th Birthday Prayers for A Friend with Blessings

50th Birthday Prayers for A Friend with Blessings

Birthday celebrations come once a year. A day of appreciating God for the gift of life, health, all He’s given us or all we’ve achieved. It’s a day of joy. Some choose to throw a party, while some mark it in a moderate way, just as some feel it’s just like any other day.

Hitting fifty is a different ballgame. It’s an important milestone that none can ignore. The golden jubilee celebration!

Attaining the golden fifty rank is worthy of a celebration with pomp and fanfare, for a half-century life, well-spent, with many reasons to rejoice.

It’s your dear friend’s 50th birthday. A time to let them know they are dear to you. It’s a great opportunity to encourage your friend passing through tough time. Financial and gifts are great, but showering your beloved friend with prayers reveal your depth of affection to them. Also, let your high flying friends know you’re proud of their achievements on their golden jubilee.

Do you love celebrating friends on their special day or you are eager to shower your appreciation on your pals; go ahead and bless your special friends on their special day with these life-changing prayers to transform their post-fifty future, into an awesome one.

Check out these 50th birthday prayers for a friend.

Happy 50th Birthday Prayer Quotes for Friend

Bless that someone special in your life on their special day, with these eye-catching and irresistible happy 50th birthday prayer quotes for friend.

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1. You’re 50 shades of gold; pure, genuine, sparkling and rich. It is the turning point for amazing things to come. Happy 50th birthday, friend. Cheers to the coming testimonies!

2. Turning 50 is all shades of special. It means you’re 50 years younger, wiser and healthier. Happy birthday, dear friend. Cheers to the golden years!

3. Amazingly fit and fabulous at fifty! A half-century of awesome memories with many decades of fantastic dreams to come true ahead. Happy 50th birthday!

4. The best gift ever for the golden year is, ageing gracefully, happily, and peacefully, in sound mind and good health. Happy 50th birthday, dearest friend.

5. Life is a book with many blank pages. Yours has been filled with awesome memories filled with blissful moments. Your golden year is opening up new chapters of more amazing things to come. Happy 50th birthday, darling friend.

6. Fifty is the age that signifies the end of your race. The golden year opens the chapter of living your years with grace. Grace to be all you are meant to be in this latter part of your life, with ease. Happy 50th birthday to my dear friend.

7. You have come a long way, with years of garnering wisdom and life-changing experiences. Life has been good to you because you have the purest and nicest heart ever. The years ahead are for reaping abundant rewards of secret sacrifices. Happy 50th birthday to a friend like no other.

8. Golden jubilee celebration is not a feat to be swept under the carpet. It’s a milestone worth jubilating for someone as good as an angel. Someone like you, dearest friend. Happy 50th birthday celebration.

9. Turning 50 marks the end of an era; of gaining relevant experiences. Vast in knowledge and wisdom, it marks the beginning of a new era of being an amazing mentor to those aspiring for greatness. You are all hues of awesome. Happy 50th birthday, my iconic friend.

10. Fifty, yet going strong, fit, unwavering and unstoppable: the new record-breaking golden year goal. With you as the pacesetter. Happy 50th birthday, friend. Soar like the eagle, just as ever.

11. Dreams achieved, greatness attained and successful career, done and dusted just in time for the onset of the golden year. Happy 50th birthday, my highflying friend.

12. Fifty is a new ball game; time to slow down on the pace in the race and enjoy the blessings of life. Time to help others build their dreams and achieve greatness. Happy 50th birthday, my friend of many talents.

13. Fantastically and fabulously fifty and waxing strong. Priceless, golden and awesome you are! Happy 50th birthday, dear friend. You are simply the best!

14. Keep calm; you are not ancient. You are only fifty and welcome to the club of the fabulous flyer of achievers. Happy 50th birthday, a friend like no other.

15. Phew! First half of the century done and dusted. The next half is the fun part, to be anticipated with joy. Writing new chapters, tackling new challenges, resuscitating buried dreams and a whole lot more. Happy birthday, dear friend. Fifty looks good on you.

