Heart Touching Good Night Messages for Friends

2023 Heart Touching Good Night Messages for Friends

Our friends are an integral part of our lives. They bring so much joy and vitality and show us how to add colour to our lives. They make life worth it, and they add perspectives we’d otherwise not have.

They show us how to live to the fullest, they help us cope on days we’re finding life tough, and they push us to our feet to go after the lives we’ve imagined for ourselves.

To give back a little of the love they’ve shown us, and to show them that their thoughts are constantly on your mind, these heart touching good night messages for friends are perfect!

They are perfect to make them have a beautiful night rest and wake up to a great day with strength and refreshment.

Most Touching Good Night Quotes for A Friend

Looking for good night quotes that will touch and warm your friend’s heart? You should use any of these most touching good night quotes for a friend.

1. Here’s wishing you a beautiful night rest. And great ideas in the form of dreams. Good night, dear friend.

2. Rest this night without worries. Tomorrow, there’ll be plenty of time to slay. And you know that you always do. Good night, darling.

3. I can see God’s favour and mercy already working for you. You’ll do well at the interview tomorrow, and you’ll land the job. For now, rest easy. Good night, darling friend.

4. Tomorrow is a new start. A new opportunity to do the things you’ve put off for a long time. A new start from the many mistakes you feel you’ve made. A new beginning to live the life you dream for yourself. Good night, dear. Love you.

5. God hasn’t left you at all. He’s got you, in all the aspects of your life. And His angels are in charge as you rest tonight. So, sleep easy. Good night, dear.

6. Don’t count today’s loss. I know how sad and moody they made you feel today. Tomorrow is a new day, a new beginning, new dawn. Good night, baby girl.

7. May the night bring you peace and comfort. Just like you bring our friendship and my life, peace and comfort. Good night, babe.

8. I’ll always be here for you. When the chips are down, through the highs and the lows. Just as you have always been there for me. Good night, sweetheart.

9. They aren’t many friends like you anymore. I’m getting convinced by the day that they don’t make your type anymore. May the night bring you peace and beautiful dreams. Good night, Luv.

10. You are a very special person to me. You occupy a place in my heart. And there’s no one can topple you from there. Here’s wishing you a good night rest. And to say that I love you.

Good Night Messages for A Darling Friend

We can’t deny the fireworks darling friends bring to our worlds. You’ll be doing something nice for them by sending them these good night messages.

11. You have a beautiful soul and heart. Rest assured, I’ll be holding on to you and our friendship for a long long time. Good night, my friend.

12. Your life isn’t over. A few mistakes and setbacks aren’t enough to conclude about you. God’s got you, and He will never give up on you. Good night, baby girl.

13. I’ll come to take you out tomorrow. Today and the heartaches it brought you shouldn’t weigh you down too much. I love you loads, darling. Good night.

14. Here’s wishing that you have a blissful night rest. Accompanied by sweet dreams, and devoid of restlessness and worries. Good night, dearie.

15. Nothing trumps our friendship. And I’m never letting anything or anyone come in the way of what we have. I’ll be guarding this bond that I’m privileged to have. Good night, dear. I love you.

16. I know how annoying I can get sometimes. And it’s as though I take you for granted too. But I want you to know that I love you so much and that I’m grateful for us. Good night, darling.

17. Because I have you in my life, I can boldly say that true friendship exists. One that is devoid of disrespect, envy and toxicity. I love you, darling. Good night.

18. I know you are asleep, and that we’ve spoken tonight already. But here’s wishing you a good night rest and beautiful dreams, again.

19. I appreciate all that you stand for. And I’m grateful for the kind of person that you are. I love you always. Good night, darling friend.

20. Thank you for all that you do for our friendship, and for me too. May heaven’s blessings be on you always. Good night, dear.

21. May all of your dreams come through. And may you dream only beautiful dreams tonight. Good night, dear.

22. I just feel the need to pray for you tonight. So, here’s asking that God’s unending blessings, favour and good health will be your portion forever. Good night, my friend.

