Happy Birthday Status for Aunt

Happy Birthday Status for Aunt

You will agree with me that some aunts are just like mothers. They do almost everything a mother does and sometimes more; well, of course, asides from breastfeeding you when you were a baby.

Some aunts do take care of their nephews and nieces like their own, even when their parents are very much involved in their affairs, financially. Some are also best at giving advice, and they are the first you go to, once you need help or clarity on anything.

In short, some aunts are heaven’s sent, with the way they take care of their nieces and nephews. Just in case you are lucky to have an aunt like this, then you’re on the right page.

The happy birthday status for aunt below is best to celebrate an aunt who inspires, motivates, takes care of you, and is involved in your life. With the wishes below, she will be so glad and will see the need to do even more for you.

Please, make her day colourful by sending one or more of them to her.

Happy Birthday Aunty Status

Putting you up on my status is the least I can do to celebrate you on this special day. I’m so happy to be among the people who have been blessed through you. Happy birthday, aunty.

1. It’s the world’s best aunty’s birthday today, and I can’t keep calm. Dear aunty, in case you’re reading this, I want to thank you for being not just an aunt, but a second mother to me. I send you all my love and beautiful wishes on this day. Happy birthday to you.

2. Today is a special day for me because it’s my favourite aunty’s birthday. This woman has been there for me from the onset, and she still hasn’t stopped being there. Just so you know, my aunt is the best. Happy birthday to my beautiful aunty.

3. Dear aunt, you are the most wonderful aunty ever, and your birthday is the perfect time to make this known. I want to appreciate you for always being there for me. I will never be ungrateful. Happy birthday dearest aunty.

4. The whole of today is for my special aunty. She deserves nothing but the best of everything on this birthday because she means everything to me. I hope this day grants all her heart’s desires. Happy birthday to her.

5. Looking back and seeing how far I have come, I can’t but acknowledge the presence of my aunty in my life. She did a lot to make sure I am where I am today. I hope and pray that she continues to be a source of joy to me and everyone. Happy birthday to my aunty.

6. My aunty taught me everything I know today, including how to love. She’s just a free-spirited and lovely person, who makes sure all she gives out is love and charity. I hope God blesses her more to do more for humanity. Happy birthday to her.

7. It’s a very special day in my life. I’m so happy right now because it’s not just my aunty’s birthday, but the day I cherish most because of my aunt. My aunty is someone who should be in everyone’s life because she’s the best. I wish her long life and prosperity.

8. Dear aunty, I see all you do for people. I see how you love people regardless of how bad they’ve treated you. You are just a rare breed that the world doesn’t deserve. I’m grateful to call you my aunty. Happy birthday to you. Have fun.

9. My aunty is just like a mother to me. She does almost everything for me and makes sure that I am happy at all times. There’s nothing I’d do without her. Please, help me wish my beautiful aunty a happy birthday.

10. Happy birthday to my aunty who has never stopped giving me advice like a mother. She knows everything about me and makes sure she uses none of my bad habit against me. She’s such an angel, and I wonder what I have done right to deserve her. Happy birthday to her.

11. Happy birthday to my one and only aunty who keeps guiding me through life. I hope your day is as wonderful as you are. Thank you for everything you do. I just wanted you to know that I love you so much. Happy birthday.

12. Every day, I thank. God for someone like my aunty in my life. Without such a person, my life will never have been this beautiful. I can’t wait to start making it big so I can take care of her. Happy birthday to the world’s best aunt.

13. God must be blessing my aunty this much because of me. She makes sure I have all I need at my disposal. She has never stopped being there for me. In fact, she shows up before my parents. I’m grateful for this gift of God to me. Happy birthday to my aunty.

14. I know it’s not enough to send you birthday wishes, but I trust you to receive them with love. You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and all I want to do right now is make you proud. Happy birthday, aunty.

15. Friends, it’s my aunty’s birthday. I’m sure most of you know her and can testify of her gentleness and meekness. I know most of you wish you had an aunt like mine, but let’s just say I’m more blessed. Please, help me wish her a happy birthday.

16. With love from my heart, I want to wish the most beautiful and amazing woman in the world, a happy birthday. She has never stopped being in my corner, guiding and making sure I make the right decisions. I love her so much.

17. Every day, I thank God for a great aunty like you. You are an angel who deserves to dwell amongst heavenly angels. I guess God wanted to bless the world, so He sent you. Thank you for being more than a blessing. Happy birthday to you.

18. If you know me well, then you should know how much I love and talk about my aunty. My aunty has always been my backbone. She has never left my side because according to her, I need support. I want you guys to help me wish my support system a happy birthday.

