1 Month Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

It is one thing to be alive and it is another thing to be trusted with life; the life of a baby. A birthday cannot exist in the future unless a baby is born at some point. You have been with your baby girl for a full month now and I can’t imagine how exciting it must be for you. It may even be the baby girl of your loved ones.

As someone who has helped my sister with two of her kids at their early babyhood, I do know to an extent that this period is full of both love and exhaustion.

Babies bring so much warmth and happiness to a home especially in their first month when they spend more time sleeping than being awake. Until your baby girl or that of your loved ones officially turns one year, I hope that you continue to celebrate each month of her existence in a special way.

I can’t physically contain the level of cuteness that babies exude and I personally always want to be around them. So, I have a little picture of how warm and beautiful your home or that of your loved ones feels at this time.

I have written these 1 month birthday wishes for baby girl to celebrate having her for one whole month.

All the love and happiness to your home or your loved ones’ going forward.

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One Month Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Baby Girl

It’s unbelievable how time goes by, I can’t believe that you have been with us for one full month. My baby girl, every day with you has been absolutely amazing and seeing your cute face as the days go by makes me the happiest person. Best wishes for you as you grow gracefully.

1. Happy one month birthday to my absolute baby girl.
What a joy you are to this home.

2. It’s your first full month on earth, happy birthday, my baby girl.
I can’t wait to share many more beautiful moments with you.

3. Our home has been graced with your beautiful presence this past one month. Happy one month birthday to my baby girl.

4. Thanking God for the gift of having you for a full one month.
Dear baby girl happy birthday to you.

5. Your cries have warmed this household with everything that family is all about. Happy one-month birthday, baby girl.

6. What an absolute pleasure it has been to have you here with us for this one month. You, my baby girl, are a blessing to our home.

7. Celebrating the cutest baby girl on your one month birthday.
Nothing but love for you always.

8. This has been a fun one month watching you grow day by day.
Dear baby girl, happy one month birthday.

9. Nothing has made me happier than having you as my baby girl for a full month.
Happy birthday, my darling girl.

10. How lucky I am that I get to watch you grow up.
It has been a beautiful one month so far, cheers to many more years of having you as my baby girl.

11. Happy one month to you.
You have made our home so much better and we’re beyond thankful to have you as our baby girl.

12. So far, you make parenting so easy and I love you for it.
Cheers baby girl, it’s your one month birthday.

13. This is by far my happiest month in a while and it’s all because of my baby girl.
Cheers to many more months and years of goodness.

14. Your cuteness is out of this world and I couldn’t be happier to have you here.
Happy one month birthday.

15. To my one month baby girl, thank you for all the joy that you have brought us.
You’ll always have my love.

16. Happy one month birthday baby girl.
Holding you has been my favourite thing to do this past one month.

17. My baby girl, every time I hear your cry, my heart is filled with so much gratitude for having you here.
Happy one month of having you here.

18. Although you don’t know what birthdays mean yet, I want to wish you a happy one month birthday.
Thank you for all the happiness that you have brought so far.

19. Happy one month birthday baby, mommy and daddy will love you forever.
Keep being the cutest baby girl.

20. Thanks to you baby girl, I had a fantastic month.
Loving you is something that will always exist.

21. I can’t believe that you have been here for a full month.
I love you endlessly baby girl.
Happy one month birth anniversary.

22. This is my special one month of love to my baby girl; for being the cutest baby and an absolute princess.

23. Your birth marked a new beginning in our lives and today we celebrate your one month of being here with us.
I love you, baby girl.

24. It has been thirty days of feeling the warmth and comfort your presence brought to our home.
Happy one month of love to you baby.

25. The purest of love to my baby girl for her one month on earth filling our home with all the happiness there is.

Happy One Month Birthday to My Daughter

A happy birthday to my darling daughter on your one month birth anniversary. You have been here for a month and what joy and happiness you have brought with you. Without being too forward, I’m already counting down to your first birthday.

26. Special one month birthday to my daughter who makes everything a lot beautiful.

27. To more days of cute smiles than cries.
Happy one month birthday to my darling daughter.

28. To my double dose of cuteness and happiness, one month of blessings to my daughter.

29. It brings me nothing but joy to wish my daughter a happy birthday for her first full month with us.

30. Cheers to being with the cutest baby girl for a month.
You have brought our happiness to a full circle.

31. Happy one month birthday baby girl.
It has been all shades of goodness and love all around and it’s all thanks to you.