50th Birthday Blessings for Friend

Blessings are never too much. Your friend’s 50th birthday is never complete without your straight from the heart blessings. Here are lovely ones:

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1. It’s your golden birthday anniversary, my darling friend. May the Lord bless you and be gracious unto you. May He grant you the desires of your heart, with long life and happiness. Happy 50th birthday. Cheers!

2. Fifty is the new forty, it sure looks good on you. Happy 50th birthday, my dearest friend. May the Lord cause His face to shine upon you and be kind to you and yours. May the rest of your years be filled with laughter, pure joy, peace like a river, in sound mind and health. Congratulations!

3. Happy 50th birthday to my dearest friend. May you not know a better yesterday. May you age graciously. Lines will fall upon you in pleasant places. May the Lord secure your lot in Jesus name.

4. I celebrate you on this on this special occasion of your golden jubilee. May the Lord give you testimonies that will cause people to rejoice and laugh with you.
Happy 50th birthday, dear friend.

5. May you laugh without restraint. May heaven’s door open up to you and shower you with mercy, favour and unlimited blessings. Happy 50th, dearest friend.

6. You are a star; may your light shine brighter. You are a priceless gem; may you remain invaluable. You are a premium friend, may you remain relevant and appreciated. May your joy be filled to the brim. Happy 50th birthday, darling friend.

7. May the dew of heaven fall upon your lot, and cause you to harvest with joy from your past labours. May you eat and be satisfied. May your heart be free from trouble. Happy 50th birthday, dear friend. Welcome to the golden club.

9. It’s your 50th birthday, dear friend. Here’s wishing you good health with a sound mind. May the Lord bless your going out and prosper your coming in. May He keep His angels charge over you, and keep you from every harm. Wishing you a fun-filled and fantastic golden celebration. You are blessed.

10. Happy birthday to a friend that is more of a sibling. For all that you are, my heart blesses you. May the Lord remember you on the day of your favour. May He answer you when you need His help. Here’s to 50 years of your royal awesomeness and half a century more!

11. Happy 50th birthday, my dearest friend. May the Lord bless you today and forever. May His goodness and mercy be your constant companion. May your birthday be as beautiful as you are.

12. On this special day of your, may the Lord fill your heart with indescribable joy, your life with uncountable blessings and all-round divine protection. Happy 50th birthday friend.

13. Happy birthday to my superstar friend. May every good thing you lay your hands upon being completed successfully. May the goodness and mercy of God encompass you in Jesus name. Have a wonderful 50th birthday celebration.

14. Happy 50th birthday, darling friend. Your head will not lack oil; the unction of God shall flow ceaselessly. When you need the Lord, His abiding presence shall be with you. May you know no shame from today. May the Lord be with you.

15. May the Lord beautify your life with good things, today and forever. May the aura of His presence fill your entire being. Henceforth, may every aspect of your life bring great glory to His mighty name. May this golden year of yours be full of wondrous testimonies. Happy 50th birthday, friend.

50th Birthday prayer Messages for Best Friend

Sending cute and powerful birthday prayer messages to your dear friend on his/her 50th birthday is one of the precious gifts you can offer. Here are the perfect ones:

1. You are my best friend ever. If friendship has a definition, you are a perfect fit and I won the BFF jackpot. May the Lord bless you for being my best friend in all seasons.
May God bless you from above, and cause His face to shine upon you. On this special day of yours, may the Lord hear all your prayers and grant all you the desires of your heart. May your earnest request receive urgent attention before the throne of grace. The mercy of God shall speak for you in the day of trouble. The Lord shall keep you from all evil; His banner of love over you shall keep you and yours safe.
Happy birthday 50th, my dearest friend.

2. Happy fabulous 50th birthday to the most special friend in my life. It shall be an extraordinary year of absolute rest, riches, honour and bountiful harvest for you. Your aspirations shall receive grace to be transformed into achievements. You shall be highly favoured from today.

3. My darling friend and bestie, I pray this golden year shall bring golden opportunities for you on a silver platter. It shall be a year of resounding testimonies, overflowing blessings, unlimited favour and extravagant grace. I pray for you on this special day of yours, that every stumbling block in your path to success shall be transformed to stepping stones of elevation. May the excellent spirit of God be liberally poured upon you and distinguish you for outstanding feats. Happy 50th birthday, my rare gem.