19. Happy birthday to my aunty who is heavenly in her doings. She has no bad feelings towards anyone. She’s the giving and loving type. I just wish I could be like her someday. Kindly help me in wishing her a happy birthday.

20. I’m sure you know who this is; yes, this is my aunty. The one who makes sure I am always at my best. The one who doesn’t condemn but corrects me. The one who will make sure I have the best of everything. If you love me, please help me wish her a happy birthday.

21. Here’s wishing you the best of luck today and every day. You’re always in my heart, and I can’t stop thinking about how lucky I am to have you in my life. Thank you for all you do. I wish you a year full of God’s speed in all you do. Happy birthday to you.

22. Please pause for a moment. I’d like you to help me wish this angel a happy birthday. She’s been there for me from the very first day. All you see now is as a result of her hard work. Kindly help me wish her well, friends. Thank you.

23. I can’t stop thinking about how lucky I am to have an aunt like you. I want to thank you for everything you have been doing from day one. You have done a lot, and words fail me. I wish you a happy birthday full of God’s love.

24. If you have known me for long, then you will know this person. She’s my aunt who has taken it upon herself to see that I prosper in all I do. Even when it’s not convenient for her, she makes sure to show up. Please, help me bless her with birthday wishes.

25. Dear aunty, you have done more than a lot for me, and the world can testify to this. Your kindness is above me. I really wish I can make you happier than you’ve done to me. I wish you all your heart’s desires. Happy birthday to you.

Best Birthday Status for Aunty

It’s the best aunty’s birthday, and I’m putting up the best wishes for her on my status. She’s been so good to me, and celebrating her today gives me so much joy. Happy birthday to my aunty.

26. It’s my aunty’s birthday, and I wish to tell you some things about her. While she might not be perfect, she is close to perfection. She’s an angel and sometimes I feel I don’t deserve her. Please, help me show her love by wishing her a happy birthday.

27. Dear aunty, you sure are no ordinary person. You are even more than a gift to humanity. I wish I could do more than just putting you on my status, someday. Thank you for being so selfless and amazing. Happy birthday to you, ma.

28. My aunty is one of the strongest women in the world, and she has succeeded in extending this to me. She’s more like a perfect human being, and my success story will not be complete without her. Please, help me wish her well on her birthday.

29. This world does not worth you, aunty. You are much more than all the world can offer, but I can’t but thank God for blessing the world with you and your gift. I’m super excited about your birthday, and so I wish you all the best.

30. I know your aunties may have done a lot for you, but my own aunty has done more than all you can ever think of for me. She’s my helper and the one I can’t do without. She’s one of the people behind my successful businesses. Please, help show her some love on her birthday.

31. I got to know the meaning of love from my aunty because that’s all she lives for. She extends love to everyone, no matter your tribe, colour or gender. She’s just an all-around sweet and wonderful person. It’s her birthday, so please help me wish her well.

32. This woman here is like a second mom to me, because she gladly does all my mom does. She’s pure at heart and knows exactly how to tackle any situation. I love her so much because she brings joy to my world. Please, help me wish her well on her birthday.

34. It’s my aunty’s birthday and no amount of epistles can do justice to how amazing she’s been over the years. She’s the sweetest person you can ever ask for, and I can’t share her with anyone. Friends and family, please help me show her love. Happy birthday!

35. With love and utmost gratitude to God, I want to wish my dearest and favourite aunty a happy birthday. She’s been a source of joy and positivity to my life, and a lot of things won’t be possible without her. Y’all should help me wish her well.

36. I never knew I’d be this lucky in life. I mean, one never gets to choose their family. I’m so lucky to have such an amazing person as my aunty. She is more like a mother to me, and I treat her just like a mom. Kindly help me wish her a happy birthday.

37. Here’s my aunty. Sometimes, people think she’s my mother, because of how passionate she is about my welfare. She’s an angel and a beautiful human. I love her too much, and I can’t wait to make her proud. Please, take a minute of your time to wish her well.

38. I haven’t stopped wishing you well, aunt. Unlike other aunties, you have never left me alone. You are always loving and caring about me, even when I prove not to be worthy. I’m super grateful for all you do, ma. I wish you lots of love for your birthday. Have a blast.

39. If I begin to tell you how wonderful my aunty is, and how much she’s contributed to my growth, you will never want to believe me. She’s a selfless human who thinks of other people even before she could think of herself. Now you know why I love her. Guys, please wish her well.

40. Trust me, if everyone has my kind of aunty in their lives, then the world will be a safe place to be. She’s one in a million. She’s not one of those aunts who scare their nieces and nephews away. Please, don’t scroll past this post without dropping a birthday wish for her.

