Happy 70th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Happy 70th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

It may not be fact but I can tell you from a little experience that the older people in our lives are needier for love and care; they want you to call, text and check up on them more often than usual. At this stage, they just need to feel like they have a sense of belonging in your life. Your aunt at 70 and above falls in the category of this charming age group.

You may not always have the time to reach out to your aunt through calls but you should not miss celebrating or sending a happy birthday wish for her special day. Not only will she appreciate it, but it will also be a great way to let her know that she is in your thoughts always.

For your aunt’s 70th birthday, I have written these beautiful wishes that capture a sense of gratitude, love and best wishes. These happy 70th birthday wishes for aunt will go a long way in making your aunt’s birthday as special as she needs it to be.

I have also taken the liberty to include birthday messages for your aunt from her 71st to 79th year; you’re welcome.

The best of birthday wishes to your aunt are below!

Happy 70th Birthday Messages for My Aunty

There are no right words to express my joy today; for the gift of a new age in your life and for the person that you are. Dear aunty, it is my sincere prayer that your 70th year on earth will be like a bundle of joy wrapped in all the blessings. Happy birthday to you, ma.

1. I feel incredibly blessed to have you in my life as an aunt.
Cheers to your 70th year on earth, may it be filled with every of life’s good blessings.

2. Happy birthday, dear aunt. Praying for God’s blessings and love on your beautiful life as you celebrate your 70th birthday.

3. My darling aunt, with love and blessings, I wish you a wonderful 70th birthday. You are blessed already.

4. Wishing the most amazing 70 year old I know a happy birthday.
Aunty (insert her name), have a fantastic day.

5. It’s your joyful day dear aunt. It’s been 70 years of awesomeness. Have yet another fantastic year.

6. Celebrating the woman of substance that you are.
I hope that your 70th year will be nothing short of beautiful.
Happy birthday, dear aunt.

7. Happy birthday, sweet aunt.
It has been 69 years of God’s grace guiding you through and year 70 will be even more amazing.

8. In celebration of your 70th year, I appreciate how special of an aunt you are to me and I pray to God to continue to bless you endlessly.

9. You shall always have the best in great health of mind and body.
Happy 70th birthday dear aunt.

10. Happy birthday ma, grateful for your 70th birth anniversary and how much of a wonderful aunt you are to me.

11. My sweet aunt, I usher you into your 70th year on earth.
It is my sincerest prayer that God’s grace will take you all through the year and beyond.

12. Wishing you all the joy that you need for your 70th year coupled with peace of mind.
Dear aunt, have a blessed birthday.

13. Being your niece is one of my favourite things about my life.
Happy 70th birthday, my darling aunt.
Blessings to you always.

14. Happy birthday aunty (insert her name), you have been an absolute queen for 70 years and long may it continue.

15. Absolutely delighted that I get to wish my favourite aunt a happy 70th birthday today, enjoy the day filled with God’s choicest blessings.

16. Every year with you is amazing, I have no doubt that year 70 will be as wonderful.
Happy birthday, auntie, have a great birthday.

17. For the gift of your 70th year on earth, I say thank you, Lord.
For the beautiful year that you will have, I say thank you, Lord.
Happy birthday, auntie.

18. To my special aunt and an incredibly wonderful woman, a special 70th birthday to you.

19. You are officially 70 years and still basking in God’s glory and this year will be no different.
Have a beautiful birthday.

20. I know that we don’t talk as much but I have nothing but the best wishes for your 70th year.
Have a fantastic day aunty and enjoy year 70.

21. Happy birthday my darling aunt, your 70th year shall be as special as you are, amen.

22. Special 70th birthday greetings to one of my favourite aunt.
You continue to inspire me with your life, remain blessed.

23. This is my wish for your 70th birthday; your strength shall be renewed as you bask in great health.

24. To my sweetheart of an aunt who continues to age like fine wine, a wonderful 70th birthday to you.

25. The Lord shall be with you through your 70th year and always, happy birthday auntie.
Have an awesome day.

26. Thank you for being the remarkable woman you are for the family, I celebrate your 70th year and I pray for more goodness in your life.

27. I hope that you’re feeling all the birthday love and blessings for your 70th birth anniversary
Have a beautiful birthday.

28. Wishing that your birthday is every inch as special as it should be. Happy birthday, dear aunt.

29. Growing up, you were always the cool aunt and at age 70, you are still the cool aunt.
Birthday blessings to you.

30. Year after year, you remain the best aunt anyone could have asked for.
May your 70th birthday bring you the best of everything that you deserve and much more.

31. You are a constant light in the family, God’s light will shine on your path all through year 70 and always.

32. Your 70th year will be as awesome as you are even much more.
Happy birthday, aunt.

33. May you be showered with all the graces you need for your 70th year on earth. Wishing you a wonderful birthday.

34. Yet another birthday to celebrate the beautiful life that God has blessed you with. Dear aunt, cheers to year 70!

35. Thanking God for your wonderful 70th year on earth and how amazing it promises to be.
Happy birthday, auntie.

36. A super happy birthday to a superwoman and wonderful aunt.
I hope that your 70th birthday is as beautiful as it should be.