32. Dear sweet daughter of mine, I have every intention of loving you until my last breath.
Happy one month of having you here.

33. One month ago, God blessed our home with your presence.
Beyond happy for my baby girl.

34. Having you as my daughter is everything I hoped it will be so far.
It has been a month of love and I’ll always be here for you.

35. It has been my best month in a while and it’s all thanks to the absolute gift of my baby girl.
Blessings to my bundle of joy.

36. My daughter is the best gift of this last month and it’s been all round love and goodness.

37. It hasn’t been easy but it has been absolutely worth it.
Happy one month birthday to my daughter.

38. Thanking God that I get this level of cuteness in my life every day.
What a month of joy it has been.

39. I need a moment to appreciate having my daughter for a month now.
Feeling blessed and loved all around.

40. Mommy is always going to be here to love you immensely.
Happy one month birthday to my daughter.

41. My daughter’s cuteness expels all the anxiety in my heart and I’m grateful for her one month birthday.

42. I feel so blessed having watched my baby grow in this past one month. I’m enjoying every moment with my daughter.

43. There have been sleepless nights but it’s totally worth it because I have the cutest daughter.
Praying for more strength to guide you through everything.

44. Thanking God for keeping my baby girl safe for her first month on earth, to more years of great health.

45. Happy one month to our daughter, having to parent a one month old is both exhausting and refreshing.
And I’ll do it all over again.

46. Still trying to figure motherhood out but my daughter makes it so worthwhile.
Happy one month birthday to my little girl.

47. I acknowledge the joy that having my daughter for a month has brought to our home.
Wishing her so many peaceful days and nights.

48. My heart was opened to so much happiness a month ago when my beautiful daughter came into my life.
Happy one month to my baby girl.

49. Happy one month to my daughter.
It has been a nappy rash free month and long may it continue.

50. Taking a look at everything the past month has been and how much the birth of my daughter has changed me for the better.

Birthday Wishes and Prayers for 1 Month Old Baby Girl

God blessed us with such an amazing gift of life through my baby girl. My heart has been overwhelmed with so much happiness all these days, leading up to your 1 month birthday.
I love you so much, baby and I pray and wish for total healthy growth for you.

51. It has been 1 month of babyhood with my baby girl.
Cheers to more month of happy breastfeeding.

52. It feels like yesterday when I held my baby girl for the first time and now it’s 1 month already.
I pray for my girl to continue to grow in peace and in great health.

53. Her little cries are music to my ears and it has been so for the past 1 month.
Happy birthday to my sweet pea.

54. A month ago, God added an extra human to our home; the cutest baby girl ever.
Celebrating her today and always.

55. It has been the imperfect balance of night cries and happy moments from my baby girl.
Cheers to 1 month of babyhood.

56. Time really flew by, 1 month of my baby girl being a part of my life and what a blessing every day has been.

57. Cheers to one month of babyhood and everything in between.
I love my baby girl and I always will.

58. It has been 1 month of undivided attention towards my baby girl and what a happy girl she has been so far, long may it continue.

59. Overwhelmed but beyond grateful to celebrate the 1 month birth anniversary of my baby girl.

60. A month ago, the cutest baby girl in the world was added to my home and I couldn’t be more grateful.
To more months of happy babyhood.

61. I feel privileged to have this bundle of joy and cuteness in my life.
Happy 1 month of birth to my baby girl.

62. Wishing my baby girl the best 1 month birthday.
Hoping there’s extra baby milk and goodness for you today.

63. The day is here for my baby girl who turns 1 month today.
Blessings on blessings to our home.

64. It’s been 1 month of baby season and it’s all shades of cuteness thanks to my baby girl.

65. God gave me the duty of taking care of an entire human being 1 month ago and I’m beyond grateful for my baby girl and her growth so far.

66. Praying to God to get my baby girl and me through this baby season with the best of health and more peaceful moments.

67. The most important part of my life right now is nurturing my baby girl and today being her 1 month birthday, I give God all the glory.