41. If you’ve ever been to my house, then you’ll be able to testify to how hospitable my aunty is. Ooh, she can take care of everyone, even if you’re not her visitor. She just has a way of making people feel loved and comfortable whenever she’s around. Dear friends, please wish her well.

42. Aunties like my aunty are very few in this world, and if you’re lucky to have one, please hold her tight. Having her in my life is my greatest blessing and achievement. I will continue to wish her well; you should do so too. Happy birthday.

43. My aunty has a heart of gold. She takes care of my siblings and me, whenever my parents are not around. She takes care of us like we are her children. She’s the best anyone can ask for. On her birthday, I want you to help me wish her the best.

44. My aunty brings nothing but joy, love, happiness, good vibes and all beautiful things into people’s lives. She has a way of making sure that she treats you right, and if she doesn’t, she feels bad. I’m lucky to have her. Please, help me show her love on her birthday.

45. The joy I get from having a wonderful aunty like this is unexplainable; beyond my comprehension. She’s all I have ever wanted in my entire life. Always supporting and looking out for me. Y’all help in wishing her a happy birthday.

46. I am lucky to have an aunt who has coloured my life most beautifully. I mean, I have almost everything I want, because of someone like her. Her love is what I will never take for granted. Kindly wish her well on her birthday.

47. I have the best aunty in the world, and I’m sure most of you know that. Some of you can testify of her kindness and love towards you when you came around. She’s altogether lovely and wonderful. She needs your good wishes on her birthday, please.

48. This is my aunty, and I cherish her a lot. She’s been through it all for me, but she still hasn’t stopped with the support. I feel God made her specially for me. Your good wishes and prayers will go a long way. Happy birthday to my aunty.

49. I am a happy person because of my aunty. Whenever she’s not happy, I am sad too. I’m grateful that her happy times are way more than the sad ones. She’s the reason I want to succeed in life. Happy birthday to her.

50. My aunty is such a wonderful and blessed human. I know the whole family is happy to have her, but I am the happiest person. I’m so happy to have her in my life. I hope all of her dreams come true. Happy birthday to her.

Happy Birthday Whatsapp Status for Aunty

I hope you don’t get shocked when you see yourself on my WhatsApp status. Your birthday is the perfect time to tell how good you’ve been to me. Thank you for everything. Happy birthday, aunty.

The best places to take your aunt on her birthday.

51. It’s my aunty’s birthday, and I want y’all on WhatsApp to please wish her a happy birthday on my behalf. She has been so good to me, ever since the death of my parents. She has not stopped being there, ever since. Happy birthday to my aunty.

52. The world’s greatest aunty’s birthday is today, and I can’t keep calm. She has been so good to me, my siblings and my friends. She calls to advise us on a lot of things we don’t know about. Particularly, I am grateful to have her in my life. Please, wish her a happy birthday.

53. Because I have one of the most amazing women, I am beyond happy and blessed. My life has taken a good turn, ever since she decided to be involved in my affairs. She’s the best person you’d ever want to have. Kindly pray for her on her birthday.

54. My aunty’s birthday is the best time to let y’all know the kind of person she is. She’s so beautiful, both inwardly and outwardly. She’s a goal-getter who believes in herself and encourages others to follow suit. She’s the best gift from God to me. Happy birthday to her.

55. It’s my loving aunty’s birthday today, and I feel so over the moon. She’s the absolute love of my life because no one loves and supports me as she does; not even my parents. She makes it so easy to love her. My WhatsApp friends, please wish her well for me.

56. I have so much to be grateful for, because of my beautiful aunt. I would never have pictured the life I live now in years to come, if not for her support. Please, help me thank her for all she’s done for me, and also wish her a happy birthday.

57. Taking the golden opportunity of this special day to make people realize that I have the best aunty. There’s so much more to me than you know. My aunty is my backbone and I will do anything for her. Please, guys, help me show her love. Happy birthday to my aunty.

58. Today, I have chosen to publicly thank my aunty for all she’s done for me. My responsibility can be draining, but she doesn’t worry about it. She just goes ahead to make sure I have all I ask of her. Her kind is so rare. Please, wish her well.

59. It’s a good day to show how much I love and cherish my aunty. She’s the best in the whole world because she’s the only one of her kind. I don’t know how she managed to do it, but she takes good care of me. Y’all on WhatsApp should please wish her well for me. Happy birthday to my aunty.

60. So many people have walked up to my aunty to either be their mentor, adopt them as sisters, or be their aunty. This explains how much of a sweetheart my aunt is. She’s so loved by everyone. You’ve got no choice but to love her. It’s her birthday, guys. Please wish her well.