23. Sleep easy tonight. Your problems will meet with their solutions soon. I love you, girl. Good night.

24. Before you sleep tonight, I just want to remind you that you can always rely on me. I’ll always have your back. Good night, dear.

25. You work so hard. Too hard actually. But I know it’s for the future you’ve dreamed of. Sleep easy tonight though. Love you.

26. Be rest assured, you’ll always do the things you’ve set out to do. You’ll reach the heights you’ve dreamed of, and you’ll live the life you’ve created. Good night, darling friend.

27. When you try to reach the stars, I’ll be here. And when you actually touch the stars, because you will, I will be here too. Good night, darling.

28. You’ve got all it takes to live the life you’ve imagined for yourself. You’re not some deficient or dull man. You’re smart, intelligent and handsome. Let this thought feel your mind as you go to sleep tonight. Good night.

29. Please rest. Like, close the laptop and actually go to bed. You really need to rest. And I won’t stop calling until I’m sure you’re asleep. Good night!

30. Here’s wishing that you sleep tight and dream well. Angels are on guard for you. Good night, dear.

Touching Good Night Quotes for Best Friend

Having a best friend is both a privilege and a blessing. These touching good night quotes will warm your buddy’s heart and make him/her have a cool night rest.

31. Despite the distance between us, your thoughts are always on my mind. I know it’s late over there, but I still wanted to wish you a good night rest.

32. I know we’re physically together in the same bed. But I just wanted to say by text, that I’m glad we’re spending the night together. And that I hope our friendship lasts forever. Good night, best friend.

33. The time we spent together today, the memories we created, I’ll never forget them. Thank you for being my best friend and confidante. Good night.

34. As you sleep tonight, angels are on guard. They’ll watch over you and give you sweet dreams. Good night, my friend.

35. Thank you for the warmth that is you. I’m really glad to have someone like you in my corner. And I pray for many more years for us. Good night, best friend.

36. Thank you for staying up to talk to me, to hear me rant, and to offer valuable advice. I’m always in your debt. Sleep tight, bestie.

37. Here’s wishing you a good night rest, sweet dreams, and a refreshed morning tomorrow. Good night, my dear.

38. Wishing you a good night is another opportunity to pray that our friendship lasts forever. I love you always, darling. Good night.

39. I want you to put aside the worries of today and sleep. Tomorrow, we’ll think up solutions for the problem at hand. I love you, dear. Good night.

40. I’m grateful for a best friend like you. I’m glad that I don’t have to do life alone, and that I don’t have to face the challenges by myself. Good night, best friend.

Funny Good Night Messages for Friends

Good night messages for friends can be funny too. They will send them to bed with smiles on their faces and in their hearts. Try any of these

41. Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed or worked up. You’ll definitely come out in flying colours tomorrow. Sleep tight, love.

42. Thoughts of you are soothing. Words from you give life, hope and vitality. Thank you for calling in tonight. I feel much better. Have a good night rest, best friend.

43. Life is in stages. That you’re going through a difficult time now, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t get better tomorrow. You know I love you. But in case you can’t remember; I love you. Good night.

44. Forget the hurts and mistakes that accompanied today. Tomorrow you’ll do better, and you’ll make better choices. Good night, best friend.

45. You’re an important person. First to me, and in this world. Never apologize for taking up space in my heart, and in this life. I love you dearly, best friend. Good night.

46. Isn’t it amazing what a few glasses of wine can do! I know you can’t read this now, even if you tried. Just know that I have pictures of you, and I’ll be using them to blackmail you for your shirts. Good night, darling.

47. This is not to make light of sad situations, but your cry face is hilarious! God! Anyways, here’s wishing you a good night. Sleep well, my darling.

48. First, I love you plenty. But I can’t wait for the day you’ll crack funny jokes. Until then though, I’ll be laughing at these. Good night!

49. The idea is to make you laugh before you go to bed. But I don’t have any jokes, and you know how I’m terrible with them. So, please laugh when you read this. I love you. Good night.

