Happy 80th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Happy 80th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Not every Queen wears a crown. Some, like aunties, wear face caps and goes about adding colours to their nieces’ and nephews’ lives. Life’s most definable beautiful moments are found in simple things. A birthday celebration is a big deal to many. Your favourite aunt may not be your biological one, but one in every sense of the world. If your super cool aunt is as good as your mum or as indulgent as your grandparents, celebrating their birthdays, is a nice way of expressing your love and gratitude. Celebrating your aunt’s birthday is a lovely way of reconnecting with her after years of drifting away. She’ll be ecstatically happy, mild scolding or not.

Wicked and unresponsive aunts can be boycotted on their birthdays, but caring and wonderful ones deserve the best birthday ever with lovely gifts, wishes, calls and your presence. When you are blessed with a loving aunt who has mastered the fine art of tender and tough love, with the skill of listening and comforting arms, and heart so generous it gives without a frown or hesitation, celebrate her awesomeness on her birthday. Especially in her dotage.

Aunts are special. They are the bullies that spank you into obedience when dad and mum aren’t to do the discipline job. They aren’t ‘the witch’ as tagged. They are why you turned out nicely. Aunts are awesome! They come bearing gifts, doling out treats, taking you on to your favourite places. They provide shoulders to cry on; you get to share secrets you wouldn’t dare with your parents. Aunts are wonderful! They are deputy mummies, buddies, confidants, advisors and many underplayed roles. The unsung heroines! Now is the time to celebrate them lavishly and stylishly.

Have you a wonderful aunt who has done well by you or your parents? Do you have an aunt who will be celebrating her birthday soon? Is she an octogenarian? Or, she’s above 80 years? Beautiful! Browse through these fantastic 80th birthday wishes for aunt and send it as messages for your darling aunt at 80 or 80 plus:

Happy 80th Birthday Messages for My Aunty

‘ Yippee! A special day for a special aunty! Happy 80th birthday to my best aunty forever! Now that you are an octogenarian, I get to spoil you with careless abandon. Consider this a retribution for spoiling me silly with lovely things. I love you to bits!’

These cute and witty happy 80th birthday are perfectly right for your octogenarian aunty:

1. Happy birthday to my still stunning aunty at 80. Hard to believe you an octogenarian. Thanks for giving me a memorable transition to adulthood by being unapologetically real and unconventional. Age with massive grace, darling aunty.

2. If living life on one’s term is a crime; you are a legend, ma. Sassy, elegant and unafraid. Taking on the world with confidence and defying business as usual. You are my perfect role model, dearest aunty. Happy 80th birthday to you. I wish you more beautiful years of sheer bliss ahead.

3. Happy birthday to my rock-solid support at 80! I wish you a fantastic birthday celebration, darling aunty. I’ll forever cherish you for your care of me as a child and guidance as a teen and your unfailing help to date. I’m super grateful I have you to negotiate all the rocky path of my growing up years with. I love you, ma. I wish you lots of joy with loads of laughter in good health.

4. Growing up, I looked up to you to provide answers to life’s endless puzzles. Now that I’m all grown up, I feel you are as good as Google. Better, if I may say. You have all the answers to my numerous questions pat-down. You are a walking encyclopedia, darling aunty. Thanks for always sharing generously from your fountain of knowledge. Happy 80th birthday to you. May you continue to be relevant. Cheers!

5. A wonderful birthday wishes to a beautiful and wonderful woman of honour and a huge heart. Happy 80th birthday to you dear aunty. You are my second mummy; loving, caring, and supportive. I wish you a new year as amazing as you are!

6. Happy birthday to an Amazon at 80! You are a paragon of beauty, classic, simple and elegant. Thanks for always being there when I need you. You’re my staunchest support system. Enjoy a lovely and fulfilling new year in sound health.

7. Happy 80th birthday to my lovely aunty. Thanks for always being my go-to resource person. You are simply the best. Rock your octogenarian age like the Queen you are.

8. Happy birthday to my ageless beautiful aunty at 80 awesome years of age! You are such a beautiful soul with the kindest and warmest heart! I’m your top fan and super proud to be your favourite nephew. Enjoy a fabulous new year.

