Birthday Wishes for Someone Like a Mother to Me

Birthday Wishes for Someone Like a Mother to Me

Family is not restricted to blood ties and that’s the beautiful thing about the relationships we establish with people around us.
There are people who come into our lives and create such a special bond that they become like family too.

In your case, you have someone in your life who isn’t your mom but has gone ahead to become like a mother to you, that is pretty special. Mothers are amazing, so, for someone to become like a mother to you, that person must be incredibly amazing.

You don’t know how lucky you are that you have this woman in your life and if you needed a reminder, this is it. If you consider her like your mom, then you should show her love and celebrate her as much as you can, especially on her birthday. And I have written the best happy birthday wishes for someone like a mother to me.

You are in luck because I made sure to fill these birthday wishes, prayers and quotes with so much love and gratitude for the woman who is like a mother to you. Whichever birthday wishes you choose to pick, I’m certain that she will love it.

You can also send more than one birthday wish to your celebrant.
One more thing, I wish her a beautiful birthday.

Happy Birthday to Someone Like a Mother to Me

Life gave me a second mom in you and it makes me happier than words can express. I’m beyond thankful to have someone like you in my life and I thank God for adding another year to your already wonderful life. Happy birthday ma, more blessings to you.

1. You are like a mother to me and I celebrate you today as you begin a new age. Blessings and blessings to you all around.
Happy birthday, ma’am.

2. Absolutely excited to celebrate you today.
Happy birthday, ma, thank you for always having my back.

3. Happy birth anniversary to the wonderful woman who has taken me like her own child.
I hope you have an incredibly beautiful birthday.

4. I celebrate you every day I can but today is special because it’s your birthday.
I’m thankful for your new age.
Enjoy your special day.

5. On a special day like this, I celebrate the special woman that you are.
You shall continue to excel abundantly.
Happy birthday.

6. Dear (insert celebrant’s name), I have loved getting to know you and I don’t take your presence in my life for granted.
Have a wonderful birthday.

7. The day is yours to be happy and rejoice.
Happy birthday to you.
Thank you for taking me as your child.

8. Let today mark the beginning of another special year in your life.
Have a beautiful birthday, ma.

9. I celebrate you just as I would celebrate my mom.
Happy birthday, mom, may the year bring you more happiness and success.

10. My life is a lot better because I have you, thank you for being like a mother to me.
Enjoy your special day, happy birthday.

Birthday Prayer Messages for Someone Like a Mother

To say that you are like a mother to me is an understatement.
I appreciate you a lot and I thank God that I met someone like you.
Thank you for your abundance of kindness towards me.
I pray that God showers you with kindness and goodness.
Happy birthday, ma.

11. With love and a grateful heart, I thank God for adding another beautiful year to your life.
You shall receive heavenly blessings today and always.
Happy birthday, ma.

12. My heart is filled with gratitude for the love you continually show me.
Happy birthday, mom.

13. I am inspired by the woman that you are and I thank God for you always.
Do have an incredibly successful year ahead, happy birthday.

14. You are just like a mom to me and I am beyond thankful for your birthday.
I pray that you have the best of today and that your new age is filled with the good things of life.

15. Consider this a token of my love and gratitude that you are in my life.
May God grant you great health and wealth for your new age.

16. You became like a mother to me and life became a lot easier for me.
I pray that God will make life a lot easier for you, happy birthday ma.

17. Your kindness is second to none and you are indeed amazing.
God’s blessings and grace are yours now and always, happy birthday to you.

18. The love you show me is beyond words and I can’t thank you enough for everything.
Happy birthday ma’am, may God be with you always.

19. Your actions towards me resembles the love of a mother for her child, thank you so much.
I pray for God’s blessings on you always, happy birthday ma.

20. May this new chapter of your life be the best so far, amen.
Enjoy your day ma, happy birthday.

Birthday Quotes for Someone Like a Mother

In you, I found a woman who is like a mother to me; a gift and a blessing. I bless the day I met you and I hope that you have the birthday that you deserve; one filled with so much love and happiness. Have yourself a beautiful birthday.

21. You are the best second mom anyone could ask for, thank you for loving me like your own child.
Have a wonderful birthday.

22. Thanks to you, I have two mothers and that is pretty amazing.
Happy birthday, mom, enjoy this special day.

23. A big cheers for your birth anniversary, I appreciate you more than words can describe.
Have the best of today, happy birthday ma.

24. I find it so cool that I have someone who is like a mother to me, thank you.
I hope you have an excellent birthday.

25. You didn’t give birth to me but you treat me just like your own child.
I join you to celebrate your birth anniversary and I wish you all the joy and happiness that comes with a new age.

26. I celebrate you today because I appreciate your presence in my life.
You are an absolutely amazing woman.
Have a beautiful birthday.

27. You have made my life incredibly amazing just by being in it.
I wish you the happiest of birthday and a beautiful celebration.

28. I love you just the way I love my mom.
I’m grateful for your new age, sending you my best wishes and prayers.

29. You went from being a woman I know to be like a mother to me; that’s incredible.
I hope you enjoy this special day of yours, happy birthday.

30. I don’t know how it happened but you have become very much like a mother to me and I love it.
Today, I wish you a happy birthday and the best of wishes to you.

Without a doubt, I know that you have picked a couple of birthday wishes for the amazing woman who is like a mother to you.
I also have no doubt that she’ll love any one of the wishes you choose to send to her.

Make her feel special with the birthday wishes for someone like a mother to me.

PS. There’s no rule against sending multiple birthday wishes.
Go ahead and pick some more. You are welcome.

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