50. I recorded a video of you, drooling. First, because you always deny that you don’t. Secondly, they would come in handy for when I need to raid your wardrobe. Good night, my friend.

51. I still can’t believe you went out with mismatched clothes. And even closed a deal in it! Who’s the superman?! Good night, friend.

52. I hope you have dreams that amaze you, make you laugh, and open your eyes to the possibilities that abound around you. Have a good night.

53. I had a dream where you had a broken shoe. Please hurry on and check your shoes for tomorrow. Good night, darling.

54. My house is quiet tonight. As much as I couldn’t sleep with the sound of your snores, I miss them. And I sure miss you. I’m already rolling my eyes at the messages that will come in after you read this. Good night, dearie.

55. Can you remember the lady from tonight? I’m still laughing out loud from the way she acted. Here’s wishing you a good night, and more hilarious memories.

56. I want to wish you a good night rest and sweet dreams. I would also want to say that angels are on guard for you. But I don’t know if you’d be able to hear them with the sound of your snore.

57. Here’s wishing you a good night. And hoping you can even find your phone to read this. I love you.

58. Dearest friend. I just wanted to wish you a good night and a good morning. Just in case I can’t remember in time to send it. Love you loads.

59. Please keep your keys on the table as soon as you read this. I don’t want you late for the interview tomorrow. And I don’t want a call that would leave me worried. Good night.

60. You know I’m always your knight in shining armour. So, feel free to call me anytime tomorrow. I’ll to come to your reschedule tomorrow. Good night, darling.

Inspirational Good Night Sms for Friends – Male

What’s life without constant inspiration? With these inspirational good night SMS for friends, you’ll be reminding your male friend to continue to fight for the life he wants.

61. I need you to continue to be strong. You’ve come this far by yourself. And the last thing you need will be letting yourself give up. Okay? Good night, dear.

62. Remember those trips we’ve dreamed of? The ones we’ve written down, and even picked out dates for. Let the thoughts of them fill your mind as you go to bed tonight. Giving up isn’t an option. Good night, buddy.

63. There’s nothing you’ve set your heart to do, that I haven’t seen you slay at. If given dust, you can even turn it gold! You know this. So, please quit looking down on yourself. Good night, my friend.

64. You may be new at this job, but I know that you’re the best fit for the role. No one would do it better. So, give yourself time to adapt. You’ve got this! Good night, dear.

65. So, what if today was a bad day? Tomorrow will be better. You have to keep moving, things will get better for you. Good night.

66. You’ll still be able to give your parents the kind of life you’ve dreamed of. You’re doing your best, you are. The opportunities you seek will come to you soon. Okay? Good night, my friend.

67. Your doggedness is on another level entirely. Dude, seriously, you’re my role model. I refuse to look too far when I have you here. Have a good night rest.

68. Even when the chips are down, I’ll be here for you. I’ll stand by you, and I’ll fight with you. Good night, bro.

69. The eyes of God are still upon you. They never left because you had a bad day today. He will come through for you and will find ways to bless you. Sweet dreams.

70. You are still very young. There’s still time for you. Even though the days seem like they’re running too fast, I need you to be calm. And to take life one day at a time. Good night, dear.

Inspirational Good Night Msg for Friends – Female

With you, your female friend shouldn’t lack for inspirational messages. Messages that make her feel better and spur her on to not give up. You’ll find these inspirational good night msg for female friends useful.

71. The Lord isn’t unjust. He will definitely crown all your efforts with success. And the much-needed breakthrough will come for you. Don’t stop believing. Good night, bro.

72. What’s yours will never be taken away from you. It can’t be taken from you, as long as God is on the throne. I need you to keep hope alive. I love you. Good night.

73. I know how tough these past days have been. But no, your future isn’t hanging or dragging. That’s because your life and future are in the hands of God. And He’s got you always. Good night.

74. Have I told you how proud I am of you? Honestly, I am. You’ve come so far. And you’ve done well for yourself. I’m super proud of you. Good night.

75. You have the kindest of hearts. And I’m so glad to have met someone like you in my life. The future is going to be bright and beautiful. Keep focus. Good night, best friend.

