Best Good Night Poems for a Friend in 2020

Best Good Night Poems for a Friend in 2023

A good friend is a person who you’ve spent time knowing each other, understanding your differences and sharing beautiful memories together. A whole lot of times, we grow into the friendship and it becomes a strong bond. In the world today, most people live longer because of the joy and happiness their families and friends have brought to them through memories and moments spent together.

On the other hand, poems are words spoken from the heart. And when they are said from a friend to another, it even has a deeper connection and meaning attached to it.

As the stars always pop at night to remind us that they will accompany our days of dark, it is only right you share memories with those we call friends by making them go to bed with thoughts of being loved and cared for. You can do that with beautiful poems expressing how long you have come as friends and how much you value the friendship.

So, here are amazing good night poems for a friend in 2023 which speak volumes to whichever friend that deserves it, whether they’re close or far away. These good night poems for both male and female are sort of a reminder that they mean a lot to you.

Go ahead and make your friend go to bed with smiles.

Have a Good Night Poems for Friends

Make your friend feel special by sharing one of these best friends poems to say good night with him or her.

1. To a person like you,
forever doesn’t hurt to be your friend.
So long you’re in my life,
there is neither morning nor night.
Good night my friend.

2. Tonight,
these stars seek your ace soon,
these stars call you by your name,
these rains fall for you
because you are full of life and beautiful like clouds
and our friendship is eternity of lightening.
Good night my friend.

3. For tonight, I hope you have the gorgeous of all dreams along with lots of warm sleep. I do hope your blanket gives you warm thoughts, dreams as you sleep with no worry. Good night my friend.

4. We have done crazy things growing up with fun.
Our arms tied around each other’s shoulders,
we went through school stubborn.
May all of these memories surround your sleep and keep you smiling tonight. Good night my friend.

5. With you is a magical tale of sharing our worlds,
it is more than seeing a movie,
or texting you I miss you,
or putting a call to wish you a good night rest.
Good night, my friend.

6. Until tomorrow,
there are a lot of reasons to say good night,
and all are perfectly right like how you shine in my life as a true friend.
Good night, my friend.

7. Let me quickly end this day
because it’s only a few hours until tomorrow comes,
a few minutes until our eyes see each other
and only a moment until we laugh and have fun again my friend.
Good night, my friend.

8. On the other page of this night lies a lot of cool things,
so why don’t we fly into our dreams
with imaginary wings as a few hours away
lies a lot of happiness until morning arrives.
Good night, my friend.

9. In your dreams tonight,
I indulge you to be whatever you want to be,
a skateboard,
a flintstone or whatever crazy things you may become in your dreams,
know I will be right beside you.
Good night, my friend

10. I know you know this
but I must remind you,
girlfriends don’t stay to the end,
boyfriends break hearts,
but as a friend,
you have stayed from the very start to this day
that ends in a gentle sleep and nice warmth.
Good night, my friend.

11. I know tomorrow will be more beautiful
as we wait in lovely memories of today.
Every moment with you is worth it.
Good night, my friend.

12. Tonight has shut its windows
but the winds of your friendship keeps blowing in my desert mind
to remind me that friends, like you, do exist.
I’m happy to be your friend again.
Good night, my friend

13. As you put yourself into a peaceful zone
with a gentle sleep tonight,
know that deep in my heart I have prayed for you
and I want you to live long and remain friends forever.
Good night, my friend.

14. As you eyes dose out tonight,
include me in all your thoughts and all the sweet dreams
that you sleep into tonight.
I want you to always take me along with you
because that’s what friends do.
Good night, my friend.

15. Best friends like you and me have their clocks running
only for a short time,
can we make ours live on forever
by never ever stopping this good friendship we have started
even if the night comes like this.
Our dreams will be entwined with a bond stronger.
Good night my friend.

16. The night may separate us daily
but I know our friendship will live on forever
and more than the stars in the galaxy.
Good night, my friend

17. No matter the day that comes
or the night that persists,
I will never bail on you.
I am your friend and will be there for you
till the very end.
Good night, my friend.

18. To send you a good night hug
and a kiss will not take anything from me
as you have been a true friend who has
shown me that nights like this can still come in sweet dreams and warm smiles.
Good night my friend.

