Happy 20th Birthday Wishes Messages and Quotes to My Niece

Happy 20th Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes to My Niece

Having a niece is a fun part of family life because your niece can become like a daughter or a younger sister to you. You are not entirely responsible for her but she’s also a huge part of your life.
I say this as someone who has three nieces below the age of eight, it is an absolutely fantastic feeling.

The presence of your niece or nephew can help strengthen the bond between you and your siblings and that’s something we all need especially in a world where being there for each other is something we should all try to get back to.

The thing about nieces; one day they are tiny babies, the next minute, they are turning 20. Their growth reminds you so much of how you’re also growing and changing.

For your niece, 20 will be a big deal of age for her (at least, it was for me); the beginning of the awesome twenties. For your niece’s birthday, if you’re going for something heartfelt, giving her a surprise package wouldn’t be a bad idea. Whatever you decide, it wouldn’t be complete without at least, one of these happy 20th birthday wishes, messages and quotes for my niece. They are awesome for you to make her feel special and usher her into adulthood.

Cheer her on for me!

Birthday Prayer Messages for Your Niece Turning 20

How are you 20 already?
Happy birthday, my dear niece. You don’t know how proud I am of your growth and progress. It is my prayer that you’ll have a wonderful year ahead of you, filled with so much progress and success.

1. Happy birthday to my baby niece who is more of an adult now.
I love you so much but God loves you the most.
God will perfect everything about year 20 for you.

2. God gave me the most loving niece and I couldn’t be more grateful for you.
You will excel in everything you do as you turn 20 today.
Happy birthday, my brilliant baby.

3. There wouldn’t be enough birthday songs and prayers for you today but I’ll do my absolute best.
All the blessings for your 20th birthday.
Happy birthday to you, my lovely niece.

4. As young as you are, you continuously inspire me.
I thank God for your 20th year and I pray that it will be incredibly amazing.

5. A happy birthday to a very special niece.
You shall have an amazing year and the 20th chapter of your life will be filled with so much goodness.

6. To my sweet niece who makes my life a lot brighter with her amazing personality. I pray for you today as you turn 20 that God’s grace will straighten and lead you on the best possible paths.

7. Happy birthday to the best niece in the world.
Year 20 shall favour you and you’ll shine like the bright light that you are.

8. You will have an unbelievably beautiful year filled with 20 special blessings for your 20th birthday.
Happy birthday to you, my dearest niece.

9. Happy birthday to my loving niece.
It is so nice watching you grow year after year.
Your 20th year will be nothing short of great and beautiful.

10. Thanking God for the gorgeous young lady you have grown into.
I love you so much.
Praying for so much peace and happiness for your birthday and age 20.

11. On your special day, I pray specially for you today that God will make your life as beautiful as you need it to be.
Happy 20th birthday, dear niece.

12. You shall continue to grow and glow in the grace of God.
Happy 20th birthday to you, my precious niece.

13. Happy 20th birthday to the first niece I ever had.
You brought so much joy with you and that joy will never depart from your life.

14. My dear sweet niece, words fail me today.
You have been a dream come true for the family.
May all your own beautiful dreams come true.
The best of year 20 to you.

15. I’m praying for blessings to come to you in ways that you never even imagined because you deserve it all.
Have a fantastic 20th birthday.

16. I may be your uncle but you teach me so many things.
May God continue to guide you in the right direction.
Happy birthday to my super smart niece.

17. You came to us as a little angel and today, you turn 20.
Happy birthday to you my beautiful niece.
God will always be with you.

18. I feel so blessed to be your aunt, to have watched you grow into this amazing human that you are now.
Continue to thrive my darling, happy 20th birthday.

19. All I ask is for God to sustain your brilliance and your beautiful heart.
Cheers to year 20, my darling niece.

20. I welcome you into your 20th year in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit.
Happy birthday my dear, have a blessed birthday.

21. My dearest niece, a happy birthday to you.
May you have heavenly blessings in abundance to navigate the 20th chapter of your life.

22. The grace of the Lord is upon you my dear niece, go forth and shine.
Continue to be religious and hold fast to your faith.
Have a blessed 20th birthday.

23. Your 20th year is a guaranteed success, happy birthday to you my sweet niece.
Make sure to take some lovely photos.

24. Your excellence will shine through every single day of your new age.
Happy birthday to you my precious niece.

25. Having you as my niece means so much to me and I celebrate your 20th birthday with thanksgiving and joy.
Rejoice and have a beautiful day.

Birthday Wishes for 20 Year Old Niece

My little niece is now 20 years old.
Wow! Where did the time go?
Happy birthday to you, my dear niece. I love you so much and I wish you all the best for your 20th year on earth.
And yes, I’ll sing you a happy birthday song when I call you.

26. To my not so little niece, happy 20 years to you.
Have a fantastic birthday and remember to be on your best behaviour.