9. Happy 80th birthday to my lively, bubbling and life of the party aunty. You spread happiness and hope everywhere you are. You are a star that shines brightly. May you never lose your sparkle, dearest aunt. Congratulations to you!

10. A family gathering without my charming aunty with the irresistible personality is a recipe for disaster! You are a unifier! A no pushover but a lovely, caring and compassionate woman. Who wouldn’t love you? None. Happy 80th birthday to you, with loads of love from me.

11. But for you, the label of being the black sheep of the family would have stuck to me like a second skin. Here I am, refined and sought after because you believed in me. You kept a stray, rebellious lone ranger from harm’s way. I’ll always cherish you, dearest aunty. May you live well and be satisfied with the abundance of God’s storehouse. Happy 80th birthday to you, ma.

12. Happy birthday to my fabulous fashionista auntie at 80. Your beauty is regal and ethereal and your energy fuelled by your passion is unmatchable. Have a wonderful day of undiluted fun, doing what you love doing best: partying! Cheers to a great new year!

13. Everyone knows I’m putty in the hands of my favourite auntie, so I get to behave once with my tails between my legs, once you’re involved. Your love for me commanded such respect, and I feel very privileged to have you as my auntie, advisor, mentor and guide. I cherish you, ma. Happy 80th birthday to you. Have a splendid day and a lovely new year.

14. Some people have sidekicks, but I have a phenomenon called my aunty. You’re an exemplary icon; one I’ve always looked up to, without fail. One, in whose steps, I shamelessly follow. Happy 80th birthday to you, darling aunty. Cheers to a beautiful new year!

15. Happy 80th birthday to you, dearest auntie. Thank you for being a constant source of happiness in my life. I hope your birthday is filled with sunshine, gay with laughter, bright with joy and loaded with love. You deserve every good thing and more!

16. Happy birthday to my precious auntie at 80. I’m so proud to call you my mother. Thank you for taking in this orphan and giving me the best in life. May you live the rest of your life in perfect health and sound mind.

17. Happy 80th birthday to my mum’s deputy in command. The one that is always available to play the mother’s role to perfection when mum’s not available. You are a blessing! I love you today and always. Have a fabulous birthday with lots of fun.

18. You are a wonderful woman. It’s a pleasure and honour to have you as my aunty. There’s no doubt you’re my mum’s foolproof backup plan and very much involved in our lives. Happy 80th birthday darling auntie. Thank you for always being there for us. I wish you a fountain of joy and uninterrupted peace…like a river.

19. Happy birthday to the best aunt in the world! You are a symbol of hope, love and joy. Your life shall always sparkle with happiness and all that you need to age graciously. Cheers to an amazing 80 years of God’s faithfulness!

20. Happy 80th birthday to the goofiest and coolest auntie in the whole universe! You are such a good sport; always adventurous and willing to give me a good time. I wish you a year of pure bliss, great happiness with lots of fun!

21. My auntie, my helper, my defender, my benefactor…in fact, you are practically everything to me apart from my parents. You a delight and a true blessing! May you never know any sorrow. Have a delightful 80th birthday celebration!

22. Happy birthday, dear aunty. I hope your 80th birthday celebration is surrounded by all the things that make you ecstatically happy. Cheers to more beautiful years ahead in good health!

23. To a beautiful woman that lights up my world with love, and encouragement, happy 80th birthday to you. Darling auntie, you deserve the best this new year and beyond. You may count on this. Cheers!

24. My aunty, my buddy and my non-judgemental confidant! The one that cheers me on to heights hitherto unattainable. Happy 80th birthday to you, my ever-youthful auntie. You shall be as strong as a unicorn in your old age. Cheers to a superb new year!

25. I’m the moth that blossomed into a beautiful flower in every aspect because I have you as my support with constant love. How can I ever repay you? More wins in my laurels to your credit. Happy birthday to you, darling auntie at 80. Long may you live; in good health, sound mind and pure joy.

26. Happy 80th birthday, dearest aunty. Thank you for being unconventional and teaching me how to break through the shackles of limitations. You a year younger and more adventurous! Cheers to bigger dreams and more fulfilment!

