Spanish Phrases About Love and Friendship

10 Amazing Spanish Phrases About Love and Friendship to Start your Learning

Spanish is definitely the loving tongue. As a romance language, it’s no wonder that some of its best quotes have to do with friendship and love. It makes sense: Spain and Latin America – where the majority of Spanish speakers are found – is filled with great artists: poets, musicians and writers.

Spanish Phrases About Love and Friendship 2

Have a look at these 10 endearing Spanish phrases about love and friendship:

  1. El amor es como el agua que no se seca.

English translation: Love is like water that does not dry up. (True love never ends).

  1. Te quiero no por quien eres sino por quién soy cuando estoy contigo.

English translation: I love you not for who you are but for who I am when I am with you.

  1. Los amigos son la familia que se escoge.

English translation: Friends are the family of choice.

  1. Nadie merece tus lágrimas, y quien las merezca nunca te hará llorar.

English translation: No one deserves your tears, but whoever deserves them will never make you cry.

  1. Una persona sin amigos es como si viviera en el desierto.

English translation: A person without friends is like living in the desert.

  1. Quien bien ama, tarde se olvida.

English translation: He who loves well, late forgets. (True love never grows old.)

  1. A donde el corazón se inclina, el pie camina.

English Translation: Where the heart leans, the foot walks. (Home is where the heart is.)

  1. Vida sin amigos, muerte sin testigos.

English translation: Friendless in life, friendless in death.

  1. En un beso sabrás todo lo que he callado.

English translation: In one kiss you’ll know all I haven’t said.

  1. El amor todo lo puede.

English translation: Love can do it all (Love will find a way).

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What a powerful way to finish!

As you’ve seen, the Spanish language, or “the language of Cervantes” is really charming. Every year more English speakers choose to learn it and expand their horizons, and even visit Spanish-speaking countries. The demand for classes to learn Spanish has grown considerably in recent times.

Are you learning Spanish and feel like expressing your feelings better?

When it comes to improving your skills in a foreign language, don’t limit yourself to attending class. If you are looking for advanced ways to share your thoughts in Spanish, the best method is through immersion. And there’s nothing better to accomplish that goal than studying abroad. You’ll only learn to communicate appropriately if you interact with native speakers. That’s why you need to get out there, explore by yourself and hear real Spanish speakers using the language in daily speech!

Spain, the most popular destination to study abroad

Learn Spanish in Barcelona is a great way to start or improve your knowledge of the language. The city – the third most visited in Europe and second most populous in Spain – is known for its architecture, art, sports, delicious cuisine and chilled atmosphere, among others. One of the main advantages of Barcelona is its strong international vibe. You’ll meet people from all over the globe. Definitely, a unique experience you’ll always remember.

Make the most of your experience

You’ll not regret taking a course at a Spanish School in Barcelona. In addition to the classes, you’ll see and do things you wouldn’t imagine and you’ll interact with people that have grown up in a totally different environment.

Give it a try!

Being fluent in a foreign language it’s not an easy task. You have to be persistent and determined. But if you are constant with your learning there’s no doubt that you’ll soon be able to be yourself… in Spanish!

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