Good Night Family and Friends Quotes (2023)

Some family members and friends may live far from you and some may be close to you at night. Whether they are far away or close by, sending some lovely messages to them can make them feel loved.

Whether a day is stressful or not, sending any of loving quotes to your family and friends can help them unwind for the day. Also, you may update your status with some good night quotes for them if you are sure that some of your loved ones will see them before going to bed.

Won’t it be lovely if your loved ones go to bed thinking about how much you value them? Show that you value those in your inner cycle with any of these good night family and friends quotes.

Good Night Wishes Quotes for Your Family Members and Friends

This decision of your to give premium to your family and friends’ mental wellbeing is awesome; and I’m here to help fulfil the mandate of sending them to the dreamland with untold happiness for the night. So, here are good night wishes, messages and quotes for your family and dear friends to have the best of sweet dreams.

1. Top of the night to you. I believe that your day went well. I am only checking up on you. Please find ways to refresh after the day’s work. May you be refreshed through this night and may you wake up in good health. Sleep well dear.

2. It has been every night routine that I go to bed with the hope of having of you. There is no difference in the routine tonight; I hope you will be in my dreams tonight. Nice night dear.

3. Hi dear! Today may not have turned out as planned but that doesn’t mean we can’t do better tomorrow. So, sleep well and by tomorrow, wake up with the determination to put in your best again, Good night.

4. I hope you have a perfect sleep tonight and every night. This is my hope every night. Sleep like a baby and wake up strong.

5. Good evening this evening my dear wife. Each day I get to live my life with you and our children, I am happy. You may not be around tonight but know that I and our children have you in our hearts and we miss you.

6. I have this smile on my face just thinking of you. You are a sibling like no other. I know that I will be sleeping with a smile on face because the naughty memories we created when we were young are playing back as I type this message for you. Sleep well kid brother.

7. I always have a reason to be grateful and happy for you are a part of our family. I’m reaching out to members of the family tonight. As you sleep tonight after a stressful day, know that I care and sleep with that assurance.

8. I just want to wish you a beautiful, amazing and, lovely night rest. I am positive of greater days ahead. Good night, my good friend.

9. As you go to bed tonight, may you have good dreams and may those good dreams shall come true. God bless you my darling. Have a lovely night rest.

10. It will be a new month by 12 am tonight and I feel I should send you a happy new month message in advance. Happy new month in a few hours, dear friends. It is my prayer that God will make every moment in month work in our favour.

11. These days, I don’t struggle to come home at night because I know the sooner, I get home, the sooner I will see you. Good evening my dearest wife.

12. Good evening to my closest friend. I am not contacting you for something important, I am just getting in touch to let you know that I love you and I wish you have a great night rest.

13. The day is drawing to a close already and I feel I should use this cool moment of the day to remind you of how much I love you. Sometimes I think about how different my life would be if I had not met you. Truly, I am very grateful to have you in my life. Sleep like a baby.

14. As the night will turn into the day in some hours’ time, May tomorrow be a great day and may it be a day to do great things. May your light shine brighter like the brightness of the sun. I hope to see you tomorrow.

15. My knight, my love. Tonight, in your dream, you will triumph over every enemy. You will unwrap packages of wonderful blessings every single day and your joy shall know no bounds. And these dreams shall come to pass. Sweet dreams dear.

16. My prayer for you tonight is that God’s grace shall be abundant upon your life always and may joy, favour and peace be yours always. Have a splendid night rest.

17. Mum called to tell me of your achievements tonight. I have always trusted in your amazing ability to create wonderful things. You are a gift to our family and our generation at large. The world is yet to see the least of all the amazing wonders you are capable of. Shine on sweetheart. Good night dear.

18. As you go to sleep, I pray that the favour of God and man will envelop you throughout always. Blessings and honour will line your path. Have a good night rest.

19. As you sleep, may you have fresh ideas and refreshing inspiration that will catapult you into greatness. May your dreams show you multimillion-dollar ideas and solutions to life problems. Have a night filled with God’s instructions.

20. It is the beginning of the cool hours of the day and I use this medium to pray that life will be cool for us and every member of our family. My prayer for our family members is that we shall be all that we are created to be. Goodnight.

21. Good evening my Queen. You may not be beside me tonight but be rest assured that I imagine you are with me as always. I remember how you keep me calm with the way you look at me, full of passion and love. Have a good night sleep, my beautiful Queen.

22. Every night I think about how you make my life more meaningful and how lucky I am to have you in my life. Sleep like a baby and wake up strong and healthy. Good night my love.

23. As you sleep tonight, know that I look forward to seeing your beautiful face in the morning. Have a good night sleep, baby.

