Belated Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife

Birthdays are literally one of the most important days in a person’s life with each year that comes by. It is not out of place that your loved ones would expect you to not only remember their birthday but also to send best wishes and prayers to them as they celebrate on this special day.

When this loved person is your wife, it becomes a whole new conversation because that’s a birthday you should never skip, like ever. A birthday message from you is like love letters to make your wife feel special on her special day, so imagine not doing that for her. This is not the time for unfounded excuses of any sort and sorry for missing your birthday messages may come in handy for you.

Belated birthday wishes exist for moments like this although I sincerely hope that you have set a reminder in time for your wife’s birthday next year. Be it quotes, a little bit of humour, prayers or sincere wishes with the perfect blend of apologies, go through the list of belated birthday wishes for wife and find the perfect belated birthday wish for your wife.

Happy Belated Birthday to My Wife

I was caught up in all the excitement of your birthday that I forgot to send you an actual birthday message.
It’s my absolute wish that you’ll have a year that is not only as beautiful as you are but also immensely rewarding.
Happy belated birthday, babe.

The first 3 things to do if you miss your wife’s birthday

1. For this year, I wanted to know what it feels like to wish you a happy belated birthday.
Keep winning and breaking new grounds.

2. I already wished you a happy birthday but I still felt like I needed to wish you a happy belated birthday.
I know that you’re doing great.

3. I wasn’t able to send you a birthday message because I was busy showing you so much birthday love.
Have a fantastic after birthday.

4. This is my little token of birthday love for you.
It’s late but it still has all my best wishes and prayers for your new age.
Happy belated birthday, my darling.

5. This is a post birthday message to let you know that I’m rooting for you as always.
I love you so much.

6. Welcome to another year of your life where I’ll love you through everything.
Belated happy birthday, dear.

7. I promise to be the first person to wish you a happy birthday next year.
For now, happy belated birthday, my dear.

8. To the sweetest wife and partner, happy belated birthday.
I have every intention to make it up to you.

9. I didn’t forget your birthday, I only forgot to send you a birthday message (insert wink emoji).
Happy belated birthday, sweetheart.

10. Cheers to a happy belated birthday, my darling.
It will never be late as far as it’s coming from me (insert wink emoji).

11. I just wanted to know what sending a belated birthday wish feels like(insert laughing emoji), happy belated birthday, baby.

12. I was so invested in celebrating your birthday with you that I forgot to send an actual birthday message.
Happy belated birthday, honey.

13. Happy belated birthday sweetheart, let it be on record that I sent you a birthday wish even if it’s coming a title late.

14. I have already said so many things to you as you begin your new age, I also wanted to wish you a happy belated birthday.

15. Honey, I wouldn’t feel okay if I didn’t send you a birthday wish even if it’s a day late.
I want you to have such an incredibly amazing year ahead.
Happy belated birthday.

16. It was never the plan to send a late birthday wish but I couldn’t help it, I hope you understand.
Best wishes my darling, happy belated birthday.

17. I’ll absolutely do better next year.
For this year, I hope you have so much progress at work and with everything.
Happy belated birthday sweetheart.

18. Happy belated birthday babe. It’s not the perfect early birthday message I was aiming for but my heartfelt wishes for you are that your new age will be even more amazing and exciting.

19. So sorry that my birthday text for you is coming in late this year.
Cheers to what will be an awesome year for you.
Happy belated birthday dear, I love you so much.

20. Your beautiful life will get even more beautiful and amazing.
Cheers to a belated birthday for you.

21. Technically it’s still your birthday week(insert wink emoji), wishing you lots of love and happiness.

22. You always say that you celebrate your birthday for a whole week.
So happy belated birthday babe.

23. To the love of my life and forever best friend, happy belated birthday dear.
You will undoubtedly have your best year yet.

24. This is your year of grand success and so much love(insert wink emoji) and not even a late birthday wish from me can stop that.

25. Thank you for being the most amazing wife this past year, I hope that your new chapter will be even more amazing.
Happy belated birthday darling.

Belated Happy Birthday Messages to Wife

It means so much to me to see you happy and thriving.
It’s not okay that I was unable to send you a happy birthday message on your special day.
You deserve everything great and wonderful for your new age and beyond.
Belated happy birthday to you, my darling.

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26. I was so focused on keeping you happy yesterday that I totally forgot to send a birthday message.
Belated happy birthday, honey, the best of best wishes to you.

27. Belated happy birthday sweetheart, I’ll definitely set an early reminder for next year.
Now, go ahead and have a deservingly wonderful new age.

