20th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Happy 20th Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom & Dad

Birthdays are indeed special because they give a feeling of the day one was born. Its significance can not be overemphasized as it happens just once in a year.

Twentieth birthday, on the other hand, is of greater significance, as it represents a great milestone because it marks two decades of existence.

Now, making emphasis on the twentieth birthday of your daughter: this should be given great attention because it is said that daughters are soft-hearted, and they love it when given all the possible attention and care.

So, in a bid to show your daughter you care, below is a perfectly picked collection of 20th birthday wishes for daughter. There were made with you and your daughter in mind. Don’t forget It’s 2023 and your daughter deserves the best this year. So, go ahead, read them and put a smile on your daughter’s face by sending one to her.

Twentieth Birthday Wishes Quotes for Daughter from Mom or Dad

1. Happy birthday, my dear, I’m forever thankful to God for giving me a daughter like you. I pray that the blessings of God rest upon you. Amen.

2. Happy birthday to you my darling daughter, you are the best thing that happened to me. My prayer for you on your special day is for God to grant you peace and more years.

3. I look at you and my heart is filled with joy, I pray that same joy fills your heart. Happy Birthday, my dear.

4. Happy birthday, my lovely daughter, I love you from the bottom of my heart, I may not say this often but you really do mean a whole lot to me.

5. Dear daughter, I will forever thank the heavens for giving you to me. You are everything I dreamt of and everything I pictured in a daughter. Happy birthday, dear, I love you.

6. Breath, live and love, that’s what I want for you, dear. Happy twentieth birthday.

7. Joy fills my heart today as though I’m the celebrant. These first twenty years of your existence have been full of memories. I pray we make more life memories. Happy birthday, daughter.

8. I might have made a few mistakes in my life but giving birth to you is one of the best things that has happened to me. Happy birthday, my dear daughter, I love you.

9. Happy birthday, my daughter, I pray you will be strengthened to live this next phase of your life to the full. I love you.

10. Happy birthday, dear, may your years to come be packed with sweetness, peace of mind and length of days.

You can choose to make your daughter smile and make her know you care about her special day by sending her any of these 20th birthday wishes for daughter.

11. Even as you mark your birthday today, may your eyes be opened to see God’s purpose for your life. Happy birthday, my lovely daughter.

12. I pray that God grants you determination and zeal to carry on in this next phase of your life. Happy Birthday.

13. I pray God gives you a burning desire because a burning desire gives you reasons to press on even when all the odds are against you. Happy birthday, dearest.

14. How time flies, I remember when you used to cry so loud till my ears itch. I pray your tears be gone and your lips filled with smiles. Happy birthday, my love.

15. Happy birthday, my lovely daughter, reach for the stars, spread your wings and fly. I love you.

16. A new age comes with a new responsibility and as you mark your new age, my prayer for you is that your accountability be increased. Happy birthday, daughter.

17. Even as you grow in age, I pray that you grow in wisdom and understanding. Happy birthday, my dear.

18. As you grow in age I pray you will be far from unreasonable and corruptive influences of the world. Happy birthday.

19. Happy birthday, dear, may your path be filled with good tidings and perpetual bliss.

20. I pray that in this new phase of your life, lines are falling unto you in pleasant places and all things are working together for your good. Happy birthday, my daughter.

There are so many ways to wish your daughter a happy twentieth birthday. Amongst others, you can wish your daughter a happy twentieth birthday with words of prayer from these 20th birthday wishes for daughter.

21. As you grow, I pray you to receive the grace to achieve your dreams and all you have set out to achieve in life. Happy birthday, my beautiful daughter.

22. Happy birthday my beautiful daughter, when I see you I see a replica of me and I’m indeed proud of the woman you are becoming. I love you, my dear.

23. I pray that the blessings of God rest upon you, your life shall be clothed with testimonies. Happy birthday, daughter.

24. Having a daughter like you is one thing I don’t take likely, you are a smarter version of me. I pray you to grow to become great and achieve all the good things I never did. Happy birthday, dear.

25. The joy you bring to me is not something words can explain, I pray that the joy of the Lord never ceases from your life. Happy birthday, my lovely daughter.

26. Growth is a process, and as you pass through that process, I pray for strength to face the good and tough times and that you always come out a victor. Happy birthday, my baby girl.

27. Life is clothed with stages and in this stage of your life, my prayer is that you will triumph over every circumstance of life. Happy birthday.