4. Happy 50th birthday to my best friend, confidant and rock-solid support. The Lord shall lift your head high, and you shall walk with the wise, high and mighty.

5. A brand new day in a golden brand new year heralds a new chapter filled with promises and hope. Happy birthday, my super special best friend, with whom I’m well pleased. May the peace of God that passes all understanding fill your heart. The joy of the Lord shall be your strength. The Lord shall direct your steps and order your path. His light will shine upon your ways. You shall be mightily blessed. Happy 50th birthday to you.

6. In the exclusive friendship club, you are a rarity. I’m glad we met and connected in a special way. I feel highly honoured to have you as my best friend. Happy fabulous 50th birthday, dearest. A big congratulations to you for achieving this milestone. May the next half-century be more beautiful, exceptional and peaceful. The Lord shall grant all your heart desires. Cheers!

7. You are more than a friend; you are my destiny helper. I can’t trade you for a shot of the finest whiskey, or anything in the world. Happy awesome 50th birthday to my best friend. May the dew of heaven fall and the shower of blessings released upon you in season. May the Lord season your life with unprecedented career upliftment and uncommon favour. You shall be relevant and celebrated all the days of your life. Have a fantastic celebration!

8. To my best friend at 50, wonderful birthday to you. You are a rare gem; a limited edition packaged friend. Your brand loyalty and unflinching support are unmatchable. I’m super glad to have you as my best friend. Men and angels shall favour you. It shall mark the beginning of good tidings for you. Your latter years shall be exceedingly greater than your former. Happy golden jubilee!

9. Happy 50th birthday to my special friend. Your brand of friendship is unique. From today on, every step you take shall take you to the realms of abundance. May you not know a better tomorrow. You cup of joy shall fill to the brim, overflowing. You shall be celebrated.

10. Happy 50th birthday to my phenomenal best friend. You are amazing in every way, a truer friend doesn’t exist. May the Lord crown the new year with favour, grace, mercy and joy for you. You will live out the rest of your days in sound health, sound mind and peace. The Lord shall shower you with His blessings and heavenly gifts. Cheers!

11. You are a friend like no other; beautifully packaged in different shades of fun, amusing and loving. Having you in my life as a best friend is pure joy and sheer delight. May the Lord give you strength and boldness to grab and explore all the opportunities He’ll bring your way, this golden year. May the opportunities transform to great successes. May you fully enjoy the blessings in sound health. Happy 50th birthday, darling friend.

12. You are a special friend with a rare blend of sensitivity and sensibility; my made in heaven best friend. You shall live to see your children’s children. Each new year into the next half-century shall be celebrated with loads of outstanding testimonies. Happy 50th birthday, dearie.

13. The golden age is a special gift. A special birthday to a very special and extraordinary friend. A friend so dear to my heart that I’m ordering 50 more years of explosive joy, outstanding achievements and blessings unlimited for you. Happy 50th birthday, dearest.

14. Happy 50th birthday, my special friend. Good people deserve good things, I pray heaven shall reward your demonstration of love with divine blessings. All you have laboured for in your youth shall give you joy as you age graciously. Your latter days shall be greater than your former. It shall be well with you in Jesus’ name.

15. You always bring out the best in me. No friend is as special to my heart like you. On this special day of yours, I celebrate you, my priceless best friend of life. This golden year, you shall experience the supernatural hand of God in your life. Miracle upon miracles. Your packages of joy shall keep rolling in till you become overwhelmed. A better yesterday shall never be your lot.

50th Birthday Prayers to A Friend Long Distance

With someone dear to our hearts, distance is no barrier to celebrate. That your friend is miles away or an ocean apart is more reason to shower him/her with birthday prayers on his/her 50th birthday.

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1. I’d have loved to be with you on a special day like this, but for the long distance. We’d have painted the town every shade of awesome, glamour and glitz, celebrating your golden jubilee birthday in a memorable way. Happy fabulous 50th birthday, my dear friend. May you prosper without a struggle. May all you have laboured for yield great harvest. May you live the rest of your life basking in luxury and peace, devoid of pain and regrets. Cheers!

