20th Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Happy 20th Birthday Wishes and Messages for Best of Friends

Birthday is a special opportunity to celebrate our loved ones, a particular time of the year which gives us the chance to specially celebrate and send good wishes to friends.

A whole lot of people look forward to birthday celebrations, whether to be the celebrants or to celebrate the celebrants. We even want to make it loud and memorable when the celebrant is a best friend rocking a new age of 20, that close friend who is always there for us through thick and thin. That person we can lean on freely and share all our worries and joy with. A friend that knows the worth of his/her best friends will celebrate their birthday in fantastic ways.

Is it your best friend’s 20th birthday? I’m sure you want to give him/her a top-notch celebration as he/she enters adulthood officially.

Sending him/her one or more of these 20th birthday wishes for best friend is one of the best things to do to make your best friend feel loved.

Amazing text and prayers for a best friend from a friend to make your friend jump up for joy after seeing your amazing birthday text, words of encouragement and prayers. These are basically the tools to improve your friendship and trust in each other.

Happy Birthday Wishes for 20-Year-Old Best Friend

Make your best friend feel so special on his on his or her 20th birthday by sharing these Happy birthday messages, wishes and quotes with prayers with them.

1. Bestie, you are a rare version of humans, happy and cool with everyone. You are no longer the small girl everybody knows but an adult with a good heart. I wish you greatness and prosperity. Happy birthday Bes Bes!

2. I wish I was there to carry you in my hands when you were little, I wish I was there to look upon the wonder in a baby. Though it isn’t possible to go back in time but know that I carry you in my heart dear. Happy 20th birthday to you, baby girl.

3. My wish for you as you clock 20 is for life to be sweet to you like cookies and for life to treat you like you deserve. Happy birthday to you, dearest friend!

4. May the beginning of your new age be blessed by Almighty, so much that you enjoy your 20th year on Earth. Happy birthday to you my oldest friend, I wish you long life with prosperity in place.

5. Happy 20th birthday to you man. Toast to the year filled with your heart desires! Have fun, this celebration comes once in a lifetime.

6. Your 20th year is blessed with all that you love and want. This is me celebrating the best person on earth, happy birthday to you bro!

7. So much for being friends, we’ve rocked together, we sunk together, we rose together, we rejoice together, we cry together. You’ve always been there and I will always be grateful for your existence. Happy birthday to you, bestie. Best things come to you.

8. Life is just starting at this time for you, 20 is a big deal yet it looks fine and great on you. Happy birthday to you my oldie!

9. My wish for you as you clock 20, is for you to do well in life. Your 20th birthday marks the beginning of great achievement in life.

10. Happy 20th birthday to you! Have lots of fun and remember you are in your better days. Cheers to your new age dearie.

11. All I’m wishing you are a perfect year in your new age. Happy 20th birthday to you, my perfect baby girl.

12. You’ve always been amazing as a teen and now I’m happy to have you as an amazing adult. It’s your 20th year birthday, no holdbacks, enjoy. Happy birthday, love!

13. Happy birthday to you, angel. You are one of the greatest things that have happened to me and I wish you greater things this year. Happy new year, daughter.

14. Your birthday is here and finally, you are 20! My wish for you is to be that better version of you. Happy birthday to you, darling.

15. My prayer as you clock 20 is that God will direct your footsteps and bless your interests. Happy birthday to you, sweetie!

16. A fabulous birthday I wish, a wonderful year I wish for you, a fantastic day I wish for you, a great decade I wish for you. Happy birth anniversary to you dearest baby.

17. Happy birthday to you, dearie. I hope you will always be happy and that you continue to be sweet as you grow older. Let’s pop this champagne, you are a grown-up. Happy birthday, dear!

18. The truth everyone knows about you is that you are the coolest boy ever liveth. Happy birthday to you dear!

19. I know a truth that others don’t know and that is your personality. As you clock 20, never lose your essence and your person. Happy birthday to you, my dear!

20. The assurance I have is that you find magnificent joy in your 20th year. Happy birthday to you, dearest friend.

21. I will forever be grateful to God for giving me such a wonderful friend. You are the best thing that happened to me and may you continue to be. Happy birthday, dearie.

22. I pray for opportunities for you in your new year, great ideas as you walk your 20th year. Happy birthday to you, darling.

23. I pray that your life as an adult brings you immense happiness and prosperity. Happy 20th birthday to you, sweetness!

24. What I wish is that life offers you love and progress. Happy 20th birthday to you, friend, enjoy your party. Have a blast!

25. On this milestone of your life, may all best things come to you. Happy birthday to you oldie. Have fun!!!

26. Now, you are mature! I’m happy cos you are where I am now. Happy birthday to you man, I wish you happiness in this new year.

27. 20 looks good on you, maturity is smiling on you. Happy birthday to you dear, you are blessed to bless the world.

28. So, you are 20 finally. I wish you a happy birthday and many more to come in happiness, prosperity, love, heights. Have fun, dear friend.

29. Happy 20th birthday to you, my amazing fella. Grow in grace and become an embodiment of grace and strength!

30. Your birthday is like celebrating Christmas because you are a light to people in darkness. Happy birthday to you, my love. I wish you success and happiness!

31. May you always prosper and have all that you want. Happy birthday to you, my amazing pal.

32. Words will fail me to describe how wonderful you are to me or to capture in you in your totality but believe me when I say you are a wonderful woman. I wish you the best in life, dear friend. Happy 20th birthday to you.

33. Happy birthday to the coolest dude I know. You are known for greatness this new year. Happy new age to you, enjoy your 20s.

34. You indeed make 20 looks awesomely awesome. I hope this new chapter of your life brings you all that you want and desire. Happy birthday, man.