28. As you approach this hurdle of life, I pray for determination to finish the race. Happy birthday, dearest.

29. Twenty is a pleasant age to whisper in the ears. I pray that as you clock twenty all the good things of life will gravitate towards you. Happy birthday.

30. Your days will be blessed and your nights clothed with peace. Happy birthday, dear.

If you want to wish your daughter a happy twentieth birthday with some motivation, then stress no more because these 20th birthday wishes for daughter is the answer to your quest.

31. When you were born, as you cried, I smiled because in you I saw a star. So shine on my child. Happy birthday.

32. Today you turn twenty, so I wish you twenty folds of blessings, increase and grace. Happy birthday.

33. Happy birthday my daughter, as you turn twenty I pray that where people will enter and fail, you will come out victorious.

34. Happy birthday, dear. May your lips be filled with laughter and your path with perpetual bliss.

35. Dear daughter, it’s your birthday and I pray you will not only be celebrated on your birthday but you will be celebrated every single day of your life. Happy birthday.

36. Happy birthday to you my dear, I pray that God will decorate your life with everything good. I love you.

37. It’s a new level for you and this new level will not just add to your age but it adds to your wisdom and abilities. Happy birthday.

38. Happy birthday to you dear, just as today is filled with good memories so shall every other day of your life be filled with good moments.

39. I have always pictured this day where you will step into womanhood. I pray God grants you good health, testimonies and songs of joy.

40. When you came into my life you brought that completeness, you filled the gap that has been missing. Happy birthday my love.

Just in case it’s your sons birthday and not your daughter, don’t fright, you can as well use any of these 20th birthday wishes for daughter. All you need do is change the word “daughter” and replace it with “son” as needed.

41. Happy twentieth birthday my daughter, as you continue in your journey of life my prayer is that you will be the one to set the pace amongst your peers. I love you dearly.

42. Happy birthday dearie, you are a star, brighter you will shine and your light will forever illuminate your world. I love you.

43. Dear daughter, even as you grow life will come with more responsibilities so you are expected to increase in accountability. Happy birthday.

44. May your purpose be made plain and your path is made clear. Happy birthday.

45. It’s your twentieth birthday, life will frown at you sometimes but be strategic and turn every frown to a smile. Happy birthday.

46. Don’t let the storms of life drown you, instead, be the storm. Happy birthday, my beautiful daughter.

47. As you go through life, peradventure you fall, don’t forget to jump back on your feet with your heads up high. Happy birthday, my dear.

48. Happy birthday, dear, remain focused and positive. With these, your walk through life will be a smooth ride.

49. Dear daughter, define your self because if you don’t someone else will. Happy birthday. I love you.

50. Happy birthday my dear, don’t forget to dream, dream big, so big and when you are done, launch out to achieve it.

You can choose to make your daughter smile today. And that’s why I made these 20th birthday wishes, especially for your daughter.

51. Happy birthday my daughter, my prayer for you is that the light of God will shine in every path that the soles of your feet shall tread upon. I love you.

52. Dear daughter, dare to be you and be the best version of you. Happy birthday.

53. Happy birthday, my child, I’m proud of your journey so far. I wish you more success and achievements ahead. I love you.

54. Happy birthday dear, I don’t just want to wish you a long life but a prosperous one. Remain blessed, I love you.

55. Happy twentieth birthday love, as you age may this kind of celebration never cease from your life.

56. I pray that the goodness and mercies of the Lord never cease from your life and always you will walk in the fullness of God. Happy birthday.

57. I don’t just want to pray for you to walk in abundance but my prayer is that you walk in superabundance, having more than enough to be a blessing to the life of others. Happy birthday, darling.

58. Exceeding grace to excel even where others have failed is what I wish you on your twentieth birthday. Happy birthday, my dear daughter.

59. Dear daughter, life is a race so maintain your pace in this race of life. Happy birthday.

60. I pray that even as you mark a new age, the grace of God will be upon your life to achieve all that God has set for you to achieve. Happy birthday.

By the time your daughter reads any of these 20th birthday wishes for daughter, she will have a strong assurance of the love you profess.

61. Dear daughter, follow your dreams, be the star that you are, shine and don’t forget to illuminate your world. Happy birthday. I love you.

62. Happy birthday my lovely Angel, thanks for coming into my world and for blessing my life. I love you.

63. The day you were born, I thanked Heaven, and up till this day, I still do. I’m proud of the woman you are becoming. Happy birthday.