37. Thank you auntie for being my comfort person in and out of season.
For your 70th birthday, may God bless you in and out of season.

38. Dear aunty (insert her name), you are one of the most constant people in my life and you must know that I don’t take it for granted.
All the love and blessings for your 70th birthday.

39. My best wishes and prayers are with you now and always as you celebrate your 70th birthday today.
I love you, dear aunt.

40. Whatever world I come to, I want to have you as my aunt always.
A beautiful 70th birthday to you.

41. Everything nice, beautiful and peaceful are yours now and always.
Have the best of your 70th year.

42. You are blessed beyond all expectations for your 70th year and beyond.
Auntie (insert her name), a happy birthday to you.

43. The best of 70th birthday wishes to my best aunt.
May God’s grace be with you every day of your life.

44. You are quite a special woman and I feel so blessed that you are my aunt.
Wishing you 70 special blessings for your 70th birthday.

45. To my forever amazing aunt, I wish you the most amazing 70th birthday ever.
Have yourself an excellent day and enjoy the rest of the year.

46. To a gem of a woman who is also my wonderful aunt, happy 70th birthday ma.
You will have a fantastic year all around.

47. May you experience every good thing that comes with a blessed life.
Happy 70th birthday dear auntie.

48. This is your favourite nephew (insert smile emoji) wishing the best aunt in the world a happy birthday.
Wishing you the best in your 70th year.

49. I remain thankful to God that you are my aunt, I wouldn’t have life any other way.
Have a perfect 70th year birthday.

50. Words would never fully express how amazing of an aunt you are to me.
Wishing you the best for your 70th year birth anniversary.

51. I have a thousand reasons and more to be grateful that you are my aunt.
All the birthday blessing and love to you for year 70.

52. I will try and call more often this year, have the best of your 70th year.
Happy birthday my darling auntie.

53. God will bless and keep you in the best of health today and always.
Enjoy year 70, happy birthday auntie.

54. Welcome to magnificent 70, it shall be everything you need it to be.
Happy birthday my superwoman.

55. Today is your special day because you are a special woman and my special aunt, you will receive all the special blessings for your 70th birthday.

71st Birthday Wishes for Aunt

You have always made a point of duty to be more than just an aunt to me and I incredibly appreciate you for it. I celebrate the wonderful woman you have always been and I wish you so much peace and joy for your 71st birthday alongside the best of health.

56. Dear aunt, you just became the most amazing 71-year-old in the universe. Happy 71st birthday, here’s wishing you the best of things throughout the year.

57. You had an awesome 70th year and I’m here to tell you that year 71 will be even more awesome. Have a beautiful 71st year birthday.

58. Your words of advice are priceless and so is your presence.
My dear aunt, I have no doubt that your 71st year will be great.
Do have a wonderful birthday.

59. My prayers for your 71st birthday is that God will meet you at every point of your needs throughout the year and beyond, amen.

60. I hope that your 71st year on earth is filled with so much love, happiness and peace of mind.
Happy birthday, auntie.

72nd Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Dear aunt, I have known you all my life and there’s not a single day where it has been a regret. I joyfully wish you the best of the best for your 72nd birthday with all the hope that you will have the best of health and goodness all through the year.

61. Cheers to your 72nd birthday dear aunt, may it be everything you pray for and much more.
I hope you have a happy birthday.

62. My awesome aunt just turned 72!
I’m incredibly grateful for your new age ma, all the birthday blessings to you.

63. You are much more than an aunt to me.
I celebrate your 72nd birth anniversary with all the joy in my heart and I pray that this new age brings you all that you need going forward.

64. You have always been and will always be my favourite aunt (insert smile emoji), happy 72nd birthday to you.

65. To the latest 72 year old that I know, happy 72nd birthday ma.
I hope your day is as beautiful as it should be.

73rd Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Happy 73rd birthday, my sweet aunt. It has been an absolute honour to be guided by your wisdom over these past years. You are such a gem to the family and I pray that you have a year filled with happiness and great health of mind and body.

66. Dear auntie, welcome to your 73rd year around the sun.
May your life continue to be incredibly beautiful, happy birthday.

67. I’m more than happy to wish you a happy 73rd birthday, I know that you will have quite an amazing year.

68. The happiest of 73rd birthday to one of the most wonderful women in my life, have a super special day.

69. What a blessing it is to call you my aunt.
Thanking God for your 73rd birthday and praying that you’ll be in perfect health to receive all your blessings.

70. At 73, you continue to be a superwoman for me and everyone around you, happy 73rd birthday dear aunt.

74th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

It’s such a blessing to be able to celebrate your 74th birthday today.
You have been such an amazing aunt to all of us and that is equally matched with the beautiful human that you are.
I wish you beautiful moments for your new age.