27. Yippee! Happy birthday to an icon at 80! Thank you for always daring me to keep pushing till my dreams come to fruition. You aren’t old, only s year older. You are as young as your dreams. May you stay youthful, fresh and full of vigour. Cheers to s lovely new year!

28. Happy birthday to the keeper of all my childhood secrets to date. You’d have been a zillionaire if you’d traded all my secrets for monetary gains. I’m your moneybag, auntie. Time to cash out for being a jolly good sport. Happy 80th birthday to you, precious auntie, with loads of love from me.

29. I got the best deal ever! Aunt, mom, buddy and cheerleader rolled into one! I struck gold in you, dearest aunty. Happy 80th birthday to you. You are a rare gem!

30. An octogenarian is a decrepit old woman. Not you, sweet aunty! You are a tall glass of sweetness! Beautiful, lovely and spry. Happy 80th birthday to you. Have fun, always!

31. All my life, you’ve spoilt me with love and care. It’s now your turn to be indulged with reckless abandon by me. Nothing is good enough for you, dear aunty. Happy 80th to you!

32. To a beautiful soul on a special occasion, happy 80th birthday to you, my beloved auntie. Your words are as encouraging as your hands are generous. Live well, happy and fulfilled, knowing we are all here to make you proud and fulfilled. Cheers!

33. Happy 80th birthday, dear aunty. You are the most selfless and thoughtful human ever. Your passion for God’s kingdom is contagious and your love for people is indescribable. Thank you for instilling the fear of God and love for humanity in everyone around you. Here’s to many more years in prosperity and good health.

34. When I was young, no one understood me as you did. I wanted to change the world by all means; you helped me to know all I had to do is to change myself. I’m glad you’re proud of your nephew: you changed me. Happy 80th birthday to you, dearest aunty. You are a gem!

35. Happy 80th birthday to my adorable aunty. You are like the big sister I never had, doubling as a second mummy. You have a heart that will defrost the coldest hearts. I wish you a birthday full of joy, filled with awesome memories and a new year of good health and pure bliss.

36. Happy birthday to my no-nonsense aunty at 80. Thank you for your tough love. I will always cherish you for the positive impacts you had on my life. May your good work speak for you in your old age. May your body be renewed like the youth. Have a lovely celebration!

37. Happy 80th birthday to my surest aunty in joviality! You are always fun to be with: never a dull moment with you! I wish you more years of being sprightly, and as fit as a fiddle! Have a fun celebration!

38. Happy 80th birthday to the jolliest, fun-loving and caring aunty in the universe! I wish you more years of pure joy, refreshing laughter and good health.

39. Old age has nothing on you, darling aunty. You are as lively, bustling with energy, and funny as ever! Happy 80th birthday to you, my lovely aunty. Rock your new age like the royalty you are, and smash your birthday in grand style!

40. Happy 80th birthday to the strongest woman ever! May the Lord continually renew your strength like the eagles. I love you, dear auntie.

41. Happy 80th birthday to the beautiful woman with the nicest smiles, who makes me feel like a fairy princess. Thank you for being my fairy godmother. I wish you the most lovely birthday celebration ever.

42. Congratulations to my lovely aunty on the celebration of a milestone birthday. Happy 80th birthday to you, dearest aunty. Thank you for all the special ways you let me know you care. I cherish you today and always.

43. Happy 80th birthday to you, auntie dearest. I appreciate all the incredible contributions you made towards my success. You are a blessing. I wish you joy, peace and good health.

44. It’s a great privilege to have you as my aunty. You’re as loving as you’re caring. As willing to help as you’re influential and as generous as your purse’s content. Happy 80th birthday to you, the world’s best aunt. You are amazing!

45. It’s a great honour to be a constant recipient of your amazing love and support, aunty dearest. I love you very much. I wish you a spectacular celebration. Happy 80th birthday to you.

46. Happy birthday to you, my precious aunty. From the depth of my being, I wish you a wonderful 80th birthday celebration. Thank you for always being an exceptional aunty to me.

47. Happy birthday to you, my aunty like no other. Thank you for always having my back. Words are not enough to express my love and gratitude for your unflinching support. Cheers to a spectacular 80th birthday.