27. Happy birthday to a lovely niece who makes being an aunt so fun.
I can’t believe that this is your 20th year.
Have a great time.

28. My cute little niece is 20 years old.
Baby, I’m so happy for you.
My happy birthday wishes for you are nothing but joy and happiness.

29. Happy birthday to my favourite twin.
Having you both as my niece and nephew is one of life’s gift to me.
I love you both, have the best of year 20.

30. Thank you for being a bright light in my life, keep being my funny baby.
Happy 20th birthday to you, my darling.

31. Happy birthday to an amazing niece who happens to be one of my favourite people on earth.
My darling, have yourself a lovely 20th year.

32. Cheers to year 20!
Happy birthday dear niece.
Welcome to an amazing year in your life.

33. Of course, I’ll send you birthday presents but I just want you to know that I’m so proud of the young lady you are today.
Happy 20th birthday my dearest niece.

34. You are the sun for my days and the moon for my nights.
Happy 20th birthday to you my darling niece, stay happy.

35. To the sweetest niece an aunt could ever ask for, I wish you a happy birthday my little princess.
Enjoy your party.

36. Although you’re no longer little, you’ll always be my little sweet niece.
Have the best of age 20 and a fantastic birthday.

37. My sassy and sweet niece is now a 20 year old lady.
I’m proud of who you have become.
Have the sweetest of birthdays.

39. The happiest of birthday to the funniest and most brilliant 20 year old I know.
You are the best niece ever!

40. How lucky I am to be an aunt to one of the most special 20 years olds on this planet.
You rock my darling and you’re the best niece ever.

41. I’m honoured to be your uncle.
For a 20 year old, your kindness is unmatched.
Enjoy the rest of the year.

42. I know that you are 20 years old today but to me, you’ll always be my cute little niece.
Happy birthday, baby.

43. Happy birthday my beautiful niece.
As you turn 20 today, have the best of wishes and blessings.

44. You are like my younger sister and niece all in one.
I couldn’t love you more.
Cheers to big 20, wishing you beautiful moments.

45. Time to make new memories from your 20th year, I trust that you are more than ready.
Happy bday dear niece.

46. Happy belated birthday dear niece.
I’m so sorry that my birthday message is coming in later than it should.
I know that year 20 has started off nicely, keep it up.

47. Young lady, how are you 20 years already?
I miss having you be my little cute niece but I totally love this incredible young lady that you’ve become.
Happy birthday pretty one.

48. It feels just like yesterday when you were my little princess.
Now you’re 20 and all grown up.
Happy birthday dear niece, enjoy year 20.

49. Happy birthday to the latest 20 year old in town.
Keep being your sweet and fabulous self.
All my love,
Your sweet aunt/uncle.

50. As far as I’m concerned, you are officially the most amazing 20 years old in the world.
Happy birthday to the cutest niece in the world.

Happy 20th Birthday to My Niece

Happy birthday to you, my darling. You are growing into a beautiful young lady and I can’t wait to see how amazing your 20th year will be.
A big happy birthday to you my beautiful niece, have the best of today.

51. From a proud uncle to my favourite niece, happy 20th birthday my dear.
Have the best of today.

52. No matter how old you get, you’re always going to be my young niece.
Cheers to the best of year 20.
Happy birthday, dear.

53. Happy birthday dear grand niece, I celebrate your 20th birthday because you’re such a special girl.
Have an incredibly special year ahead.

54. Thank you for being such a great niece and an all-around amazing human.
I hope that your 20th birthday will bring you lots of love and happiness.

55. Happy birthday to you my beautiful niece, I do know that your 20th year on earth will be incredibly successful and all shades of beautiful.

56. I genuinely cannot believe that you are 20 years old today.
Where did the time go?
You are still my baby niece and nothing will change that.

57. You are the best niece anyone could ever ask for.
I hope that you have the best of your 20th birthday and every other day after.

58. I can’t believe that my twin nieces turn 20 today.
What a joy you both are to me and the family.
Birthday blessings to you both.

59. To the most adorable niece to ever exist, happy 20th birthday to you my darling.
No alcohol today(insert wink emoji) not yet but do have so much fun.

60. The loveliest of birthday to my lovely niece.
You are such a star and you’ll shine so bright in this 20th year of your life.

61. I know that I’m a little late but I still needed to send you my best wishes.
Belated happy birthday to you my dear.
Cheers to you having the best of year 20.

62. Whether you’re 12 or 20, you’ll always be my adorable niece.
Happy 20th birthday my dearest.
You are loved so much.

63. I can’t put into words how proud I am of you.
Every day, you show everyone how beautiful your heart is.
Keep inspiring me young one.
Happy 20th birthday, my darling.

64. I’m looking at your photos today, how cute and adorable you have always been.
I celebrate you for the incredibly amazing 20 year old lady that you are today.

65. Sending you all the birthday love and best wishes to kickstart your 20th year.
All the love from your favourite aunt to the most awesome niece.
Cheers baby!