64. May your days be merry, and your nights filled with peace. Happy birthday my Angel. I love you.

65. Trust the process, one drop at a time, a pond will be formed. Happy birthday my child. I love you.

66. Against all odds, may your light still shine. Against all storms, may your ship still sail. Happy birthday, I love you.

67. Keep your head up high, chin up, chest out, square up and launch out in life’s course. Happy birthday, dearie.

68. Keep your life batteries well charged because as you journey through life, you will need all the energy you can get. Happy birthday.

69. As you make progress, different distractions will come your way but refuse to be distracted so that you can finish your course. Happy birthday.

70. Happy birthday, my dear, I’m proud to say that I gave birth to an amazing personality like you. Enjoy your day but remember to stay safe. I love you dearly.

The significance of these 20th birthday wishes for daughter cannot be over emphasized as they help strengthen the bond between you and your daughter.

71. It’s your twentieth birthday, so plan on making memories, ones that will live even after you leave. Happy birthday my dearest.

72. Let the mountains sing and the trees clap their hands in praises to you. Happy twentieth birthday my queen. I love you.

73. Happy birthday, my dear, my prayer for you is that as you mark your twentieth birthday, the eyes of your understanding will be flooded with light and your path will be made clear.

74. Happy birthday to you my love, I pray that the goodness of the Lord rests upon you and that your head be crowned with grace.

75. Happy birthday my dear, as you mark a new age, I pray there will be an unveiling of the glory of God in your life.

76. May this new age take away all the negatives and mark a new chapter of positivity in your life. I love my dear, happy birthday.

77. I decree upon you today, blessings, peace and joy. Happy birthday my beloved daughter. I love you from the depth of my heart.

78. This new age will not just add to your years but it will add to your relevance in life. Happy birthday my dear.

79. I pray that as you turn twenty, you will break forth on every side, basking in super abundance. Happy birthday my love.

80. Happy twentieth birthday dear, I pray that as you mark today, every disappointment is far from your life. I love you.

Some parents prefer blessing their daughters with words of prayer. And I have specially arranged some powerful prayer messages in this collection of 20th birthday wishes for daughter.

81. From today henceforth, unspeakable grace and favour will envelop your life. Happy birthday my damsel.

82. Happy birthday my dear, walk in love and may the peace of the Lord abide in your heart.

83. Dear daughter, it’s my desire that you be fearless, launch out because the world is waiting for your manifestation. Happy twentieth birthday.

84. Dreams are free, so dream big, big enough for God to fit in. Happy twentieth birthday my princess, I love you dearly.

85. May this twentieth birthday mark a fresh beginning in your life. Happy birthday, I love you.

86. Live above limitations, set targets and achieve them. Happy twentieth birthday my jewel. I love you.

87. Happy birthday my pearl, I pray that as you mark your twentieth birthday today, every barrier in your life is divinely removed and your path be made clear.

88. Dear daughter, you are my priceless jewel, the one that makes me smile, my reason to push. Happy twentieth birthday to you.

89. As you celebrate your birthday today, everything concerning you is being made perfect. Happy birthday, darling.

90. Happy birthday my dear, begin this new age with positivity, let your heart contain zero negativity. I love you.

These collections of 20th birthday wishes for daughter is of high significance because unlike calls your daughter can read them up anytime she misses you and wants to get a feeling of your love.

91. Dear daughter, as you mark today, kindly take out time to think about your journey so far and plan for the future. Happy birthday.

92. Happy birthday my priceless jewel, in this new phase of your life, open your eyes to see possibilities. I love and care about you.

93. May your root be deep, and your anchor be firm to withstand all the storms life brings. Happy twentieth birthday my love.

94. With an open mind reach out for your dreams, keep pushing till you will have to push no more. Happy birthday.

95. As you go forth in life, see with the eyes of another, listen with the ears of another and feel with the heart of another. Happy twentieth birthday baby.

96. Dear daughter, my desire is that you relentlessly pursue your goals, be committed to achieving your dreams and with that, the stars will be your place to take off. Happy birthday.

97. Give all you can, make your life count and let your light glow. Happy birthday, dear.

98. Happy birthday, my dear, my prayer for you is that you increase in wisdom and understanding. I love you.

99. As you journey through life, there will be tough times but quitting shouldn’t be an option, cause successful people don’t quit. Happy twentieth birthday.

100. It’s your day, enjoy the party but please be safe. Happy twentieth birthday my beautiful angel. I love you dearly.

I believe this was of great benefit to you. So why not comment on your favourite 20th birthday wishes for daughter and how you felt while you were going through them. Don’t forget to also share so others can as well benefit from this.

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