24. It’s the eve of our wedding and I cannot just wait to start waking up to see you beside me and you will next to me every single night. Good night darling, sweet dreams. Marry you tomorrow.

25. I think about the good memories of today and I can’t wait to have another one tomorrow with you. Thanks for visiting me today. I eagerly look forward to our next date. Sweet dreams dear.

26. Don’t let the failures of the past days keep you down. They are in the past. As you sleep tonight, cast your worries away and sleep peacefully because by the time you will wake up. You will wake up to an amazing new day of newness and possibilities. I’ve got your back baby. Good night love.

27. My dearest, I pray for you tonight that the sweetest, dreamiest, deepest sleep be with you tonight and always. I love you, sleep tight, dearest.

28. Good evening to the best husband in the world. Good evening to the best of men, the purest of hearts. Your best is yet to come, darling. As we sleep tonight, may God’s protection be on us and may we wake up strong in Jesus name, amen.

29. As you sleep tonight, be rest assured that you will wake up to a new phase of your life where your labour will be without sweat. You will enjoy plentiful harvest and your soul will be satisfied. A phase where all your dreams shall come true. Sleep well my dearest.

30. Top of the night to my very good friend. I don’t know how to identify a real friend until I met you. You are indeed a friend and a friend in need. Have a peaceful night rest, my friend.

31. Hey pretty, I need to tell you this even when I know I should be telling you physically. Did you know that even when I close my eyes, I see your face, I think of you, I must confess to you that I am in love with you? I will communicate with you tomorrow so we can fix when we can meet up and talk about this. Good night.

32. Hi dear! Check your phone and after reading this text from your lover and crown, just close your eyes. I will then hold you tight and I promise to keep you safe throughout the night. I love you, baby.

33. Did you know that I am honestly deeply and absolutely in love with you? I know that you know. I am only reminding you tonight so that my love will be the last thing on your mind as you go to sleep. See you in the morning, dearie.

34. Before we sleep, let me remind you that all my worries disappear when I see you next to me every night. You are a source of inspiration to me. Good night my darling.

35. Have I ever told you that you are my all and my everything from God? You are God’s blessing to me. Go to bed with a heart of peace. Goodnight my queen.

36. Good evening my lovely babe. As you go to bed tonight, my wish is that I will just be the man lying beside you every night; today, tomorrow and forever. Good night darling.

37. My dearest wife, you are my haven. My place of comfort. You give me peace of mind so much that even when I have a hard day, it doesn’t matter to me because I get to come home to you every night, sleep by you and wake up with you. Have a good night sleep, baby.

38. A lot is going on; there is a lot to think about and there is a lot to do, but one thing is for sure, I don’t want to miss telling you that I love you. I love you now and always sweetie. Good sweetheart.

39. My prayer to you tonight is that excellence will be a distinguishing factor in your life. Your light will shine so bright and all will come to partake of your glory. It shall be exceedingly well with you. Happy new month baby.

40. Place a smile on your face as you go to sleep. I have tried that several times and it seems there is a connection between the smile on my face and the sweet dreams I have. So, place a smile on your face and you will discover that you already know how to have a sweet dream. Have a great night rest filled with sweet dreams.

41. He that is in you is greater than every challenge or situation that is on your way now or that will ever will come your way. You have all it takes to overcome. Sleep with this assurance my darling.

42. I pray for you tonight that your hands are capable of greatness. You will do great exploits in life and I am sure that you will make me proud as always. Have a great night rest, my darling.

43. As the nights get darker and darker, you will see the stars that light up the sky. Just like those stars, you will be a shining diamond in the midst of this miry world and your brightness change your world. Good night dear.

44. Go to bed with the assurance that you are backed by the power of the Lord. You will excel and have cause to be thankful. Enjoy your night.

45. I wish you have the best dream tonight and I hope all your dreams come true. Nice night to you, my prince charming.

46. As you go to sleep tonight, the angels of the Lord shall encompass you and your family and may you be protected. I wish you the very best dream and I hope you wake up strong. Good night my sweet sister.

47. I wish that your life will be as beautiful as the radiance of the evening sunset and as colourful as the stars look in the dark sky at night. Nice night, my dear friend.

48. It is the end of another day of you in my life. I am happy to have you as a part of my life. I hope we will have many days to celebrate our togetherness till the end of life and I hope we will enjoy our togetherness to the fullest. Have a peaceful night rest, my one and only.

49. I pray that God will take your worries, failures and anxieties away from you as you go to bed tonight. Good night, my good friend.

50. I have been thinking of what to tell you tonight of how to remind you that I love you and I concluded that praying for you is the best of my options. So, I pray that may the breakthrough you deserve locate you. I pray that you will always have reasons to smile. Have a cool sleep.