61. My aunt is like a mother to me. I have absolutely no worries, even when my mom is not around. She’s more involved in my affairs than my mom, and I’m happy about it because she’s the best. If you love me, please wish my aunt well on her birthday.

62. My aunty is the strongest woman I know. All by herself, with no help from anyone, she has managed to be successful in all her businesses. She’s a force to be reckoned with. She’s someone that knows her onions and is the best role model you can have. Please send your wish(es) to her. Happy birthday, aunty.

63. While others complain bitterly about how their aunties treat them, I am always in for the conversation that will make my aunty succeed in all she does. She’s the absolute best, and I seize every opportunity to talk about her. Fam, please wish her well. Happy birthday to my aunty.

64. If you don’t know my aunty, that means you don’t know me. I can’t possibly hold a conversation without mentioning her. I can’t tell my story without her popping up. She’s a great aunty, and she deserves to be celebrated. Kindly help me celebrate her.

65. My aunty has the kindest and most compassionate soul ever. She understands me and knows everything I go through, even when I don’t tell her. I’d advise you to get an aunty like mine, so you can have a backbone. Please, wish her well on my behalf.

66. If anyone asks who my favourite aunty is, I’d gladly say it’s you. Unlike other aunties, you’ve chosen to be there for your niece in the best way possible. You scold me, but it’s all love, at the end of the day. You are a blessing to me. Happy birthday, aunty.

67. My dearest aunty is the best you’d ever come across. She plays this aunt role so well. She shops for me and gives me money. Above all, she’s interested in seeing my progress. Ain’t I lucky? Please, guys, wish her a happy birthday.

68. I know some aunties that are crazy; at least, I have one. But you see this aunty on my status, she’s everything and more. She’s not one of those harsh and wicked aunties. She prays for you and loves you, no matter what. Now tell me if she’s not worth celebrating. Please, celebrate her for me.

69. My big aunty has filled my life with so much joy than I ever thought. She keeps getting better at loving and caring for me. Not even in my wildest dreams would I have thought I’d have an aunty like this. May God bless her with good health and a sound mind. Happy birthday to her.

70. I bet no one has an aunty as wonderful as mine. She’s so beautiful and real. I feel so lucky to have her. It’s her birthday, and I can’t but let y’all know who’s been taking care of me. Please, help me take a minute of your time to wish her well on her birthday. Thank you.

71. My aunty is always there! When I cry, I see her. When I’m laughing, she’s here with me. When I crack meaningless jokes, she laughs with me. When I’m in for some business stuff, she supports me. What more can I ask for? Happy birthday to my aunty.

72. This is the sweetest aunty around. She’s loving and caring. She’s a great person. Her love for family is so true and pure. I wish I could give her the world. I hope God blesses her more. Happy birthday to her.

73. My aunty is more than just an aunt; she brings sunshine into my life. She makes me happy, and above all, she teaches about God. Y’all please help me thank her for being a help in times of trouble. Happy birthday to her.

74. If you ask me what my aunty knows how to do best, I’d gladly say it’s giving. She loves to give, and this has made her have more. I love her to bits, and I’m taking after her already. Kindly help me thank her for being a blessing. Happy birthday to her.

75. This is the first time my aunty will be appearing on my WhatsApp status, and I’m glad it’s for a good cause. I don’t talk about her, because no one will believe how amazing she is. I’m glad to tell you I have the best aunty. The least can do is wish her well.

Happy Birthday Facebook Status for Aunty

Dear aunty, you are someone of high status in society, and it’s my joy to be celebrating you in a public space like Facebook. I want to wish you all the happiness in the world, on your birthday. Happy birthday.

76. Happy birthday to my dear aunty who also doubles as my mom. Ever since my mom left this sinful world, she has been providing for me nonstop. It’s with great delight I welcome you into your year of breakthroughs. Love you.

77. Climbing the ladder of success with ease wouldn’t have been possible without my lovely aunty. I count her twice, whenever I count my blessings. She’s the real deal, and I wish I make her proud someday. Facebook friends, please wish her well for me.

78. Can I have a minute of your time, please? It’s my aunty’s birthday and I have chosen to drop this beautiful post for her on Facebook. Y’all have no idea how wonderful this woman is. Please, celebrate her for me.

79. A lot of people can’t boast about the kind of aunties they have. I’m glad I’m one of the very few who have the best aunts around. I love my aunt so very much, and all she does is love and provide for my needs. Please, celebrate this rare gem.