28. We had so much fun yesterday that I forgot to send you a birthday message.
Belated happy birthday honey, do have a fantastic birthday.

29. I have already set a reminder to make sure that I send you an early birthday message next year.
Belated greetings to you, my love, remained blessed.

30. I heard you saying that you have never received a belated birthday message so I decided to send you one.
Belated happy birthday darling, keep celebrating.

31. Since you’re still in the birthday celebration mood, I figured that I should send you another birthday message, this time around; a belated one.
Cheers, honey.

32. Sent you a pre-birthday text, one on your birthday and this is just me completing that cycle by sending you a belated happy birthday.
I love you so much.

33. You’re always in my heart and not even a late birthday message can change that.
Best wishes sweetheart.

34. I know you had a great birthday because I was right there with you.
Belated happy birthday my love.

35. Your birthday message has been sitting in my draft for quite some time, unfortunately, I forgot to send it on time.
I love you so much and I wish you an incredibly successful new age.
A belated birthday to you.

36. Please give me a chance to wish you a happy birthday albeit a belated wish.
I love you so much and I hope that you have an unbelievably blessed new age.

37. This is my second chance at wishing you a happy birthday.
The best of belated birthday wishes to you my darling.

38. To the queen of my heart, belated happy birthday dear.
May your new age be everything good and kind for you.

39. I love you and I wouldn’t miss wishing you a happy birthday for anything in the world even if it’s a late one.
You will have an awesome year, amen.

40. It’s just a few seconds past midnight, does it count as a late birthday wish?
Belated happy birthday to you my love.

41. Belated happy birthday to you my most precious one.
I love you with all my heart and I wish that this was coming a little earlier.
Do have an excellent year.

42. Maybe we’ll watch the stars tonight as I explain to you why this is coming late.
Belated happy birthday baby.

43. Thank you for understanding even when you don’t have to.
Happy post-birthday wishes, continue to blossom and be at your best.

44. I’m here for you as you navigate this new age, to love and support you all through.
Happy belated birthday, honey.

45. Time and time again, I’ll always be here for you.
Enjoy your after birthday goodness and may it last you the entire year.

46. I may not have sent you an early birthday message but just know that I’m here for you in all the ways that I can be.
I love you.

47. This is me saying that I’m sorry for sending this late but also wishing you an incredibly beautiful new age.
Sorry babe, I love you so much.

48. This is a one-time thing, I promise that it will never happen again.
All my love to you as you begin another chapter of your life.
Belated happy birthday, dear.

49. It’s so unlike me not to send your birthday message on time, I’m so sorry.
I will never stop rooting for you as I’m sure that you will have a fantastic year.

50. With so much love and apologies, I wish you a belated happy birthday.
Best wishes and success for your new age.
Love, your darling husband.

Belated Birthday Blessings for Wife

I was unable to send you an early birthday message and I’m sorry.
As you begin this new age of your wonderful life, I pray that God will open new doors of opportunities and blessings for you to shine and excel in everything.
Belated happy birthday, darling.

51. Wishing you God’s guidance and love for your new age.
Enjoy the rest of your birthday week.
I love you.

52. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things that you’ll do in this new year because God will see you through, amen.
Belated happy birthday dear.

53. My late birthday message won’t stop God from blessing you as abundantly as you deserve.
I love you, sweetheart.

54. Thanking God for your new age and asking for His favour to lead you through the rest of the year.
A belated happy birthday, darling.

55. This is a year of positivity and endless rewarding opportunities.
Remain blessed my dear wife.
So sorry for the late birthday message.

56. Grateful that I have you and for your new age.
May the Lord’s blessings be upon you through the year.
Belated happy birthday dear.

57. A belated happy birthday to you my dear wife, my prayer for your new age is that you will find so much happiness and joy all around.

58. In this new season of your life, may joy and peace come your way at all times.
I really am sorry for the late message.
Have a beautiful post-birthday.

59. I’m a few minutes late to your birthday and that’s not okay.
Going forward, it won’t happen again.
Praying for all-around blessings for your new age, amen.

60. It’s still your birthday week so I’m praying that God will continue to shower his love and blessings upon you.

61. Belated birthday blessings to the wife of my youth.
Your days will be great and filled with happiness, amen.

62. Belated birthday greetings to you my love, may God’s light shine on your path throughout the year and beyond.

63. I will do all that I can for you but God’s grace is ever needed in your life and I pray that He will always be there for you.
A belated happy birthday dear.

64. Wishing you God’s choicest blessings for this new chapter of your life.
Have yourself an incredibly beautiful year.

65. I pray that you’ll always bask in God’s love as you go through every day of your new year.
Wishing you a happy belated birthday.

