4th Month Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

4th Month Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

It’s so important that we speak positively to babies as they grow. One of the ways we can do this is by celebrating every stage of their growth with kind words and prayers.

For instance, take a child who is about to clock four months on earth, a good dose of positive words presented as birthday wishes will send the child all the positive energy they need to thrive.

So, if you have a baby girl who is months old, here you have the perfect 4th month birthday wishes for baby girl. Whether you are her mother, father, aunt, uncle, cousin, brother, sister, godmother or godfather, these birthday prayers and wishes have been written for you to bless any four-month-old baby girl.

What are you waiting for?

Go through each of these birthday wishes and pick the one you deem fit.

Happy Fourth Month Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Baby Girl

You have turned my life around for the best, I pray you to remain a source of joy for everyone around you. Happy birthday to the cutest four-month-old baby in the world. I wish you healthy growth. I love you

Here are perfect happy fourth-month birthday wishes and quotes for baby girl:

1. It gladdens my heart to see you graciously clock four months here on earth with me and your family. Happy birthday, sweet niece.

2. Your growth every day melts my heart away. Seeing you give your first smile, make cute little sounds and reaching for my hands make me want to lay my life down for you. I wish you a happy fourth month birthday, little cousin.

3. I love the innocence in your bedazzling eyes and the way you communicate your thoughts through them. Your fourth month on earth shall be full of beautiful adventures and memories.

4. Happy fourth month, baby girl. As your dad, I can’t help but love you every single day of the past months. I assure you that my feelings for you will remain ever true and unconditional.

5. You have captured my heart right from the womb. Seeing you every day is like beholding my greatest reward from God. I pray that you continue to grow. Happy fourth month birthday.

6. Let me be the one to gently pat your back while you cry at night. Let me sing a melodious lullaby to you as you lay in your cradle bed. Let me pour some water on your body while you make some joyful noise. Happy fourth birthday, my baby boo.

7. I can watch you for my whole life. You are nothing but God’s masterpiece. With those soft and smooth legs of yours, I promise to take you around the world. Happy fourth birthday, daughter.

8. I can’t wait to see you make your first crawl and learn to walk and run eventually. May this fourth month of your arrival on earth be blissful. I love you, baby girl.

9. You are the cutest thing in the world. Your beauty is never seen before. I can’t wait to hear you say your first word; it keeps me on my toes. Happy fourth month birth anniversary to my regal daughter.

10. Your brown skin shines brighter even when the sun is down. When your eyes meet mine they make me melt from the inside of me. I’m more than blessed to be your mother and you, my daughter. Happy fourth month birthday, girl.

11. The bond we share while I feed you can never be traded for rare diamonds and golds. I hope we never stop loving each other unconditionally, dear daughter. I promise to make your birthday one of a kind.

12. It’s been four months since your majestic arrival. Everything has changed for the good. I bless you, my goddaughter for coming into our lives.

13. Though you kept mum and dad waiting for so long I can say with all certainty that the wait is worth it. Happy fourth month birth anniversary.

14. I hope you never stop being cute. Even as young as you are, your kindness shows at all time. Enjoy your new age, baby girl.

15. I love how you smell; you emit the energy of a warrior and the gentility of your mother. You are so lovable, dearest daughter. Have a great fourth month birthday.

16. It seems like yesterday but you keep on growing so fast. It’s my pleasure in life to always witness your milestone. Happy birthday to the youngest child of my parents.

17. I promise to be the elder brother that keeps you safe under his loving arms. Give me the pleasure of watching you grow before my eyes. I love you, baby sis. Happy fourth month birthday.

18. No matter the tears you shed, I’ll be there to wash them away. I love you so endlessly. Have a unique fourth month birth anniversary. I’ll always cherish every moment of your life.

19. I want to be the one to teach you everything you need to know. Give me your hands at all time to hold you from falling. Allow me to be an angel to you cause you are the only sibling I know. Happy fourth month, anniversary.

20. May the devil never succeed with your life. May the angels of God always shield you with their mighty sword. I love the short time you’ve spent with us and I beseech you that you never stop growing and living. Happy fourth month anniversary.