76. There’s no other way to go than forward. So you have to be strong, you have to brace up. You’ll be fine in the end. Good night, dear.

77. You’re one of a kind. You’re unique. And there’s no one like you in the entire world. I don’t say this to make you feel better. I say this because it is the truth. Have a good night, love.

78. There’s greatness in you. It runs through your veins. Just because you cannot see it now, doesn’t mean that it isn’t in there. I love you so much, dear. Be strong. Good night.

79. When the lines on your forehead start to appear, I know that you are worrying. And I don’t like to see you get that way. Please, put the day’s activities behind you. There’ll always be a way out. Good night, Luv.

80. You’re making a mark on the people around you. You’re touching lives and leaving footprints behind. All that you do matter. Don’t forget this. Good night, baby girl.

81. Don’t be so negative and pessimistic. Life is moving on, true. But you’ll be fine. Just double the pace at which you’re learning, and try to live while doing it. You’ll be fine! Have a good night rest.

82. Your efforts count. And sooner than you expect, you’ll see them pay off. You’ll see them yield the desired results you want. Good night, dear.

83. When your efforts start to pay off, you will think back to this time, when it felt easier to give up than move on. The wait will be worth it, and you’ll be glad you kept going. Good night, dear. Love you.

84. Don’t allow tiredness and frustration seep in. You’ve come too far, and this isn’t the time to allow yourself to relax. You’ve got this! For now, sleep tight though.

85. You’re equipped for greatness. All that you’ll need to succeed is on your inside. Nothing is coming from the external. All you need to do is reach in and take. You’ll be fine. Good night.

86. The odds are not against you. Things are working for your good. I need you to stop being so negative. Have a good night rest, dear.

87. I wish you’d do the things you want to do. I wish you’d pay no heed to the different voice, and go for that which you want. Those things you’re passionate of. Please think about this, dearie. Good night.

88. Impossibility is only in your mind. If you can break it, and see the limitless opportunities life has to offer, you can reach for the stars. Good night, dear.

89. You stand with the strength of many. The many that have towed this part of searching for their purpose, getting confused and frustrated, but didn’t give up. Let these thoughts fill your mind. Good night.

90. Your time will come. Your joy will come, full and rich. And the waiting of the past years will not matter. Only laughter will fill your heart and mouth. I love you, dear. Good night.

Good Night Wishes for Friends Long Distance

Long-distance doesn’t have to stop you from wishing your friend a good night rest. Check out these thoughtful good night wishes you can send to your friends who are far away.

91. Thoughts of you still make me smile, even with the many miles between us. Here’s wishing you a good night rest.

92. Remember to count the blessings of today. Try to learn from the mistakes too. Tomorrow will be better, and we’ll see each other soon. Good night, my friend.

93. It’s okay to rest a while. To take a bit time for yourself. I wish I was physically there to send you to bed. Lord knows that you deserve to rest. You work way too hard. Good night, dear. Everything will be worth it.

94. May thoughts of possibilities fill your heart as you sleep tonight. And I hope you think of me too, despite the distance between us. Good night.

95. Remember when we spent hours on Pinterest, just dreaming and planning the future. I miss those days, and I miss how we used to be. I hope we see soon. Good night, love.

96. Nothing can tear us apart, not even distance and all. We will grow through this, and our friendship will come out better. I love you, dear. Good night.

97. I miss our sleepovers. Here’s just not the same without you. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Good night.

98. I spent time staring at our pictures today. I just can’t believe we don’t get to see each other every day. Or that our houses are no longer 5 minutes away from each other. I really miss you. I hope we see soon. Good night.

99. I feel like life is trying to separate us. But I know we will be fine. We will get the lives we’ve dreamed for ourselves, and we will be united soon. Good night, my friend.

100. May only peaceful thoughts fill your heart and life. And may your day tomorrow be a fabulous one. Good night, dear.

I’m sure you found these heart touching good night messages for friends heartwarming and touching. So, do leave me a comment. Share with your friends

Have a swell day or night!

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