71. Year 74 looks incredibly good on you, happy 74th birthday my superwoman. Blessed to call you my aunt.

72. A super special 74th birthday to my super special aunt, all the birthday blessings and love to you.

73. This is me letting you know that I’m specially thinking of you today as you celebrate your 74th birthday.
I hope you are as happy as you should be.

74. There will never be enough beautiful words that I can use to wish you a happy 74th birthday.
Birthday blessings to you aunty.

75. You make getting older look so beautiful and I’m super thankful to God for your 74th birthday.
Praying for more beautiful years where you have all the happiness and peace you deserve.

75th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Today is your day, my dear aunt and all the blessings of God shall be made whole in your life. You are loved and appreciated more than words can ever describe. I hope that your 75th birthday is extraordinarily special and brings with it every blessing that you so wonderfully deserve.

76. I wish you endless rewards for all the efforts you have made so far, great health and happiness, amen.
Happy 75th birthday dear aunt.

77. I want you to know that I love you so much even if I don’t say it as often. More importantly, God love you so much.
Have the best 75th birthday ever.

78. For your 75th birthday, I pray that you continue to find happiness in and around you; with family and friends.
Love you, auntie.

79. Welcome to your one and only 75th birthday, may it be as beautiful as everything about you and so much more.

80. Dear aunt, I celebrate this wonderful 75th birthday of yours with you, I pray that it brings you so much of God’s love and blessings.

76th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

My life is a lot beautiful because I have you as my aunt.
You are so precious to me and the entire family.
Your 76th year will be as amazing as your personality and your new age will bring you all that you need.
Happy birthday, dear aunt.

81. You shall live a long, happy and healthy life.
Happy 76th birthday, dear aunt.

82. I don’t have so much to give you so I pray for God’s choicest blessings to come upon you as you celebrate your 76th birthday.

83. To my woman of wisdom and substance, happy 76th birthday my darling aunt. I hope today is beautiful for you.

84. You are like a human sunflower to me; ever so bold, bright and beautiful. I hope your 76th year is as great as it should be.

85. The whole family continues to bask in the beauty of your wisdom.
All the birthday blessings to you for your 76th birthday.

77th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Happy 77th birthday to the queen of goodness herself.
Dear aunt, you don’t know how amazing it is that you are in my life.
Praying for you today that you have the best of year filled with all the blessings that you deserve and so much more.

86. I don’t know how you continue to stay cheerful through everything but here’s hoping that your 77th birthday will be nothing short of beautiful.

87. To one of the kindest and gentle woman that I know, happy 77th birthday auntie.

88. You are one of a kind and having you as my aunt is super special to me.
Have a super special 77th birthday.

89. Hi auntie, happy 77th birthday to you.
You are going to have a wonderfully blessed year.

90. Sending all my love to my amazing aunt, happy 77th birthday ma.
I know that you will have a beautiful year ahead.

78th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

My sweet aunt, what a time you have had on earth so far; the beautiful heart that you have and how much you care about everyone around you. It’s your 78th birthday today and my heart is filled with gratitude for you. Wishing you all the joy and peace there is.

91. Happy 78th birthday to an iconic woman who also happens to be my sweet aunt, I hope you’re having the best of today in every way.

92. You have lived a beautiful life so far and your 78th year wouldn’t be any different, it would be even more beautiful, happy 78th birthday auntie.

93. Dear auntie, I want you to have such an incredibly beautiful birthday as you celebrate your 78th year on earth.

94. There’s still so much amazing stuff in store for you; I wish you all that and much more for your 78th birthday.

95. You are the coolest 78th year old aunt in the world and I’m here to wish you the happiest of birthday love and blessings.

79th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

I marvel at your life and how you carry yourself at your age.
I am continually inspired to have you as my aunt. Your 79th year on earth shall be all shades of happiness, goodness and so much joy.
I wish you endless grace, dear aunt. Have a happy birthday.

96. You are still my ever-charming aunt. A happy 79th birthday to you, may it be awesome and special.

97. I have about a million memories of how much of an amazing aunt you have been to me. May God strengthen you through your 79th year and keep you in great health.
A happy birthday to you.

98. I don’t know many 79-year-old women who are this incredibly cool and awesome.
Praying for you to have such an exciting and beautiful year.
Dear aunt, have a happy 79th birthday.

99. Celebrating the 79th year of your wonderful life and praying that you will have such a hearty year.
Happy birthday sweet aunt.

100. One of my life’s biggest blessing is having you as my aunt.
I will always be here for you.
Have a fantastic 79th year birthday.

If you happen to get to this part of the post, I sincerely hope that you found the right happy birthday wish that felt right for your aunt or a couple of them if you’re the type that sends multiple birthday messages.

I bet that your aunt will love any of the wishes you decide to go with. Also, kindly share these happy 70th birthday wishes for aunt with your cousins, I’m pretty sure they’ll like to share in the joy of sending beautiful wishes for your aunt’s birthday.

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