21. When I look into your eyes, I’m sure you are here to bless us. Thank you so much for coming into our lives with so many precious gifts. You are a rare gem. Happy fourth month birthday.

22. I want you to know that as your father, you don’t have to win a trophy before you make me proud, for I’ll always be delighted in you, my baby girl. Have a blast as you celebrate your fourth month birth anniversary.

23. Each time you cry out of discomfort my heart feels broken but I’m sure even in distress you can tell how much we love you. Happy fourth month birth anniversary, my goddaughter.

24. Forgive me for all the times I wasn’t able to relieve you of your pain. I wish I could bear all of your burdens but you show me every day how much of a warrior you are. I’m wishing you a fourth month birth anniversary cute girl.

25. You always make me cry whenever you rest on my chest to have a nap. I promise to always give you a shoulder to lean on. Happy birthday, my baby girl for life.

4 Months Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

You make me want to have another child whenever I look upon you. Keep beaming with a smile. May the heavens bless your existence and protect you from evil. I wish you a happy birthday cute little one.

Use these 4 months birthday wishes for baby girl:

26. No matter how much you grow, you’ll always be my little angel though with bigger wings as time goes by. Love you. Enjoy your fourth month birthday.

27. Each sound you make is like music to my ears. Never in a million years will I see you as a burden. You are a blessing that can never be quantified. Happy birthday, baby girl.

28. I look forward to you taking your first step and calling your father and me, dad and mum. As you grow, may the angels that protect you grow with you. Happy fourth month birthday.

29. I have so many wishes for you, today, but the greatest of them all is that you live long in good health and peace of mind. Happy birth anniversary.

30. Take my kiss as my sincerest way of wishing you a very blissful fourth month birth anniversary. Sending all my love to you, my lovely niece.

31. I look forward to the moment we will speak to each other and laugh cheerfully like we never have to worry about a thing. Happy birth anniversary to my sweet sister.

32. I promise to never turn my back against you. I’ll be your saviour when you need one. I’ll be your teacher when you thirst for wisdom and your confidant when you long for a listening ear. Happy fourth month anniversary, baby boo.

33. For the rest of your life, best believe you have a friend and brother in me. I love you, my dear cousin. Happy fourth birth anniversary.

34. I’ll gladly take on your battle and lay down my life for yours. I hope these words of mine mean everything to you. Happy birthday, beautiful.

35. You never have to worry about a thing in this world cause you’ve got me as your mother on this crazy little planet. Happy birth anniversary.

36. It hurts that I’m so far away from you as you clock your fourth month on earth but I promise to hold you tight during your fifth month birthday.

37. You changed my life for the best when I witnessed your arrival. You are the best thing to ever happen to me. I promise to always show you my gratitude as long as I live. Happy birthday, baby girl.

38. No matter how hard life gets, I promise to be strong for you. I do love you from now till eternity. Keep growing.

39. Forgive me for the cold nights I’ve been away and the times I couldn’t stop you from crying. You are a blessing that I never deserved but I promise to treat you like the princess that you are to me. Happy birthday, my daughter.

40. Thank you for making me a father; you changed my life for good. I hope I can always make it up to you, my daughter. Have a splendid birthday.

41. I remember the first time I carried you with my bare hands, I just couldn’t believe this miracle in my hands. You are a precious child. Happy birthday, my love.

42. I’ll always be here for you as your mother and father. I will never let you feel the absence of your mum. She’ll always be a part of us as long as you live. Happy birthday, my baby girl.

43. Never doubt how much you mean to me. You are daddy’s little girl and he’ll do anything to prove his fatherly love to you. Happy fourth month birthday.

44. All I want to do is plant warm kisses all over you. Throw you up into the sky and watch as you fall back into my safe hands. Happy birthday to the cutest gem on earth.

45. No matter who comes against you, I’ll be here to take your battle upon myself. Happy birthday, girl. You’ll always be a champion.

46. I’m so blessed to have a kind little sister. I look forward to growing together with you. Best believe, that my love for you is undying. Happy birth anniversary.