80. My aunty will not like the idea of posting her on Facebook, but what else can I do to celebrate her loving aunt. She’s the best amongst all aunts, and she deserves to be celebrated publicly. Kindly drop your wishes for her. Thank you.

81. My aunty is always right on time. It’s the time you need help, she shows up. I don’t know how she does it, but she’s a sweetheart all-rounder. She inspires me a lot. Kindly say a word of prayer and good wishes for her.

82. A lot of people find it difficult to point out just one person who inspires them in their families. Here I am, celebrating my aunt on her birthday, for inspiring me to do and be more. Please, thank her for me.

83. No one inspires and comforts me as my aunty does. I have such an amazing aunt whom I can count on, and tell everything about me. She’s the sweetest anyone would ever wish for. Happy birthday to her.

84. Here’s my aunt, and I’d tell you a little about her. In all her years on earth, all she does is make people happy and feel confident in themselves. She doesn’t tear people down, rather she lifts them up. Y’all need someone like my aunt in your lives. Happy birthday, dear aunty.

85. Through it all, the only person who stood by me asides from my parents, is my aunty. I have been through a lot lately, and my aunt was never absent for a second. Isn’t she the sweetest? Thank you for being there always, aunty. Happy birthday.

86. My aunty is exactly like my mom; they have too many things in common. I feel so blessed to know and have her in my life. Here’s wishing her many more years on earth. Happy birthday to the best aunty in the world.

87. You will have no worries at all, with an aunty like mine. An aunty who constantly reminds you of your strength and how courageous you can be. She’s the best support system too. She’s all everyone needs in their lives. Happy birthday to my aunty.

88. With an aunty like mine, everything won’t stop going as planned. She will support you and make sure that you succeed. I’m sure her kind isn’t more than two in the whole world. I’m glad she’s mine. Happy birthday to her.

89. This year, I have decided to publicly celebrate my aunty because she deserves even more. Her love for me is so real that I sometimes find it hard to believe. She has too much love in her heart, and I’m glad to be a partaker of such beautiful love. Happy birthday to her.

90. World stop! It’s my aunty’s birthday. My favourite aunt in whom I am well pleased. The one I love with everything fibre of my being. Here’s publicly announcing that I have the best aunt in the world. Please, celebrate her for me.

91. I will never forget all my aunty had to do, to get me where I am today. She got her hands dirty to ensure I have a better life. Because of her, I want to make sure I work hard so I can be successful. Happy birthday to the best aunty ever.

92. No one can say anything bad about my aunty. She’s not the wicked type. She’s so full of love and positivity, no wonder God keeps blessing her. Please, gather here to help me celebrate this angel in human form. She’s been of great help to me. Happy birthday.

93. If y’all know me well enough, you will know I love and respect my family members. There’s actually one of them who has succeeded in winning my heart over; that’s my aunty. She means so much to me, and I want to y’all to help me wish her well. Happy birthday to her.

94. From the bottom of my heart, I’m publicly wishing my favourite aunty a happy birthday. I’m seizing this opportunity to thank her for all she’s done for me, for never getting tired of attending to my needs. Please wish her a happy birthday, wish her well, and tell her I love her.

95. Happy birthday to my amazing aunty. She’s such a special part of my life and is also a wonderful friend and companion to me. I hope she has the best birthday yet. Kindly help me go to her page, and wish her well for me. Thank you so much.

96. There’s nothing too much to celebrate a great aunty like this. She has the love of her family at heart and also helps the needy. She’s so sweet, and a family that doesn’t have someone like her in their midst is not lucky enough. Happy birthday to her.

97. Today is my aunty’s birthday, and I’m glad she will be surrounded by the beautiful family and friends the Lord has blessed her with. We all have a huge surprise for her, and I can’t wait for her reaction when she gets to know. Happy birthday to her.

98. My aunty is loved by everyone. I have never seen nor heard of someone who’s in the good books of everyone. She’s always doing the right things, I guess that’s one of the reasons. I sincerely aim to be like her someday. Happy birthday to her.

99. It’s my aunty’s birthday, and here she is, unable to stop the tears rolling down her eyes. She never knew she was this loved, despite loving everyone all her life. Guys, I want this to inspire you to keep doing good. Please, wish her a happy birthday.

100. My aunty deserves all the joy in the world because all she’s ever done is spread love and happiness to everyone that comes in contact with her. She is “love” herself. She deserves your good wishes on her birthday, so please help me wish her well. Thank you.

I hope you enjoyed scrolling through the happy birthday status for aunt up there. I’m also sure you can’t wait to send one of them to that loving aunt of yours.

Kindly, don’t forget to stay glued for more contents and keep your comments rolling. Thank you.

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