66. Kindly forgive my not so early birthday message.
May God reward each of your efforts with incredible success, amen.
Love you sweetheart.

67. I love you so much and I’m so sorry for sending this later than usual.
Belated happy birthday darling, God will always be with you and us, amen.

68. God knows that I want nothing but the best for you at all times.
Belated happy birthday to you my love.

69. God’s blessings for you is all I see in your new age.
Happy belated birthday dear.

70. In every timeline of my life, I want you to be as happy as you can be and God will do just that for you.
Also, please forgive my late birthday message.

71. Belated happy birthday darling, it’s your year of special blessings and beautiful days, amen.

72. I can’t believe that I’m sending you a late birthday message but you should know that it won’t stop God from blessing you abundantly with all the things you need for your new age.

73. I want you to succeed in all that you do.
I want you to go higher and I want God to bless you so much for me.
Happy belated birthday my darling wife.

74. Belated birthday love to you my sunshine, welcome to your season of amazing moments and beautiful memories.

75. God will give you a reason to smile as much as possible and I’ll be assisting Him to do just that.
Belated happy birthday my love.

Belated Birthday Quotes for Wife

I may have missed sending your birthday message on time but you’re still the most important person in my heart and life.
The best of belated birthday wishes and love to you.
I love you so much dear and I’m more than happy to be your husband.

76. You are like the sun and it’s absolutely impossible to forget you.
A beautiful belated birthday to the sunshine of my life.

77. You’re always going to have a great year and that not negotiable.
Best wishes my darling.
Belated happy birthday to you.

78. Not the most ideal birthday message but best wishes for your new age my dear.
Don’t ever forget that I love you so much.

79. I got the day of the week mixed up and I’m so sorry.
I know that you’ll have an incredibly fantastic year ahead.

80. The best of belated birthday wishes to my favourite woman in the world.
Please, allow me make it up to you.

81. Belated happy birthday dear. I’m still celebrating the amazing wife and human that you are.
I’m still celebrating your new age

82. Celebrating you cannot be a one-day event (insert wink emoji), a belated happy birthday to you.
Best wishes dear.

83. Belated happy birthday to my superwoman, you make being a husband so fun and easy.
I hope that you have a stress free year ahead.

84. You are allowed to be mad at me this once but hear me out: belated happy birthday beautiful one, wishing you tons of success and happiness in your life.

85. Believe me when I tell you that this was not intentional.
Belated happy birthday to you dear.
I hope that you have such a great year.

86. From your dear husband who is deeply sorry for not sending an early birthday message, belated happy birthday to you my love.

87. If I could take back the hands of time a little bit, I would, so that I can send this message a little earlier.
A beautiful belated birthday to my darling wife.

88. I wish I had magic, I’ll make today your birthday all over again so that this birthday message would be an early one.
Belated happy birthday baby, cheers to an excellent new age for you.

89. If travelling back in time was a real thing, I’ll go back and make this right.
Since it’s not, belated happy birthday my love, beautiful wishes to you.

90. The way I feel about you has nothing to do with the timing of this birthday message.
You’re still the most special person in my life and I wish you a very special year.

91. You’re still my favourite person on earth and I’m sorry that my birthday message couldn’t come sooner.
Have a splendid year, I love you.

92. No matter how busy I was, I should have still made some time to send out my birthday message to you.
I love you and I wish you all the happiness that your beautiful heart can have.

93. Excuses are not an option here, I’m sorry.
Belated happy birthday to you.
I love you so much and I’m rooting for you all year round.

94. My dear wife, happy belated birthday to you.
I owe you big time and I’m sorry for the late birthday wish.
Wishing you all the love and comfort you need for your new age.

95. Please accept my sincerest apology for this not so early birthday wish.
Birthday love and blessings to you always.

96. I’ll do what I can to make this right, belated happy birthday my love.
I want nothing but the very best for you.

97. With all the love in my heart, I wish you a belated happy birthday.
It shall be a beautiful new age for you.

98. Sending you my one hundred percent love and support as you navigate your new age, happy belated birthday my sweetheart.

99. Know that your husband adores and loves you in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine.
Also, know that I’m sorry for this huge error on my part.
Belated happy birthday baby, love you endlessly.

100. Thank God we have forever for me to make this up to you.
Belated happy birthday my love.

Any of these belated birthday wishes for wife would make your wife feel better about you not sending her a birthday message on her special day.
You’ve got to do some other special stuff for her depending on preferences but a belated happy birthday message is definitely a good place to start.
Best wishes to you both.

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