47. I do not doubt that you’ll make the best sister in the world. It’s your fourth month on earth, today. I sincerely look forward to your first birth anniversary.

48. Many miles may be between us but our hearts will always bring us closer. Happy birthday to my cutest cousin. You make our family so complete.

49. You brought a new day when you came out with a broad smile. Thank you for always being a ray of sunshine when the day is dark. It’s your birthday today and I’m sending my deepest love to you.

50. Today is your fourth birth anniversary and I can’t help but wonder how beautiful and elegant you’ll look when you clock 40. Have a great birthday, girl.

Birthday Wishes and Prayers for 4 Months Old Baby Girl

May you be fulfilled as you grow. Sadness and anxiety shall be far from you. Your heart will be a hub of positive thoughts and energy. Happy birthday, my girl.

Pray these birthday wishes and prayers for 4 months old baby girl:

51. May you grow old in good health and happiness. The older you get, the more love and strength you shall feel surrounding you. Happy fourth month birthday, darling.

52. Once an embryo, now a beautiful four-month-old baby girl. Your cute innocent smile brings out the best in me. Happy birthday to my youngest baby.

53. The love I feel for you can never be challenged. I promise to always take on your burden and stand in the gap for you in times of trouble. Love you from here to the moon back, my darling child. Wishing you many happy returns.

54. I love to have you around me at all time. I get so fulfilled when you cuddle me like you were holding unto an angel. I dread the day you’ll grow up to start life on your own; hence I want you to promise you’ll always be my baby girl. From the depth of my heart, I wish you a beautiful fourth month birthday.

55. There’s so much joy in birthing you. I pray you to live long to fulfil your purpose in life. I look forward to seeing you do exploit. Happy birthday, cute little bundle of joy.

56. I pray that you always find favour wherever you may go. May you receive direction at every point of your life. I love you as my baby and will always do. Happy birthday, girl.

57. Bonding with you in my tummy is the greatest harmony I’ve ever felt. I can never stop loving you for giving me the privilege of being a mother. On your fourth month birthday, I wish you so much joy that never runs dry.

58. Happy birthday to my youngest cousin. I love you for making our family grow bigger. Your arrival has brought us closer. I pray that you’ll always be a force to reckon with in anything you do.

59. Happy birthday to my cute goddaughter. You’ll always go higher no matter how challenging life may be. May you enjoy good health for the rest of your life.

60. May wisdom and understanding be granted unto you for as long as you live. You shall be a phenomenal child that goes about doing good. Happy fourth month birth anniversary.

61. When you came, we felt happier, loved and whole. May you never lack love, happiness and fulfilment in your life. Thank you for making our family complete. Happy birthday, sis.

62. I can look at you for my whole life. I can trade my life for yours. You have made me a selfless mother. I promise to always give my best to you. Happy birthday to my one and only baby girl.

63. I remember waiting endlessly for your arrival. You took me by surprise when you finally came. The untold joy you brought upon us is one of a kind. May happiness be present in your life forever. Happy birthday, child. Your daddy loves you.

64. When I saw your face, I knew at an instance that with you I can fight any war. You have made me more determined to provide for and protect my family. I promise never to fail you as a father. Happy fourth month birthday, my cute tiny angel.

65. May the heavens bless you for as long as you live. You shall never know sorrow for the rest of your life. Happy birthday, my dear baby.

66. You make me want to live a better life. You are my everyday muse. I wish you a gratifying fourth month birthday.

67. I can’t wait to teach you all that you need to know. I’ll always be the best elder brother to you. Happy birthday to my four-month-old sister.

68. Together, we shall travel the world exploring the most picturesque destinations. I pray that you grow old in good health and sound mind. Happy fourth month birthday, my queen.

69. I only pray for the best for you; everything good shall flow endlessly to you. Many happy returns, kid sis.

70. If you ever have a need in this world, never hesitate to let me know cause I’m your angel. Happy birthday to my cousin sister.

71. My prayer for you is that you live long to fulfil your purpose. May your life never be cut short. Happy birthday to my sweetest sister.

72. Thank you for bonding with me within a couple of months. I’m super glad to have you as my dearest sister. Have a fulfilling birthday.