2. Knowing you was my lucky charm. Friendship with you despite the long-distance, spells deep, meaningful and awesome. Happy 50th birthday, dearest friend. May your light shine as bright as the sun, like the star you are. May you live without regrets and achieve great feats in your lifetime. Congratulations!

3. We may be thousands of miles apart, but you are never that far away from my mind. More so, on this special occasion of your golden jubilee birthday. Dear friend, I pray that God will shower you with good gifts, fill your heart with inexplicable and grant you all that hour heart desires on a platter of favour. It shall be a season of rejoicing. Happy 50th birthday.

4. Out of sight is never out of mind especially when one has a friend like you. On a special day like this, I truly wish I can cross the ocean to celebrate this milestone with you. Nevertheless, I’ll make merry and a toast to your sound health in my corner of the world. I pray for you, you shall no know sorrow. The Lord shall fill your heart with joy and your mouth with laughter. Happy 50th birthday to you.

5. Distance in miles disappears at the strength of the closeness between two chummy friends. The Lord will satisfy you with long life, peace of mind and good health to enjoy the rest of your days, in Jesus name. Happy 50th birthday, dearest friend! Many awesome happy returns.

6. A friendship as beautiful as ours knows not any distance barrier. Celebration of your golden age in my corner of the world gives me a great thrill. I pray you have a year filled with love, joy, peace and hope. Your trust in God will not be put to shame. May the Lord watch over His word in your life, to fulfil it. None shall fall to the ground, of His promises to you. Enjoy God’s abundant favour today and always. Happy 50 birthday.

7. True friendships are totally immune to long distance. Happy 50th birthday, dear friend. I’m having a drink on you. Sparkling champagne, to toast to your continuous wins, triumphs and achievements. May the least of your blessings tomorrow be greater than the best of your past. The Lord shall gladden your heart and satisfy you with good things.

8. Though you are far away, and I’m unable to celebrate with you in person, you are so close to my heart that the distance means nothing. Happy 50th birthday, my dear friend. I pray that your lot shall be moved from obscurity to limelight. Every good deed of yours shall be remembered and celebrated. May the glory of God shine upon you with radiance. Congrats!

9. We may be far apart at the moment, but my heart is constantly with you. May the Lord hear you when you call upon Him and incline His ears to the voice of your supplications. I pray He shows you mercy, favour and extraordinary grace for greater exploits. It shall be well with you in Jesus name. Happy 50th birthday, dearest friend.

10. You may be physically very far away, but you are very close to my heart. Your glory shall not diminish. You will move from height to height. May life add more beautiful feathers to your cap as you age graciously. May your jubilee birthday celebration be as fantastic as our friendship. Happy 50th birthday, my special friend.

11. Distance is but a number; totally incapable of stopping me from celebrating my good friend on this special occasion. Happy 50th birthday, dear. I pray you will grow from strength to strength. When others are being cast down, there shall be lifting for you. Your glory shall blaze forth and the world will applaud you all the days of your life. Congratulations!

12. No matter how far apart we may be, you are dearest to my heart, still. Happy 50th birthday to my jolly special friend. Wishing you life’s finest things at your golden jubilee. May the Lord continue to give you cause to laugh and rejoice. You shall know no sorrow and your days will be free of pains or regrets. As your days are, so shall your strength be, in Jesus name.

13. Hearts as deeply connected as ours defy the limitations of physical barrier caused by distance. Happy 50th birthday to my sweet friend on the occasion of your golden jubilee. I wish you an amazing 50th birthday celebration. May your next half-century be more incredible than the previous. May heavens celebrate you today and always. May the world revel in your light like the shining star you are. May your glory sparkle more brightly for all to see and give glory to God. Cheers to more awesome years.

14. Distance is not a barrier when someone is very special to you. Someone as special as you are, my dear friend. Happy 50th birthday to you. Rock it as it kicks off an incredible year. I pray that God will continue to bless and uplift you to places beyond your expectations. May the Lord fill your heart with peace like a river. No misfortune shall befall you or yours in Jesus name. Cheers!