51. Top of the night to you my dear brother. You are the companion God chose for me and I cannot but thank Him for giving you to our parents because you are the best person in my life. Truly blood is thicker than water. I love you lie no other.

52. Good day dearest friend. Tonight, I have you on my mind and I have it impressed on my heart to tell you that you will soar above every failure and disappointment always by the grace of God. A great night to you, my dearest friend.

53. Hi dear friend, did you know that ever since you have crossed my path, I have been experiencing joy unspeakable and abundance of happiness? I am telling you the truth. You have been a starter of good things in my life. I feel I should let you know dear. Thanks for your presence in my life. Have a great night, my lovely friend.

54. The silent moment of the night is a time to communicate to God. I have been praying to God for every member of our family. Be rest assured that God shall perfect everything that needs to be perfected in our lives. Good night dear sister.

55. As the day comes to an end, may the serenity of the night bring you bliss, peace of mind and body, and prosperity. Good night my dearest friend.

56. Good evening my beautiful friend, you were the talk of the office after you left. A guy asked me for your contacts. I will give you the full gist tomorrow. Just smile as you go to bed. Have a nice night.

57. Dear sis, before you sleep, please pray these prayer points. Lord I call to You, in your mercy, do not let me ever take the wrong step. Order my steps always and let me make decisions based on your leading always. Have a great night sisterly.

58. Good evening mo. Hope your day was not too stressful. I believe you are fine. It’s been a while you called me and that’s unusual. I am only checking on you, though. Have a great night rest ma.

59. Good evening kid sister. The God that gave directions to Joshua at different points of his ministry is the same God we serve. I know that you are at a point of taking life decisions and I pray that this same God will give you directions at every stage of your life; especially this your nuptial stage. Amen. Please know that you are always in my prayers. Good night dear.

60. Hi dear, can we just have a virtual family night devotion? Even if people do not know How COVID-19 has affected families, we both know that we would have been together now but for the restrictions on movements. So, imagine we are together and pray that all shall be well with us and our family at large. Have a great night rest, Till we see, I will keep missing you.

61. Good evening my far away husband. This message is just a reminder that I and the kids are missing you. We can’t wait for you to come back home. Signed by the whole house, including our dog. Smiles. Sweet dreams dear.

62. God, I thank You for providing for the needs of my friend today. I pray that You will provide for her tomorrow too. May she wake up tomorrow into sufficient provision. She shall not lack anything good always. Dear Lord, as You answer my prayer for my friend, answer all of my prayers too. Good night dear.

63. Hey dearies, this is not just a normal broadcast message. It is a prayer for me and everyone attached to me in one way or the other. The God of protection, I pray for me and everyone reading this that You will protect us from all forms of evil. We shall sleep under Your protection and we shall wake up in peace. Good night my family and friends.

64. Good evening Daddy. I know that I have not done this before but I am not contacting you for more money. Tonight, I am only contacting you to check on you. I believe that you are fine. Have a great night rest, sir.

65. Lord, I pray for me and every friend and family member who read my status tonight that You will be our help and You will guide our steps and light our ways. Amen.

66. Good evening dear. I know that I should have replied you before now but my day was so activities filled that I couldn’t pick up my phone to type. I believe that school is fine and you are preparing well for your exams. I will be sending you some cash soon. Take care dear.

67. Dear Lord as I and my family and friends will be going to sleep, grant us a sound sleep and bring to us sweet dreams and let our good dreams come to fulfilment.

68. Lord, as we go to sleep tonight, lead our spirit man so that we don’t fall in the trap of the enemy in our dreams. Help us to be smarter than the enemy and his devices. Amen.

69. Top of the night to you dear friend. Please while you pray tonight during your night devotion, include me in your prayers. I need your genuine prays. Thanks, dear.

70. My simple prayers for my family and friends are: Lord, make our ways straight. Let us not move in a circle. Be our guiding light. Amen.

71. Hey love, I am presently imagining how lovely it will be to lie beside you every night. Such a delight. Has it ever crossed your mind? Please share your fantasy with me. I love as always.

72. Dear kid brother. I want to remind you that you are loved by the family. Every day I pray to the Lord to help me to be more caring and loving to you. You mean a lot to me and our parents. Have a nice night rest my only sibling.

73. Top of the night to you dear child. I know that you are now an adult and I just want to tell you that you should always pray to God irrespective of how well you have thought through situations. Always tell God to let your mind be blessed and He should let your understanding of His word be open. Tell Him to be gracious to you and He should let His excellent spirit rest upon you.

74. I am sending you a bed and pillow of happy thoughts, to make you happy, to create wonderful dreams, a blanket and pyjamas of care, to comfort all night and a prayer to keep and protect you until morning. Good night dearest.