73. Never be scared of reaching out to me. I promise to always be there for you even when you don’t call on me. Happy birthday, little sis.

74. I love how you make me watch over you at night. I pray that when you grow old and live far away may the good angels guide you more than I can ever do. Happy fourth month birthday.

75. Whatever prayer you make, may the heavens open and grant you your heart desire. Happy birthday to my dearest goddaughter.

Happy 4th Month Birthday Wishes for Daughter

You are a child that’ll always make us proud even without making an effort. I will always shower you with unending love. Never will I deprive you of gratitude. Happy birthday, my child.

Your baby will love these happy 4th-month birthday wishes for daughter:

76. As you journey through life, you shall never take the wrong step. Fear and anxiety shall never get a hold of you; you shall face life with courage and faith. Happy birthday, my dear daughter.

77. I pray that you will never get tired of living this life. You shall be full of joy and find contentment in anything you do. My wish is that you live a fulfilling life. Happy birthday, girl.

78. I’m sending all my kisses to you even though I can’t hold you in my hands right now but I’m sure my love is surrounding you at all times. Happy fourth month birth anniversary.

79. You are a lovable child. I promise to love you through thick and thin. Many more birthdays will you celebrate. Keep glowing, my little one.

80. I’m sincerely happy to have you as my last child. Thank you for coming into my life with the best things I ever needed. You are my answered prayer. Happy birthday, my love.

81. I can never describe how much joy I feel fathering an angel like you. I’ll always be indebted to you for making me your father. Do have a wonderful fourth month birth anniversary.

82. Favour and goodness shall pursue you wherever you go. I’ll always pray for you till my dying day. I love you, my beautiful child.

83. You shall never lag in life; you shall be a pacesetter. Your glory shall bedazzle the world. Happy birthday to my dearest child.

84. I’ll never get tired of taking care of you. I pray that you’ll never be a source of worry for your loved ones. The peace of God shall reside in your heart till the end. Happy birthday, girl.

85. I’m so happy it’s finally your fourth month birthday. Within the shortest time of your arrival, we’ve known nothing but joy. May you never bring sorrow anywhere you go. Happy birthday, my darling child.

86. Even if you go to the end of the earth, I’ll be with you. I’ll be your angel who keeps you from falling. Happy birthday to my first fruit.

87. I’ll always be an available father to you. Never will I make you shed sad tears. You’ll always find me worthy to call your father. Happy birthday, my child.

88. You shall be a daughter that makes her parents proud. You shall be a source of joy and find happiness in yourself, too. Happy birthday, my child.

89. I promise to be a good role model to you. I’ll never watch you fall. I’ll provide you with my guidance at all time. Happy birthday, little angel.

90. Be rest assured that dad and mum will always love you regardless of what you do or don’t. Happy birthday to you my bundle of joy.

91. You shall never make irreparable mistakes. The wisdom you need to make it in life shall follow you. Happy birthday to my flesh and blood.

92. May you figure out your purpose earlier on in life. I pray you never miss the road to your fulfilment. Happy birthday to my four-month-old daughter. Papa loves you.

93. You represent my princess and like royalty will I continue to treat you. Happy birthday, baby girl.

94. Anything you want in life will never be denied you. May you get the very best from life. Happy birthday, my love.

95. I pray you to grow in wisdom and knowledge. May you go to places higher than we ever did as your parents. Happy fourth month, birthday.

96. You are my first child. I’ll always give you that honour you deserve. May life continue to treat you with utmost reverence and dignity. Happy birthday, my child.

97. Wherever you go, the presence of God shall abide with you, my child. I love you and there’ll never be a tiny space in my heart for any other feeling besides that. Happy birthday, my girl.

98. I so badly wanted to be a mother. I longed for it more than my breath. Thank you for not making me wait in vain. Happy fourth month birth anniversary.

99. Thank you for making me a father even when I never expected it. You are indeed a blessing that came at sunset. You’ll forever be the symbol of my new dawn. Happy birthday, my daughter.

100. I pray that you’ll live a fulfilling life from the start till eternity. Happy fourth month anniversary, my baby girl.

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