48. Many grow and are tired. You are older but stronger. Many grow and are retired, but you are older and refired. Happy 80th birthday, dear aunty. Continue to soar without tiring!

49. Happy 80th birthday to my incredibly loving aunty. Thank you for all you do to make my path in life easier and smoother. You are awesome! I wish you a beautiful life of absolute fulfilment.

50. Happy 80th birthday to an aunt with a heart of pure gold. Thank you for making my life shine brighter than a million stars. May your new age be full of laughter and pure joy.

51. Wishing my beautiful aunty a joyous birthday at 80. I wish loads of happiness, peace of mind, good health and more blessings.

52. It feels good to celebrate my dear aunt on this milestone occasion. Happy 80th birthday, aunty! May life be as good to you as you’re to others. I wish you good health and lots of happiness, every day of this new year and beyond.

53. Happy 80th birthday to my favourite aunty. For every good treat, you gave me growing up, I’m spoiling you big time on your birthdays, henceforth. Thank you for giving me awesome childhood memories.

54. If you want to get around the doctor’s orders every now and then, count me in. I’ll indulge all your harmless fancies. This is payback for all the treats you sneaked into my bag when I was young. Happy 80th birthday to my sweet auntie.

55. I wish you a tremendously joyous 80th birthday, dear aunty! I need no soothsayer to tell me; I know I am blessed to have you as my aunty. Thank you for always watching out for my interests! Cheers to more beautiful years ahead!

81st Birthday Wishes for Aunt

‘ Happy 81st birthday to my beautiful aunty! I wish you many wonderful returns with warm hugs, love and kisses!’

Browse here for lovely 81st birthday wishes for your dear aunt:

56. Happy 81st birthday to my still astonishingly beautiful aunty! I wish you loads upon loads of happiness, good health and immeasurable blessings.

57. Happy birthday, dearest aunty! 81st looks stunning on you! I wish you more beautiful years to come with loads of blessings.

58. Age has nothing on you, darling aunty! May I say you look younger, healthier and lovelier. Happy 81st birthday to you. Keep looking awesome!

59. I wish you a very, very lovely 81st birthday, aunty dearest. One that glitters with hope, brightens with joy, lively with love and bubbles with blessings. Enjoy your day!

60. Happy 81st birthday to my bold and daring aunty! May the stars continue to align for you. May the universe continue to favour you. May all your spillover dreams come to fruition in your lifetime. Congratulations, ma!

82nd Birthday Wishes for Aunt

‘ Happy 82nd birthday to a very special aunt. I wish you the best of everything. Have a lovely celebration!’

A simple day turns spectacular with these cutest birthday wishes for you, dear aunt, at 82:

61. Happy birthday to a regal matriarch at 82. I wish you a most fabulous celebration, dear aunty. May your days be kind to you. May your nights be restful and refreshing.

62. Happy birthday to an icon at 82! You represent hope, fairness and achievable dreams! May this new year give you profound joy with lots of blessings in sound health.

63. Happy 82nd birthday to you, dear aunty. I wish you immeasurable joy with countless blessings in good health. Keep on smiling, ma!

64. Happy birthday to my dear auntie! 82 and waxing strong, incredible! May your strength never fail. May your joy multiply a thousand folds.

65. Happy birthday to a classic beauty at 82! You are a delightful picture of elegance and poise! I wish you the grandest birthday ever!


83rd Birthday Wishes for Aunt

‘ Happy 83rd birthday to my dearest aunty. You are lovely shades of special and sweet hues of endearing. I wish you the best of all that you desire as you enjoy your day with your loved ones!’

A lovely aunt deserves an even lovelier 83rd birthday wishes:

66. If simplicity has a definition, that would be you, dear auntie. You are simply beautiful, loving, wise and wealthy. Happy 83rd birthday to you. I look forward to celebrating more lovely ones with you.

67. Happy birthday to my very exceptional aunty at 83. Many aunties grace the world, you outshine them all! Keep on shining; I’ll be here to celebrate many more beautiful years with you.

68. For someone whose job description as my favourite auntie is to spoil me silly, I must say you did an excellent job. It’s my turn to reciprocate in thousandfold. Happy 83rd birthday, beloved aunty. I love you.