19. I hope you’re still awake
like an owl
missing your best friend who
always keeps you company because moments
without you is like a missing needle in a haystack.
Good night my friend

20. In the radiance of a thousand stars
and the beautiful blue skies,
nothing can outshine
it matches the brightness of our friendliness.
Good night my friend.

21. Even in the over protection of fluffy clouds
that becomes a canopy to the night,
there will be no warmth
that can be matched with your presence
my friend.
Sleep well, my friend.

22. No day will ever feel good or nights warm
without friends like you.
May this night pass quickly
so I jump into your company
again my friend.
Good night my friend.

23. Some people think,
the secrets to a good night rest are having
a good diet and exercise,
they don’t know that treating
your good friends nice is the ultimate.
It’s the reason you will sleep well tonight.
Good night my friend.

24. As you sleep tonight,
may fresh new dreams
make you snooze well.
For all the pages we have shared together,
your night will be warm.
Good night

25. A night is a little timeout
from the fun and craziness
we have had,
this interlude called sleep
will swallow you
with beautiful dreams.
Good night my friend.

26. Until the sun shines my dear friend,
know that you’re like the moon to the night
and sun to the clouds.
You’re worth praying for tonight.
I do hope you have a good night rest my friend.

27. I know while you sleep tonight,
you will dream of the goals we have set for our friendship
and the easiness we smile,
laugh, fight and have fun all time.
Have a good night dear friend.

28. When you wake tomorrow,
know that each night without you
is anxiety worth every time.
Seeing you everyday is fulfilling
but for tonight please dream of beautiful things.
Good night

29. This is one of the reasons
I will get a good sleep tonight,
knowing my day has been happy,
light and fun with you.
Only good friends like you
make life worthwhile.
Good night

30. Every moment in my life
I have cherished with you,
every sweet wish that has come true,
every fun and sad with you is worth memories,
so for tonight
do have a good night sleep, dear friend.

31. Sleep well tonight
knowing I celebrated every sweet day
with you cause you give me a lot
of courage going through life
and living to my fullest.
Good night my dear friend.

32. Yet!
Another day has rolled by
and you have stood true
to show you’re a company worth
my heart.
As the night closes in,
and I prepare to turn in.
I realized you’re my friend for life.
Good night my friend.

33. You may have a sore day
tomorrow if your tonight isn’t as good
as your day.
You may not forget all your problems
if you don’t sleep tonight.
I have you in the highest accord tonight.
Have a good night my friend.

34. Stare into the abyss
of life and nurture your dream
because it isn’t far as it may seem.
Pray faithfully
so tomorrow comes soon
and good but in the meantime,
have a good night’s rest.

35. As tomorrow
is freshly baking,
and easing into less sorrow.
I’d raise a toast tonight
to a friend like you
who will always have a good night rest.
Good night, friend

36. As dreams are made of candy
and nightmares become obsolete,
good friends like you make
life feel so complete.
May your sleep come
in soft feathers to tickle you into
a worthwhile night rest.
Good night

37. Tonight will the cosy bed
carry your worries and set them aside.
Your pillows will give you peace
because you have made my life light
and fun.
I know you will sleep as sweet
as warm candies.
Good night dear friend.

38. As the day seems beautiful,
so does the night
has its beauty and
your heart never chooses
when to show love
especially to a friend like me.
As you sleep tonight,
may your blessings be on the clouds
and carry you through the night.
Good night.

39. Friends like you
make the world a better place
for loneliness to never exist.
Tonight your dreams will be fluffy, dear friend.
Good night

40. While your door seems locked
and your lights off,
I know you will never shut your door to me
and you will always be a light
to my life as a true friend.
Good night

41. Good night,
sleep in the comfort of angels
who wrap our friendship to hold us
to the very end like how
this night will blossom into morning dear friend.

42. As this night comes with its darkness,
may the hidden joys of our friendship
be the moon that eases you
into having a great night.
Good night my friend.

43. You if all people deserve
to have the sweetest of all dreams
and the deepest of this fine sleep,
wake up tomorrow and
know you’re still the good friend I cherish.

44. As I now lay down to sleep,
may the favours that come with our friendship
keep us together forever
in the loving care of each other.
May our secret wishes be answered all day.

