Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Uncle

Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Uncle

Your uncle in this case may be a blood relative or a person who has gotten so close to you that you now refer to him as an uncle.
Even if you’re unable to call your uncle on his special day, you should absolutely send him birthday wishes of beautiful thoughts and prayers, especially on a milestone like his 60th birthday.

This collection of happy 60th birthday wishes for uncle were written with love and fondness. Your uncle will love any of the wishes you decide to send to him.

Embedded in this collection are birthday wishes for uncle from his 61st to the 69th year so you can save this link and come back every other year for the best possible birthday wishes for your uncle.

Happy 60th Birthday Uncle Messages and Quotes

It’s another birth anniversary for you, dear uncle. Happy 60th birthday. Thank you so much for your continued support towards me all through the years. Cheers to your blessings for the rest of the year. Have the best of today.

1. Another wonderful year to have you as my uncle, have a beautiful 60th birthday, sir.
Do have a great day.

2. To the best uncle in the world, a happy 60th birthday to you.
I hope you have an incredibly fantastic year ahead.

3. A special day for a special man who I am blessed to call my uncle.
Have a wonderful 60th birthday.

4. Just like fathers, uncles are also the supermen in our lives.
A happy 60th birthday to you.

5. All my life, you have been like a second father to me.
Thank you so much and have an amazing 60th birthday.

6. A second father on some days, an uncle on all the days.
I hope you get the 60th year that you deserve filled with so much goodness.

7. For all the times that you have been a support system for me, I say a big thank you. Wishing you great health and so much peace for your 60th birthday.

8. Dear uncle, welcome to your 60th year. May your life continue to be blessed and beautiful.

9. Alongside my dad, you give me the moral support to go through life. Praying for your 60th year to be everything wonderful and more.
A happy birthday to you.

10. Dear uncle, I’m so grateful that I can always count on your words of wisdom. A big cheers for your 60th birthday, I trust that it will be amazing.

11. All my life, I have known you to be a man of great wisdom and integrity. I hope your 60th birthday is beyond beautiful.

12. Your life continues to inspire me to be better.
I celebrate your 60th birthday praying that you’ll have the best of the year going forward.

13. At 60, you continue to march on to greater things.
Happy 60th birthday uncle.

14. To my dearest uncle who gives me so much incredible support, I wish you the happiest of your 60th, remain blessed.

15. Dear uncle, here’s hoping that your 60th birthday brings you more grand success and sheer happiness.

16. You make having an uncle such a beautiful experience.
I wish for your 60th birthday and year to be such a beautiful experience.

17. My dearest uncle, happy 60th birthday to you.
All the love and best wishes from your niece/nephew (insert your name).

18. Cheers to your magnificent 60th birthday befitting a wonderful uncle.
I hope you have the best of everything.

19. You are such an exceptional man and having you as my uncle is one of life’s beautiful gifts to me.
Wishing you the best of blessings for your 60th birthday.

20. An amazing man like you deserves a splendid 60th birthday.
Here’s to a joy-filled season for you.

21. Wishing one of my favourite uncles a joyful birthday celebration, I hope that your 60th year on earth is beyond rewarding and peaceful.

22. Wishing a peaceful 60th birthday to the absolute man of peace.
My dear uncle, remain blessed.

23. You don’t get to be 60 twice, may your 60th birthday be incredibly beautiful beyond all imaginations.

24. I hope that year 60 is everything you expect it to be and much more.
Happy birthday dear uncle.

25. Happy birthday dearest uncle, thank you for always being in my corner.
Hoping that you have the best of your 60th year.

26. I need the grace of God to shine on you all through your 60th year on earth.
Happy birthday to you uncle.

27. Wishing you a special 60th birthday because you’re such a special uncle to me and my siblings.
Have a special day.

28. On this occasion of your 60th birthday celebration, it is my prayer that you will experience countless moments of joy and happiness.

29. Another birthday reminder that you are a super uncle.
Happy 60th birthday to you, I hope you enjoy your day and the rest of the year.

30. To my super uncle who doubles as my second dad, a happy 60th birthday to you.
Have yourself a fantastic year.

31. One of my favourite men in the world is turning 60 today.
A beautiful birthday to you uncle!
You shall have the best things of life all year round.

32. Cheers to the 60th year of love, happiness and great health for you.
Happy birthday dear uncle.

33. I have so many memories of you being an amazing uncle to me and my siblings.
I wish you the best of life as you celebrate your 60th birthday.

34. Even if I don’t call as often, I want you to know that you’re always in my thoughts and prayers, happy 60th birthday uncle.