15. A day like this reminds me how much I miss you and how far apart we’ve grown due to our daily busy schedules and the long-distance stretching endlessly between us. However, there’s no way I’ll forget your birthday; a special one at that. Happy 50th birthday, my darling friend. The Lord shall silence the uproar of the aliens in your life. He’ll still the song of the ruthless and give you a resounding victory and your testimony shall explode. Congratulations, dear!

Funny 50th Birthday Prayer Wishes for Friend

It’s your jolly good friend’s 50th birthday. Someone who appreciates a good laugh. Brighten up his/her day with funny birthday prayer wishes for friend.

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1. Happy 50th birthday, darling friend. May the Lord give you the wisdom to choose between flaunting your crown of grey hairs and wrinkles or use fine cosmetics, dyes and surgeries to hide them. Have fun, dearie. I’m here to cheer you on.

2. Happy 50th birthday, dearest friend. May the Lord bless your new year with all that your heart desires. May He give you the grace to have fun, by being nifty and keep you from being an embodiment of ennui by being thrifty at fifty. Rock your fifty with glee.

3. Happy fabulous 50th birthday, dearest friend. Here’s wishing you a fantastic year filled with fun. I pray that the Lord will the will and means to do facelifts to wipe out the wrinkles. As others become older, you’d always be a year younger.

4. Fifty and still fabulous is an incredible sight to behold. Happy 50th birthday, friend. May the Lord bless you with a rose-tinted glasses, to see and live your fantasy before dotage. Cheers to a fun-filled fifty.

5. Fabulous at fifty, fantastic and fascinatingly faultless as pure gold! Half a century is a milestone; I rejoice with you. Happy 50th birthday, my dearest friend. May you not lose your marbles when you start losing your hair. Cheers to lovely years ahead!

6. Fancy hitting fifty when you barely look all of forty! Happy 50th birthday, dear friend. May your children’s friends continue to mistake you for their older sibling. May you continue to look younger, smarter, and dandier!

7. Fancy figuring fifty is as fictitious as every other myth only to arrive at its reality all too soon! Still, fifty is the new rage of trendy youths. Happy 50th birthday, my charming friend. May you rock your golden age better than the rock music you are so not into. Cheers!

8. Happy 50th birthday to my dearest friend. You are bold and beautiful, calm and charming, lovely and lively. May the Lord send His special assignment angels to minister to you when you exchanged the monthly flow for the hot flashes. Cheers to more adventurous years!

9. Happy 50th birthday, darling friend. It sure looks good on you. I pray that you remain your charming, doting self as you catwalk into your dotage. Love you loads, dearie.

10. Fifty is weird, but don’t be afraid. It’s an excitingly freaky age, someone, as funky as you would ride like a wave. Happy 50th birthday, my ever daring friend. May you be the hero that will demystify the mystery of the fifty with loads of fun.

11. Happy 50th birthday, my sweet friend. May you trend in your golden age like the fluffy hot cake you were in your teenage. Rock your new age like the star celebrant you are.

12. It’s your 50th, darling friend. The golden age comes with no memo or manual. Your milestone age, your rule. Laugh, have fun, slow down, pick up pace; the choice is all yours. May you make choices that will keep us in chortling or chuckling in stitches. Have a blast, dearie!

13. Happy 50th birthday, dear friend. Welcome to the coded adventurous club. I pray you finally open your buried bag of fun, bouncing, blasting and blazing into the golden age!

14. Happy 50th birthday, my special friend. May your bag of tricks explode into something awesome, fun and exciting. May the dreaded Age Police get be arrested by the highway officer for over speeding. May he get the ticket and the jail. Have a blast, dear friend, now and forever!

15. Happy 50th birthday, my dear friend. You are a friend in a million, and I celebrate with a billion cheers and toasts. I pray the time machine I ordered on your behalf works without malfunctioning. May it transport you into your teenage, slow down in your twenties before hopping into your thirties as you rock your fifties. Congratulations!

