your kiss on my lips. I hope I’m not going bananas for you. Good morning.

108. Tears came up my eyes when I realized you weren’t around to kiss me on my forehead, but I guess writing this clears that fact. Good morning.

109. Good morning Love, guess what… I haven’t eaten this morning just the thought of you fills me up.

110. I’m still on my bed, cos I want to go back to sleep so that I can keep seeing you in my dreams, miss you a lot. Good morning.

111. I sent a little package to you, to keep you warm, it’s full with loads of kisses and hugs. Good morning.

112. Your love for me as killed the mad man called distance. Good morning

113. Loneliness is extinct cos no matter where you’re I have you and you have me. Good morning.

114. I can’t hide the fact that I miss you, so I’m going to say it… I miss you hon. Good morning.

115. I was a wreck without you, but with you, I feel complete. Good morning.

116. Our love is true and pure; regardless the time and distance, I still love you. Good morning.

117. I never knew that I could love and miss somehow this much, I miss you, darling. Good morning

118. As long as I have you in my head, I can accomplish anything that I want to, I miss you, my husband. Good morning

119. Last night, I remembered those times that we would cuddle ourselves to sleep; I really want to feel that again. Good morning

120. I don’t know if it means I’m going crazy, but a bird told me that you’re coming very soon. Please tell me it’s true. Good morning.
In conclusion, love sometimes goes beyond knowing it inwardly. It needs to be expressed with the right words from time to time. I hope these beautiful messages give you and your hubby a deeper and more mutual level of affection every morning.

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