69. Happy 83rd birthday to a woman who always treats me like royalty. Thank you for building my self-worth and making me feel important at my lowest ebb in life. You are the best, my darling aunty! I cherish you.

70. Hurrah! It’s my aunty’s 83rd birthday! I’m sending you lots of hugs, tons of gifts with loads of love! You deserve this and much more!

84th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

‘ Happy 84th birthday to a beautiful aunt with a large heart! Here’s wishing you perfect health, loads of money for cruising, and lots of joy.’

Check out inspiring 84th birthday wishes for your aunt:

71. When I need a soul-lifting hug, you are my surest bet. My comfort zone, gloom-dispeller and non-judgmental sounding board. I adore you, sweet aunty. You are my angel. Happy 84th birthday to you with all my love.

72. No nephew can ask for a better aunty: you are simply the best! You deserve several awards. Generous to a fault; always games to anything fun; ever supportive, and much more! Happy 84th birthday to you, aunt like no other.

73. Happy birthday to my amazing aunty who rocks 84 like it’s her 48th, gracefully and stylishly. Thank you for dressing me up like a princess when you came visiting while I was a child. I learnt to be this fashionable from a legend: You! Have a lovely new year!

74. If life is a ride, I’d gladly go on a merry-go-round ride with you. You are so unpredictable and always fun to be with. You are a fountain of wisdom; always on point in solid advice and pointers. I wish you a beautiful 84th birthday, dear auntie.

75. Happy 84th birthday, dear aunty. You are the grand matron of the novelty club. Unique, special and wonderful. Have a beautiful new year full of joy and testimonies.

85th Birthday Wishes for Aunt.

‘ I wish my beloved aunty the best birthday ever at 85! I’m sending this with a gigantic hug, massive love and an avalanche of kisses! Cheers to a year of pleasant surprises!’

These lovely birthday wishes are perfect to make your aunt’s 85th birthday special:

76. Happy birthday, dear auntie. Thank you for making my childhood special and memorable. I intend to make your 85th celebration an unforgettable tall glass of delicious experience, as well. Cheers to fun and more fun!

77. Happy 85th birthday, auntie! You are always fun to be with. I love your jokes, and I enjoy your repertoire of adventurous stories. You radiate positive vibes. May you always overflow with positivity this year and forever.

78. Happy 85th birthday to my aunty with a gentle soul. Thank you for the uncountable times you hugged my pains away and the numerous moments where you have enriched my life with tender love. I wish you joy, peace and lots of blessings.

79. Happy birthday to a beautiful soul at 85. Thank you for being my solid rock of strength, whenever I needed to clear my head. Your strength will not fail as you grow older and healthier, dear aunty. Cheers!

80. If every child would have an aunty like mine, then life would be a better place with fulfilled grown-up men and women, with a happy childhood. You are that inexplicably awesome! Happy 85th birthday to you!


86th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

‘ Happy birthday to my super-duper special aunt at 86! This wish comes with loads of hugs, heaps of love and tons of kisses! I wish you the best birthday ever, in perfect health, good humour and joy.’

These 86th birthday wishes are about to light a huge fire of celebration on your aunt’s special day:

81. You are an inspiration, my lovely aunty. Thank you for all you do to spur me on to a much better future. May life be kind to you in old age. Cheers!

82. You are a bundle of talents with boundless energy. No one can match your energy. You’re funny, with a wry sense of humour that will have everyone laughing in stitches. I wish you a wondrously joyous 86th birthday. Have loads of fun, ma. You deserve it!

83. When I need a fun time, I know I can always count on you. When life goes awry, I also know with absolute certainty that I can turn to my ‘cool aunty’ for help. A listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. Nothing has changed much since childhood, except a stronger bond. Happy birthday 86th birthday, darling aunty. Love you loads!

84. Happy 86th birthday to my selfless and noble aunty. I love the way your eyes dance with joy when you put a delightful smile on the people you help. May your good deeds always return to you many times over. Enjoy your day!

85. Happy 86th birthday to my exceptional aunty. It’s always such a thrill to be with you. I wish you a new year of glowing like a lump of burning coal and sparkling like a shining star.