Opening Prayers for A 50th Birthday Party

It’s your friend’s 50th birthday celebration. You’ve been assigned the honour of taking the opening prayer. Wait! You aren’t used to praying openly in the midst of the crowd? Calm your taut nerves, help is here already:

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1. Dear Lord, we are grateful for this wonderful occasion of our dearly beloved friend’s 50th birthday celebration. May your name be exalted in Jesus’ name. It’s the golden jubilee, Lord, bless the celebrant, siblings and family gathered here today. Release joy unlimited on every well-wisher present here today. Bless the food, drinks, and other mouth-watering delicacies. This we pray in Jesus name.

2. Dear God, we thank you for the precious gift of the life of our dear celebrant today. As we gather here to celebrate this 50th birthday, may you rain your blessings upon the celebrant and every guest. Let everything on the programme of today give us tremendous joy. We cancel any accident or mishap; no evil shall mar this jubilation. We cover everyone with the precious blood of Jesus. Holy Spirit, take perfect control in Jesus name.

3. Heavenly Father, we are gathered in your presence to celebrate our dear friend’s 50th birthday. We ask for your blessings and help. We pray you shall take control of the party and merriment. We commit the celebrant into your hands, bless this golden age with your abundance. As many that are here to celebrate, fill our hearts with joy. This we pray in Jesus’ name.

4. Ancient of days, we are very grateful for your loving kindness towards today’s birthday celebrant, siblings and parents. Being fifty is all by your grace, accept our thanks and praises in Jesus’ name. We commit every activity of today’s party into your hands, take absolute control. Let everything roll out according to plans, free of hitches in Jesus’ name we pray.

5. Thank you, Father, for this wonderful party of today. We appreciate you for the lavish meals, assorted drinks, fun games and gifts prepared for this special occasion of our dear friend’s 50th birthday. Bless the celebrant with good health, mind and riches. Let every guest’s heart be filled with merriment as you alone take the glory, in Jesus name.

6. Dear Lord, thank you for a beautiful day like this. We appreciate you for sparing the life of our dear friend. Fifty years is all your doing, Lord. We are grateful. Bless the celebrant, family and guests. Take absolute control of today’s programme to the glory of your name, in Jesus name.

7. Dear Father, today is the day you have made, we rejoice in you. Thank you for the precious gift of life and well being. We appreciate you for sparing the life of our darling celebrant to see this 50th birthday. Be exalted, Lord. As we come together to celebrate your faithfulness, release your blessings upon every guest present today. Take total charge of the party, from commencement to completion, in Jesus’ name we pray.

8. Dear Lord, we bless you for a joyous day like this. We invite you to take preeminent control of every fun activities of today’s colourful party. Thank you for our gorgeous celebrant, whose 50th birthday we are celebrating with fun and fanfare. We pray our darling friend shall continue to be the apple of your eyes. Let every aspect of the party be to your glory. In Jesus name, we pray.

9. As we commence this glorious and fabulous 50th birthday celebration today, heavenly Lord, we ask you to be with us. Take absolute control. Bless the birthday celebrant, family, friends and well-wishers. Let the guests have such fun that they will return home rejoicing. This we pray in Jesus’ name.

10. Dear Lord, accept our heartfelt praises for the fiftieth birthday celebration of our beloved friend. May the celebrant live to fulfil destiny, in Jesus name. Bless the family, friends, guests and organisers. Be in charge of the party to the glory of your name.

11. Dear Father, we thank you for this beautiful day. We commit the celebrant and the 50th birthday celebration into your capable hands. Command your blessings on our beloved friend and this golden occasion. Let your overwhelming blessings roll in from today, henceforth, in Jesus’ name.

12. Dear Lord, as our beloved friend celebrate a glorious half-century years of God’s awesome wonders, take total control of today’s party. Fill every guest’s heart with joy. Let your angels keep us all from harm’s way. We declare this party open in Jesus’ precious name.

13. Birthdays are wonderful reminders of your faithfulness, Lord. We thank you for today’s beautiful gathering of celebrating our dear friend’s 50th birthday. We ask your blessings upon the fun-filled activities, a sumptuous array of food and tempting delicacies. We pray for the outpouring of your love and goodness upon the celebrant. Thank you, Lord, for the testimonies that will abound thereafter, in Jesus name.

14. Dear God of heaven and earth, you are the alpha and omega. We commit our dearest celebrant’s 50th birthday party into your able Hands, have your way completely. Let the heaven open its showers of blessing on the celebrant and all well-wishers. Bless the food, drinks, fun activities and gifts. Let your name be magnified in Jesus’ name.