35. You are stubborn, we both know even if others don’t know! So glad, you are getting into maturity today, happy birthday to you dear. A happy new beginning to you, hon.

36. Today is special because it’s your birthday dearie. May God make today special for you cos you indeed made today special. Happy birthday to you, my special friend.

37. It makes me happy that you are 20 now, we can do and undo. Thanks for bringing sweetness to my world. Happy 20th birthday to you, friend.

38. The happiness I feel because it’s your birthday is not from here. We get to pop and have fun. Cheers to your new age.

39. I love you too much because you are you my bestie, you are too good to lose. Happy birth anniversary to you, my best friend

40. Dress up, it’s my treat and you are to be spoilt. It’s your 20th birthday, we’ve got to rejoice and be glad. Let’s go have fun homey.

40. Bestie, we have stood the tests of time together and we never falter. Cheers to one of the great things you will accomplish without working for it. Happy birthday, love.

41. You fill the house with your presence, you fill the heart with your love, you fill the room with your laughter. May happiness never miss or cease from your life. Happy birthday to you, Bes.

42. Turning 20 seems like wandering in the dark but my wish for you is that God will order your steps and lighten up your world. Happy birthday, B.

43. You are the fun of the party, the light in the dark. May you continue to be relevant as you clock 20. I miss and I love you, babe.

44. My promise to you as clock 20 is to always be by your side, through thick and thin. Your new age is blessed and I hope you know that your birthday gives the whole world a great vibe. Enjoy your day girl, don’t forget your party tonight!

45. Have I ever told you, that you deserve more than all these? Baby girl, you are too lovely and sweet and I wish you a kind year, a sweet life, a fulfilment of dream this year. Happy birthday, dearie.

46. Thank God for the amazing addition, God added to my life when you became my friend. We have moved from being casual friends to best of friends. As we celebrate your b-day today, may you have all your heart desires. Happy 20th birthday!

47. You are 20 and I know it should be a transitioning year but Bes, always be the same cos you are perfect. Happy birthday to you, dear.

48. I’ve waited for hours so as to be the first to celebrate your new age. Happy 20th birthday darling, grow in the grace of God!!!

49. We think alike. We do things together and they wonder why you are my best friend. It’s your day and I can’t wish for more than a chance to celebrate with you. Happy birthday to you, my best friend for life.

50. This message goes to my best friend, who is a sister, mother, brother and counsellor when the need arises. I wish you love and longevity. Happy birthday to you my dear.

Birthday messages to your Female friend

For you to make out time to send wishes to your female friend means you are a lovely person and you love your friends. Do that better with the birthday messages to your female friend below.

51. In my darkest hour, you were there. In my greatest moment, you were there. In the future, I know you will still be there. Happy born day, Bes! Believe you are loved.

52. When all seems lost and there’s no hope left, you were the only person that I could rely on. You’ve proven to be a great friend and I want to wish you a fantastic year ahead. Happy birthday, darling.

53. You are a blessing to me! I’m glad I can call you bestie and my bestie is 20 years old. I join the world to celebrate you, may you continue to prosper and be in good health!

54. Bes, as you add another year to the bank, you shall conceive and achieve. You shall desire and have. Happy birthday to you, gold!

55. You are their child but you are my small mother. You are my support system, continue to be wonderful even as you clock 20. Happy new age to you dearest.

56. Happy birthday to the person that is charming, talented, and witty. Have a great 20th. It’s your day, do whatever you want!

57. Welcome to your new beginning, a new decade, a new year. Happy 20th birthday, dearie!

58. The best part of having you as my best friend is the ability to act myself without being questioned. Happy birthday to you charmer, you are blessed!

59. 20 years of celebration, I am so glad I can celebrate the beginning of the new decade. I wish you all that you wish for yourself. Happy birthday to you B!

60. 20 years ago, a star arrived on the planet earth, lighting up everywhere. Happy birthday to you darling bestie. Grow in grace!

61. You are loved, baby girl. The wonders you brought to my life is indescribable. I pray your new age brings you goodness and grace. Happy birthday, darling.

62. You are my favourite person in this world! May your birthday be wonderful and blessed, may your life be sweet and loving, may your dreams come true. Happy birthday to you, my darling.

63. On your special day, I want to say complicated sentences but this is so necessary for this day. I love you so much and I pray you are blessed beyond measure.

64. May God bless you with courage and fun in your life. Enjoy your day to the fullest Don’t forget that I love you so much! Happy birthday to you, dear.

65. Time has passed so much, now you are 20! Enjoy your day, Bes. Look around you for the opportunities that lie in wait. I wish you a happy birthday and many more to come.

66. As you add a year today, may God shower and flourish your life with blessings. Happy 20th birthday to you, darling!

67. You can be sure that you are in my heart and will always be in my heart. You were always with me during pains and happiness. Happy birthday to you!

68. I just want to tell you how much I love you and how much you’ve made me proud. You are a wonderful person and I wish you all that you wish yourself. Happy 20th birthday, dear.

69. My dearest friend, happy 20th birthday. You are a year older and you are already smart and handsome. I am so proud of you always because you make great things. Happy birthday to you, man!

70. The best part of having you as my best friend is the amazing ability and care you have and that you have shown me. Happy 20th Birthday!

71. This year’s birthday is worth a massive celebration. I’m proud to say you’re my bestie. Cheers to more years of breaking boundaries.

I hope these 20th birthday wishes for best friend have served in more than one way to send your hearty birthday wishes to your best friend who is worth celebrating.

Merry and have a blast as you celebrate your best friend’s 20th Birthday!

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