45. I wish you a sweet rest
as you drift into a beautiful sleep,
I know as friends
so far you’re my very dear and best.
Goodnight dear friend.

46. If I searched the whole world,
aid never meet a friend like you,
it is why I am wishing you
the very best of tonight
my dearest friend.

47. As we know
the nightfall carried the beauty
of the moon and stars
so does your friendship
brings out the best in me.
May stars lead you to a bright morning
my dear friend.

48. Tonight!
As the calmness of the night drops,
I reflect in the many times you have
come through for me as a friend.
I love how you support me always
it’s why I wish you a safe night.
Goodnight my friend.

49. Tonight the moon beacons in us
with a beautiful shine,
it’s the same way you
have always shone in my life
as the person of wonder.
Goodnight my friend.

50. As you sleep tonight,
may the comforting words you sing
to me always put you to beautiful sleep.
Give you joy and bless you always.
Have a good night rest.

51. May friendship of ours
that doesn’t come every day
always put a spring in your step
every day and even as you turn in
for the night,
I pray you to rest your head
to find the peace that be.
Good night my friend.

52. For every moment I read our conversations
at nights like this,
it brings back to me
so many memories and laughter.
Having great nights like this
is what I look up to daily.
As you sleep, may comfort find you.
Goodnight friend.

53. For each night I go to sleep like this,
I anticipate a morning
so I’d spend the day with you
as you always have a way
of making me feel better.
Sleep well tonight my friend.

54. You’re as loyal
as the sun is to the louds,
as the moon is to the night
and as water is to the ground.
For tonight I just want you to know,
I will cherish you every time
as a good friend that you are.

55. May the peace of the waters
of the world surrounding your mind,
your body and soul tonight.
Goodnight my friend

56. I know in nights like this,
you worry so much about falling asleep,
so for each time, a worry pops up,
I just want you to tell yourself,
I will always be there for you.
Goodnight my friend.

57. Dear friend,
you know I can rely on you
for anything,
it is why I want you to rely
on me to pray for you tonight
to have a good night’s rest.
Sleep with the comfort of the oceans.

58. For a true friend like you
who deserves a refreshing night’s rest.
I pray yours come with memories of us
to keep you company through the night.
Sleep well, my friend.

59. To the most treasured person in my life,
whose arms I find strength,
whose shoulders carry me
and whose arms lead me,
I wish you a beautiful night.
Sleep with the easiness
of peace.

60. Even though you feel far away
from me, whenever I see
the first-star rise in the sky tonight,
know that it brings to mind
that we are still connected
like stars and sky.
Good night dear friend.

61. As the predictable phases swallow
the moon cycles,
know that I can always trust you
as a true friend indeed.
Good night my friend.

62. While you sleep tonight,
have it in mind the moments of this day
that led to the smile across your face
at the moment cause you’re a true friend.
Goodnight dear friend.

63. Know that our friendship will fill our lives with light,
it is why I wish you a good night.
Sleep well dear friend.

64. Looking into the skies,
the stars remind me
of many reasons that
makes me consider you as a true friend. Thanks for coming into my life.
Have a good night’s rest.

65. For each star that twinkles,
there is a flicker of brightness
and beauty it adds
to my face
cause of our friendship.
Have a good night
rest friend.

66. You should be reading this by morning
knowing you light up my night,
so while you were asleep
I kept praying for you
because you deserve it.
Good night my friend.

67. I pray that tonight
as you sleep,
you may have a
refreshing night
cause your friendship
is one that refreshes
my soul and leave me
grateful always.
Good night my friend.

68. I hope you don’t have trouble
sleeping tonight
as I am here lost in
thoughts of the light
of your laughter.
Do have a good night
rest my friend.

69. I know the night
may seem so long
but I pray your heart
sleep you into a song
that curates sweet dreams
all night.
Good night my friend

70. You know you’re my friend right,
and just like bugs are drawn
to the street lights at night
know that I’m always drawn
to your heart
as such.
Have a good night rest
my friend.

71. For any time the night seems difficult
for you,
know that as your true friend
I’m always going to be there
for you to rock you
into a dreamy night.
Good night
my friend.