75. The day is a time to work and strive for a better tomorrow, the night is a time to get inspired by the great muse for a new day. Good night!

76. Whenever I come to think of how close you have always been by my side, to help in times of need, to support when am weak, to rise me when am down, to motivate me to keep pushing when all hope is lost and to inspire me to accomplish great things.

77. You are more than important to me and one in a million. Good night rest be other.

78. Have you ever thought of the kind of love we share? Have you ever reasoned the kind of bond that binds us together? Have you ever imagined what can separate us? Have you ever noticed how precious you are to me? Good night sis.

79. After experiencing a joyful day with you, the night couldn’t have been better without you by my side. Sweet dream and good night dear.

80. As you sleep tonight. The song that brings you joy and gladness, you have always long for, be release upon you. Special lullaby for you all through the night. Sweet dream.

81. Life is a continuous lesson. The more we live, the more we learn. I have realized all through my existence here on earth, that even when am forsaken and despised by others, you will always be there to stand by me and accept me for who I am. Thanks for always standing by me. Good night.

82. The night is a time we don’t have control and power over. A time to rest from the day’s activities. May the angel watch over you and give you a resounding good night rest.

83. I want to sincerely appreciate you for your kind gesture. Good night dear.

84. Silver and Gold cannot measure how valuable you are to me; Diamond will be an understatement. Your place in my life cannot be overemphasized; indeed you are more and closer than a brother to me. Sweet dream and good night rest. Help me Lord, so that as you bless me with great ideas, I may be able to execute them and achieve greater success, amen.

85. Unusual inspiration, ideas that rule is what I want God to bless you within this silent hour of the day and always, amen. Good night dear.

86. My dear, this is my wish for you: your mind will be sound tonight. You shall receive clear insights and understanding on issues concerning our lives and work. You shall excel in Jesus’ name, amen. Good night dear.

87. As you go to bed tonight, I pray for courage to overcome every of life’s challenges so much that no matter what comes your way, you receive grace to overcome. Good night dear.

88. This is my good night prayer. I pray that no matter how tough the world is, you will have the grace to be courageous in the face of every battle that comes my way. To every obstacle that will be thrown at you, you will have the strength to overcome. Please take time to pray before you sleep. Good Night dear.

89. The Lord God send His angels to protect you for me as you sleep tonight. Sleep like a baby and wake up strong like a giant. Good night love.

90. It’s the eve of a new month. I don’t know the message to text on the eve of a new month but since it’s a new month in a few hours, I wish you a happy new month in advance. May you experience boundless happiness and blessings in the new month and always. Good night my dearest friend.

91. Good evening birthday man. I was the first person to wish you a happy birthday this year, I am sending this message as at this time of the day to be the last person to wish you happy birthday this year too. Smiles. Happy birthday to you the umpteenth time. Good night my love.

92. To you my peaceful friend, I say good evening. Ever since we have been friends, you have never given me a headache for once. You are not one of those drama queens who will get offended easily, demand apology or demand for too much attention. I wish to tell you this in this peaceful part of the pay that you are peaceful. Have a peaceful night rest dear.

93. I pray for you as I pray for myself that God will remove every stumbling block on our way to success. Good night, my lovely friend.

94. The night is a powerful time of the day. So, I decree and declare in our lives that God will never cease to amaze you in every special way all the days of our lives. Good evening to the best brother in the world.

95. I am delighted hearing from you again after a long time. Your voice brings back the gracious memories we both share. I missed your company. Good night friend.

96. Good evening to the loveliest of all women. This is just to remind you that you are my choice and will choose you over and over again and again. Good night love.

97. Good evening dearest nephew, you have been in my thoughts all day long so much that I just have to send a message to you tonight. I care about you, take care. Good night from an aunt who loves you.

98. Hi pretty! Did you know that you have my best wishes? I wish that you will be celebrated, you will be promoted and you will be elevated. I desire to see your heart being filled with joy, gladness, laughter and success. I wish to see you enjoying all-round blessing. Good night my one and only sister.”

99. Whenever I look back, I can’t stop appreciating God for giving me someone like you as a friend. A decade is just like yesterday. Your philanthropic nature keeps me wondering how special you are. I can’t thank you enough for being part of my success story. Good night and sleep well.

100. The act of missing you will continue to hunt me. I know the distance will never be a barrier to our friendships but I will always miss the good time we share and spend together. Good night, beautiful heart.

Which of these good night family and friends quotes will you love to receive from your friend or a family member? That’s the one that will probably resonate with the special person you want to connect with. Please, drop the number of your favourite in the comment box.

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