68. Thankful for my daughter who turns 1 month today.
May she continue to be my loving baby girl.

69. An official 1 month birth anniversary to my baby girl.
Wishing her all the love and care she needs for her baby season.

70. To many more months of my baby girl being happy and in the best of health.

71. The range of cuteness I’ve seen this past 1 month has been immeasurable and it’s only getting started.
Happy 1 month birth anniversary to my daughter.

72. Happy 1 month birthday to my baby girl.
Praying for the grace to take care of my daughter through her infant period.

73. It brings me so much joy to wish my baby girl a happy 1 month birthday.

74. It has only been 1 month but my daughter has lighted up my world in a way that I couldn’t imagine.
Praying for this light to stay on till forever.

75. Thank you Jesus for blessing my home with a daughter who makes having a baby girl so fulfilling and beautiful.

1st Month Birthday Wishes for Daughter

The best of birthday wishes to my daughter who just clocked her 1st month on earth. I have experienced every form of happiness and warmth since the day you arrived. I’ll always be here for you as you grow in love with all the care in the world.

76. In the first moment I held my daughter, I fell in love with her.
A 1st month birthday love to my baby.

77. To my darling daughter, you have been such a joy to the rest of the family.
Enjoy your 1st month birth anniversary.

78. Happy 1st month birthday to my daughter, I intend to enjoy every minute that I spend with you.

79. Just thinking about how my daughter has filled our home with so many good vibes.
Wishing her the best for her 1st month on earth.

80. She rarely cries and even when she does, it’s still the cutest thing ever.
Happy 1st month birthday to my daughter.

81. I am overly excited to celebrate my daughter as she spends her 1st month birth anniversary.
I love her to the moon and back.

82. Feeling exhausted but beyond blessed that I get to take care of the cutest human ever.
Cheers to my daughter on her 1st month birthday.

83. She came into my heart and took the spot for my favourite human on earth.
A happy 1st month celebration to my daughter.

84. Getting to grow with my little pumpkin has been absolutely amazing.
Cheers to my baby girl being a part of this world for a full month.

85. God connected my life source to the cutest daughter ever.
Feeling blessed to be a mother again and it’s been a great month so far.

86. I cannot wait until my daughter can walk but for now, I’ll enjoy every baby moment that I get as she celebrates her 1 month birthday.

87. My iconic little girl is celebrating her one month birthday today.
May God bless her little self and my entire family.

88. For my baby’s 1st month birthday, I’m reflecting on what it has been to be a mother to an absolute princess who makes having a daughter so great.

89. It’s such a great feeling to wish my daughter a happy 1st birthday.
It has got me feeling blessed and thankful.

90. The little things make life worth living; like watching my baby sleep all day long.
Happy 1st month birthday to my daughter.

91. Her baby face gracing my life every day makes everything alright and it has been one month of pure bliss with my daughter.

92. My daughter is basically the embodiment of babyism and I celebrate her 1st month birthday with all the love in my heart.

93. Happy 1st month birthday to my daughter, thank you for choosing to grace our home with your presence.
I’m going to shower you with all the love and care.

94. Thank you God for the miracle of the birth of my daughter and her 1st month birth anniversary.
It’s all gratitude from me.

95. This is the day the Lord has made; the 1st month birthday of my daughter.
Cheers to many more months of babyhood and goodness.

96. Feeling incredibly blessed to celebrate my daughter’s 1st month birthday.
I’m in love with her cuteness.

97. Singing you lullaby has become my favourite thing to do for you.
Happy 1st month birthday to my daughter.

98. Although I’m sleep deprived, my heart is filled with gratitude for my daughter.
It’s been a month of pure joy and goodness.

99. I enjoy bathing, clothing and feeding my baby girl and even though it comes off as stressful sometimes, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Happy 1st month birthday to my daughter.

100. To the most relaxed sleeper and little girl who makes being a new parent seem like a walk in the park, a beautiful one month of birth to my daughter.

My heart is filled with so much joy coming full circle to the end of this 1 month birthday wishes for baby girl. Here’s hoping that you find the right birthday wish for your baby girl and have the best of time with her throughout the period of her babyhood and always.

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