72.Even though nights are long,
May our memories keep us safe
till the morning light.
Good night
my friend.

73. Night brings darkness
that deepens
and it’s silence draws
have nothing to fear
because with a friend like me
you’re always lighted up.
my friend.

74. As you go to bed tonight,
I am so glad
to let you know you bring joy
to my life.
Good night friend

75. As it is time to say goodbye
cause of the night,
thanks for always brightening
my day all time.
Good night
my friend

76. As you relax your muscle tonight,
close your eyes knowing
I am thinking of you
as a dear friend
I pray never to lose.
Good night
my friend.

77. For days you give me words
of encouragement and let me breathe
my problem while you go all out
trying to help solve it for me.
Thank you.
Good night my friend.

78. As you lay down this evening,
may your dreams that accompany
the sleep come quickly
and leave you to wake up refreshed.
Good night my friend.

79. As this sun goes down,
shadows fall,
may blessings come
and light you tonight.

80. The stars in the skies
remind me of many of brings
we have shared in this life
together as best friends.
Thanks for been there for me
my friend.

81. Many days have come
and gone and a million more will come.
We may live only a few years
and I can’t let tonight just slip
without telling you
you are worth more to me.

82. For every mountain
we have climbed together
and difficult situations
we have been through and out.
I pray tonight rests you
and remind you,
you’re worth more.

83. After such a day that exhausts us
to reward us with the night,
may it’s sweetness make you warm
and happy as you sleep.
Good night dear friend.

84. My very good friend,
never worry about tomorrow
because it comes with its problems
and the night is here to wash them away.
Good night

85. For tonight,
may no negative thoughts find your house
and may warm dreams seek your pillows
and be well.

86. So long the sun has set,
I know you look forward to
having a good night’s rest.
Sleep sweet till the morning light.

87. For an amazing night,
I am sending a magical message of love,
laughter and fun to you.
May our memories as friends keep us stronger.
Goodnight my friend.

88. You’re one person
who has changed my life,
I will not forget you forever,
so for tonight, I wish you find
a warm welcome with sweet dreams. Goodnight

89. Achievements in life are not measured by riches
but by the truest friends you have
and you have been one to me.
Good night my friend.

90. Whenever sleep disappears from your eyes,
don’t hesitate to reach out,
I will be there for you as you have been for me.
Good night my friend

91. You are always in my thoughts
every single moment especially when the night comes,
so this is me telling you I’m happy you’re in my life.
Good night my friend.

92. If there was a way,
I’d tie my heart to yours
because my mind is sync
with yours in thoughts and soul.
For tonight
may our dreams be gorgeous and exquisite.
Good night dear friend.

93. There may be no sunrise
or stars at night,
but just know I will always be
there for you anytime
my dearest friend.

94. So long it is you,
I will never be busy any day,
I’d be there for you
the way the walls hold a roof,
the way the ground holds a tree
but for tonight I pray you sleep well.

95. A friend like you
is like a flowing stream
that will never run dry,
it is why I know
on such a night like this,
your dreams will be cosy and
you will sleep in its warmth.
Good night my friend.

96. This night feels so long,
I may not wait enough to see you
because your presence
is a beauty one can not describe.
Thanks for today. Good night.

97. Our bond is everlasting,
and even though the night is just few hours,
I cannot wait yet to see you.
Good night my friend.

98. As beautiful
as this night rolls
into tomorrow,
know that I am not alone knowing
I have you in my life as a true friend indeed.
Have a good night rest friend.

99. You are responsible
for making me believe in life,
believe in humanity
and believe good people do exist.
I just wanted the night to carve you
a good night
as you sleep tonight.

100. As you sleep tonight,
know that your strength is greater than an enamel
and you love is as simple as water.
I’m glad our paths crossed and it’s why
tonight I celebrate you.
Good night my friend.

Friends mean a lot of things to us and having a very dear one is a great blessing. In all life, we get to spend the real part of us with the closest of them all. That is why life is not meant to be lived in isolation.
We should always do everything in our power to maintain a healthy relationship if it means hanging out, birthdays, celebrations, festivals, whatever it may be. As they stand with us, it is cool we don’t overlook the small things that will hurt friendships

Thanks for going through the best good night poems for a friend. I hope you find them useful.

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