15. Dear Lord, we appreciate you for the 50th birthday celebration of our beloved friend. Your faithfulness over the years on the celebrant cannot be quantified. Shower your blessings and favour upon the celebrant, family and friends gathered here, today. We sanctify this environment with the blood of Jesus. We secure this place with your wall of angels and fire. Bless the food, treats and fun activities. Let the party end well with songs of joy, in Jesus name.

Passionate 50th birthday wishes and prayers for someone more than a friend

It’s your special friend’s golden jubilee birthday celebration. One of the ways you can light up his/her day with joy is heaping heartfelt prayers on him or her. Care to let your dear friend know you cherish him/her? I’ve you well covered.

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1. Fifty looks good on you, darling friend. May the next 50 years be more fabulous, fantastic and fun for you. May you age with grace, in good health, sound mind, unlimited joy, peace like a river and all-round blessings. Cheers to a beautiful golden year and celebration to a friend like family!

2. Dearest friend, I wish you a lifetime of happiness, unlimited blessings, inexhaustible supply of favour, and a variety of all that your heart earnestly desires. Happy 50th birthday, my priceless gem.

3. Happy 50th birthday, my dearest friend. May your gifts pave the way into the realms of abundance for you. Today shall mark a new beginning of good tidings for you. May you experience the supernatural hand of God in your life. Miracle upon miracles. Your packages of joy shall keep rolling in till you become overwhelmed, in Jesus name. Cheers!

4. Happy 50th birthday, my darling friend. You are all colour of special. Thank you for giving me extra wings to fly, when mine was clipped. Thank you for being my safe landing in every season. Lines shall fall upon you in pleasant places. Men and angel shall favour you. May the Lord reward you, bless you and gladden your heart every day of your life. Have a spectacular celebration!

5. Happy 50th birthday, my bosom friend. You are every shade of special to me. I adore you. This new year, the Lord shall give you grace for greater exploits. The next year and years to come shall be blissfully happy and fulfilling. It shall be an exciting life full of great discoveries. Have an amazing birthday, love!

6. Happy 50th birthday, dearest friend. This is another opportunity to let you know how much you mean to me. On this special day of yours, I wish you success, favour, sound mind, good health and uncommon blessings. Have a blast, darling friend!

7. Happy 50th birthday, dearest friend. You are so loving and adorable, that extolling your virtues is practically impossible! I pray for you today; you shall always be for signs and wonders in this generation. Your relevance shall not be terminated. From today on, your light will shine so brightly that your fame will spread from coast to coast. Congratulations, God’s masterpiece!

8. Happy 50th birthday, my dearest friend. Receive grace to fulfil purpose, in Jesus’ name. Your generation will serve the Lord because of you. May the Lord open fresh doors of opportunities through which your talents, gifts and skills can be effectively channelled. It shall be well with you in Jesus awesome name. Love you loads.

9. Darling friend, I wish you a lifetime of favour, sound health, blessings, promotion and advancement. May the Lord make this year one of surpassing breakthrough. It’s your season of rest, time to rejoice. Happy 50th birthday, dearie. You rock!

10. Happy 50th birthday, my precious friend. This new year, your root shall go deep down into the fertile soil of God’s love and abundant blessings, and your leaves shall spread forth on every side. You shall bear fruit of eternal glory. May you enjoy God’s extravagant grace today and forever, in Jesus’ mighty name. Have an amazing day. Love you to bits.

It’s such a delight writing warm and heartfelt birthday wishes, prayer, blessings and quotes for friends on their 50th birthday celebration. Shouts of joy and victory will resound in your own tent as you celebrate with others.

Fiftieth birthdays are milestone birthday celebrations. Being a part of your friend’s joy makes the occasion all kinds of special. Sending your wishes and prayers into their future is the best gift ever. The icing on the cake, as prayers work wonders. I’m certain your friend will appreciate your kind gesture.

Thanks for reading through. It’s my pleasure to be of service to you. Hope you are satisfied. Do you have any comment or question? Please, feel free to let me know.

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