35. Sending you my best wishes and prayers for your 60th birth anniversary.
Dear uncle,

36. You may not have given birth to me but you’re just like a dad to me too.
Have a fantastic 60th birthday celebration.

37. Still such a great gentleman at 60 years.
May your 60th birthday be everything you need it to be.

38. My dear uncle, you are loved and appreciated today and always.
Cheers to your 60th birthday and all the goodness it will bring.

39. Apparently, you age like fine wine; 60 looks great on you.
Have a fantastic birthday.

40. Age 60 will bear witness to the beautiful life that you’ll get to have this year.
Happy birthday, uncle.

41. Wishing the best of uncle 60 folds of blessings for your birthday.
I wish you all the best now and always.

42. Sending a big reminder to the universe to bless you abundantly for your 60th birthday and beyond.

43. My life is a lot more amazing because I have an amazing uncle like you.
Wishing you the happiest 60th birthday you can get.

44. It’s your 60th year on life’s journey and it shall be beyond beautiful.
Happy birthday to you uncle.

45. Our family isn’t complete without your wonderful presence.
Wishing you a long and healthy 60th year.

46. Wishing my remarkable uncle a very remarkable 60th birthday.
Do have the best of today and always.

47. Special birthday greetings to you, uncle, your 60th year will be splendid.
I hope you have an even more special day.

48. Dear uncle, what a fantastic season your 60th birthday will be.
You’re always in my thoughts even if I don’t call you so often.

49. I’m not so great at keeping in touch with you but nothing will stop me from wishing you a happy 60th birthday.
May it be everything you hope for.

50. Thank you for being an exceptional example for me through the years.
A beautiful 60th birthday to you uncle.

51. This is a token of my best wishes for your 60th birth anniversary.
Happy birthday dear uncle.

52. The pages of my life are filled with words of wisdom from you over the course of time.
Cheers to what will be a fantastic 60th year for you.

53. One day, I would want to be the kind of wonderful uncle that you are to me.
Have a wonderful 60th birthday.

54. Through the thick and thin, you will always be my amazing uncle.
I wish you the happiest and healthiest of time as you celebrate your 60th birthday.

55. It’s always great to see you every time.
May your 60th year favour you incredibly well.

61st Birthday Wishes for Uncle

You deserve the best birthday wishes for your 61st birthday.
Having you as an uncle is beyond inspirational and your exemplary life is one worthy of emulation. Praying that you have all the joy and great health to get you through the year.

56. Heaven knows that you deserve the best wishes for your 61st birthday.
Make sure to enjoy your day.

57. Dear uncle (insert his name), here’s hoping that your 61st birthday will be all shades of beautiful; bringing you great health and wealth.

58. The best uncle in the world deserves the best birthday that could ever be.
Happy 61st birthday to you.

59. All the best 61st birthday wishes to the best uncle anyone can have.
May your day be fantastic.

60. For your 61st birthday, may 61 special blessings be yours through the year.
Happy birthday, uncle.

62nd Birthday Wishes for Uncle

Happy 62nd birthday to you, sir.
It is with the utmost gratitude that I thank God for giving you this precious gift of a new age today. May God bless you in all the ways possible and sustain you all the days of your life, dear uncle.

61. For God’s gift of your 62nd year to you, my heart is full of gratitude.
I hope year 62 is incredibly wonderful.

62. Thank you so much for all the real-life superhero memories you gave little me.
Happy 62nd birthday dear uncle.

63. I know that I say it every year but this is another reminder that you’re such a great uncle.
Have the best of your 62nd year, happy birthday.

64. It’s always great to have you around the house.
Wishing you the best of everything for your 62nd birthday.

65. Being the wonderful uncle that you are, you deserve only the most wonderful things of life.
Happy 62nd birthday to you.

63rd Birthday Wishes for Uncle

I celebrate you today as you mark your 63rd birthday. Happy birthday, dear uncle. Grateful that you get this wonderful gift of life and praying that it will bring you the best of the best for every day going forward.

66. Grateful for your 63rd birthday and the uncle that you are to me.
All the birthday blessings to you.

67. I will never lose sight of the amazing uncle that you are to me and everyone else.
May your 63rd year of life be equally amazing and much more.

68. May your 63rd birthday be as special as you are.
Thank you for being the best uncle ever.

69. Forever grateful that I get to call you my uncle.
For your 63rd birthday, I wish you so much peace and happiness in abundance.

70. To many more beautiful moments for your 63rd year and beyond.
A happy birthday to you dear uncle.

64th Birthday Wishes for Uncle

The best of birthday wishes to a wonderful uncle and mentor.
I celebrate your 64th year on earth and appreciate the time that I get to spend with you. I hope you enjoy this new age of yours with all the amazing things that it will bring to you.

71. This is me hoping that your 64th year will bring you multiple goodnesses in your life for the year and beyond.
Happy birthday, uncle.