87th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

‘ Rainbows are forever; awesome aunties are for a lifetime! Happy 87th birthday to my precious auntie! You’re more precious than the rarest treasure. I love you for countless reasons. Thank you for having a huge impact on my life. Have a most wonderful birthday ever!’

Nothing like a beautiful birthday wishes to light up your aunty’s day at 87:

86. You are such a beautiful soul that I do not wonder why you look so lovely even now. Happy 85th birthday to my aunty, buddy, comrade in rustling up mischiefs, and advisor. You are a gift I don’t take for granted. I wish you good health and all that your heart desires.

87. To my dearest aunty on your 87th birthday, I wish you a beautiful celebration filled with lovely memories. Ones that put a new spring in your steps, sparkle in your eyes and love in your heart. Cheers!

88. A most wonderful 87th birthday wishes to my loving aunty. Being with you is a free ticket to a comedy show. Remain fresh like a daisy and as happy as a lark.

89. I can never outgrow your loving brand, aunty dearest. I always have a blast with you. You’re the warmest, sweetest and kindest woman ever! I’m extremely grateful to have you as my aunt. Happy 87th birthday to you with tons of love from me.

90. There are many fantastic aunties in the world, but you stand out so exceptionally, none is comparable to you. Warm wishes to you from a heart that adores you on your special day. Happy 87th birthday to you!


88th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

‘ A loving smile with a sympathetic ear, that’s my adorable aunt! Happy 88th birthday, dear aunt. I wish you a super day of fun and beautiful moments!’

Be a bright spot on your lovely aunt’s special day with sweet 88th birthday wishes for aunt:

91. For all the beautiful roles you’ve played without tiring in our lives, you mean so much to my family, dear aunty. You are a gem, a real treasure none can downplay. I wish you the best birthday ever at 88! Loads of love from all of us your not so little darlings.

92. Happy birthday to my lively, ever cheerful aunt at 88! I wish you a lovely day that’s as bright as yours!

93. Happy 88th birthday to my all-time favourite auntie! I wish you a birthday as spectacularly beautiful as you are!

94. Happy 88th birthday, aunty dearest! Thank you for being an important part of my life. I wish you the happiest birthday ever!

95. Wow! 88 years old and growing stronger! Happy birthday to my incredible aunt! You always beat the odds! May the odds continue to favour you. Enjoy your day!

89th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

‘There’s no denying the fact that I’m my mother’s daughter in looks and my father’s offspring in character. Everything else is acquired from you: the ability to make the best of each moment. Happy 89th birthday to my smart aunt. I wish you a glorious day of celebration!’

Make your dear aunt’s 89th birthday memorable with cute birthday wishes:

96. Happy 89th birthday to the sunshine that comes with a rainbow! Great vibes, always, that’s my outstanding aunt! I wish you love and happiness, today and always!

97. No doubt about it, you are one of the most influential women in my life. Happy 89th birthday, aunty. I wish you blessed days ahead, filled with lovely moments.

98. Happy birthday to my irreplaceable aunt at 89! Thank you for always being every shade of amazing. Have a blast on your birthday; you deserve it!

99. Happy 89th birthday to my precious aunty. Thank you for arming me with valuable life’s lessons. I’ll forever cherish you and the memorable moments we’ve shared together. Have a blast today and forever!

100. A massive congratulations to my stunning aunty on her special day. It’s your 89th birthday, I wish you the happiest celebration ever! You are always in my prayers. I love you.

That’s grand, celebrating your aunt’s birthday with lovely, mushy and witty wishes and messages! It’s more valuable than a monetary or cash gift. Adding these extras would be wonderful as well. However, your thoughtful messages will bring wonderful memories. Help them to walk down memory lane to a time they cherished.

Sometimes, all they have is their memories. Helping them to relive beautiful moments, is a blessing and a perfect birthday gift! Making time to be with your aunt if you can, is several shades of perfect! The sacrifices she’s had to joyfully make for you can be truly appreciated thus. Reminiscing with her, laughing with her or just be with her in companionable silence.

You did well! I join you to celebrate your dear aunt. A wonderful happy birthday to her. Kindly share this collection with your friends, family and loved ones. Please, feel free to comment or ask questions. Suggestions are also welcomed.

Thank you.

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