66. Congratulations on your 20th year on this planet.
I know that you’ll have the most exciting year ever.
Happy birthday dear niece.

67. You deserve all the happiness in the world because you’re the most precious niece in the world.
I hope you find your 20th year as beautiful and rewarding.
Happy birthday, dear.

68. Not too long ago, you were a little kid running around the house, today you’re 20!
Happy birthday, my darling niece, I love you.

69. You have come a long way kiddo and there are still so many beautiful and healthy years ahead for you.
My beloved niece, happy 20th birthday to you.

70. It’s almost unbelievable that you are a 20 year old already.
Happy birthday sweet niece, wishing you memorable and rewarding moments for your new age.

71. My baby niece is now an adult!
You are one of the best things about my life and I hope that you have only the best of experiences for your 20th year.
Happy birthday, baby.

72. No matter how old you get, you’ll always be my baby girl and adorable niece.
Happy 20th birthday to you.

73. I want you to know that you can always count on me to have your back.
Happy birthday, baby, cheers to an exciting 20th year for you.

74. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that my little girl of yesterday is now 20 years old.
What a special and brilliant lady you have turned into.
Happy birthday dearest niece.

75. I thank God for this beautiful day.
Indeed, I am filled with joy as I wish you a happy 20th birthday.
I love you so much.

20th Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Niece

It’s my favourite niece’s birthday(this is our little secret).
There is no birthday msg that will convey my wishes enough.
A birthday song for you will be coming right up.
Enjoy your 20th year to the fullest.
Happy birthday, my darling.

76. To my forever cute niece and nephew, happy birthday to you both.
Best wishes on your 20th birthday.

77. You are not just my niece, you are like a daughter to me and I celebrate you today and always.
Happy 20th birthday, my dear.

78. Happy birthday to you my niece in law.
Welcome to the big 20, I hope it’s as amazing as you need it to be.

79. You are fast becoming my adult baby.
Hopefully, I’ll be with you every step of the way.
Happy 20th birthday princess.

80. Promise me that I can still call you my little one(insert heart emojis).
Sending prayers up for your birthday, happy 20th little one.

81. The big 20 is finally here for you!
I’m so excited for you kiddo.
I can’t wait to see you excel and flourish.
Happy birthday baby girl.

82. Wishing the most amazing niece to ever exist a beautiful 20th birthday.
Have fun my darling and enjoy your day.

83. It feels like a dream watching you become this incredibly beautiful young lady.
I hope that your 20th year is as amazing as you are.

84. My baby is 20 years old today, it’s almost unbelievable.
Thank you for being an absolutely perfect niece and a source of joy to everyone.
Have an excellent year.

85. So much time has passed yet you’re still my darling niece who makes me incredibly happy.
Happy 20th birthday to you baby, best wishes.

86. I miss you being so little but I can’t wait to see how you navigate this new stage of your life.
Happy birthday dear niece, cheers.

87. You will always be my baby niece and I’ll always be your favourite aunt(insert wink emoji).
Happy 20th birthday my darling, have the best of it.

88. I wish that you’ll see my heart so that you’ll know just how proud I am of you.
Keep flourishing dear niece, happy birthday to you.

89. I hope that I’m one of the first people to wish you a beautiful birthday today.
Happy 20th birthday my baby, I love you.

90. Extremely blessed to be your uncle.
Happy birthday to you dear niece, you will definitely have an excellent year.

91. You just became the most awesome 20 year old in the world.
Happy birthday dear niece.

92. To the smartest and sweetest girl I know, happy 20th birthday to you darling.
Your auntie has your back one hundred percent.

93. The niece of the year and the love of my life, keep excelling my darling.
Have the best of your 20th year.

94. From a cute little girl to this amazing young lady of today, I couldn’t be more thankful for your growth and progress.
Cheers to your 20th year and may it be incredibly beautiful.

95. Life was easier when all you wanted was sweets and candies(insert laughing emoji).
You’re probably the sweetest 20 year old I know.
Happy birthday, darling.

96. I loved you as a baby and that love has only ever grown stronger.
I celebrate your 20th birthday with you, happy birthday, dear niece.

97. There are not enough words for everything I want to say to you but just know that I feel so blessed to have you as my niece.
Year 20 will be amazing for you.

98. Everything about today makes me so emotional.
My baby niece is now a 20 year old.
I wish you so much success and happiness in abundance.
Happy birthday, baby.

99. I have always believed in you and I always will.
Your 20th year will be as amazing as you want it to be.
Happy birthday, princess.

100. To my dearest niece who makes me feel absolutely blessed to be an uncle, I wish you a happy 20th birthday.
All the best for today and beyond.

Coming to the end of this post, I feel so excited and for some reason, I cannot wait for my nieces to turn 20 so that I can send them some of these happy 20th birthday wishes messages and quotes to my niece.

For every birthday wish you choose to go with, I have no doubt that your niece will absolutely love it.

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