72. Even with the distance, you’re still such an amazing uncle.
Wishing you a joyful 64th birthday.

73. Another year added to your wonderful life.
Year 64 will be nothing short of fruitful.
Happy birthday dearest uncle.

74. May the good things you want from life come to you always.
Dear uncle, have a wonderful 64th birthday.

75. I would love to see you more often but that’s not always the case.
Regardless, you’re still such a wonderful uncle to me.
I pray you to have a fantastic 64th birthday.

65th Birthday Wishes for Uncle

It’s indeed a wonderful day to celebrate a special man.
Happy 65th birthday, sir. Your presence in my life is so much appreciated and I hope that you will have a fantastic year filled with all the great things that you deserve.

76. It’s your 65th birthday today and I know that you will have a wonderful year. Thank you so much for being my wonderful uncle.

77. Wishing you a joyful and happy season for your 65th year on earth.
Happy birthday, uncle.

78. This is my little token of well wishes for your 65th birthday, may it be a peaceful and great year for you.

79. I totally adore the uncle that you have always been to my siblings and me.
May God bless you abundantly for your 65th birthday and always.

80. No matter how old I get, I’ll always love my amazing uncle.
Have a beautiful 65th birthday.

66th Birthday Wishes for Uncle

Special birthday greetings to a wonderful uncle.
As you celebrate your 66th birthday today, I wish you abundant happiness to fill your days and great health to keep you strong.
Have an incredibly beautiful birthday.
Ps. I have every intention to call you more this year.

81. You have always been blessed and you’ll always be blessed.
Happy 66th birthday to you.

82. Praying for your 66th year to be grandly beautiful and successful.
Wishing you a great day of celebration.

83. Your wisdom and charisma is second to none, year 66 will be so much better.
Happy birthday, uncle.

84. Everything you need for the 66th year of your life will be provided for you in abundance, amen.
Dearest uncle, do have a beautiful birthday.

85. I’m super thankful that you are a part of my family.
May God bless you always.
Have a blessed 66th birthday.

67th Birthday Wishes for Uncle

The big day is finally here; the birth anniversary of a great man.
Happy 67th birthday, dearest uncle. I hope that you have an unbelievably beautiful new age with everything that you need.
I also hope that you thoroughly enjoy today as much as you should.

86. Even when I’m not calling you as often, I want you to know that I’m constantly praying for you.
Praying for your 67th year to be incredibly blessed.

87. To many years of success and great health of mind and body, a happy 67th birth anniversary to you, sir.

88. A happy 67th birthday to a wonderful uncle.
I hope you enjoy your day and have a fantastic year ahead.

89. Sending you special birthday greetings for your 67th birthday and wishing you all the blessings that come with a new chapter.

90. Wishing you successful days and peaceful nights for the 67th year of your life journey.
Love from your nephew.

68th Birthday Wishes for Uncle

It is the 68th birthday of one of the best men I know; happy birth anniversary, sir. You are so much more than an uncle to me. May the blessings of God fill your 68th year on earth with all that you need and more.

91. Happy birthday dear uncle, have a 68th year that will be one for the books; full of grand success and happy moments.

92. Thankful for you and your new age.
Praying for you to be at your best in perfect health for your 68th birthday and beyond.

93. Your 68th year will be as special as you are.
Thank you for making life a little more colourful for me.

94. You continue to be a great uncle as the years go by.
Wishing you birthday blessings and happiness for your 68th birthday.

95. The 68th year of your life’s journey will be immensely successful in every area of your life.
Dear uncle, have an excellent year.

69th Birthday Wishes for Uncle

It is with so much gratitude and love that I share in the joy of this beautiful day with you. Happy 69th birthday, uncle.
Thankful for the years that you have had and the many more hearty years ahead of you.

96. Wishing you maximum joy and peace for your 69th birthday and always. All the love from your niece.

97. To my darling uncle who makes it a point of duty to check up on me every once in a while, I wish you the happiest of birthdays for your 69th year. Wishing you the happiest of moments and great health.

98. You are a role model of what an uncle should be to his nieces and nephews.
I join the family to wish you a beautiful 69th birthday.

99. You make being an uncle look so easy and beautiful.
I hope that you have a smooth 69th year with all that you need for your life.

100. I don’t say it enough; I love you uncle and I love that I have you in my life.
I wish you a wonderful 69th year of greatness and all the happiness.
Have a beautiful birthday.

This is the part where I say that your uncle will love any of the happy 60th birthday wishes for uncle you decide to pick for him.
I would also like to say that it is quite thoughtful of you to take out this time to check out birthday wishes for your uncle.
One last thing, if this post was helpful, kindly share it with your social network.
Thank you.

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