50th Birthday Prayers for Myself (2023)

50 whole years have never been, and will never be tagged a walk in the park.

It is your Golden Jubilee!
The years behind must have been filled with losses and gains, love and heartbreaks, joys and sorrows, and what have you.
Yet, you are here today, standing tall.

More than anything, I’m sure you are filled with gratitude. You’ve lived half a century, and indeed, you should be grateful; for all that you are and all that is yours.

Plus, I’m sure that you want to also pray that the rest of your life is the best, filled with joy and peace and rest.

I have here for you, wonderful 50th birthday prayers for myself that you can say for yourself on this special occasion.
Cheers on your Golden Jubilee!

Happy 50th Birthday Prayers and Wishes for Myself

1. Golden Jubilee! I never would have thought I could make it this far. It’s been 50 awesome years, full of ups and downs. But, I’m super grateful to see this new year. Happy 50th Birthday to me.

2. It’s my 50th year, today. I’m blessed and happy to see this day. My life is a full one and may happiness and gladness always be mine. Amen. Happy Birthday to me.

3. I look at all I’ve been blessed with; life, love, awesome kids and a handful of grandkids. It’s cheers to this great 50th year ahead, one of the blessings. Happy Golden Jubilee celebration to me.

4. There is so much to be grateful for, and if I begin to write it all, this space won’t be enough. It’s 50 whole years and all I’m filled with is gratitude. Happy 50th birthday to me.

5. Who knows how it feels to live half a century? Me! I’m 50 years old today! Peace and joy are mine. And it’s cheers to another 50 years of grace. So shall it be. Happy Birthday to me.

6. My years of rest has begun. It’s the beginning of my years of sitting back to enjoy the fruits of my labour of earlier years. Amen. Happy 50th Birthday to me.

7. My special year, my golden age. I feel like I’m walking on the clouds today. Like I am in the seventh heavens. May this joy never elude me. Happy 50th Birthday to me.

8. May this 50th-year usher in the best of things for me. May my new year be void of struggles and sorrow. May I have a great and wonderful new year. Amen. Happy Birthday to me.

9. Life sometimes, feels brief. But 50 years is certainly not a walk in the park. I’m glad to be standing firm today, hale, hearty and whole. Happy 50th Birthday to me.

10. Five whole decades of bliss! I’ve had my own shares of struggles and blessings, joy and sorrow. All in all, I’m glad to be alive. And grateful for full years ahead. Happy Birthday to me.

11. It would be an understatement to say that I’m the happiest being alive today. I am 50! Rejoice with me, friends. May I always rejoice! Happy Birthday to me.

12. Reminiscing on the past years, I’m filled with gratitude than regrets, with joy than sorrow and with so much cheerfulness. It’s my 50th year, and I’m simply grateful. Happy Birthday to me.

13. I’ve lived for five decades. Fifty full years that can’t be described on this fiftieth year. I simply hope and pray for the best in the years to come. And that I’m always full of joy. Amen. Happy 50th Birthday to me.

14. I just want to rejoice and be glad on this day. I want to count all my blessings of 50 whole years. And pray that I have more to count. Amen. It’s my Golden jubilee!

15. I’d love to make a wish, and that would be that for the rest of my life, I love and give more. Amen! Happy Birthday to me. My 50th year is a blessed one. Amen!

16. It’s my golden age, my golden jubilee. I wish for all that’s golden, that is, all that’s precious — God, life, love and family. Amen! Happy 50th Birthday celebration to me.

17. Time flies. When I look at it this way, age isn’t just a number. My 50 years are full of experiences, good and bad. May I only see good from now. Amen. Happy Birthday to me.

18. Joy, peace, favour, light and love, cake and coffee; these are my wishes for my 50th year. I hope I have these and more good things. Amen. Happy 50th Birthday to me.

19. I see my quiver of kids, the joy of a loving spouse, the love that I give and receive and I know I’m a blessed one. And I’d always be blessed. Happy 50th Birthday to me.

20. Guess who’s hit the golden age! Here are cheers to fifty shades of all that’s good and beautiful. Amen. Happy 50th Birthday to me!

21. I’m 50 years old today. It’s my Golden Jubilee Celebration. May the rest of my life be the best of my life. Amen. Happy 50th Birthday to me.

22. I’m many years wiser. I’ve lived and I’ve learnt a lot. On my 50th year, I wish for the strength to pass on my wisdom to the younger generation. Amen. Happy 50th birth anniversary to me.

23. On this special day, I celebrate the resilience of past years, the strength of this day and a bright hope of years to come. Happy 50th Birthday to me.

24. What’s there not to be thankful for? Every day is a blessing in itself, let alone 50 full years. It’s being God all the way. And it would always be Him. Happy 50th Birthday to me.

25. Every which way I turn, I see how blessed I am and I realize I have so much to be thankful for. And I pray I will always have cause to be thankful. Happy 50th year to me.

26. Today, I simply am just thankful for life, how far I have come and the fact that I don’t look like what I’ve been through. May I remain blessed. Happy 50th Birthday to me.

27. Today, I feel so blessed and I pray that the next 50 years usher in the best of things. Here are cheers to the next fifty years. Happy 50th Birthday to me.

28. Today, I pray that I’m blessed even much more. I pray that in this 50th year of mine, I know no sorrow. Happy, Happy Birthday to me.

29. Dear God, even as I age, I only pray for sound health to enjoy the rest of my days. It is well with me, spirit, soul and body. Happy 50th Birthday to me.

30. It’s my Golden Jubilee. A special age and I sincerely am filled with gratitude. Happy Birthday to me. Long life, prosperity and good health is mine. Amen.

I’m sure you are praying fervently right now!
We can never downplay the importance of prayers. And beyond today, I hope that you keep praying for you and yours.

I do hope and pray with you, that the rest of your life is the best. That you have a full life ahead, one lined with bliss, joy, peace, happiness and rest.

I also do pray and hope that you live much longer to a ripe old age and that you enjoy the rest of your life.

Cheers to your Golden Jubilee.
Cheers to your 50th!

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